Landmark study: other people’s drugs enter our bodies through veggies and fruits

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Reclaimed or grey water is touted as a great means to save and reuse water where water resources are thin. A new study from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem makes us want to think twice about saving precious water: researchers studied the vegetables grown in reclaimed water and found traces of human pharmaceuticals used for treating epilepsy. Health hydroponics pharmaceuticals reclaimed water water

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Daring Moroccan university recycles urine as drinking water

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You might not want to tell your Moroccan grandmother, but technology first developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) that recycles urine and waste water is being implemented to provide clean drinking water for 1,200 university students.Groundwater in Sidi Taïbi, a small town roughly an half hour’s drive outside of Rabat, has become contaminated over the years – particularly with nitrates and fertilizer that reports renders the water unfit for human consumption.

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Listen to me, listen to me*

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I used to worry about those folks out west, what with their swimming pools and desert lawns and not enough low priced water. No longer, I think they'll be fine with new technology: With climate change threatening to diminish water supplies in the fast-growing Southwest, more cities are considering the potential of reclaimed water. With a single wastewater treatment plant we can finally get around to more efficiently pricing water out west.

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Saudi city goes underground to avert vehicular traffic

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The latter will be decked out with vertical gardens and perhaps even waterworks (we hope they use reclaimed water.). :: WAN. Is there anything worse than being in a hot city with cars idling, kicking up heat and pollution ? We don’t think so, and apparently Erick van Egeraat agrees. The city of Unaizah has approved Egeraat’s plans to build a massive ring road around the city, as well as an underground street.

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The largest green wall in Europe will absorb 8 tons of air pollution per year


Located in London, U.K., the Citicape House by Sheppard Robson will feature a 40,000-square-foot green wall , the largest in Europe, that sets the standard for urban green development in the city.

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Gulf Greywater Recycling Could Cut Water Use by 30%

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The United Arab Emirates could save approximately 30 per cent of its daily water use if multi-residential buildings implement greywater recycling programs , according to a recent report compiled by researchers from the University of Sharjah. Currently the average Emirati consumes roughly 550 liters of clean water every day, 30% of which is flushed down the toilet. “Water issues are very important for the UAE. Image of reclaimed water sign , Shutterstock.

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Emefcy Funded to Make Bugs Produce Energy

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Two serial water technology entrepreneurs from Israel, Eytan Levy and Ronen Shechter, who also founded Israel’s AqWise , have come up with another way to put bacteria in wastewater to work for us. The organic material in the waste produces power and treated water. Related stories: Green Prophet Interviews Mekorot Water Company Head Eli Ronen. Abu Dhabi’s Costly Desalination Plants Prompt Waste Water Treatment Plans.

AquaAgro Fund II to Focus on Preventing Starvation with Water Investment

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At its extreme, it is human life itself that is at risk from water scarcity. But this actually could be what happens to your own descendants in future centuries, even though you now live near a source of water and food and your life seems safe from such horror now. ( Fortunately, there is a MENA clean tech firm that is preparing for the increased starvation risk brought about by the drought and water scarcities to come as a result of climate change.

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Solaris Synergy Eyes California’s Aqueduct for its Floating Solar Farms

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California’s gigantic aqueduct that snakes through the entire state to irrigate the state’s farming community is probably the world’s best site for developing solar on bodies of water. The company estimates that the vast majority of the sun’s energy that hits the earth just falls on water surfaces. Last year it signed a contract with Mekorot , Israel’s national water company, to install the F-CPV system on one of its reclaimed water reservoirs.

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How To Make Paper from Potty

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This is material that if not reclaimed would literally go down the drain and eventually biodegrade. Reclaiming water that would otherwise go down the drain. A similar issue is at play in Singapore, where there are wastewater plants that create drinking water from sewage water. I catch up with Applied Clean Tech to know more about their recycled toilet paper project Above: recycled poo pellets that serve as raw material for recycled paper.

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4 Ethical Ensembles to Get You Through the Holidays, from Party to Work to Weekend

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They also provide free childcare for their workers, as well as using reclaimed water to grow organic produce for their employees. The holidays can be such a whirlwind! Keep your style on fleek with these ethical fashion swaps for high-fashion pieces for Party, Work and Weekend! B o l d G e o m e t r i c P r i n t s. SUNO Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear. The 2014 LVMH Prize for Young Designers finalist SUNO is designed by filmmaker Max Osterweis and industry vet Erin Beatty.

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INTERVIEW: The Man Behind Palestine’s Green City Rawabi – Bashar Masri

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From political complications over using Jewish National Fund trees , concerns by environmentalists over the lack of water and waste-water management plans to threats by Israel to shut down access roads and boycotts - the project really has seen it all. The environment here is very fragile, given the shortage of water and challenging topography, and already stressed by urban sprawl and massive illegal Israeli settlement expansion.

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3 Big Ideas to Make Water Last

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ucby Doug Pibel , Illustrations by Alexandre Dumas [link] [link] Only a tiny fraction of Earth’s water is available as fresh water. JUST $3 (+ shipping) Where is our water? of the water on earth is salty. 84% of water in the atmosphere comes from the oceans, than falls as rain. of Earth's water that's fresh, about 70% is ice—and inaccessible. [ of Earth's water that's fresh, about 30% is groundwater. [ of Earth's water that's fresh, 0.3%

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3 Big Ideas to Make Water Last

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by Doug Pibel , Illustrations by Alexandre Dumas [link] Steward our watersheds, share the water fairly, and live within our means. Here is what sustainability looks like: Where is our water? of the water on earth is salty. 84% of water in the atmosphere comes from the oceans, than falls as rain. of Earth's water that's fresh, about 70% is ice—and inaccessible. [ of Earth's water that's fresh, about 30% is groundwater. [ 3 ] Who takes fresh water?

10 Principles for Liveable High Density Cities: Lessons from Singapore

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By adopting a strategy of pervasive greenery and by transforming its parks and water bodies into lifestyle spaces for community activities, Singapore integrated nature with its dense developments. To ensure sufficient water, Singapore developed reclaimed water under the brand name NEWater-to drinking and industrial standards.

Israel Cleantech Ventures Raising $100 Million for Energy Innovation

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Not too surprisingly in the tiny, parched, sun-drenched nation surrounded by unstable oil fiefdoms , the cleantech focus is on oil independence and acute water efficiency. Israel already leads the world in “wet&# clean tech – advanced technologies which enable water reuse, recycling, monitoring, reclamation and security, with everything from nanotech to nuclear. Israel reuses a staggering 75% of its waste water, far out ahead of the next-best water-saver at 12%.

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Curriculum & Resources: Water

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Education Connection Newsletter Read the newsletter: Lessons to celebrate and protect clean, fresh water From measuring your water footprint to understanding the breadth of the BP oil spill, here is a bounty of resources for your classroom of local and world citizens. H 2 O Conserve Oil Spill Bundle 3 Big Ideas to Make Water Last by Doug Pibel , Illustrations by Alexandre Dumas Steward our watersheds, share the water fairly, and live within our means.

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