Eighty-percent of environmental economists surveyed think cutting EPA regulations will not benefit the U.S. economy

Environmental Economics

 From most economists' perspectives, a truly 'free' market is a market in which all of the costs and benefits associated with production and consumption (current and expected future) are fully encumbered by actors in that market today.  If a good-hearted electricity producer in Ohio decided to voluntarily absorb the costs of pollution, the Ohio electricty-producer's costs of production will go up. Sensible market-based regulations makes sense.

When the benefits of regulation are perceived to be zero

Environmental Economics

The regulations President Trump wants to rollback are there for that reason. monthly job reports from the BLS) and there is no short-term macroeconomic benefit from environmental regulations. Imagine that the production of goods and services, Q, in the U.S. is governed by an aggregate production function: Q = f(L,K,N) where L is labor, K is physical capital and N is natural capital (i.e.,

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Eco-friendly concrete now mandatory in Dubai

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The 79 regulations will deal with the buildings from its designing stage by choosing sustainable sites, using appropriate orientation and using modern techniques which help in minimizing the environmental impacts of construction phase in balance with economic vision.

The cost of offshore drilling safety regulations seem low relative to the costs

Environmental Economics

In case you missed it over the holiday break: The Trump administration is poised to roll back offshore drilling safety regulations that were put in place after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that killed 11 people and caused the worst oil spill in American history.  The fossil fuel interest group warned in 2015 that the regulations would reduce capital investment in the Gulf by $4 billion a year and threaten 50,000 industry jobs. 

How can fiberglass insulation help regulate heat loss


Fiberglass is one of the most reliable and used product for insulation. How can fiberglass insulation help regulate heat loss. In comparison with other insulation products the fiberglass proves to be a cost effective solution.

Jobs and environmental regulation

Environmental Economics

The EPA came out on top with the highest ratios by far, with benefits from its regulations exceeding costs by an average of more than 10 to 1. As any economist worth his or her professional crest will tell you, regulation solves problems that markets ignore. Those who create costs pay for them — that simple idea is the logic behind the Clean Air Act and most other environmental regulations.


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However, following on from a recent CIWEM conference where 87 percent of delegates supported a comprehensive review of the financial regulation of water, a presentation at Water & Environment 2010: CIWEM’s Annual Conference will address how the framework needs to develop to respond to the new challenges facing the industry, in particular to encourage long-term sustainable solutions and meet the challenge of climate change.

UK regulator publishes first Smart Grid Evaluation Framework

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The UK energy regulator Ofgem (Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets) has published the first Smart Grid Evaluation Framework, to provide energy companies with a methodology for assessing the value of new smart grid solutions. This article is for your information only and the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW does not (necessarily) approve, endorse or recommend the product, service or company mentioned

UK regulator publishes first Smart Grid Evaluation Framework

Green (Living) Review

The UK energy regulator Ofgem (Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets) has published the first Smart Grid Evaluation Framework, to provide energy companies with a methodology for assessing the value of new smart grid solutions. This article is for your information only and the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW does not (necessarily) approve, endorse or recommend the product, service or company mentioned

Daily Demand and Supply: I'm all for environmental regulations until my AC stops working and I need Freon

Environmental Economics

  Production and use of CFC's, the more damaging of the XCFC's was banned almost immediately-by 1996, immediate in regulatory terms--and hairdressers everywhere has to find alternatives to their Aquanet.    Well, here ya go : In October 2014, the EPA announced its final phasedown schedule regarding the production and importation of HCFC-22.

B-Sensible Double Bed Size Fitted Sheet – Product Review

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The range offers unique, revolutionary bedding products to ensure that you stay dry and comfortable throughout the night thanks to the innovative fiber Tencel. The B-Sensible range of products are available in most sizes and are perfect for your individual needs as they offer very discrete, waterproof, breathable, hypo-allergenic, thermo regulating and eco-friendly bedding. However, then so does the production of even organic cotton.

Canada’s conservative government is gutting environment protection

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Canadian production of oil sands in northern Alberta is expected to reach 4.1 million barrels a day by 2020, up from last year’s production level of 1.6 Canada believes less regulation, less taxes, and less debt will boost its economy, while the United States is doing just the opposite with little progress towards a better economy.”.

Why Price Carbon—Can’t We Just Regulate It?

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Most Americans—including most Republicans —want to regulate carbon pollution. Can’t we just regulate it?” Polls suggest some voters would actually prefer direct regulation. Regulating our way to a post-carbon world. Maybe regulating our way is not the best way.

Fool’s Gold Regulates Our World’s Oxygen Supply

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Although this affects the concentration of free oxygen, sulfur has traditionally been portrayed as a secondary factor in regulating atmospheric oxygen, with most of the heavy lifting done by carbon. The implication of these findings is that the sulfur cycle regulates the atmospheric concentration of oxygen more strongly than previously appreciated. Iron Pyrite or Fool’s Gold plays dominant role in the world’s sulfur cycle, new research shows.

California's Department of Toxic Substances To Promote Safe Consumer Products


California’s Department of Toxic Substances (DTSC ) is working toward state governor Jerry Brown’s commitment to enhanced environmental protection by proposing new regulations designed to improve consumer health and safety.

Ethanol Producers Concerned About Antibiotic Regulation

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The answer lies in the process to convert corn into fuel involving enzymes, yeast and sugar and the by-product called [.] Ethanol Producers Concerned About Antibiotic Regulation. Tags: Ethanol alternative fuels antibiotics ethanol by-products FDA food prices health United States Antibiotic overuse concerns the health care industry, as bacterial infections have become resistant to them, but why are ethanol producers concerned?

Tell the USDA to Regulate GE/GMOs

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Loopholes have allowed industry to avoid disclosure regarding genetically altered food products and it is time to demand testing and regulation. Genetically modified organisms were not sufficiently tested before entering our food chain.

The Story Behind Arsenic in Organic Brown Rice Products (Video)

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Soooo.did you hear that some organic brown rice products contain arsenic? Yep, at least that's what a study says, and it's pretty frightening if you don't know all the details.

The Story Behind Arsenic in Organic Brown Rice Products

Eco-Vegan Girl

Soooo.did you hear that some organic brown rice products contain arsenic? Some say it was done to encourage the FDA to set regulations for arsenic levels in food. Currently there are noo requirements for testing arsenic levels in a wide range of food products grown in the U.S.

Arbor Day: Earth Day’s Wingman

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And just last week, new preventative government regulations were published that are being hailed as a part of a far more comprehensive and cost effective approach. Tree-killing pests can be found in a variety of wood products. Buy, use and dispose of these wood products locally.

The Deceit of Yes/No Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Another complicating factor: Santa Cruz County has arguably the best-regulated timber harvest practices in the world. Roads built before the tough regulations were in place are re-graded, and all roads are monitored and maintained by the harvesters for years after the harvest.

6 Simple Ways to Green Up your Office Space

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You can also use less energy by using solar lighting and chargers whenever possible and also by hanging blackout curtain panels - blackout curtains save energy by naturally insulates and regulates the temperature of the space.

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8 Dangerous Toxins in Your Health and Beauty Products

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8 Dangerous Toxins in Your Health and Beauty Products. Most of us have cabinets full of personal care products. While lead is strictly regulated by the FDA, recent studies have found higher than expected levels in lipsticks. De-toxify your bathroom!

In case you have forgotten how much the Paris climate deal might cost the U.S.

Environmental Economics

gross domestic product in 2030, or about 0.7% pledge in the Paris accord relies on regulations mandating more-efficient automobiles and trucks, plus other efforts to stem greenhouse-gas emissions. Real Time Economics (i.e., WSJ): Now that officials from the U.S. and nearly 200 other countries have reached a deal in Paris  meant to keep global warming at bay, many citizens back home want to know—how much will it cost us?

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Will Seattle Be the City to Kill ‘Ridesharing’ Companies?

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This has been unfair to taxi and for-hire vehicle drivers, the bulk of whom are immigrants and who have to follow a thicket of regulations dictating everything from the insurance they must buy to what they wear to the form of payments they can accept.

Major Mindfulness: On & Off the Green. ~ Stephen Walker

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Vegans who campaign against fur are upset that Aritzia is using fake fur but real down


Naturally, people think it’s absurd that the company is proud to highlight that it’s fur trim is faux, but just as proud to continue unnecessarily using animal products to make the filler. Aren’t people happy that they are following Government regulation for how they care for their geese?

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The Bursting of the Bakken Bubble?

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Bakken crude oil production has many of the classic characteristics of an economic bubble. Whether it ends catastrophically or just badly depends on how regulators act. The US federal government regulates railroad safety via agencies under the USDOT umbrella.

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There’s no such thing as giving exploited animals a “good death”


violations in the past year, and that animal rights groups are now asking regulators to consider withdrawing the plant’s federal inspection program. is only concerned about these violations where employees or products are affected.

Why Use Skin Care Products Containing Motor Oil?

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Renu Derma Natural Cosmetics celebrated World Environment Day with an eye-catching protest of harmful chemicals in skin care products and an offering of alternative natural skin care products.

Turkeys Are What They Eat: Weird and Adaptable

Nature Conservancy - Science

Careful regulation of hunting combined with reintroductions has produced a thriving turkey flock that nearly matches the population that existed before North America was colonized. Predation, on the other hand, may play a central role in turkey population regulation.

Product Review: South of France Spa Naturals Skincare

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None of the products have been tested on animals or contain animal by-products. You can also read an article from the SpaNatural’s Director of Product Development on other questionable ingredients in skin care to look out for on page 40 in Natural Triad Magazine.

Horse before cart

Environmental Economics

Benefit estimation becomes politically important, get ready for "junk science" attacks: Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Republicans told administration officials they’re “troubled” by a recent change to the way agencies calculate benefits from carbon regulations.

Energy Deregulation Needs to Expand

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Suppliers are able to market their products as they see fit, and there are plenty of suppliers out there emphasizing the fact that they support generation from renewable resources. Government / Industry energy regulation

Product Review - Soleo Organics Sunscreen

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I am excited about this product. I love their product, I love the information they have provided me, I love that this product is safe for my whole family and I love that they are spreading the word on news that I have not come across yet!

Heated Bottled Water Myth or Not?

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The FDA says “In the United States, plastic bottles of the type used for commercially marketed water are regulated by the FDA as "food contact substances" and held to the same safety standards as food additives.” The important point to take away, however, is that these amounts were miniscule and well within the safety limits set by FDA and EPA regulators.” There is another email floating around the internet about not drinking bottled water that has been warmed up in the car.

The Verdict is In: We Can Grow Safe Food and Conserve Nature at the Same Time

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Unfortunately,” says Karp, “even though all the new regulations were intended to protect fields from contamination, there was no science to show that fencing fields and clearing habitat actually made food safer.

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Stem Cell-derived Skin Care Products: Risky, Disturbing, and Unregulated

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They wrote: “[Lancome's website] indicates that these products are intended to affect the structure or any function of the human body, rendering them drugs.” Your products are not generally recognized among qualified experts as safe and effective for the above referenced uses.

The Supreme Court Just Dealt a Huge Blow to Obama's Climate Plan

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The regulation was expected to revamp the energy industry in the coming decades, shutting down coal-fired plants and speeding up renewable energy production.

Cruelty Free International calls for a ban on household product testing on animals

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After three years of consideration and promises the Government has still not made a final announcement regarding the ban and now looks set on doing a U-turn having indicated that only finished products will be covered by the ban and not the ingredients.