Sustainable Fashion? Malagasy Style

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Sustainable Fashion– Malagasy Style. The cloth is sourced from sustainably harvested silk from wild cocoons, and it is dyed in a very sustainable way. It’s a pretty sustainable way to fix the problem of poverty, which is one of the two big factors that contribute to starvation in the world. The cloth is all certified fair trade, and it is becoming very popular around the world in boutique fashion stores. Sustainable Chocolate.

H&M to Launch the First Global Clothes Recycling Venture

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The fashion recycling campaign will span 48 nations, including the company’s Israeli franchises. Sustainable fashion is a burgeoning market in Israel. In summer 2010, the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya hosted th e “Thirsty for Change ” fashion show, featuring upcycled couture fashions, to raise awareness about local water conservation. H&M Israel’s CEO, Andrew Horesh, Speaks About Sustainable Clothing.

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Is Tencel (aka Lyocell) A Sustainable Fabric? The Textile Test Series Investigates

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In 2000, the European Union awarded the Tencel manufacturing process an Environmental Award in “technology for sustainable development.” Once the eucalyptus trees are harvested, mostly from sustainable farms, the wood is soaked in a non-toxic solution called amine oxide. is reclaimed, purified and reused again and again. The post Is Tencel (aka Lyocell) A Sustainable Fabric?

Livia Firth Steps Up Her Green Carpet Challenge


If you remember Livia Firth’s 2011 Oscar gown or the video we posted of her eco shop in London , you know that this is a woman dedicated to not just wearing sustainable fashion, but being its champion. Whether it’s organic, upcycled, vintage or recycled, Livia is out to find the most fashionable choices for the girl who wants everything, including a healthy earth. Reclaimed vintage beads decorated the organic silk, while the skirt was made from Manila hemp.

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Leaf // Cloud Exhibit at Fair Folks and a Goat in NYC, Featuring Eco Fashion via Kaight Boutique

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As you scroll through this post, you’ll see some of the gorgeous naturally-inspired works of art, along with some eco fashion pieces brought to complement the exhibit for a special trunk show I attended on June 14. Stéphane Hubert, Edison Lamp – “Les Lignes Droites”: Reclaimed pine base with “Brou de Noix” walnut dye Reclaimed dark walnut socket cover, Walnut guitar knob (2 positions, dimmer), Industrial Stainless Steel bulb cage Edison bulb with exposed filament.

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Pop Tops. Fashion. You Fill in the Rest.

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Fashion. However, while we often look at stuff like that as a way to maximize the use we get out of all our crap, we rarely look at the modest cola can as the genesis of a fashion accessory. Who knows what else they’ll turn into fashion. It’s so great that the fashion industry is starting to embrace philosophies like this. Jared Skye is an environmental scientist and author of sustainability and self-sufficiency themed media. Categories. Garden.

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Sleeping in Sustainable Style

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Sleeping in Sustainable Style. Jared Skye is an environmental scientist and author of sustainability and self-sufficiency themed media. Sustainable Fashion– Malagasy Style. Recent Comments Afzaal Ahmed on How To Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Mouthwash Roses Gifts on The Samsung Reclaim Janna Liliya on Have an Eco-Friendly Holiday: Turkey! Categories. Garden. Kitchen. New & Exciting. Electronics. Events. Health. Personal. Clothing & Accessories.

Eco-Friendly Printing

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Either they themselves are involved with conservation practices, or they give you access to a regular type of service that has the added benefit of being conducted in a sustainable fashion. Not only are the inks based on soy, but the paper is all printed on either recycled paper or paper that is sourced from environmentally sustainable sources. Jared Skye is an environmental scientist and author of sustainability and self-sufficiency themed media. Categories. Garden.