Protecting the Ozone Layer Also Protects Earth’s Ability to Sequester Carbon

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Protecting the Ozone Layer Also Protects Earth’s Ability to Sequester CarbonPrevious “world-avoided” experiments have shown that, without the Montreal Protocol, ozone levels would be depleted globally by the mid-twentieth century.

What’s Going on With the Ozone?

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World governments agreed in the late 1980s to protect Earth’s ozone layer by phasing out ozone-depleting substances emitted by human activities, under the Montreal Protocol.

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6 Practical Tips That Will Make An Office Space More Eco-Friendly

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There can be no two opinions that the Earth is facing a severe climate crisis in the shape of global warming. The ozone layer protecting Earth from the Sun’s harmful UV rays is thinning with each passing year, and weather conditions have become harsher and unpredictable.

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Russia to Boost Its National Protected Areas to the Size of Switzerland

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For the first time, development of protected areas in Russia will be based on the analysis of all available data on biological diversity of Russia. The creation of protected areas is crucial to save Russia’s diverse and unique biodiversity.”. Russia is trying to fulfill its commitments under the Convention on Biodiversity to put in place effective protected area and systems that protect biodiversity.

Does the Cannes Film Festival recycle cans?

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That film also “required” chemical treatment of seawater for improve transparency for underwater filming, a concoction that killed large schools of fish and lowered local catch rates for a year (ironic, in light of DiCaprio’s self-named foundation dedicated to “protecting Earth’s last wild places”).

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Marveling at Nature (Thats Right, We Made a Comic Book Pun!)

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She uses her plant-like abilities to protect nature, even if it harms humans. When I was a child I was a big fan of watching Captain Planet protect earth from pollution and environmental destruction. With help from the Planteers, 5 Teens from different parts of the world with powers, Captain Planet showed young viewers of the different hardships facing the earth. super child with earth via shutterstock.

This year’s ozone hole could be the smallest it has been in 30 years


For decades, scientists have closely observed the ozone layer , which protects Earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Eco Green around-the-year atmosphere bbc earth environment news ozone-layer september stratosphere yearThis year, just in time for World Ozone Day, the European Union’s Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) announced the state of the ozone hole — its size is the smallest it has been in the past 30 years.

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Urban Biodiversity Strategies

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A recent Global Biodiversity Outlook report from the United Nations makes the point that we are losing the struggle to protect Earth’s biodiversity, with habitat loss high on the list of causes. At some undetermined but critical point in the loss of species and earth systems, the entire network of relationships will unravel and no longer be able to support humanity. Though they occupy just 2% of earth’s land surface, cities consume 75% of the planet’s resources.