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Global Agriculture Trends: Are We Actually Using Less Land?

Nature Conservancy - Science

When you consider that we will need 70% more food by 2050 (assuming that we don’t make serious progress in reducing waste, slowing population growth, or halting the increase in consumption of animal products, FAO 2011) it’s hard to feel hopeful about the future. The Surprising Global Trend.

Curbside Food Waste Collection – A Growing Trend

Environmental News Network

Sierra Club Green Home explores a growing trend that creates a viable alternative to this: curbside food waste collection. It also helps reduce the amount of methane, a by-product of landfill and food waste, that’s released into the air. By Debra Atlas, Sierra Club Green Home.

Elho turn the table on the trend for Grow Your Own

Green (Living) Review

Product Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The elho Green Basics Grow Table XXL Elho turn the table on traditional grow your own, with the introduction of the contemporary Grow Table XXL. A product that I can really recommend.

2017 11

Hampton Creek to expand from 64 to 600 products


The Just Mayo purveyors have been predicted to become the first billion-dollar vegan company by a recent Bloomberg report , as they look to raise another $200 million in capital and go from 64 products on shelves to a whopping 600. They’re more than ‘Just Mayo.’.

The Problem With the Gluten-Free Diet Trend. ~ Candie Borg Cardona

Elephant Journal

Gluten-free products are being marketed as healthy, and some people are following the diet simply to lose weight. Although eating products that are naturally free from gluten may or may not lead to weight loss, replacing gluten containing products with their packaged gluten-free counterparts definitely will not.

2015 will be the year of hummus

Green Prophet

According to a report released by food industry trend-trackers Baum and Whiteman, hummus will emerge as America’s “it” food in 2015. ” (There’s even kale hummus, although the trend report declared kale to be on its way out of foodie favor.).

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Get in on the Giant Necklace Trend with Gatt von Paperhill Upcycled Paper Jewelry

Eco Chic

gatt von paperhill necklace Cz-B 03 Most of the inexpensive statement necklaces look totally Cheapy McCheaperson (ugh), and most of the expensive ones are out of reach pricewise (plus you know this trend isn’t going to last forever, though it will def come back around again).

Earth Day Outlook: Green Trend Update

Green Home Blog

On April 22nd, as you celebrate Earth Day, you can wow your peers with an update on green trending that is coming down the pike. In the past, many that plunked down their hard earned coin for an eco-friendly product would quickly be dismayed.

Why & How to Leave Go Daddy (or - Eco-Vegan Gal: Live healthy.

Eco-Vegan Girl

7 Fab Ethical Fashion Picks from Modcloth!

Eco Chic

I picked 7 ethical fashion pieces that I found particularly on trend for this fall. This feminist-minded brand specializes in fair trade and handmade products that are both beautiful and ethical. The Kerry on with Confidence blouse from Mata Traders. .

Water 12

10 Trends in Mindful Consumption

The Green Changemakers

For creative marketers who understand this trend, the quest for purposeful pleasure opens up myriad opportunities to engage consumers in the brand experience. Now, many people are seeking to reverse the trend, opting to accept responsibility and build individual competencies.

Natural & Organic Products Europe to showcase record number of organic products for 2016

Green (Living) Review

Visitors to this month’s Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show will be able to source more certified organic food, drink, health, nutrition, and beauty products than ever before.

“Join The Staycation Trend Without The Hassle”: Handiworld

Green (Living) Review

VisitEngland released figures last week showing that over 104 million overnight journeys were taken in the UK in 2011, a nine per cent increase on 2010 – and with purse strings tighter than ever, the trend shows no sign of abating. “At At HandiWorld we welcome the new trend for staycations, there is so much to explore on our own doorsteps,” said HandiWorld Managing Director Toby Davis. “UK

Manufacture NY Brings Fashion Production Back to Brooklyn and New York City

Eco Chic

Bob Bland, founder of Manufacture NY is out to reverse this trend by creating a space that brings NYC’s fashion talent together and production back home. The space will revolutionize the industry in a sustainable way, creating a fashion incubator and vertical production facility.

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Top Green Trends in 2007

Eco Friendly Daily

JWT, the world’s fourth largest advertising agency and the largest in the US has announced the trend setting products and services which will be the focus in 2007. Red Orbit has published the list of the Top Seventy Trends for 2007.

Natural & Organic Products Europe 2016 marks best ever show with 10% increase in attendees

Green (Living) Review

Over two days, Natural & Organic Products Europe transported visitors around the world via 650 exhibiting companies promoting a vibrant choice of natural, organic, fair trade, free-from, vegan, and vegetarian brands from 46 countries.

Ethical product sales grow 12% in spite of 'recessionary pressures'

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Sales of ethical products grew by more than 12% in 2012 thus pushing the value of the ethical market to more than £54bn, according to recently released report. Seeing less activity was ethical personal products sales, which rose by just 3% to £1.8bn.

Garden Media Group Reveals Top Garden Trends for 2012 Cultivate the New Good Life with the Power of Plants Part III

Green (Living) Review

Here’s what McCoy and her team see trending now and on the horizon for 2013 and beyond. The Garden Media Group team shares a sneak peek at the cool garden and green living trends that are looming on the horizon.

Vapestick capitalises on rising Worldwide e-cigarette trend with national listings in Tesco pharmacies

Green (Living) Review

Vapestick, the UK’s leading electronic cigarette manufacturer looks set to capitalise on the UK market with its unparalleled range of electronic cigarette products and its recent national listing in Tesco Pharmacies across the country. It should be noted this increase in popularity is taking place even amidst debate over the advantages of these products.

I’m in: Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden joins Natural & Organic Products Europe’s seminar line-up for 2016

Green (Living) Review

Top business women Deborah Meaden is to co-host a Natural Beauty & Spa Theatre seminar at this year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show, which returns to London ExCeL this weekend on 17-18 April. I go to make new friends and find new products and opportunities.

Garden Media Group Unveils First in Series of 2012 Garden Trends: Cultivate the New Good Life with the Power of Plants

Green (Living) Review

Heath and quality of life are the number one reason people buy certain goods and services, according to Trendwatching, a global trend research firm in Amsterdam. Here’s what McCoy and her team of Garden Media Group trend spotters see for gardening in 2012: Urban-Knights.

Economic transition is a difficult, but necessary conversation--especially for those affected

Environmental Economics

in the early 20th century, technology-induced on-farm productivity gains led to significant decreases in on-farm employment and significant increases in industrial manufacturing jobs.  If the current projections, the current trend lines on a warming planet continue, it is certainly going to be enormously disruptive worldwide.”. As countries develop, economically and socially, the means of producing economic well-being shift. 

Vegan Israeli soldiers have a beef about army grub

Green Prophet

of the population gone off animal products. Given mandatory military service, it is natural that trends in the wider Israeli populace are mirrored in the behavior of army personnel. Health Lifestyle Israeli Defense Forces non-animal products veganism vegetarianism

The Next Decade's Top Sustainability Trends

The Green Changemakers

By Warren Karlenzig What trends are likely the next ten years? Global corn prices, which biofuels caused to increase an estimated 15% to 27% in 2007 alone, was especially impacted Cellulosic biofuels, in contrast, offer the promise by the middle of the decade of creating a viable energy source (one of many that will be needed) from waste products, such as wood waste, grasses, corn stalks, and other non-food products.

Pop ups, pollinators and reused products at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2013

Green (Living) Review

At this year’s RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show (9-14 July) many of the gardens are promoting the use of plants for pollinators, grow your own and the reuse of materials in a creative way, while others highlight the ‘pop-up’ trend bringing make-shift gardens to the show.

Chickpea Farmers Wanted in America for Hummus Invasion: Move Over Tobacco!

Green Prophet

That chickpea-jonesing trend (it’s also a crunchy snack!) In addition to heightened hummus production, chickpea demand from Spain, Turkey and Pakistan also has led farmers to increase plantings.

Sustainable Consumption and Production Publication

The Green Changemakers

UNEP/Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production, Norwegian Forum for Environment and Development, Wuppertal Institute. Encouraging Sustainable Consumption and Production and promoting ‘Green Growth’.


Green (Living) Review

Our woodlands, and woodlands in general, have been managed and worked by woodsmen since antiquity supplying lumber, the most noble of building materials, and firewood for heating homes and cooking food, as well as wood from which to make the majority of products that were being used, from tools and tool handles, to kitchenware, including spoons, plates, and everything else in between. coppice management coppice products coppicing woodland management woodlands woods

New Reusable Stainless Steel Cup Products Help Summer Events Go Green

Green (Living) Review

Reusable stainless steel cups are the latest event greening trend for minimizing single-use disposable cups trashed at summer events and music festivals. Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Congress: Renew the Wind Production Tax Credit!

Sierra Club Compass

If one thing can be said about energy trends from the past year, it''s that dirty fossils fuels are out and clean energy is in. But sadly, putting a stop to this growth is exactly what Congress might do in less than three weeks by killing the renewable energy Production Tax Credit (PTC).

Smart Grid tops the CEA’s 2010 trends list

Green Life Smart Life

Annually the Consumer Electronics Association makes a list of the top technology trends to watch. The list, which has proven both accurate and insightful in year’s past, aims to guide CE manufacturers and the electronic system contractors that install their products, towards education, interest and overall awareness of technologies that may be impacting their business in the coming year. .

Hollywood Sets New Trend: Recycle Your Home Theater (LA Style)

Green Life Smart Life

Outside of Hollywood, Best Buy has a policy to recycle many electronics products. Considering how many people took part in this program in West Los Angeles, there is clearly the opportunity for a national trend. The guys over at recenly posted this article about programs that people living in LA can recycle their old technology. California has been on the forefront (at least in the US) of green building and sustaibable practices.

Educating About Living and Working Green | Living Green and Saving.

Living Green & Saving Energy

Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Educating About Living and Working Green: Get Them While They Are Young by greenwise on January 25, 2011 Green practices for both the home and workplace are trending up, and one of the best ways to reinforce the trend toward going green is through education, both in high school and college.

Educating About Living and Working Green: Get Them While They Are.

Living Green & Saving Energy

Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Educating About Living and Working Green: Get Them While They Are Young by greenwise on January 25, 2011 Green practices for both the home and workplace are trending up, and one of the best ways to reinforce the trend toward going green is through education, both in high school and college.

8 Practical Ways to Use Solar Energy

Hug a Tree with Me

Jewelry: Solar powered watches are trending – wearing these will allow you to use less batteries. Trashing solar paneled products can pollute the environment because some of its components can pose hazardous.

Dubai designer uses nano-tech to turn a traditional black abaya green!

Green Prophet

She experimented with organic photovoltaic (OPV) units, made of flexible and lightweight thin film (pictured below) that can be “printed” using roll-to-roll production processes.

UN warns the world could face a catastrophic global water crisis by 2030

Green Blog

If current trends of water usage continues the world could suffer a 40 percent shortfall in water supply as early as by 2030 – which could potentially have catastrophic consequences.

UN: Innovation needed to feed people of the future

Green Prophet

Lower oil prices will contribute to lower food prices, by pushing energy and fertilizer costs down, and removing incentives for the production of first-generation biofuels made from food crops. As a result, the prices of meat and dairy products are expected to be high relative to crop prices.

May is Kalya Mommy Month!

Kalya Life



It seems that, at least in some parts of the world, environmental concerns about animal agriculture and health issues surrounding the consumption of flesh and flesh-based animal products are beginning to permeate society’s collective consciousness. Guest Post by Alan O’Reilly. ———————– .

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