H&M to Launch the First Global Clothes Recycling Venture

Green Prophet

Swedish retail company H&M recently announced an upcoming clothes recycling venture, starting in February 2013. Customers will be invited to leave old clothes for recycling in participating stores across the world, in return for H&M vouchers.

The Great Bamboo Lie

Green (Living) Review

The FTC is not the first to criticize bamboo-clothing manufacturers for advertising the fiber as eco-friendly when the process of converting the pulp into fiber employs such caustic chemicals. Bamboo clothing is not – really – natural and neither is it biodegradable or compostable.

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Inspiration for Mindful Consumption

The Green Changemakers

My reasons have always been about sustaining our environment and leaving it a better place for my kids. All contribute in some way to either the degradation or sustaining of our planet. But strangely, this connection we’re feeling isn’t about the actual clothes.