Moovit raises $28 million for public transportation app

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Much in the same way that Waze crowdsources traffic information, Moovit uses social tools to help you move around public transportation. the app helps people choose what public situation to “ride” with. Transportation bus high-tech Israel public transportation train

Moovit App Makes Public Transportation Easy and Fun

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Israelis are not only clean tech startup masters but also – increasingly – big fans of public transportation , which is why Moovit makes such good sense. Cars & Transportation clean tech green transportation moovit public transportation urban

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How Risky Is It To Use Public Transportation During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

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In order to highlight the reasons, we should talk about how risky it is to use public transportation in the current coronavirus setting. If these public transportation methods are crowded, it is practically impossible to maintain this distance.

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Jordan’s Public Transport Plans Blocked By ‘Political’ Barriers

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According to local engineers, the public needs to show its support for Jordan’s ambitious Bus Rapid Transit to help it overcome political barriers. For more on Jordan’s public transport issues see: Jordan’s Ambitious Bus Plans Get Shelved.

Public Transportation Saves you Money!

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Learn just how much money public transportation can save you each year. The post Public Transportation Saves you Money! Green Lifestyle bus commuting green lifestyle public transportation subwayChoosing a bus, metro, or train to commute saves you money each year. appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

What Public Transport can Teach us About Community.

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Arts & Culture Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Los Angeles WAYLON: Today Only community engagement public transport solidarity The idea of me riding the bus with this "low-income" population somehow makes my peers uncomfortable.

Allowing Public Transportation on the Sabbath in Tel Aviv: Ecologically Smart or Defiling Religious Law?

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Public transportation shuts down completely on the Jewish Sabbath across Israel, but now Tel Aviv (Israel’s secular capital) wants to allow buses within the city on Saturdays. The reason for this weekly public transportation hiatus is religious.

Tallinn and free public transport - one year on

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But despite its size, the country and its capital is moving towards a cleaner and more progressive approach towards transportation. In the summer of 2012 Estonia started to work on a public charging network for electric vehicles – with an easy subscription-based payment method for its users.


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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) believes that the development of public transport is critical to achieving a sustainable transport system and creating a low carbon society. Transport is currently the fastest growing source of pollution contributing to climate change and is responsible for 28 percent of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK.

Kiruna's experiment with free public transportation is deemed a success

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So it''s not the typical city you would expect to introduce free public transportation for all its inhabitants. Niklas Sirén and his local Left Party was behind the suggestion to introduce free public transportation in 2011 on a trial basis. But since free public transit was introduced, travel has tripled in Kiruna and the experiment has now become permanent. This has broken a downward spiral for public transport," Sirén said to ETC.

Public Transportation: Benefits for the 21st Century

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Public Transportation: Benefits for the 21st Century is a fact-filled report that provides an overview of the benefits that public transportation brings to individuals, communities and our nation as a whole. Public transit's broad reach extends to all of America's communities, large and small, as it helps revitalize business districts, allows employers to tap into larger workforces, builds economic revenues and increases property values.

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TRC Symposium 2010 The Future of Public Transport

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Presentations Future Trends in Traffic and Transport Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Hollborn TU Darmstadt English Vietnamese Promoting Public Transport to Support Sustainable Development Mr Manfred Breithaupt GTZ – Gesellschaft fuer Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH English Vietnamese The Future of Public Transport in India Prof. Khuat Viet Hung young researchers will work in the different fields of traffic and transport at VGTRC, and aim for their doctor degree.

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Public Transportation Infographic: Make Life Simple and Green

Green (Living) Review research infographic explores the hidden savings of public transportation With the start of summer, publishes a new infographic to help Americans see the hidden savings of public transportation.

13 Green Things Waylon Does.

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Main Categories* Enlightened Society Family Food Green Health & Wellness animals bicycle bike to work bus carpool dairy factory farming fish green housecleaning meat pesticides public transportation shoes sleep thermostat veganHow to be Green: a few hot Little and Big tips.

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The Morning Commute: 6 Things I do to Make it Even More Magical.

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I’ve been thinking about all my favourite things to do while riding public transportation. I’m about to move across the city, which means my commute to school is about to increase exponentially.

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It's a train! It's a bus! It's the Cambridge guided busway!

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The longest guided busway in the world Friend of the site Clarence has the perfect introduction for this very interesting idea: "Sometimes just when you really think you have seen or heard of just about everything in the transportation world you come upon something that went under your radar.

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Botobus: Istanbul public transit goes botanical and organic!

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Then hop aboard Botobus, a new eco-friendly public transport option that features an organic rooftop garden. Introduced last week by the Istanbul Transportation Authority (IETT), the “botanical bus” embarked on its first journey between Edirnekapi and Taksim.

You are not stuck in traffic; you are traffic

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Cycle, walk or use public transport and you no longer are traffic and maybe things might work a little – may be even more than a little – better. cycling public transport traffic traffic jam walking

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SkyTran: World’s First Levitating Transit System Heads to Tel Aviv

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Stations are simple with just a platform and a stairway every quarter of a mile or so, reducing the kind of infrastructure necessary to expand railway transportation and therefore mitigating public transportation’s overall environmental impact.

Abu Dhabi is Phasing Out Cars and Siemens Wants to Help

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The National reports that Abu Dhabi’s Executive Council approved a plan to develop a multibillion dollar, state-of-the art public transportation system. Transportation Abu Dhabi Metro cutting pollution green transportation public transportation Siemens

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6 Urban Redesign Strategies for Greener & Safer Streets.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green bicycle city green features public transportation sustainable urban designMany innovations are happening to redesign cities for safer walking and biking.

Hip Pre-Booked Tawseela Micro Busses Cut Through Cairo’s Traffic

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But a new public transportation option has popped up that could make getting from point A to point B significantly less stressful. Design green tranportation prebooked buses in Cairo public transportation Tawseela There’s traffic.

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American Fined 80 Bucks For Sleeping on Dubai Train

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At least there is public transport in Dubai. An official on behalf of the Metro in response said: “It is the rule … [no] sleeping in the waiting areas, shelters or any place in a public transport environment. Don’t get too comfy though.

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Gaza’s Smuggling Tunnels Into an Underground Metro?

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In part to transport weapons between Rafah in Egypt and the Rafah Palestinian refugee camp and in part to import every day goods, some of the tunnels are well built and include decent infrastructure, while others are at risk of deadly sewage leaks.

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What is Alternative Transportation?

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Learn all about alternative transportation in our highly informative post that covers carsharing, public transportation, bike commuting and the best reasons to get out of your car! The post What is Alternative Transportation?

Teenagers Use Abandoned Bus Lane for Safe Urban Cycling in Jordan

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More on Jordan’s Public Transportation System: Jordan’s Public Transportation Plans Blocked by Political Barriers. Architecture & Urban Amman cycling public transportation urban

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Bauhaus Design Goes Underground in Tel Aviv

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Everything is painted in white not only as a reminder of the “White City’s” status as a UNESCO heritage site, but also to mitigate excess solar gain and reverse the unfortunate trend of dark and dank public transportation terminals.

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5 Steps to a Carbon Neutral World Cup in Qatar

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Some carbon neutral standards require only that a building produces no greenhouse gas emissions while operating, but this fails to consider the energy required to produce materials (such as concrete, which has a high embodied energy footprint), transport materials, and construct the building.

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UN Office in Jordan Gets the Green Building Gold

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The offices are smartly sited to exploit pre-existing infrastructure and access to public transportation. Architecture & Urban Amman green building green design landfills LEED public transportation

Qatar Foundation Site to Go Car-Free With Siemens Trams

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Public transportation is not popular among the Gulf elite who can easily afford the expense of fueling their own cars. Cars & Transportation car-free environment Doha Energy Efficiency public transportation Siemens

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Haunted Beirut Cyclists Try to Revive Dead Trains and Trams

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Haunted by the pollution poisoning their city’s car-clogged roads , more than 200 cyclists took over Beirut last week Sunday in an effort to demand a revival of its once-decent public transportation system.

2012 95

Bedouin Bus is a Friendly Way to Travel Sinai

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A non profit public transportation service founded and sponsored by community members to ensure that travelers have affordable and stress-free access to the more remote parts of this magical part of Egypt , the bus fills in the missing links between Dahab, Nuweiba and St.

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Outlaw Biking with Headphones Say Israeli Lawmakers in World First Ban

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Cars & Transportation biking green transportation Israel public transportation Tel Aviv urban transportationHeadphones kill pedestrians and cyclists who can’t hear traffic. Israel proposes new legislation to ban the music while cycling. .

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Podder: A futuristic form of public transport set in Singapore 2020


Transportation. Podder: A futuristic form of public transport set in Singapore 2020. Once again, we have come across a transportation conception in the form of Podder, with its conceptualized scope tailored for the future. In this regard, the Podder will serve as an electric public transport system for the city of Singapore, in the year of 2020. Best of 2011: Visions of futuristic public transport. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email.

Hyperloop, Elon Musk dreams of a fifth mode of transportation (video)

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So what happens when this visionary sets his eyes on America’s decaying public transportation infrastructure? The result is hyperloop, a futuristic type of tube transportation which combines the best of air travel with the best of rail.

Swanky New Train Will Get Pax From Jeddah to Makkah in Under 30 Minutes

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In addition to the transportation services, the stations will provide socializing space, refuge from Saudi’s scorching sun, as well as opportunities to purchase food.

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How Walking to Work Makes my Day Better.

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Green Health & Wellness benefits of walking health wellness mindful walking public transportation walk to work walkingSome mornings the transit system was so unreliable that I wound up running the half-mile from the bus stop and work—just so that I wouldn’t be late.

The U.S. continues to promote & invest in private car travel rather than public transportation

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) The United States continues unabated to promote private car travel and to invest heavily in it and the infrastructure for it rather than the promotion of any kind of public transportation. As to transportation, in the main, methinks, that we will need to look again at human power in the form of walking, cycling, etc.,

Middle East Joins Worldwide Campaign For Greener Transport (Photos)

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Environmentalist in countries such as Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon joined’s ‘Moving Planet’ campaign to celebrate and support greener forms of transport. Supporters also held banners demanding the use of clean energy and better transport for all Egyptians.

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Men Taking up too Much Space on the Bus.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights Health & Wellness bus consideration male privilege manspreading privilege public space public transportationI don’t think these men intend to cause discomfort; I think they are simply unaware.

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Spiffy New Tramway Connects Casablanca’s Hot Spots

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With service running between 6.30am and 10pm during the week and until 11.30pm on weekends, the tramway will also generate new jobs – both for those working directly for the transportation ministry and for residents who previously lacked access to far flung places.

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Jordan’s Ambitious Bus Plans Get Shelved

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It was seen as a huge leap towards better public transport in the city but the recent suspension of these plans – without much explanation and one year before their planned inauguration – hasn’t been well received. Keeping Public Trains On Track.

New Environmental Strategy On The Table In Israeli Elections

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It has always campaigned for public transportation reform , among other public issues. . On Thursday, Dec. 20, Tzipi Livni’s new party, The Movement, stated that environmental reforms will be key components of their platform in the January 2013 Israeli elections.