Fuel Economy Standards Are Essential to Our Health, Environment and Economy

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But by the 1975 deadline set by Congress, all new cars were equipped with catalytic converters and the standards were attained. And if California received a waiver and moved forward with tighter controls, other states were authorized to adopt the California standards as well.

Eighty-percent of environmental economists surveyed think cutting EPA regulations will not benefit the U.S. economy

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 And it is also why: Eighty-percent of environmental economists surveyed think cutting EPA regulations will not benefit the U.S.  In fact, most are advocates for truly free markets:  markets that fully capture all benefits and cost of production and consumption through market-based regulations. Sensible market-based regulations makes sense. Apologies to those of you who have missed me the last few weeks (hi mom!)

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Canada vs. the USA on Oil Train Standards

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With what passes for chest beating in the world of railway regulation, US politicians this summer claimed that the Transportation Department’s newly-proposed crude oil, ethanol, and flammable materials train rules made the US Number One when it comes to tank car regulation—and that we are doing better than Canada. In fact, US regulators proposed a three year-plus delay for even the initial phase-out.

Fracking Studies Reveal Need for Standard Reporting Requirements on Spills

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Two papers on unconventional oil and gas development highlight the need for states to develop standardized data collection and reporting requirements for spills to better identify and manage risks for nature and people. Pennsylvania has the smallest setback regulation at 30.5

Israeli Environment Ministry Implements New Green Building Standards

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New and renovated buildings in Israel will now have to comply with a newly launched “Israel Standard for Green Building&#. The new regulation meets international standards, but is designed to adapt to Israel’s unique climate and construction style.

If we had higher gas prices we wouldn't need CAFE standards

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From the WSJ Weekly Micro Review: Linking Mileage to Pump Price by: Josh Mitchell Apr 22, 2011 Click here to view the full article on WSJ.com TOPICS: Regulation SUMMARY: Auto makers are pushing to link federal fuel-economy and emissions targets to the price of gasoline, saying consumers won't pay enough for fuel-efficient cars to make them profitable if gas prices aren't high. The auto industry contends that with CAFE standards in place, lower fuel prices result in lower profits.


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However, following on from a recent CIWEM conference where 87 percent of delegates supported a comprehensive review of the financial regulation of water, a presentation at Water & Environment 2010: CIWEM’s Annual Conference will address how the framework needs to develop to respond to the new challenges facing the industry, in particular to encourage long-term sustainable solutions and meet the challenge of climate change.

Standards over incentives in the inaugural address

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The centerpiece will be action by the Environmental Protection Agency to clamp down further on emissions from coal-burning power plants under regulations still being drafted — and likely to draw legal challenges.

"House conservatives' sweeping plan for Trump's first 100 days, explained"

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All regulations have zero benefits: Thursday morning, the House Freedom Caucus, the main group representing the far right of House Republicans, released an ambitious regulatory — or, really, deregulatory — agenda for the Trump administration to pursue.

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Proposed climate regulations might not be too bad

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Flexibility reduces costs by allowing emissions targets to be met in the cheapest way, and not with federally prescribed technology or uniform standards.

Benefit-cost analysis of the renewable fuel standard

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Tim Devaney: The Obama administration set new standards Monday for ethanol levels in fuel, enraging competing industries that had battled for months to influence the contentious regulations. The final renewable fuel standard (RFS) unveiled by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is more stringent than an earlier version of the rule proposed in May but falls short of the threshold set forth in a 2007 law. is a bad idea) then a higher standard is an even worse idea.

Professor Urges Regulations to Prevent Further Fatal Building Collapses in Beirut

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There are short term as well as long terms measures that must be taken NOW in order to preserve the identity of our city and bring it to standards of major cities around the world. At least 19 people have died following the collapse of a 1940s apartment building in Beirut, Lebanon on Sunday.

One problem with fuel efficiency standards

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Broken record time, incentive-based environmental policy can be superior to environmental standards: In the race to claim ever-higher fuel-economy numbers and keep up with government regulations, automakers are rolling out hybrids and electric cars aplenty at this week’s Detroit auto show.

Arab Gulf super highrise lifestyle is killing kids

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The municipality in Abu Dhabi doesn’t track lethal falls and so cannot determine whether new building regulations have decreased accidents. accidents building codes child safety enforcement of building regulations

New Mexico Chooses More Solar Power - Compass

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Recently the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission chose to continue the state’s leadership on clean energy investments when it approved a measure on solar power : The Public Regulation Commission (last month) approved a new way.for utilities to calculate renewable energy costs but kept the current price caps that limit the impact on consumers. Compass. « 12 Sierra Club Bloggers to Watch in 2013: Part III | Main.

Why Price Carbon—Can’t We Just Regulate It?

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Most Americans—including most Republicans —want to regulate carbon pollution. Can’t we just regulate it?” Polls suggest some voters would actually prefer direct regulation. Regulating our way to a post-carbon world. Maybe regulating our way is not the best way.

Better Organic Standards for Cosmetics

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Though the US may not regulate the cosmetics industry as rigorously as Europe, things are moving in the right direction. The USDA holds strict standards for organic food products but up to this point cosmetics and personal care products have been very loosely regulated in the US.

California May Get Its Emission Standard Afterall

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Earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Agency rejected a request by the California government to allow a state-wide car emissions standard below the national standard.

European Union And California Proposing Television Standards

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With this knowledge, the European Union wants television standards to enforce low energy usage. These standards are set to be implemented sometime this year, with the EU eliminating high-energy usage televisions and beginning a labeling program like our Energy Guide for their televisions.

Benefits and costs of EPA's mercury rule

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She said that households could expect to see their electric bills rise by $3 to $4 a month when the regulation was fully in force after 2015. The green job creation is part of the cost of the regulations, not the benefits.

Cruise Ships Graded On Environmental Standards

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California and Alaska has much more strict regulations. The environmental group Friends of the Earth recently released their report on cruise ship companies regarding the environment.

Automakers Back Call for Fuel Economy Standards - Compass

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Angry in Indy: Activists Take On Big Coals Plan to Raise Rates » Automakers Back Call for Fuel Economy Standards. One significant action came last fall, when the President   finalized new standards  that will double the average efficiency of new vehicles to an average of 54.5

New Soot Standard Will Protect Public Health, Environment - Compass

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» New Soot Standard Will Protect Public Health, Environment. That's why I'm so thankful that today the Environmental Protection Agency has announced new air quality standards for soot that will save thousands of lives and billions of dollars. Compass.

New Shipping Regulations Considered For Arctic As Sea Ice Dwindles

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Due to these factors, the Arctic Council recently met in Tromsoe, Norway in order to discuss potential shipping rules and standards for the Arctic. As the Arctic warms, sea ice is disappearing during summer months and is opening shipping routes which were never available before.

Sugarcane ethanol already meets California low carbon fuel standard, says Brazilian Sugarcane Association

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CARB is scheduled to vote on the first-of-its-kind Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) on April 23-24. Sugarcane ethanol will easily meet the LCFS, not just in 2020 but today," said Marcos Jank, President & CEO of the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA), following submittal of a 25-page letter to the California regulator. As part of broader climate change regulations, CARB is calculating the carbon intensity of all fuels used in the state.

China Struggles to Regulate Unproven Stem-Cell Treatments


the gold standard for

The Verdict is In: We Can Grow Safe Food and Conserve Nature at the Same Time

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Large produce buyers also created their own farming standards and enforced them by sending auditors to farm fields. NatureNet Science Fellow Danny Karp at work in the lettuce fields of California’s Central Coast. Cara Byington/TNC. By Cara Byington, Nature Conservancy Science Writer.

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Vegans who campaign against fur are upset that Aritzia is using fake fur but real down


They also think the Animal Welfare Code of Conduct means their down is better than the standard, too. Aren’t people happy that they are following Government regulation for how they care for their geese?

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One million jobs at risk?

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Maximilian Auffhammer at the Energy Institute at Haas blog : Maybe the most significant development is President Trump’s call for a review of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, which were updated under the Obama Administration requiring the auto industry to deliver a fleet average of at least 54.5 The most recent version of the standard regulates vehicles by class (passenger cars vs. light trucks) and within class by footprint (trackwidth times wheelbase).

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Old and dirtier or new and cleanlier

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environmental regulators likely will delay finalizing rules to limit carbon emissions from new power plants, a measure that has been one of President Barack Obama’s top strategies to fight climate change, the.

Horse before cart

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Benefit estimation becomes politically important, get ready for "junk science" attacks: Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Republicans told administration officials they’re “troubled” by a recent change to the way agencies calculate benefits from carbon regulations.

Heated Bottled Water Myth or Not?

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The FDA says “In the United States, plastic bottles of the type used for commercially marketed water are regulated by the FDA as "food contact substances" and held to the same safety standards as food additives.” The important point to take away, however, is that these amounts were miniscule and well within the safety limits set by FDA and EPA regulators.” There is another email floating around the internet about not drinking bottled water that has been warmed up in the car.

Ugly by Law

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Less obvious to the casual observer is the impact that parking regulations have had on architectural forms. Cities have established parking regulations, often called off-street parking minimums , for each possible land use.

Can We Grow Safe Produce and Conserve Nature at the Same Time?

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The public called for reform of food safety regulations. And, in 2011, the federal government passed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) — the most sweeping overhaul to food safety regulation of the past 70 years. As FSMA extends food safety regulations across 4.5

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A Guide to Shopping Organic

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The USDA regulates the use of the term organic on food labels, and anything carrying the USDA seal will have been certified as meeting the standards listed above. A Guide to Shopping Organic. Recent years have seen an explosion in organic food and products.

A Cass Sunstein OIRA post-mortem

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In his most controversial case, in September 2011, Mr. Sunstein, at President Obama's direction, returned long-awaited new standards on safe levels of ozone to the Environmental Protection Agency for reconsideration.

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We Applaud Proposed Conservative Case for Addressing Climate Change

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We might also want to think about keeping the automobile fuel efficiency standards that President Obama created because they will for the next few years do more to reduce emissions in the transportation sector than a carbon tax.

An Explainer: Coal Mine Cleanup and “Self-Bonds”

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To meet federal mine reclamation standards, coal companies must restore the landscape to its original contours; reverse damage to streams, rivers, and groundwater; and establish permanent vegetative cover. Why are citizens and regulators growing more concerned about self-bonding?

3 Possible Outcomes of Governor Inslee’s Carbon Order

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Unfortunately, the “just regulate them” approach is more complicated and more expensive than a policy with a price at its center. Inslee at the Port of Tacoma SR167/SR509/I-5 Puget Sound Gateway Event by WSDOT used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Good News, Bad News: My Climate Outlook Post-Paris

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In a big win for clean energy jobs, Governor Kasich vetoed legislation that would continue a freeze on the state’s strong renewable energy portfolio standard. Here at the Aspen Ideas Festival, climate change is a much bigger topic of conversation and focus this year.

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