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At the Rainforest Alliance, we know that the best way to keep forests standing is to use them. When you see the Forest Stewardship Council® logo coupled with the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal on products and packaging, you know that they come from forests that have met rigorous standards for protecting people and wildlife." This symbol was on my Orange Dark Chocolate bar today so I went to the website to check it out.

Rainforest Alliance salutes Mexico’s Mayakoba

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M ayakoba in Mexico ’s Riviera Maya has been cited by the Rainforest Alliance for achievements in sustainable tourism, the first time that organization has so honored a tourism project. We have been working with the Rainforest Alliance since 2010 to comply with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria ’s internationally recognized recommendations for socially, environmentally and economically sustainable tourism, and we encourage other tourism properties in Mexico to do the same.&#.


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Rainforest Alliance and Kingfisher working together to support sustainable forestry

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The Rainforest Alliance and Kingfisher PLC have joined forces to tackle some of the most difficult issues facing companies who strive to source their timber from legal and sustainable sources. The SmartSource programme of the Rainforest Alliance will work with the Kingfisher Group across its business to identify sources that require special attention moving them towards FSC certification and ensuring compliance with Kingfishers own stringent timber sourcing policy along the way.

Largest group of small enterprises awarded FSC-certification by Rainforest Alliance

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Largest FSC chain of custody Group in the UK now certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Consumer-facing SMEs access environmentally-sensitive markets with the FSC label and Rainforest Alliance Certified Seal TM. The Rainforest Alliance has awarded Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certification to Oxford Timber Audits – the largest chain of custody group in the UK.

Website for certified green tourism in Latin America, Caribbean

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T o help travelers cut through confusing “green” claims, the Rainforest Alliance has launched an online database of sustainable tourism businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean. All hotels and tourism operators listed on SustainableTrip.org have either been verified by the Rainforest Alliance, certified by a third-party program or have been thoroughly vetted by a reputable organization. The Rainforest Alliance is among the founding members of the GSTC.

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Gucci and Livia Firth Team Up for New Gucci “Zero-deforestation” Handbag Collection

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Leather used is sourced from Brazilian cows raised on Rainforest Alliance certified land. Fair Fashion Brazil green carpet challenge Gucci Livia Firth Rainforest Alliance zero-deforestation handbagsAs activists set the bar by grading luxury brands on sustainability , it seems Gucci has their finger on the pulse.

Rainforest Preservation in the Petén

Wend Magazine

The 70-family town of Carmelita is the center of the Carmelita concession, an 82,000-acre multiple-use land development zone and an important anchor for rainforest preservation in the Petén. Omar Samayoa is the Climate Change Coordinator for Rainforest Alliance , an NGO that has worked to integrate sustainable forest management with community development.

Galaxy announces that it is to go green

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) At the approach to Easter with the Western world going mad for chocolate, confectionery giant Mars has announced it is working with the Rainforest Alliance to secure ethically-sourced cocoa for its chocolate production on an unprecedented scale. Mars has said it aims to buy enough Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa to produce all of its Galaxy chocolate bars by early 2010 and will purchase all its cocoa from certified sources by 2020.

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Galapagos cruise earns double green certification

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E coventura , a family-owned company of eco-friendly expedition vessels in the Galapagos , has earned Rainforest Alliance verification in recognition of its commitment to conserving the environment and supporting local communities. Rainforest Alliance verification is an assurance that a hotel or tour operator has met comprehensive social, environmental and economic standards that conserve natural resources, protect wildlife and help local communities thrive.

Earth Day 2009, Corporations & the Green Bandwagon

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Ne part of a company may announce that they are doing this or the other green thing or that they are joining the Rainforest Alliance programs, as in the case of chocolate manufacturers, coffee and tea companies and such, and call that participating in fair trade. The question in my mind, even though the Rainforest Alliance is better than nothing, tis why hose companies, if they really want to do fair trade, do not go for accreditation by the Fairtrade Association.

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Green hotel in Cancun? No problema!

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Rainforest Alliance salutes Mexico’s Mayakoba Costa Maya Mexico: green on the beach Mexico’s Costa Maya: green on the beach Mexico’s Riviera Maya: the green zone Isla Mujeres: green on the island of women. | Green Travel News |. ‘T is the season to hit the beach, where the sun is warm and the drinks are cold. Cancun , Mexico , is such a place, and now at last you can stay green.

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How to find a company that is truly green

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A company that has real relationships with certifiers such as organic, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Oeko-Tex, B Corp, etc. Here are some tips on how to be a savvy shopper who consistently gets past the greenwashing. Companies have caught on to the fact that going green means business. Everyone is jumping on the green bandwagon, making claims of being “all natural,” “non toxic,” and “eco-friendly” in hopes of attracting the attention of consumers.

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As Climate Negotiations Slow, Forests Won't Wait

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To drive that point home, representatives of the nonprofit sustainability group the Rainforest Alliance will attend the Copenhagen climate treaty conference December 7-18. A spate of recent studies, including from the Rainforest Alliance, the World Bank, the Brookings Institution and the Commission on Climate and Tropical Forests, underscores the central importance of forestry and land-use practices, particularly in tropical countries, to achieving effective climate policies.

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Fiji resort named ‘Australasia’s leading green hotel’

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Random Posts Bali bliss: it takes a village Tourism website for sustainable marine management Rainforest Alliance salutes Mexico’s Mayakoba Ubud, Bali: Sari Organic Farm and Overflowing Basket Café Agra: Taj to Taj. | Green Travel News |. W orld Travel Awards has picked Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort as “Australasia’s Leading Green Hotel” in 2011.

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Win It: Fraise Du Bois Bouquet


From organically grown flowers to biodegradable, green packaging and gourmet gifts to home accessories, Organic Bouquet’s products are certified by third-party agencies (USDA, Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance.). Did you get a late start to your summer planting? Not to worry, this week’s exclusive giveaway for our newsletter subscribers is a a Gourmet Fraise Du Bois from Organic Bourquet. Sounds fancy, but really it’s just a delightful strawberry plant!

Caffé Nero reports coffee-waste-to-biofuel success, plans expansion

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Last year, edie reported that Nero was building on its work with the Rainforest Alliance to “move beyond certification” and train-up coffee farmers across South America, having launched a farming community support initiative in Nicaragua in 2015. Italian-style coffee shop chain Caffé Nero is looking to extend an innovative coffee-to-biofuel recycling scheme beyond greater London after a successful partnership with recycling company First Mile and technology firm Bio-Bean.

Dream sales job in sunny solar open in Dubai

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While the video does an excellent job of branding products for the Rainforest Alliance Certified mark, it does a less good job of conveying the real jobs that are available to you that can and will make an impact in changing the world. Ever see the video Follow the Frog? We posted it below so you can have a good laugh before you go out and embark on a poor career choice as you save the world.

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Ethical product sales grow 12% in spite of 'recessionary pressures'

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This was largely due to sales of Rainforest Alliance products, such as tea and coffee, increasing by 46%, and RSPCA''s Freedom Foods label also increasing with total sales up by 37%. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Sales of ethical products grew by more than 12% in 2012 thus pushing the value of the ethical market to more than £54bn, according to recently released report.

10 Solutions for Natural Resource Depletion


The Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance Certified certify businesses and products, so consumers can tell which ones are created using sustainable forestry management. As the human population increases and economies. develop, we’re using more natural resources, materials the earth provides that enable economic gain. These substances include minerals, forests, water, fertile soil and more.

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Biodiversity – Definition, Importance and Major Threats


For example, the area of Tropical Andes is rich in ecosystem diversity as it includes mountains, cloud forests, grasslands, woodlands and even tropical rainforests. The tourism industry relies upon beautiful natural places like coral reefs, tropical rainforests, jungles.

10 Ways to Conserve Biodiversity


Some of the most prominent ecolabels are Energy Star , USDA Organic , and Rainforest Alliance Certified [5]. Biodiversity is the pillar that allows. ecosystems to function and humans to thrive. Without biodiversity in an ecosystem we would not have the many plants and animals we find in our world today, including us. Biodiversity is the “biological diversity in an environment as indicated by numbers of different species of plants and animals.”.

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Why Is Biodiversity Important to Ecosystems?


In fact all of the oxygen on earth is produced through photosynthesis : rainforests are responsible for 28 percent of earth’s oxygen and 70 percent is produced by marine plants called phytoplankton [5]. Seventy percent of the plants identified as having anti-cancer characteristics by the US National Cancer Institute are found only in the tropical rainforest [9]. Sixty-eight percent of 12,914 plant species the Rainforest Alliance evaluated are in danger of becoming extinct.

NW Michigan: greening up Grand Traverse Resort

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We see evidences of this greening in our handsome Tower room—the recycling basket next to the desk, packets of Rainforest Alliance -certified coffee with compostable cups. | Traverse City Eco |. Before Hemingway became obsessed with bullfighting, big-game hunting and deep-sea fishing, Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay region inspired his youthful imagination.

Cheese Waste Anyone?

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In 2003, Kraft established a partnership with Rainforest Alliance to provide sustainable and equitably purchased coffee. In these days of rising gas and oil prices, companies are turning to fuel alternatives. Often, this involves biomass power generated from agricultural waste and forestry by-products. However, there are other possibilities. Kraft Foods is exploring its options and recently announced plans for several New York cheese plants.

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Cameron’s Coffee Compostable Pods: Delicious, Ethical Java and No K-Cup Waste

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Cameron’s is committed to being one of the most sustainable coffee companies in the world and buys organic Rainforest Alliance, Shade Grown and Fair-trade Certified coffee from farms around the world. . Cameron’s Coffee is a small-batch coffee company out of Minneapolis that has created a sustainable, compostable single-service coffee pod that I’m loving—daily. Here at Eco-Chick, we’re huge coffee fans—but (naturally) anti-disposables.

Ambitious green targets unveiled by Unilever

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" Unilever's ambitions include plans to improve the livelihoods in developing countries by working with Oxfam, Rainforest Alliance and others to link over 500,000 smallholder farmers and small-scale distributors into its supply chain. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Global consumer products giant Unilever has announced ambitious plans for its sustainable business, aiming to double sales while halving its environmental impact.

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Coffee lovers, do you know the difference between direct trade and fair trade?

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These range from organic, natural, eco, and green, to bird-friendly, reef-safe, and cruelty-free, with additional certifications from the Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade International, Fair Trade USA, FSC, MSC, etc. This infographic, created by Chuck Patton of Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, hopes to clear up any mysteries between the two styles of coffee trading.

Miracle One Wine Practices Sustainability in its First Vintage

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In addition to being premium quality, 100-percent natural, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable, these corks are both FSC Certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified™ to be responsibly sourced from well- managed forests. Everyone knows I love wine. Finding winemakers that have gone the extra mile to make me feel less guilty about my indulgence is a really, really good thing.

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15 Strategies to Reduce Deforestation


Vast areas of rainforests in a number of tropical countries, including Indonesia, Brazil, and Malaysia, have been destroyed to make way for palm oil, soy plantations and cattle ranches. For example, Antonio Vincente has replanted 50,000 trees on his 77 acres of land in the Amazon rainforest. Palm oil production has become one of the main causes of rainforest destruction around the world today. Rainforest Action Network. Rainforest Alliance.

Double or Nothing? Our Climate Gamble

Nature Conservancy - Science

Ok, it takes 20 minutes to fill the tank – but I need a Rainforest Alliance certified latte every 215 miles anyhow. Imagine you’re in a high-stakes poker game, and … your cards suck. You are good at this game, so you think you can bluff your way to victory anyway, until you look at the striking player sitting across from you. She is stone-cold confident, and poised, and it’s suddenly clear. She doesn’t bluff. You are in way over your head. She doubles down.

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The Green Home Furnished with Sustainable Wood Products

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The Rainforest Alliance certifies products made from reclaimed wood. When it comes to reducing your environmental impact, you have dozens and dozens of choices today that weren’t available years ago. What’s more, you needn’t break the bank to opt for the eco-friendly choice, with a wider range of affordable green alternatives. An excellent way to make your home earth-friendly is to furnish it with sustainable wood products.

Equator Estate Coffees & Teas – 1st food company to launch storefront on Facebook iFanStore provides contextual e/commerce inside social networks

Green (Living) Review

A women-owned green business, Equator works tirelessly to empower every link of the supply chain, from growers and their communities around the globe, to the natural environment, through to coffee-lovers who savor taste and integrity in their Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees.

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Oaxaca, Mexico: microfinance for tourists

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Oaxaca: it’s easy eating green Oaxaca’s En Via: a day that pays Rainforest Alliance salutes Mexico’s Mayakoba Here’s to Earth Day: 9 eco-friendly Caribbean resorts Sustainable TV? | Fundación En Via |. G iving back is totally, totally green. As a responsible green traveler, contributing to a more healthy future for local—especially indigenous—communities is as important as finding that great green hotel or restaurant.

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Green Consumers Rejoice!

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Trust providers such as Rainforest Alliance, Co-op America, TransFair USA and Aid to Artisans inspect and check out sellers and their items to guarantee that they have been ethically-sourced. When it comes to purchasing eco-friendly items for your home, office, friends and family, perusing the aisles in local stores can be time consuming and confusing. One minute you think you have decided on the perfect green product then you notice other ones with similar qualities.

Green Tips to Furnish Your Eco-Conscious Home

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Look for the Rediscovered Wood Certification label from The Rainforest Alliance. Furniture may be less expensive for consumers to buy these days, but the environmental impact it has is not so good. Along with deforestation, modern furniture also often contains highly toxic chemicals, which are poisonous to the earth as well as the consumers that buy them. For those of us who want to keep our homes as green as possible this doesn’t mean our homes have to be vacant.

Countertops Made from Recycled Paper?

Green Life Smart Life

Both Grays Harbor Paper Company and Paneltech International, LLC (the makers of PaperStone) are chain-of-custody companies,certified by the Smartwood program of the RainForest Alliance to Forest Stewardship Council standards. We have been working fast and furious on our interior finishes and one of the items I just selected is the countertop for our kitchen. PaperStone is one of the ‘greenest’ architectural surface on the market today.

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Making Plans For Your Valentine?

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The Rainforest Alliance seal – found at Costco and Whole Foods Market – demonstrates that flowers were grown under sustainable conditions. If you or your sweetie are working toward a greener lifestyle, it might be time to say goodbye to those long-stem roses, chocolates, and diamonds. That’s not to say that all those items are out, but there are a range of options – from sustainable to not.

Forests: A Rising Global Climate Superpower?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Rainforest Alliance. Despite increasing crop and timber demands to feed a growing human population, despite the impacts of climate change on forests, and despite deforestation emissions in the tropics that are on par with those from the global transportation sector, global forests are a net sink for atmospheric carbon. Photo: Mark Godfrey. By Bronson Griscom, Director of Forest Carbon Science. We just topped 400 ppm of CO 2 in the atmosphere.

Boucher’s Bird of the Month: Horned Guan

Nature Conservancy - Science

We booked through Operador Latino , a terrific company that has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance as a sustainable tourism company and has also been a major player in the development of birding tourism in Guatemala. A mural featuring the Horned Guan decorated the author’s Guatemala hotel. He hoped this was not the only guan he saw! Photo: Tim Boucher. By Tim Boucher ( @tmboucher ), senior conservation geographer, The Nature Conservancy.

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Earth Day 2058: A Vision

The Green Changemakers

From: Tensie Whelan, Rainforest Alliance Here is an educated guess at what the world might look like by Earth Day 2058 -- not a prediction or a warning, but more of a natural extension of current trends, some of them hopeful ones: /top_stories/article/35118/print The hot job is that of sustainable design engineer. Tensie Whelan is the president of the Rainforest Alliance, www.rainforest-alliance.org.

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8 Ways to Green Your Spring

The Green Changemakers

If you just can’t live without this smoky flavor, look for eco-friendly alternatives to charcoal briquettes such as those that use recycled coconut husk waste or have the Forest Stewardship Council or Rainforest Alliance SmartWood certification logo. by Kasen Seaver This story is part of Earth911’s “Green Eight” series, where we showcase eight ways to green your life in various areas.

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