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Does as much energy go into recycling materials as it does in extracting them in the first place? Find out more about the energy savings in recycling plastic, metals, glass and paper

Self-sufficient garden-city skyscraper proposed for NYC


The idealistic Skylines concept is meant to generate all of its own energy, food, and water onsite. The vertical city would place recycling centers, parking lots and access to a subway system underground.

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ReGen Villages plans smart, circular communities in Sweden


The ReGen Villages concept is based on five core principles: high-yield organic and ecological food production, mixed renewable energy and storage systems, water and waste recycling, energy-positive architecture and the empowerment of local communities.

E+ Green Home as a solution to South Korea's polluting structures


The architects and engineers used a three-pronged approach in the design aimed at energy efficiency. A massive 95 green technologies have been used in the home’s construction, all seeking to minimize energy consumption. The E+ Green Home uses only 27 percent of power compared to an average Korean home and generates 37 percent of energy of what’s used in an average Korean home. Since the house also recycles energy, it even conforms to German Passive House standards.

WANTED! Green policy clarity

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The report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), a UK based think-tank, shows that a history of the UK government blowing ‘hot and cold’ on carbon reduction plans has reduced investment in the energy sector despite the prime minister David Cameron declaring that he passionately believes that renewable energy is vital to the UK’s future. The message that the UK is ready and able to accept investment into the Green energy sector needs to be heard far and wide.

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Israel to Build Largest Middle East Recycling Plant

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Tires, plastics, and other types of solid waste material will soon be made into energy and other products in a new Israel mega recycling plant. This situation may be changing, however, with the Israeli government now issuing tenders for the construction of what is being billed as the largest Mid East recycling plant, according to the Jerusalem Post. Other Mid East countries are also becoming more involved in recycling efforts.

Sweden and Austria close their last coal plants


Sweden and Austria have both shut their last coal-fired plants in late April, joining Belgium in going coal-free in favor of renewable energy sources. A mild Swedish winter meant that energy utility Stockholm Exergi’s last coal-fired plant, located in Hjorthagen, eastern Stockholm, didn’t need to be used this year. Eco Green Recycle alpine architecture austria coal design installation livinghomes modular-design net zero portugal prefab slovakia

NAWA reveals hybrid electric motorcycle at CES 2020


With the ability to recharge in seconds by recycling energy from the stop-and-go braking of driving in traffic, the energy can last up to 186 miles without recharging. Regenerative braking produces a lot of energy, up to 80% of which is reused for power. It’s not the first electric motorcycle on the market, but the NAWA Racer is currently the most talked about after a big reveal at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

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London's green economy thriving, says Mayor

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" However, the INNOVAS research also found a number of areas where London under-performs compared with other regions of the UK, including recovery and recycling, energy management and building technologies. He has also anticipated that green sector growth will play an important role in helping the capital to achieve its environmental goals of a 60% cut in carbon and to deliver 25% of London's energy by decentralized energy sources by 2025.

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There is an urgent need to transition to a low carbon economy to address the global challenges of diminishing fossil fuel reserves, climate change, environmental management and finite natural resources serving an expanding world population. All or any of these reasons mean that urgent action is required to transition to solutions which minimise environmental impact and are sustainable.

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The Green Changemakers

Filmed at Rivers for Life 3 -- a 2010 gathering of 350 river activists from 50 countries, held in rural Mexico -- this documentary touches on issues such as how climate change will affect rivers and dams; what happens to communities displaced by or living downstream of large dams; and what kinds of solutions exist that both preserve our life-giving waterways while meeting our needs for energy and water. Cuba’s transition to a low-energy society is hopeful and instructive.