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We take bottles and cans in for recycling or if we're lucky, we have access to kerbside recycling - but what happens after the waste has left our hands? A brief look at how paper, aluminum and steel cans, glass and plastic bottles are recycled into more of the same

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Report: Processed Meat Causes Cancer


Before you reach for more bacon, you might want to consider this: the World Health Organization recently discovered eating processed meat can lead to bowel cancer. The France-based International Agency Read More The post Report: Processed Meat Causes Cancer appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Top News Vegan Vegetarian


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Jeremy Corbyn’s Vegan “Process”


He responded saying that he was “going through the process” of eating more vegan food, but was quick to deny that he was going vegan, later clarifying that he was referring specifically to the consumption of vegan produce. After a discussion about how vegan food has improved over the years (because obviously, vegetables two decades ago were s**t ), he again reiterated that he was “going through the process, alright?”

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Trust the Process.

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Let people say—trust the process. Panic, get scared, ask if you’re going to be ok. Arts Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality answers art life journey poetry questions self discovery trust

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How to Escape our Processed Food Possession.

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The biggest problem with processed food is what it does to our DNA. Food Green Z ADMIN Green Featured Today diet food food science health nutrients obesity processed foodDNA methylation is an epigenetic mechanism that cells use to.

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Breaking News About Ducks’ Decision Making Process

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Who would’ve thunk it ? Asides

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The Process of Swapping to Natural Deodorant

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While switching between store brands is usually no big deal, making the switch to natural deodorant is a process. There’s truly a process behind switching to natural deodorant. Instead, natural deodorant allows your pores to open themselves, letting your body breathe and resume its natural process of removing toxic buildup that’s been kept in for years. Switching to natural deodorant may take a few weeks, but at the end of the process, it will be well worth it.

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Office Hours: How Do You Improve the Performance Review Process?

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According to James Webb, VP of global people development and engagement at Fossil, performance reviews can still be effective—employers just need to reshape the process. In this video, Webb encourages an inquisitive approach to the performance review process, guided by one central question: “Who doesn't want to come to work every day and do a great job?"

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Savanna Nightjars prove that growing old is a process of becoming increasingly disillusioned

10,000 Birds

I am starting to feel my age. To be clear, in my early 40′s I really am not complaining. However, I feel the wind of an increasingly fast downhill ride in my face now: I notice that I should probably get myself some reading glasses soon. My left knee occasionally hurts after a long day in the field. Overall, I can’t do things anymore that I could do just a few years ago, both physically and mentally.

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7 Steps to Wean Yourself From Processed Food

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Their latest, Real Food Has Curves , describes a 7-step plan for weaning yourself off processed foods. Choose products that contain the least amount of processed ingredients.). Food & Health Water healthy eating processed food real foodA new book holds your hand and walks you through the stuff you already sort of know: 7 simple steps to bring you back to food basics.

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Five Lessons I Learned during the Painful process of a Breakup.

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Health & Wellness Love Non New-Agey Spirituality acceptance breakup change ending growth healing letting go new beginning process relationship self-careGrief is a tender place. It is love. It is what makes us dearly human.

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Rotate text in word processing

Green (Living) Review

It is definitely not unique to Office 2010 By Michael Smith (Veshengro) On Wiki How an article appeared in March 2011 that was making a great hullabaloo out of the fact that you can rotate text in the latest version of Word, which is part of Microsoft Office 2010. They are treating this as if it is something unique, which it is not.

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Ron Bauer Discusses Why Safely Developing a Vaccine is a Lengthy Process

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However, this overall process is complicated by multiple factors, one of the most prominent being that viruses are constantly mutating. The same process must be observed in the subsequent human testing, which goes through multiple phases and testing of different doses. .

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The Hard Truth About Our Ultra-Processed Diets (& What Foods to Avoid).

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Top 10 List of Processed Foods to Avoid: Food Health & Wellness WAYLON: Today Only artificial sugars food additives food labels Health and Wellness john douillard MSG packaged foods processed foods refined oils toxic chemicals ultra-processed foods

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Processing Plastics

Eco Friendly Daily

There are guides and quick tips for recycling by recycle code - the small triangle-shaped symbol present on most every plastic object- but what is the process by which these non-biodegradable materials are reused? . Agglomeration is an example of this process by which the plastic is heated and quickly cooled, resulting in a grainy plastic material once it is shredded. But how much energy does this process cost in the long run?

I like the idea, but I think renaming it 'Caribbean Butterfish' would speed the process

Environmental Economics

Here's the PSA: If the government really wanted to speed the process they could subsidize the catch of Lionfish (er, Caribbean Butterfish) for food, thus speeding the tragedy of the commons (and lowering the price to consumers).  On April 30, 2012,  I wrote : Here is my solution to any aquatic invasive specie problem. Have the government start a covert marketing campaign designed to convince the public that the invasive specie is in fact a delicacy.

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Cottage Cheese Pancakes & Her: Processing Grief through Tradition, Ritual & Gratitude.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Health & Wellness processing grief remembering ritual sadness traditionShe brought the bill back for the couple and I asked that she not tell them until I left as I wanted to avoid awkward conversations and preferred to remain a mystery.

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Nobody Processes Emotion: A PTSD Sufferer’s Step-By-Step Guide for all Human Beings.

Elephant Journal

Health & Wellness WAYLON: Editor's Picks—Hidden Gems advice anxiety breathe depression emotion healing health process PTSDWhat is not described by those terms, and what is rarely described in public forums anywhere, is shaking until I puke or pass out or having to be taken to the hospital because I cannot stop seeing and feeling my head go.

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The Process of Finding Bliss in Yoga.

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I learned so much, and not just about yoga. But yoga was at the core of everything we did, and now I’m finding yoga is at the core of. Yoga ananda bliss core sanskrit teacher training

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6 Marketing Processes for Any Digital Business

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The health of your digital business depends on SEO rankings on Google. The progression and development of your website must not be interrupted. Since the change in the Google Algorithm rule, webmasters and online businessmen need to be more innovative in using the smart SEO tools to streamline the business on the digital platform. Find […].

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Up to 100% horse meat in processed beef products

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Horse is cheaper than beef and thus the use of horse over beef and claiming it to be beef. Also nice profit margin. Time we went and made our own food again from scratch. That way we know what's in there. We are talking criminal conspiracy and activity here but, it would appear, the police, such as the Metropolitan one, has no interest in pursuing this. Begs the question as to why not?

How to Dump the “Energy Dump”: 5 Strategies for Healthy Emotional Processing.

Elephant Journal

Health & Wellness Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today burn out energy dumping healthy habits mindful communication negativity processing emotionsWhen it came to be “my turn,” I politely declined. The other gals egged me on, begging to hear all about the negative, frustrating things that had happened to me.

The Hummus Peace Process: Israeli Cafe Brings Arabs and Jews Together.

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Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Featured Columnists Food Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today Z ADMIN Food Featured Today Z ADMIN Work Featured Today Arabs hummus Humus Bar discount for Arab and Jewish diners Israelis Jews Palestinians peace process violence

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The Process of Purification: Removing Blockages.

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The experiences, that get stuck and form blockages, are ones to which we cling to. Health & Wellness Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Yoga Babaji’s Kriya Yoga blockages detachment feelings vairagya vasanas

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How Are Plastic Bags Made? Step-By-Step Plastic Bag Production Process


Let’s take a look at the most popular method of producing conventional plastic bags, a process called blown film. The process of making plastic bags. #1 This process disrupts the local ecosystem and can present disastrous consequences for human and environmental health if leaks occur. The printing process for a sensitive and light material like a plastic bags requires a series of flexographic rollers that add color and type to the bags.

The Peace is in the Process.

Elephant Journal

The rain is falling softly onto the painted white window boxes outside, as I sit quietly morning my oldest son. It has been two weeks now since he’s been gone. I miss his laugh, his quiet thoughtful being. I miss the way his blonde hair curls with course intention at the nape of his neck. […].

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The Messy and Beautiful Process of Transformation.

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Any vulnerable road that leaves us with our insides quaking is a necessary means to transformation. The butterfly emerging from his cocoon wriggles and squirms before the colorful wings are displayed in the most adorning formation.

USDA Plan to Speed Up Processing May Increase Poultry Abuse


The number of inhumanely treated poultry is expected to increase as the USDA proposes to speed up processing lines at slaughterhouses. Read More The post USDA Plan to Speed Up Processing May Increase Poultry Abuse appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

Why Donating my Eggs was Anything But an Emotionless Process.

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That was all it took for the process of egg donation to. From that moment on and for the next nine months, the only piece of information that I heard from the agency was that my eggs "stuck," and that it was a set of twins. Blog Enlightened Society Family Love adoption alternative families egg donor family For Children motherhood parenting surrogacy

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George Monbiot: “Let’s let ecological processes rip”

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Calling for a ‘rewilding’ of the UK, large areas of land should be left alone to grow wild, he said, so that we can “let ecological processes rip,” and allow nature to bring itself into balance and thrive.

The Kundalini Awakening Process: An Inside Story.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Yoga Yoga Wisdom awakening kundalini kundalini awakening

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The Simple 2-step Process that will Free your Inner Child.

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This process might seem a little silly, but I tried it and was amazed at what came up. Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality art therapy inner child inner self intuition

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This 3-Step Process may Help us Finally Succeed in Love.

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But in recent years, I’ve become aware of something that can really help us create a whole different experience around intimacy, massively relieving th. Health & Wellness Love Z ADMIN Love Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today dating Divorce love marriage counseling online dating relationships toxic relationships

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Out with the Old, In with the New: The Process of Letting Go.

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acceptance awareness fear healing In with the New letting go Letting go is giving—it's a release life love mindfulness Out with the Old Process of Letting Go relationships self love spiritualityLetting go is giving—it's a release, a donation to the universe of what is no longer serving a purpose in my life. Adult/NFS Health & Wellness Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) a donation to the universe of what is no longer serving a purpose in my life.

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Trust in the Process. ~ Carrie Hopperstad

Elephant Journal

The amazing people at Yoga Journal are working around (and against) the clock to find another location to host hundreds of yogis with one week''s notice. What a daunting task. They ask for my patience. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Boulder Denver Health & Wellness Yoga Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today compassion crisis devastation disaster estes park lessons loss patience relocation trust yoga journal conference

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This company turns recycled plastic bags into designer furniture with a traditional Egyptian weaving process

Green (Living) Review

Cairo's Reform Studio is turning trash into treasure with its Plastex material, which is woven from plastic bags using Egyptian handlooms. Plastic shopping bags, as useful as they are for the 12 minutes when they're in use, are a curse on our planet.

The First Place to start the Letting Go Process.

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In order to gain the most from our transitions in life, I suggest that we must also move spiritually in order to. Green Health & Wellness Travel home letting go Moving On moving to Australia our belongings purging our stuff

9 Ways we can Process Tragedy in the Community.

Elephant Journal

Here are nine tips on how to process incomprehensible violence. We don’t spend enough time talking about how to digest the tragedy—how to heal and how to not become filled with hatred and fear. Writer's Contest 2** Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education grief Grieving gun laws gun reform terrorism violence

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Tips for Processing Violence and Trauma: Why Silence & Expression are both Important.

Elephant Journal

Arts & Culture Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education WAYLON: Today Only Writer's Contest June 1-14 Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today expressing yourself gun violence healing holding space how to write orlando processing pain PTSD Silence trauma writing as therapyAs important as silence is for a more peaceful world, expression is just as vital.

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The Elephant Procession in Wat Sorasak—Sukhothai, Thailand.

Elephant Journal

Sometimes, at unexpected moments, I experience soul-stirring events that feel as sacred to me as the man-made celebrations of religions and faiths. Adventure Arts & Culture Inspiring (Wow) Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) art beauty celebration culture global painting religion travel writing

A 3-Step Process to Owning our Bullsh*t.

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Because, as we all know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Health & Wellness Love Non New-Agey Spirituality awareness choices elizabeth gilbert insanity making new choices own our shit reaction self-reflection triggers

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We Can’t Rush the Process.

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The same mentality applies to people and their individual processes. You cannot rip the skin from the snake, it will shed when it’s ready. It is an interesting place that I have come to in my life. As I reflect over the last few years and see where I have been and where I have [.]. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Wellness Popular Lately

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Awarded in 2008, the grant has placed RecycleTech’s EPS processing machines in several counties and businesses throughout Florida. EPS has historically been a waste stream that was not recycled due to the low cost/benefit ratio of the processes that were available. In the past, equipment designed to process EPS was either too expensive or large and cumbersome, requiring significant floor processing space.