IRENA Produces Free Global Renewable Energy Atlas

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It’s a sea-change for a region so linked to the hydrocarbon, but new clean energy initiatives are heating up the Middle East. The Global Atlas is the most comprehensive information platform on the potential of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Vital For Jordan & Lebanon’s Future

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The European Commission has earmarked €71 million to support renewable energy projects in Jordan whilst a report highlights the importance of solar power for Lebanon’s future. For more on energy issues in Jordan and Lebanon see: Jordan Pushes On With Its Nuclear Plans.

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Renewable energy provides 6.5 million jobs globally

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The number of people working in the renewable energy industry grew by 14 percent to 6.5 China is emerging as the top employer in the renewable energy industry, followed by Brazil, USA, India, Germany, Spain and Bangladesh.

The Trouble with Renewable Energy

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Renewable energy cannot fill all our energy needs and thus we must cut down on our energy consumption first and foremost. All too often the advocates and proponents of renewable energy, of solar, wind, wave and hydro (as in mini hydro) by trying to convince people claim that those can meet all our current and future energy needs. Not at the rate that we consume and waste energy at present.

Costa Rica is now running on 100 percent renewable energy

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Costa Rica has been getting all of its electricity from renewable energy sources since the beginning of the year. Costa Rica has also generated additional electricity from various other renewable energy sources – such as wind, biomass, geothermal and solar energy.

Renewable energy will not support economic growth

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Renewable energy will not and cannot support perpetual economic growth, the way we have been doing it for so long, for too long, in fact.

Turkey Ripe For Renewable Energy Boom – So Why The Delay?

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Despite its vast solar and wind energy potential, Turkey’s renewable resources have only been developed in small pockets of the country, such as the windy Aegean island of Bozcaada (pictured above). All of these are connected to a stronger renewable energy sector in Turkey.

Turkish Architects Reveal Plans for Renewable Energy-Generating Mosque

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A mosque slated to be built in the western city of Bursa will produce 120 kilowatts of electricity from solar and wind energy, according to Turkish paper Hürriyet Daily News. First Turkish mosque designed to run on renewables. Energy mosques renewable energy solar wind

Private electricity grids fueled by renewable energy the future for communities

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In “The Lead south Australia” Andrew Spence wrote: CONNECTING new housing estates to their own private electricity grids fuelled by renewable energy is the cornerstone of ZEN Energy's plan to put power back in the hands of consumers. The company has launched ZEN Communities – an “end to end” service from power generation through to networks and retailing to deliver low cost renewable energy direct to entire communities.

Gulf Nations Among Most Attractive Renewable Energy Markets

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its neighbor the United Arab Emirates have been included in the Ernst & Young Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Indices, which evaluates the renewable energy markets of 40 countries across the globe.

E.ON dumps fossil fuels and nuclear, goes all-in on renewable energy

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E.ON, which is one of Europe’s largest utility firms, has issued a “new corporate strategy” in which the energy giant lay out its plans to focus on renewable energy while spinning off its fossil fuel assets in a separate company. “We

Masdar Launches the Seychelles’ First Renewable Energy Plant

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The Middle East’s leading clean energy developer, Masdar has launched the very first renewable energy plant to be built in The Seychelles – the 6MW Port Victoria Wind Farm. That project covers ten percent of the desert country’s energy demand.

IRENA to Pitch Morocco as Africa’s Renewable Energy Pilot at Rio+20

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Renewing Africa’s Energy Future is the theme of an International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) side-event scheduled to take place today at the Rio +20 conference underway in Brazil. Full energy access by 2030.

Obama signs executive order to cut government’s greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent, increase use of renewable energy

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Alongside of this, the share of renewable energy used by the federal government will increase to 25 percent. The plan is also expected to save taxpayers up to $18 billion in reduced energy costs.

What Holds Israeli Renewable Energy Back?

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Susan Kraemer | February 23rd, 2011 | 11 Comments | Email this Share How is Israel ever going to meet its 10% renewable goal? To get 10% of its power from renewable energy, as it has pledged to do by 2020 – would take only about 4,000 MW of renewable power.

9 Celebs Crazy About Renewable Energy


Thanks to their eco-friendly choices and outspoken activism, the world is gradually becoming a cleaner, greener place. Read More. Causes Environment Featured News alicia silverstone cate blanchett daryl hannah ed begley jr. ian somerhalder jason mraz pierce brosnan richard branson woody harrelson

Renewable Energy Tour of Cuba


Once again, in 2012, Solar Energy International and Global Exchange are offering an amazing opportunity to study renewable energy and energy efficiency policy and programs in Cuba. Cuba has already undergone an energy famine."siad

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In Germany, Renewable Energy surpasses nuclear and coal power

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In 2011 Germany finally saw their renewable energy production top that of almost all other sources of energy. The country produced more energy from renewable sources than from nuclear, hard-coal or gas-fired plants this year after boosting investments in projects from wind to biomass. The only other energy generation source greater than the renewable energy mix was lignite-fired power, which is so-called “soft” coal.

Is Facebook Ready To Switch To Renewable Energy?


But Greenpeace gave Facebook an April 20 deadline to present a plan to phase out coal in lieu of more sustainable energies. Have you been following the recent Greenpeace “ Unfriend Coal &# campaign?

Possible End of Kyoto Accord Threatens MENA Renewable Energy

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With the likely non-renewal of the Kyoto Accord at this week’s last chance international talks in Durban, South Africa, renewable energy project funding throughout the developing world is threatened, which will impact the emerging economies in the MENA region. “It Like many others, Derwent holds out little hope about the state of international talks on renewing Kyoto, and its potential impact on carbon markets and the CDM. Business & Politics Climate Energy

Meet Morocco’s Renewable Energy Market at EneR in November

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Meet billions of dollars in human capital and renewable energy finance at the EneR event in November. Morocco to invest 8 billion Euros in renewables over the next 8 years. Energy alternative energy Casablanca Germany green investment Morocco renewable energy Solar Energy

Sharjah Students Win Prestigious Award For Making Renewable Energy From Noise

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While some researchers wrack their brain over how to make solar energy more affordable, or to extract energy from a ruthless ocean , four students from the American University of Sharjah are testing a more benign kind of renewable energy.

Palestinians Attempt to Build Secret Renewable Energy Plants

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Palestinians living in Masafer Yatta who do not have access to the electrical grid have been developing home grown renewable energy plants. Demolishing energy.

Renewable-Energy Cars Heat Up in Turkey

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TAK) hosted its first Alternative Energy Vehicle Races in the sunny Aegean coastal city. The event inspired Nihat Ergün, of Turkey’s Ministry for Science, Industry and Technology, to declare that the government will up its investments in renewable vehicles in coming years.

Tax Online Poker and Grow Renewable Energy

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And if done from the Internet, and done legally, millions and potentially billions of dollars of revenues in tax dollars could go to funding renewable energy development, I argue. Lifestyle & Culture Middle East renewable energy United States

Meet the “Miss Pakistan” of Renewable Energy

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In 2011, she’s using her beauty and smarts to build a sustainable renewable energy climate in Pakistan. Paracha started working in development at the United Nations in 2007 where she covered the renewable energy beat around the Middle East, Latin America, and South East Asia.

Is Anaerobic Digestion the Future of Renewable Energy?

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With renewable energy sources becoming more popular, could anaerobic digestion offer a viable solution to reducing energy costs? Scientists and energy providers are constantly working together to develop viable renewable solutions that will increase these benefits.

Who's Killing Renewable Energy?

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A promising offshore wind energy project has languished on the East Coast for 15 years—and its enemies range from a Koch brother to the Kennedys. New England, densely populated and far from energy production, is one of the most expensive electricity markets in the country.

Can Lebanon Reach 12% Renewable Energy By 2020 ?

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In 2009, Lebanon pledged to produce 12% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020- is this target optimistic today? Renewables are becoming an important source of discussion in the Middle East, as it should.

Over 50% of Germany's renewable energy is owned by citizens & farmers, not utility companies

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A solar complex in Bavaria, southern Germany Germany's promotion of renewable energy rightly gets singled out for its effectiveness, most often by me as an example of how to do things well versus the fits and starts method of promotion common in the USA and even the UK.

6 Ultimate Ideas to Use Renewable Resources for a Greener Home

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With the growing global-warming rates and the increasing cost of energy and water, the need to inculcate use of conservation and alternative energy resources in our routine lives has increased.

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Renewables 2014 Global Status Report Highlights Another Year of Impressive Renewable Energy Growth

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Worldwatch Institute researchers contribute to leading global study on renewable energy development Washington, D.C. Renewable energy technologies set new installation records as their contribution to the global energy mix continued to climb in 2013.

IKEA set to create history with 100 percent use of renewable energy


Renewable Energy. Tidal and Wave Energy. Geothermal Energy. IKEA set to create history with 100 percent use of renewable energy. It also throws light on the company’s commitment to eventually use 100 percent renewable energy. The aim is to aid rooftops of each of the brand’s stores with solar PV panels and generate approximately 7000KW of clean energy. Biosphere Sustainability Center to demonstrate use of renewable energy.

Renewable energy and traditional baking cooperation in Palestine

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Image of wind energy turbine in Tuba via Elad Orion Facebook page. Energy Solar Energy wind energy Erella Dunayevsky bats a red balloon at a little girl, who chases it giggling. It could be any grandmother and grandchild playing together.

Israel Cleantech Intelligence: Renewable Energy and 6 Headlines

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During the past week, the Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy Conference took place in Israel and several companies struck deals and agreements were signed.

The Future of Renewable Energy

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With world energy use expected to increase 53 percent by 2035, it’s high time the world weans itself off of fossil fuels. In 2011, renewable energy outstripped the demand for any single fossil fuel– a first in the history of renewable energy and fossil fuels.

Germany Breaks Own Renewable Energy Record


Germany has just broken its own record for the amount of energy generated by renewable sources in a day. On July 25th, the country generated 78 percent of its total Read More The post Germany Breaks Own Renewable Energy Record appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Science Top News

Aspen Becomes Third City To Use 100 Percent Renewable Energy


cities to run on 100% renewable electricity. The skiing mecca of America joins Read More The post Aspen Becomes Third City To Use 100 Percent Renewable Energy appeared first on Ecorazzi. Now here’s some seriously green bragging rights.

5 Ways We Can Turn Paris Climate Commitments into Action

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A carbon tax would incentivize new technologies that accelerate the transition to cleaner energy and enhance our competitiveness in the global marketplace. Bloomberg New Energy Finance recently reported that clean energy made up 68 percent of new electric power generation installed in the U.S.

Countries of the Middle East push towards renewable energy

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Middle East's push toward renewable energy spurred by rising oil prices By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Do they know something that they are not telling us, many of which are oil producing countries? It is a clean renewable energy upheaval with international implications that could transform the Arab world from North Africa to the Persian Gulf. Rising oil prices and growing energy demands mean depleting reserves.