Ideas for Reclaimed Dining Room Tables

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If you’re lucky enough to have an actual dining room in your home that can accommodate a large dining table, you should consider getting one that’s made from reclaimed, recycled or sustainably harvested wood.

Reshtki Reclaimed Furniture

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In 2013 we have built first in Poland recycled playground „O-O Pony” – all made of tyres and euro-pallets.”. Reclaimed Furniture

Rustic Furniture Using Reclaimed Barn Wood

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Rustic furniture and decor is becoming trendy again, and recycling the wood used to make old barns is an eco-friendly way to use existing resources. A lot of this vintage barn wood comes from original stands of old growth forests, so to recycle it into barn wood flooring, timber frame homes, post and beam construction projects, open ceiling beams, and exposed wood beams, is to do a great service to the planet.

The myth of glass recycling

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The great majority of people, I am sure, firmly believe that the glass bottles and glass jars, of which they so diligently remove the labels and then put out for the kerbside recycling pick-up are going to make new glass bottles and -jars.

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The Reclaimed Railroad Tie Desk by Rehab Vintage

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Here are Furniture Home Design, we are having a love affair with reclaimed rail ties! The wood that has been reclaimed from old rail road ties is not only worn beautifully, it is a part of history! And, with the modern rustic look becoming more popular in interior design every year, we are very happy to be seeing this recycled material being used in a number of different kinds of furniture and decor pieces.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling


Until relatively recently, recycling was not a major. However, the last few years have seen it become an integral aspect of our everyday activities, with many of us sorting our waste into recyclables and non-recyclables without really thinking about it. Advantages of recycling.

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Recycling is bad

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Recycling makes people believe that they do good for the Planet, but is that really so? Recycling is bad for the Planet and I do mean that. I know that that sounds strange but the way that recycling is managed and operated makes it so.

How Does It Work: Recycling Plastic

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How Does It Work: Recycling Plastic. We all know that recycling is important – it’s one of the best ways we have to conserve resources and to keep our environment clean. Recycle! How do we recycle it? Sounds easy – so why don’t we recycle more?

The Natural Beauty and Sustainability of Reclaimed Wood

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One trend we are happy to see has stuck around is reclaimed wood furniture , which has continued to gain in popularity. Although there are fresh and good woods available for furniture, why consider reclaimed wood furniture? This is a sponsored post.

Daring Moroccan university recycles urine as drinking water

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This is all pretty heady stuff for the Middle East, where recycling waste water has long been viewed as risky business given the strong view that Muslims have about all things potentially unhygienic.

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The Samsung Reclaim

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The Samsung Reclaim. As the name might tell you, the Samsung Reclaim is a little more than just another phone. The Samsung Reclaim, however, is made out of recycled materials through and through. Why is recycling important? Categories. Garden. Kitchen.

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea – Recycled Wine Barrel Cabinet

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Naturally, we love when things (like furniture) are made from recycled materials, so when we saw this fabulous shelving cabinet that’s made from a gorgeous old wine barrel – we knew we had to give it a shout out! Handmade in Georgia, this recycled wooden cabinet has a handy inner storage shelf, as well as (and you entertainers will love this) a removable maple serving tray and casters. Reclaimed Furniture recycled wine barrel shelf wine barrel cabinet

Shine Bright with Recycled Metal Jewelry: 5 Sustainable Picks

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These companies use recycled metals and gems to produce some of the most beautifully crafted and, uniquely designed jewelry available. Recycled diamonds make for wonderful engagement rings.) The brand designs their jewelry with 100% recycled metals whenever possible.

New Year’s Resolution #4 – Recycle

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Only 34% of that waste was recovered through recycling and composting – that’s a lot of wasted energy and resources! So this year, our fourth resolution is to help the environment by recycling more. . When you recycle, you’re helping to keep waste out of toxic landfills. Because it takes less energy to manufacture products from reclaimed materials, recycling is also a great way to conserve resources like oil, electricity, and water.

Omer Arbel’s Green-Roofed 23.2 House is Framed With Sacred Reclaimed Timber

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Keen to soften the edges between industrial design and architecture and gifted with a large stock of reclaimed Douglas Fir beams of varying length and thickness, Arbel took interesting new liberties with this building’s unique geometry.

A Man-Made, Entirely Recycled Island Oasis

Wend Magazine

Pictured above, Joysxee island floats atop over 125,000 reclaimed plastic bottles placed into recycle fruit sacks nestled underneath wood palettes. Related posts: Brands Go Green with Recycled CDs, Beans and Hand-Cranked Machines.

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Ikea launches kitchen range made from recycled plastic bottles

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The world's biggest furniture retailer Ikea has launched a new range of kitchen fronts made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles and reclaimed wood, eliminating the need for virgin oil-based plastics in the range.

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Recycled Car Part Furniture

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Here are some of the coolest designers who give recycled car parts new life. This designer transforms recycled auto tires into fabulous chairs. Inghua Ting masterfully designs and produces luxury products from reclaimed materials. Designer Rene Olivier.

Top Ten Reasons To Choose Reclaimed Wood Floors

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As you all know, we are going to great lenghts to find and purchase reclaimed wood for as much as possible in this build. If you don’t believe us, then listen to some words of advice from the Reclaimed Wood Council. They have put together the top ten reasons why you should use reclaimed wood floors. . Our industry helps to preserve what is already there… the finest form of recycling. Tagged: FSC Wood, Narragansett LEED Home, reclaimed wood, wideplank floors.

H&M to Launch the First Global Clothes Recycling Venture

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Swedish retail company H&M recently announced an upcoming clothes recycling venture, starting in February 2013. The fashion recycling campaign will span 48 nations, including the company’s Israeli franchises.

Recycled Stainless Steel Countertops

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Stainless steel is a super option, and there are more recycled sources for stainless steel than ever. The best thing to do is to try and get reclaimed stainless steel sheets at a fraction of the price than buying pre-built counters, then having them customized to fit your space. For the perfect eco-friendly design in your kitchen, you want to choose a material for your counter tops that is not only sustainable, but durable, and of course – great-looking.

My Favorite Reclaimed Wood Furniture

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My Favorite Reclaimed Wood Furniture. Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Chair. Reclaimed Furniture with Style. Recent Comments Afzaal Ahmed on How To Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Mouthwash Roses Gifts on The Samsung Reclaim Janna Liliya on Have an Eco-Friendly Holiday: Turkey!

Recycled Changes

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Recycled materials and surplus building materials can help you with your projects as well as reduce your spending and waste. Try “soapstone” countertops from Paperstone, which uses post-consumer recycled paper for its products.

America Recycles Day!

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Ready to think outside of the (recyclable) box? Today is “ America Recycles Day ” and to honor this, Recyclebank , the company that rewards people for taking everyday green actions with discounts and deals, developed a list of surprising and crazy items you probably didn’t know you could recycle, like pantyhose and tennis balls! Check out these little-known recyclable items and I just bet you can find something from this list that you can recycle right now!

Do we recycle enough?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We seem to be talking recycling all the time when really we should be talking and especially doing more of the “reuse” and the “repurpose”. So why are the powers-that-be asking, nay commanding, us to recycle and to separate out waste into different bins for the municipal waste collection vehicles to pick it up? You and I sort it all nicely for them (for free) so they can sell clean and sorted recyclables without the need to employ personnel to do it.

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“Biggest Loser” Coach Builds a Recycled Materials Green Gym in Israel

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As such, just about everything in One Size, which was conceived to feel more like home than a sweaty meat market, is either recycled or repurposed. Architecture & Urban Biggest Loser green gym One Size Orly Hoffman Bar recycled materials Toledo-Lifschitz Arch and Design

Going Green in The Dining Room

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This means you want to choose furniture and decorative items that are recycled, reclaimed, or made from sustainable materials that have been responsibly harvested. Roost is another company that makes amazing furniture from older wood, like this reclaimed wood dining room table , which is made from railroad ties from India. Dining Room Reclaimed Furniture dining room table eco-friendly table reclaimed dining room tables

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Stunning products made using recycled paper


Recycling. Stunning products made using recycled paper. The world is gradually entering into an era where use of recycled materials is increasingly gaining momentum. These reasons are also the inspiration behind designers enthusiasm for creating unique products from recycled paper. All you need is 390 pieces of recycled paper, glue, acrylic colors and a card board. Modish recycled paper furniture. Recycled paper bottle. Recyclable paper laptop.

Gulf Greywater Recycling Could Cut Water Use by 30%

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The United Arab Emirates could save approximately 30 per cent of its daily water use if multi-residential buildings implement greywater recycling programs , according to a recent report compiled by researchers from the University of Sharjah. Image of reclaimed water sign , Shutterstock.

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Recycled Eco Bags

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Recycled Eco Bags. Recycled things are just plain cool. I mean, not only is it great to reuse things instead of throwing them into the landfill, but there’s also an extra little perk that comes with using recycled items: a story. Recycled Fire Hose Belts. Categories.

Reclaimed street seats reflect eclectic mix of New York's citizens


Sonia Renthlei: Lately, the world seems to be a recycling spree. Wood, which was once in abundance and has now dwindled, is especially sought after, with reclaimed wood giving rise to beautiful furniture items and artwork. Reclaimed wood is fast becoming big business.

What is Downcycling?

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Recycling is a great way to give the things we throw away everyday a second chance at life. But not all recycling is created equal: while we throw glass, metals, plastics, and paper into the same green bin, the process of recycling each of those material is pretty different.

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Ian Somerhalder and Brother Start Recycled Furniture Business


Ian Somerhalder and his brother open reclaimed barn wood furniture store. Read More. Causes Environment Home News Top News ian somerhalder

Oh, You Recycled Paper, You.

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Oh, You Recycled Paper, You. It’s generally not all that difficult to find recycled things that make great items in your home. For example, we’ve seen on many occasions just how great recycled cans can be when they’re repurposed into something else. Categories.

Recycling for Design

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Recycling for Design. There comes a point where recycling becomes more than just reusing old crap. Recycling the holiday trees. Battery Recycling. Why is recycling important? Categories. Garden. Kitchen. New & Exciting. Electronics. Events. Health. Personal.

Best recycled furniture units for sustainable homes


Recycling. Best recycled furniture units for sustainable homes. The eco conscious homeowner of today has a number of options to go green, and one of the best ways to do the same is by opting for the recycled furniture units. Trash is becoming trendy nowadays, and designers and furniture makers from around the globe are using reclaimed materials to make beautiful and creative furniture designs for modern green homes. Leftovers’ recycled garment furniture.

Reuse and Reduce

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So much of what we throw away doesn’t need to end up in the trash: food waste can be composted, materials like plastics and metals can be recycled, and many products like clothes and appliances can be reused. was recycled or composted in 2010. Recycled Plastic Radio Flyer Earth Wagon.

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Glass Recycling Finds an Artistic Approach

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It always lends a glitter to its surroundings and it is this very property which is drawing many takers to the use of recycled glass. The practice to use glass in such a reclaimable way is certainly not new, but it seems to be gaining popular reach.

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Timbuk2 Recycled Bags Hit a Hurdle

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San Francisco based bag company Timbuk2 have been developing their new Lamitron messenger bags for several months, but have been forced to pause the development due to a cease and desist order from Target, who are objecting to their use of recycled Target plastic shopping bags.

Buying Recycled Products: Awesome Eco

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Buying Recycled Products: Awesome Eco. I’m a huge fan of recycling glass for a number of reasons. This is why I love these recycled beer glasses so much. Second, they are made out of 100% recycled glass. Recycled paper products. Why is recycling important?

Shopping Guide: Eco-friendly Craft Suppliers

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The glues are made with toxic formulas and animal byproducts, paints are synthetically dyed and exude polluting VOCs, plastic beads are hard to recycle and varnishes are loaded with harsh chemicals. Jewelry making, painting, sewing, drawing and so much more are all beautiful forms of crafting.

Recycled Fire Hose Belts

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Recycled Fire Hose Belts. The first thing that’s great about it is obviously that it is a recycled item. Not only is it made out of recycled materials, but the style of it is really suitable for just about any type of outfit. Recycled Eco Bags. Categories. Garden.

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining: Edgy and Sweet Reclaimed Jewelry

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Here in London, where I moved from Rome in 2002, I discovered the work of Fashion Designers like Traid Re-Made and Junky Styling, that have been producing very interesting garments with recycled material for years. What other reclaimed objects might we see from you in the future?

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