Support Progressive Values with your Phone Company

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You can choose a phone company that donates to progressive causes to help resist! Each month CREDO Mobile chooses three organizations to donate to, all dedicated to building a better world. The post Support Progressive Values with your Phone Company appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Green Lifestyle CREDO mobile politics progressive organizations resistance Tea Party Trump vote with your dollars

Date Palm Leaves Scrub Pharmaceuticals From Hospital Wastewater

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Other progressive organizations throughout the globe have integrated constructed wetland purification systems to treat waste water, and the results have been great, but the Omani solution can be easily incorporated throughout the Middle East and North Africa, where the date palm is so ubiquitous.

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4 Desertec Deals That Make Our Energy Future More Secure

Green Prophet

One of the most progressive organizations of our time founded in 2009, the Desertec Industrial Initiative (Dii) is slowly turning the Middle East and North African region into a serious solar powerhouse. In just six hours, the deserts receive more energy from the sun than humankind produces in a year, and Desertec is harnessing it.

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The return of the population bombers

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More recently, the organization that represents 105 global science academies called on the Rio+20 conference to take “decisive action” to reduce population growth. In the United States, groups such as Californians for Population Stabilization, Carrying Capacity Network, and the grossly misnamed Progressives for Immigration Reform do the same, arguing that immigrants are enemies of the environment. Anti-immigrant organizations in Canada and Australia have adopted the same strategy.