Vegans hugely represented at Tenth Moral March in Raleigh


Nonetheless, on Saturday, vegans found themselves well represented and joyful in the streets of downtown Raleigh. “

Petition To Replace Michael Vick As Raleigh Keynote Speaker


Read More The post Petition To Replace Michael Vick As Raleigh Keynote Speaker appeared first on Ecorazzi. Michael Vick''s appearance at the North Carolina "Evening of Champions" has thousands protesting.

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Raleigh Denim Featured in October Whole Living Magazine

Eco Chic

Eco Chick first covered Raleigh Denim way back in 2009, and since then, the brand has grown in more ways than just business-wise (though they are going gangbusters in that department as well).

Raleigh Denim: Jeans Showcasing the Future of Style and Sustainability

Eco Chic

Raleigh Denim Co-founders Victor and Sarah Lytvinenko. Raleigh Denim’s women’s styles. Raleigh Denim’s signature red stitching. Victor in the pattern room; hanging are the paper patterns used to make Raleigh Denim’s jeans.

America’s top 10 sweatiest cities

Green Traveler Guides

California Charlotte Dallas District of Columbia Florida Houston Los Angeles Miami North America North Carolina Orlando Raleigh San Diego Tampa Texas The Americas United States 10 sweatiest cities in U.S. | Green Travel News | Making summer travel plans? No sweat, or should we say lots of it. A team of environmental scientists has ranked major American metropolitan areas on their “sweatiness.”

Are renewable subsidies for electric cars a good deal?

Environmental Economics

Raleigh, NC is a test market for the Nissan Leaf: The main appeal of the electric car is that it's cheap to operate.

2011 189

Eco Fashion Market Week Favorites from Designers & Agents: What We’ll Be Wearing This Fall

Eco Chic

Raleigh Denim Jeans, made in their downtown Raleigh, NC workshop, are a fun twist on the classic jean. Fair Fashion Aiayu Ampersand as Apostrophe d&a designers & agents f/w 2013 NYC RALEIGH Stewart + Brown Susan Woo Tailfeathers Totem Salvaged

2013 78

Create your own DIY public signage for a walkable city

Green (Living) Review

And then there''s Walk [Your City] It was originally conceived of as a guerrilla "wayfinding" campaign , in which Matt Tomasulo designed and posted signage around Raleigh, NC, promoting just how easy it is to walk to get around.

DIY 172

Find Cycling Charity Rides Near You With

Wend Magazine

For over 120 years, Raleigh Bicycles has been making quality rides for people all over the world. As of this May, Raleigh is offering American cyclists with more.

2011 156

Cross price elasticity of bus consumption and gas prices

Environmental Economics

From the N&O : The growing popularity of its Durham-Raleigh Express (DRX) prompted Triangle Transit to add more buses to the route in February. DRX helped make March the busiest month on record for the three-county transit agency. Triangle Transit counted nearly 142,000 riders, a 14 percent increase compared to March 2011. According to the EIA , regular conventional retail gas prices have risen from about $3.51 to $3.77 from March 2011 to March 2012, a 7.4% increase.

2012 126

Free entry in the mitigation market?

Environmental Economics

The legislation also would force the city to deal with what is now a monopoly - one business providing the pollution-reducing projects in the Raleigh area. Raleigh's assistant public utilities director] Waldroup said he generally agrees with a market-based approach to restoration, but says the market isn't in a position to work for Raleigh.

2011 122


Environmental Economics

Yuck, the Raleigh paper is promoting the University of Texas to the ACC: If the ACC attempts to boost its TV revenues by expanding again in the near future, there is no better school to recruit than the University of Texas. And if the Big 12 loses top schools and dissolves, Texas has excellent reasons to consider the ACC. via The Atlantic and Gulf Coast Conference? Of course, as they say, the university is first looking out for its student-athletes.

2011 116

Durham, North Carolina is getting its own Vegan Cookoff


The Triangle region, a cluster of cities including the capital, Raleigh, and Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill, has made news recently for their grassroots campaigns such as the Vegan Chalk Challenge and the presence of a vegan contingent at the Moral March on Raleigh.

Mud, and those who seek it

10,000 Birds

That is, unless the good citizens of Raleigh start using a lot of water really soon. And not that I would encourage such irresponsible behavior, but people of Raleigh, just look at your neighbor’s yard.

2012 224

Anthony Foxx: Riding the Rails for Better Transportation

Sierra Club Compass

In 2011, North Carolina made its way to the top of the list to receive federal funding for a big upgrade of rail between Raleigh and Charlotte, after the governor of another state foolishly rejected the job-creating infrastructure funding.

I heart Ironman

Environmental Economics

2013 170

A common macroeconomic confusion

Environmental Economics

Pope, a Raleigh retail executive, and Koch, a Kansas industrialist, were honored by Americans for Prosperity, an organization they started and which they both continue to serve as top officers – Pope as chairman and Koch as the foundation's chairman. Under the Dome : Two major financial backers of conservative political causes, Art Pope and David Koch, were feted Thursday afternoon at a reception just blocks from the Republican National Convention.

2012 138

Revealed preference

Environmental Economics

Pat McCrory took questions at a Raleigh private school for an hour Monday and ended the session with his own: “How do you pay for it?”. Out of the mouths of babes: Gov. The remark came in reference to the recent Duke Energy coal ash spill into the Dan River. The Republican said his priority is cleaning up the spill and then finding a long-term solution for the 30-plus coal ash ponds in North Carolina. But, he said, cost is “the big issue.”

2014 132

Job-killing regulations?

Environmental Economics

He's right: Raleigh is No. "It has to be a mistake," says Derb Carter of the Southern Environmental Law Center, speaking of the latest Forbes rankings of the top 25 cities for business and careers. "Four  "Four are in job-killing, regulation-strangled North Carolina," he says, dripping with insincerity. 2, Durham No. 14, Asheville No. 17 and Charlotte No.  "Hemp-ridden Asheville at No.

AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report

Environmental Economics

Coming back from the beach we took the back roads to avoid rush hour traffic in Raleigh. For some reason I'm getting spammed by AAA. Not that I'm complaining, this is good stuff: The national average price for regular unleaded gasoline has fallen for 26 consecutive days, reaching today’s average of $2.59 per gallon. This is the longest streak of consecutive declines since January, and pump prices have moved lower by 19 cents per gallon over this period.

Fuel 125

New Games for a New Year

10,000 Birds

Way back last year, a whole two weeks ago, a sudden influx of Ross’s Geese in central North Carolina led to an unofficial competition between myself and some birders in the Raleigh-Durham Area. I love birding games. Big Days, Big Years, County, state, and patch lists. I’m constantly on the lookout for different angles to take with my birding.

2015 193

Is the new DENR secretary calling for more benefit-cost analysis?

Environmental Economics

The only other time that there has been a Republican in Raleigh during the "John Whitehead era" (i.e.,

2013 164

Daily demand and supply

Environmental Economics

"We go to the zoo at least once every summer," said [Becky Davis of Raleigh]. "But The state of NC has given us a natural experiment opportunity: The state budget that goes into effect Friday brings massive changes. Thousands of state workers will lose their jobs. A one-cent sales tax will no longer be charged on most goods. But many residents will see the effects of the trimmed budget in smaller, more subtle ways. Some tourist attractions will cost more to visit.

2011 116

We're #1!

Environmental Economics

That's just a hair behind Raleigh-Durham's household average of 21,800 annual miles - which means annual fuel expenses of $4,304, or $60 more than the Charlotte area. #2 and #6. Six out of 10 are in the south: Forbes magazine. Writer Christopher Helman devised the survey with data from the Center for Neighborhood Technology, a Chicago-based think tank that studies the costs of living and working in cities across the country.

2011 116

Drinking lattes, chilling with my AC and reading the WSJ

Environmental Economics

From the WSJ's Micro Weekly Review: On U.S. Highways, More Fast Lanes Aren't Free by: Cameron McWhirter Nov 29, 2013 Click here to view the full article on TOPICS: Congestion Pricing, Externalities. SUMMARY: Rush-hour drivers in congested U.S.

2013 198

Natural disasters and net-migration? @mattkahn1966

Environmental Economics

For more than three decades, California has seen a net outflow of residents to other states, as less expensive southern cities like Phoenix, Houston and Raleigh supplant those of the Golden State as beacons of opportunity. I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling, a'tumbling down. Quakes and Fires. ): For the half-century after World War II, California represented the epitome of middle-class America on the move.

Shoppers needed for two-wheeled retail therapy

Green (Living) Review

Geoff Giddings of Raleigh says: "Raleigh has in the last year seen the growth in product aimed at both the female enthusiast and the mass cycling market.

2009 130

Will You Take the Vegan Chalk Challenge?


Started in Raleigh, North Carolina, the VCC is a leaderless movement that was kicked off by North Carolina based activist, James DeAlto. From DeAlto’s experience in Raleigh, which isn’t normally hailed as a vegan haven, observers have been quite supportive.

2016 75

North Carolina puts it head in the sand

Environmental Economics

This is from an editorial on that from the Raleigh, NC paper: The legislative session after the passage of a two-year state budget is referred to as the “short” session because it is devoted mainly to budget adjustments, and it takes less time for lawmakers to complete their work, But the session that opens Wednesday will be short for another reason – the state is short of tax revenue.

Young Coal Activists Shut Mountaintop Mining for Four Hours

Green Living Ideas

They had chained themselves to a piece of mining equipment, and were briefly able to shut down operations of a Massey Energy subsidiary in Western Raleigh [.] [ Young Coal Activists Shut Mountaintop Mining for Four Hours from Green Living Ideas ]. Four protesters in their 20s who succeeded in briefly halting mountaintop removal on Coal River Mountain in West Virginia are now in jail on a collective bail amount of $12,000.

2010 69

Kite Running

10,000 Birds

Last week I was leading a field trip for the spring meeting of the Carolina Bird Club at Howell Woods, a patch of bottomland hardwood forest in Johnston County just southeast of Raleigh. The bird came first, just in case you were wondering.

2012 212

North Carolina: They Gave Us Extremism, We Gave them a Movement

Sierra Club Compass

In response, tens of thousands of North Carolinians have come together for Moral Mondays over the past 13 weeks in Raleigh, outside of the State House.   Mountain Moral Monday in Asheville. Photo: (c) Don McGowan/EarthSong Photography.

5 Cities That Want Your Rain Barrel

Green (Living) Review

What better way to save water than putting in a rain barrel—and thanks to these cities, you’ll save money, too!

2014 157

Environmental Economics: My name is Kingof Socks

Environmental Economics

Department of Transportation says it has won the agreement it needed to secure $461 million in federal grants that will put faster, more frequent and more reliable passenger trains on the tracks between Charlotte and Raleigh.

The Goal – 200 by 2016

10,000 Birds

May 7, 2015 – I started the day in Raleigh, 100 miles from home, not expected to get any birding done. I finished my business in Raleigh, and headed home to grab my bins and camera, then headed out again. I’ll come straight out and say that this is about my home county list.

2016 138

I'll probably be sad Sunday around 7 pm

Environmental Economics

Today's article in the Raleigh N&O  brought back memories: Based on email I’ve received, many of these fans have their personal identities tied up with the success of their school’s teams. “I Like many of you I've been following the UNC athletic/academic scandal closely (for a variety of reasons).

2012 131

More green jobs from European climate policy

Environmental Economics

The Council of State approved a 20-year contract for Raleigh-based WoodFuels North Carolina to build a $25 million terminal that will export 600,000 tons of pellets a year from Morehead City, starting in late 2014.

"North Carolina’s Misunderstood Cut in Jobless Benefits"

Environmental Economics

And if you don't believe this conclusion from a professional economist, a Raleigh journalist figured out the same thing about a week ago : North Carolina’s experience is hardly extraordinary. Justin Wolfers: Since North Carolina effectively eliminated unemployment benefits last year for people unemployed 20 weeks or more, the state has become a symbol in the partisan wars over economic policy.

7 Cool Bicycles That You Can Actually Buy


Raleigh Chopper. The original Mark 1 version of the Raleigh Chopper was sold from 1969 to 1972. It was a very popular bike and helped resurrect the fortunes of the Raleigh Bicycle Company. These days it is very hard to find anything that is unique.

2015 85

Top 10 American Cities with Fastest Green Job Growth


Raleigh-Cary, North Carolina 13.7% While the economy might still be in a slump, green job opportunities are popping up all over the nation.


Environmental Economics

The main headache: the lack of filling stations, an inconvenience that forces Becker to take a 24-mile round trip once or twice a week to fill up his tank at a city-owned natural gas pump at Raleigh's heavy equipment depot, the city's former landfill on New Bern Avenue. Call your utility company and say I want my NGV!

2011 109

Nation Calls For New Approach To Affordable, Attainable Housing

Green (Living) Review

Raleigh, N.C. Today Nancy Welsh, affordable housing expert and CEO of the Raleigh, N.C.-based Since 2006, the Raleigh-based non-profit Builders of Hope has rebuilt homes and lives by providing safe, affordable housing to working families.

2011 151

We just ain't a-gonna pay no toll, so we crashed the gate doing 98.

Environmental Economics

In a perfect world, building and mainting road ways would be free: [redacted name*] of Raleigh wants to know why she and her husband got bills in the mail from the N.C. Turnpike Authority, illustrated with photos of their license plates, for trips on N.C. 540 near Research Triangle Park. The bills were for $0.00. Read more here: [link]. The bill is a bleak warning from the N.C. Turnpike Authority to drivers on this section of 540: It's free now. But get ready to pay.

2012 126