Public Transportation: Benefits for the 21st Century

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Public Transportation: Benefits for the 21st Century is a fact-filled report that provides an overview of the benefits that public transportation brings to individuals, communities and our nation as a whole. Public transit's broad reach extends to all of America's communities, large and small, as it helps revitalize business districts, allows employers to tap into larger workforces, builds economic revenues and increases property values.

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Public Transit Is a Deciding Factor for Millennials in the Workforce

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Millennial job hunters are seeking employment in cities with good public transit systems Four in five millennials say they want to live in places where they have a variety of options to get to jobs, school or daily needs, according to a new survey of Americans age 18-34 in 10 major U.S. cities, recently released by The Rockefeller Foundation and Transportation for America.

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Weddings and Birds

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To be 100% honest, I make sure to wear my camera whenever possible because I have the unfortunate habit of leaving my electronics on all modes of public transportation. Sunday we had to head to Tampa to take a flight home, Brian back to the Richmond area for work and me to Washington. Erika Zambello is a self-proclaimed ’new birder,’ still equally excited by Robins, Blue Jays, Mergansers, and Flamingos alike.

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Green Friday

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If possible, take public transportation, or walk or bike to stores instead of taking a car. Why Not Boutique in Tampa, FL is offering 20% off all clothing. Black Friday is right around the corner. Some people prefer to call it " Buy Nothing Day ". While I try not to consume too much, it is a good day to save money on holiday gifts ( check out my green gift ideas post ). So why not start thinking about the eco-friendly presents you want to buy, and look for deals that day?

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The Green Future of Community Living

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Where It’s At: When urban sprawl was at its heyday, it generally received negative publicity from an environmental standpoint. The development of new and improved public transportation compensates for less available parking.

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Dozens of U.S. Cities Board the Bike-Sharing Bandwagon

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When New York City opened registration for its much anticipated public bike-sharing program on April 15, 2013, more than 5,000 people signed up within 30 hours. At the start of 2013, the United States was home to 22 modern public bike-sharing programs. Members can use their cards to unlock bikes in any of the other public B-cycle programs. DC bike sharers found that annual membership saved them an average $800 in transportation costs.