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Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Whether products are touted as green, environmentally friendly, eco, or whatever or not consumerism is still consumerism and bad for the Planet. Also many of those products are not at all as “green” as they are claimed to be.

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Product Review

The Green Samaritan

As far as products and reviews, we were impressed with how Nordgreen spends their time and efforts on the watches they offer and the positive steps they are taking in terms of sustainability.

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Root Pouch – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) I encountered Root Pouch for the first time at the Garden Press Event 2020 in the beginning of March that year and it immediately, for me, ticked a number of boxes in the green department.

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Huskup – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Using the outer hull of the rice grain, a natural and robust material that would otherwise be burnt at the mill, Huskup is harnessing an abundant waste product and giving the planet a helping hand even before the first coffee is poured. Saving energy, materials, money and waste using an all-natural bi-product of one of the world’s most prolific store cupboard staples, the Huskup is set to make a big impact with one small change to the morning routine.

ARS long-reach pruner ? Product review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The ARS-160-0.6 long-reach pruner is a cut and hold snipper, ideally suited for pruning of roses, for instance, but also for other tasks, including harvesting certain crops.

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Unbranded vs branded products

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We have been led to believe, through clever advertising and marketing, that branded products, be it cornflakes, cellphones or whatever, are better than those that do not have a brand label, especially not a “recognized” one. Many brand garments, as well as other products, are the same as those without the big names on them, with the only difference of having the logo embroidered or otherwise attached.

Energy-Efficient Products With Real Impact

Living Green & Saving Energy

energy efficient lighting energy efficient materials saving energy saving money sustainability Energy-Efficient Products save energy save money Energy-efficiency is a hot topic and with all the clamoring voices out there, it can be hard to discern the wisest investment for an energy-efficient home. By using the suggestions below, you’ll use less and save more than ever before. Windows Imagine coming home in the middle of a bone-chilling winter to an open window. […].

Paper Saver – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

This is a clever concept with potential to make us all feel slightly less guilty about the fact that 50% of paper used in North American offices, for example, ends up as garbage, and that a about 27% of waste in landfills is paper products. green living notebook notebooks paper notebook paper notebooks paper reuse Paper Saver product review reuse paper review waste paper

1 in 7 cosmetics products contain asbestos?

Green Prophet

About one in 7 products contain asbestos if they are made with talc. . About one in 7 products they tested contained asbestos. Talc is present in many make-up products as a filler, even in eyeliner. And it does have warnings on very specific products. .

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4 Earth-Friendly Baby Products for Environmentally Conscious Parents

Living Green & Saving Energy

While caring for a new little one can be immensely rewarding, it might also be a bit overwhelming at times—especially when trying to decide which products you should or should and should not buy. green products Baby Products As new parents know quite well, having a baby is a wonderful and life-changing experience.

Green Products | Renewable Products | Pepsi To Use a Bottle Made.

Living Green & Saving Energy

Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Green Products: Pepsi To Use a Bottle Made from 100% Plant Materials by greenwise on March 16, 2011 Pepsi announced that it will begin using a new bottle for soft drinks made from 100% plant based materials. Once the company is sure it can successfully produce the bottle in sufficient quantities, all its products will be converted to the renewable bottle.

Spear & Jackson Precision Snips – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Oh, I guess you now want to have my rating for this product. garden tools gardening gardening tools green living product review product test Spear & JacksonReview by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Spear & Jackson PRECISION SNIPS SK5 steel blades for lasting sharpness with a built-in locking catch for safe transportation and storage SRP: £6.49

2018 123

What To Look For in Eco-Friendly Products

Living Green & Saving Energy

Eco-Friendly Products green productsWe’re living in an age where just about every company touts itself as green. While many consumers and CEOs would argue that it’s important to be environmentally conscience, it can be hard to tell which companies are actually committed to being green and which are just saying they do to look great. Take a look […].

Toxins in Common Household Cleaning Products

Green Home Blog

Toxins in Common Household Cleaning Products. It can seem impossible to sort out what’s dangerous, both to your family and the environment, so below we’ve compiled a list the hazardous chemicals that can be found in household cleaning products. They are the most important part of any cleaning product, and are found in all sorts of cleaners, especially all purpose cleaners , detergents , fabric softeners , and stain guards.

ALDI Gardenline Foldable Saw – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Aldi Aldi UK bushcraft camping coppicing gardening Gardenline green living product review product test pruning pruning saw woodland managementReview by Michael Smith (Veshengro) ALDI Gardenline Foldable Saw Length approx. 18cm Carbon steel saw blade with 3-sides ground teeth, ABS handle with TPR grips Thickness: 1.2mm (Blade) Price (when available) £ 4.99 I purchased this saw, more or less, to try it out as to how it would perform and not, like often, given this as a review sample.

2018 119

Bottle Pen – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

While using waste PET to make new plastic products is, in general and in theory, a brilliant idea this shipping back and forth is not. recyclables should, nay must, be processed into new products in the country of collection and not in the current way. Making new products by recycling waste materials is sure good but it must be done at home, so to speak, if it is really supposed to be green. Bottle Pen Enveco Ltd product review product test

Earth Friendly Products Hand Soap – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) I first encountered Earth Friendly Products in person, so to speak, though having heard of them before via other sources, at the Natural & Organic Products Europe show in 2012 and I took with me a sample bottle of 118ml (4 fl oz) of the soap. It also contains no 1,4-dioxane like so many other supposedly eco-friendly brands of soaps and cleaning products do. for the Earth Friendly Products range.

Product placement

Environmental Economics

Dan Petrolia in an AJAE review of the International Handbook on Nonmarket Environmental Valuation : The title of this volume gives the impression that it comes in the spirit of, and perhaps extends the work of, previous similarly-titled works, including The Handbook of Contingent Valuation (Alberini and Kahn 2006) and The Handbook of Environmental Economics: Valuing Environmental Changes (Mäler and Vincent 2005). This is misleading.

Coppice products

Green (Living) Review

It is thus no wonder that today''s coppice workers cannot make a living when the product range they offer is limited to but the four products mentioned, plus one or two more. While beanpoles, pea sticks, firewood and charcoal undoubtedly have their place other products make for better use of the wood grown and harvested and create a greater income. The products of greater value are a multitude almost and it requires the vision to see them and certain skills to make them.

How To Make Green Cleaning Products At Home

Green Home Blog

How To Make Green Cleaning Products At Home. They’re supposed to keep our homes in tip-top shape, but many commercial cleaning products are really doing anything but. Tagged: Cleaning , environmental products , green cleaning , green living , household products. ALLERGY HEALTH SENSITIVE Cleaning Going Green Green Health Household NON-TOXIC BIO-BASED environmental products green cleaning green living household products

Sustainable Alternatives to Petroleum Based Products

Hug a Tree with Me

Although mostly evil, petroleum is actually a natural substance – it is the product of long dead plant and oceanic life that has been fossilized under layers of sediment. We will never be completely free of petroleum, however, we can use less of, below is a partial list of petroleum based products along with a few sustainable alternatives. Petroleum Based Products. Plastic products. natural beauty products, homemade beauty care. Rubber based products.

Keira Watering Can – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

While the Kiera watering can is made from virgin plastic, as said PP, it is an easily recyclable material, does not contain BPA (generally) and being, as said, Made in Croatia instead of Made in China, as is generally the case with the great majority of plastic products, and this is already a plus point. The company aims to bring other new attractive garden products onto the market that will, so it is hoped, catch the attention of consumers.

Twist & Spout – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Shop online at [link] To learn more about ViceVersa’s comprehensive line up of products and designs, visit UK distributer © 2014 Disclosure: I received a sample of the Twist & Spout water pourer for review purposes, but all opinions here are mine. product review product test Twist & Spout Twist & Spout water pourer Verso Diverso Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Here is a brilliant concept by Italian brand Vice Versa.

Concentrated products

Green Living Tips

Bigger is better. It's a concept that many of us are brought up with; if not by our parents, the influences of the media often lead us to feel that way. It doesn't mean it's true, particularly when it comes to the environment

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Hair products and the environment

Green Living Tips

Hair sprays, waxes, mousse and gels. What's in this stuff that sits on our skin and ultimately ends up down the drain when we wash it out? It can be an environmentally toxic nightmare

Retap Bottle – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

A year and many designs later in the summer of 2010, they released the Retap bottle, and are very proud of this eco-friendly and beautiful product. It's a measure on the environmental burden of a product by considering each step of its life cycle, from cradle to grave. (S. product test Retap product review Retap bottleReview by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Retap. proud winner of 2011 Red Dot Design Award Another Danish design on the green front.

Answering the Challenge: Steel Strapping Production Goes Green

Living Green & Saving Energy

Answering the Challenge: Steel Strapping Production Goes Green. eco-innovation green business practices green manufacturing greener steel manufacture Steel production

Mokuru – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) This new toy is expected to overtake fidget spinners to become the next big craze – a fidget stick. Mokuru is a (weighted) wooden stick, about the same size as a cricket bail, and is being touted as the biggest toy to hit Britain since loom bands - because it's easy to play with but fiendishly difficult to master. Millions of children and adults in Japan and China are already addicted to playing with the Mokuru, but it has only now gone on sale in the UK.

Compare 5 green products with their outdated counterparts

Green Home Blog

Tagged: ecofriendly , energy efficient , environmental products , going green , green living , green products , household products , water conservation. Energy Efficiency Going Green Green Business Green Energy Home Improvement Household Water Conservation WATER ENERGY EFFICIENT ecofriendly energy efficient environmental products going green green living green products household products water conservation

What's in that product?

Green Living Tips

Companies can be somewhat coy in relaying information to consumers about product ingredients, which can make it difficult for consumers to make environmentally friendly choices. Pick up some tips on researching products claiming to be green - and even those that don't

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Industry and industrial production in the new age

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) I am going to play the Devil's Advocate here and will say that industry and industrial production will not, as it is being claimed, go over to total robotic production but will, in fact, cease and that in the not so distant future. But it has to be said here that in the post-industrial age production will be of a different kind and conducted in a different way than most of us have come to know and understand over the last century or more.

Charlie Dimmock Multipurpose Garden Scissors – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Unlike many where the product is welded into the plastic in this case the molded plastic is just attached to the cardboard backing with 3 small staples and thus the plastic and the cardboard can be easily separated for recycling. All too often in order to get into the packaging of many products one requires a can opener or, well, a strong pair of scissors. garden scissors gardening gardening scissors gardening tools green living product review

2017 119

BRITA Fill&Go – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical compound that can be present in products made of polycarbonate (e.g., 2012 Full Disclosure Statement : The product(s) described and reviewed above was/were sent to us as free samples. product test product review Brita Fill and Go

Woodland Products

Green (Living) Review

The Scandinavians often used and still use Northern Birch for ax handles which is not far removed in its properties to that of Ash when it comes to the use for tool handles and also for some other products. It is time that we rediscovered wood and its uses and thus breathed life back into our woodlands by bringing them back into production proper.

Needs are problems looking for solutions, not products

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Needs are problems looking for solutions, not products, and we also have, quite seriously, to learn to differentiate between needs and wants. The marketing industry, also known as advertising, has trained us well to buy products that will supposedly solve all of life's problems. Change our mindset I am one of those people, though I guess in many places they are a rarity, who looks for solutions first rather than going to buy a product, or a new product.

2019 157

Fiskars SmartFit™P68 – Product Review

Green (Living) Review Fiskars is a leading global supplier of consumer products for the home, garden and outdoors. © 2013 Full Disclosure Statement: The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW received no compensation for any component of this article, with the exception of a sample of the product for review and which became our property. product test Fiskars pruners Fiskars Fiskars SmartFit™ product review Fiskars SmartFit™P68

Let the productivity loss begin!

Environmental Economics

From The Chronicle : It’s that time of year when your office mates start saying “bracketology,” when everyone claims to know all about college basketball, and questionable research says businesses stand to lose  an estimated $1.2-billion in productivity for every hour employees spend focused on the NCAA tournament instead of their jobs.

What to Look for in Green Cleaning Products

Green Home Blog

What to Look for in Green Cleaning Products. You use them to keep your house clean and safe, but soap and other cleaning products can actually be one of the biggest sources of dangerous toxins and chemicals in your home. Most household cleaning products contain a variety of manufactured chemicals that are potentially hazardous to the health of your family and the environment. The active cleaning agent in soy-based products is methyl soyate, which is derived from soybean oil.

Opinel pocketknives – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The pocketknives made by La Coutellerie OPINEL in France are a cut above the rest for less money than most. In other words, they are the very best clasp knives for use in the outdoors, and also for lot of other uses, including greenwood carving, that money can buy.

How to Create Buzz Around Your Product with Instagram

Green Prophet

If you want to increase product sales, one of the best ways you can do that is to create buzz around your product with Instagram. Try a contest where people submit photos of your product in use, and the best ones (by user vote or a panel of judges) are chosen to win a prize.

2019 56

Goody Good Stuff – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

They contain no neat products, no dairy, no alcohol, gluten, egg, soy, nuts or wheat and also contain no E-numbers. veganism vegan sweets Goody Good Stuff product test product review vegetarianism vegetarian candy Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Got a taste for gum candy but don''t want gelatine and artificial stuff in them? Goody Good Stuff is the answer (and I am not getting paid to write this piece). Yes, they do contain sugar but primarily in the form of fructose.

Spear & Jackson Select Stainless 3-Piece Mini Tools Set – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

children garden tools gardening gardening tools green living product review Spear & JacksonReview by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Spear & Jackson Select Stainless 3-Piece Mini Tools Set • Mirror-polished stainless steel heads for rust resistance, easy clean and minimal soil adhesion • Bi-material, soft grip contoured handles for added comfort • An ideal set for container gardening SSP incl VAT £17.99

2018 119

GM Doubling Chevy Volt Production

Eco Auto Ninja

Additionally, it looks like GM may also try and boost Volt production for this year from 10,000 to 25,000. GM North America President Mark Reuss stated late last year that Chevy Volt production levels would be bottle-necked by the limited number of battery packs that LG Chem could produce. Electric Chevy Volt Chevy Volt Production General Motors GMThis blogger wasn’t shocked at the success of the Chevy Volt but it looks like General Motors was.