Official Release From President Biden about Paris Climate Agreement

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President of the United States of America, having seen and considered the Paris Agreement, done at Paris on December 12, 2015, do hereby accept the said Agreement. The post Official Release From President Biden about Paris Climate Agreement appeared first on Green Living Guy.

The greenest president?* Cast your vote here!

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Max Aufhammer ( The Future is at Stake ): The past eight years of the Obama presidency have brought monumental change for the better in the environmental and energy arena. President Obama will go into the history books as the first African American president. I would argue that he will be remembered by many future generations as the Greenest president this country has ever had. So now that we know the nominees, who do you think is the greenest President in U.S.

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President Obama joins the Pigou Club*

Environmental Economics

Brad Plumer: It's the last year of President Obama's presidency. He doesn't have to stand for reelection. Congress isn't going to pass any of his proposals anyway. So he may as well dream big. That's one way to read  this new idea Obama's putting forward: He's suggesting that Congress slap a $10-per-barrel tax on oil, phased in over five years, in order to fund $300 billion worth of investments in "clean transportation" over the next decade.

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As Vice President Biden would say, "This is a BFD"

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FB18-032 FISHERY BULLETIN ISSUE D ATE:  May 17, 2018 CONTACT: , Sustainable Fisheries, 727-824-5305.   Request for Comments: Limited Opening of Recreational and Commercial Red Snapper Fishery in South Atlantic Federal Waters.   KEY MESSAGE: NOAA Fisheries requests comments on a proposed rule for Amendment 43 to the Fishery Management Plan for the Snapper-Grouper Fishery of the South Atlantic Region (Amendment 43). 

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How President Herbert Hoover Helped Save the Koala

Nature Conservancy - Science

Koalas were almost hunted to extinction last century, until American President Herbert Hoover helped put a stop to the trade. Wildlife Asia Pacific Endangered Species Natural History

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Who was the greenest president? the votes are in.

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My opinion is that President Obama tried his darnedest to be the greenest but didn't receive enough cooperation to achieve that title. Yesterday I was motivated to pose that question after Max Auffhammer suggested that Barack Obama be named the greenest. My vote went to Richard Nixon for the EPA, CAA and CWA (command and control be damned). I also nominated George H.

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President Obama's blackmail threat over EU Referendum

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Obama said that Brexit would put UK at ‘back of the queue’ for trade deal in huge EU Referendum intervention However, someone on social media mentioned that the Americans do not, per se, use the term queue and thus it would appear that the text was written by the UK government and given to the US President to use. The US President has no right to interfere in the affairs of this country unless Britain is not a sovereign nation but just a US colony.

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"High Pay for Presidents Is Not Shown to Yield Any Fund-Raising Payoff"

Environmental Economics

I tried to ignore it but the Chronicle posted this article which opened the wound: Public colleges should not assume that a generous salary will buy them a president who is adept at raising money, a new study concludes. After accounting for factors like institution size, the researchers, all at Florida State University, found no link between how much public colleges pay their presidents and how much money the institutions take in from private donors and state appropriations. "As

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President Obama visits Master Lock

Green (Living) Review

In-sourcing instead of outsourcing President Obama , on February, 15, 2012, visited Master Lock’s Milwaukee manufacturing plant, for a tour of the hi-tech manufacturing facilities and to praise the company on in-sourcing jobs back to the United States from China. President Obama acknowledged Master Lock for “making the most of a huge opportunity” to bring manufacturing jobs back to America and cited the company as “a proud example of what can happen.”

President Morsi and the Tahrir Square Hangover

Green Prophet

Revelers marching through Tahrir Square, surrounding streets and the 6th of October Bridge cheered and set off giant firecrackers well into the early hours of the morning following the announcement that Mohamed Morsi is Egypt’s first democratically-elected president. “He said to give him 100 days,” Hashim continued, referring to President Morsi’s promise that he will fix problems such as the poor quality of bread and burgeoning trash in just over three months.

"President’s Drive for Carbon Pricing Fails to Win at Home"

Environmental Economics

We heart carbon pricing, wish everyone did: President Obama stood in the chamber of the United Nations General Assembly last week and urged the world to follow his example and fight global warming. But a major new declaration calling for a global price on carbon — signed by 74 countries and more than 1,000 businesses and investors — is missing a key signatory: the United States.

"Politics, and the Ouster of a Popular President, Cloud UNC’s Search for a New Leader "

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The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article on the search for a new UNC system president and how the UNC Board of Governors denies that they are trying to destroy the university system, but this is what is truly galling: In fact, turnout was light at all four of the input sessions.

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Compete against the President in Env-Econ's NCAA bracket challenge

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For fun, I am entering a bracket in the Env-Econ bracket challenge that exactly mimic the President's picks as reported in the LA Times.    The entry will be under the name "TroubleGoingRight." " Join the challenge and see how you stack up against POTUS

UN New Urban Agenda: President Markkula calls for binding targets

Green (Living) Review

A delegation of the CoR, led by President Markkula, took part on 16-17 March in Prague at the Habitat III Europe Regional Meeting, a preparatory session ahead of the Quito conference. " According to President Markkula: "EU regions and cities have developed a concrete experience of bottom-up innovation in crucial policy areas ranging from air quality to energy efficiency, from social inclusion to support for SMEs.

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Correct Your Course on Natural Gas, Mr. President

Sierra Club Compass

Today President Obama took several important steps down the trail towards addressing climate disruption. But when it comes to natural gas, the president is taking the wrong path. The president was exactly right when he said no single step can reverse the impacts of climate change.   The president’s comments today about the dirty Keystone XL pipeline show that he is serious about using climate impact as his yardstick for making high-profile energy decisions.

Tax cars by miles driven? Has the President been reading Env-Econ?

Environmental Economics

Would someone please forward this to the President?  The Obama administration has floated a transportation authorization bill that would require the study and implementation of a plan to tax automobile drivers based on how many miles they drive. The plan is a part of the administration's "Transportation Opportunities Act," an undated draft of which was obtained this week by Transportation Weekly.

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"Environmental Policy and the Assault on Science" - Policy keynote lecture with Gina McCarthy, former administrator for the United States Environmental Protection Agency during the Obama presidency

Environmental Economics

Gina McCarthy's keynote at the recent World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists has drawn rave reviews from twitter and the inbox. So, here it is in case you had to teach summer school to save money for your kid's college (like me

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President Obama Signs Indefinite Detention Bill Into Law

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) WASHINGTON, DC, USA, January 1, 2012 – President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law on New Year's Eve 2011, that is to say, yesterday. While President Obama issued a signing statement saying he had “serious reservations” about the provisions, the statement only applies to how his administration would use the authorities granted by the NDAA, and would not affect how the law is interpreted by subsequent administrations.

Proof that Env-Econ writers are better decision makers than the President

Environmental Economics

3) We both beat the President (troublegoingright Congratulations to riffells0 (whoever that is) on winning the 2012 Env-Econ NCAA tournament challenge.    Some other noteworthy results: 1) I beat John. 2) My 10 year old beat us both.

Former Unilever president bites into plant-based protein


Read the rest here: Former Unilever president bites into plant-based protein. LiveKindly, initially focused on alternatives to chicken, plans U.S. launch by the fourth quarter. Business Green focused-on-alternatives food-systems fourth initially-focused plant-protein the-fourth

Leader of Conservation Group to Become Coal Export President

Sightline Daily

The board president of an environmental group, who is on the board of a second, will soon leave his partnership with a major law firm to go to work full time in support of coal exports, according to knowledgeable sources in the legal community. Bill Chapman, a longtime partner at the law firm K&L Gates , will become president of Millennium Bulk Terminals , the firm that aims to ship 44 million tons of coal annually from a site on the Columbia River to markets in Asia.

Joe Biden can be the president for a sustainable private sector


Joe Biden can be the president for a sustainable private sector Lisa Woll Mon, 02/15/2021 – 01:00 Like no president in recent times, Joe Biden assumed office facing multiple interlocking crises. To accomplish this ambitious agenda, we believe the time is right for the president to establish a White House Office of Sustainable Finance and Business. Read more from the original source: Joe Biden can be the president for a sustainable private sector.

Where do Cairo’s Zabaleen Garbage Sorters Stand Under President Morsi?

Green Prophet

Local press and environmentalists in Egypt claim that the unofficial garbage workers of Cairo – the Zabaleen – are being sidestepped by President Mohamed Morsi’s Clean Homeland campaign, which resolves to solve the country’s overwhelming garbage issue within 100 days. In short, it’s not yet clear where the Zabaleen stand under President Morsi, who vowed when he was first elected that no minority religious groups would not be marginalized during his presidency.

President Obama Grants $2 Billion in Green Energy Job Push

Eco Friendly Daily

President Obama was the first to admit on his weekly radio and Web address that the recovery from recession will be a slow and tortuous affair. The focus on green technologies and green jobs is close to President Obama’s heart and in tune with earlier outlined policy direction. The Obama administration has been willing to kickstart the recovery process through federal incentives and loan guarantees.


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Maldives Aims to Become the First Country to Eliminate Plastic Bottled Water WHOLE WORLD Water on March 22, 2013 announced today that Dr. Mohamed Waheed, President of the Republic of the Maldives, will celebrate World Water Day by signing the WHOLE WORLD Water Referendum for Clean and Safe Water. What our world urgently needs to achieve sustained development will require significant changes in what we produce, and how we consume our resources,” said President Waheed. “It

Green America Applauds President Obama’s Rejection of Keystone XL Pipeline

Green (Living) Review

Washington, DC (November 2015) – After years of deliberation, President Obama demonstrated his support for an economy that supports human and environmental health, and that helps position the U.S. This decision comes after President Obama vetoed a congressional bill earlier this year that aimed to bypass executive branch decision-making on the pipeline’s future and fast-track approval to construct the pipeline.

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The Pipeline, the President, and Climate Common Sense

Sierra Club Compass

  -President Obama, June 25, 2013   Today President Obama clarified the murky decision around the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline into a crystal clear question about the pipeline’s climate implications. The cheer from this movement today at the president’s words shook the nation.   The president's promise to use climate pollution as the standard by which Keystone XL will be decided means his decision will now be easy.

Belgian choice for “President of EU”

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Belgian choice for the office of President of the Council of Europe, in other words, the European President, wants to introduce EU wide taxes and also wants the national anthems of the individual member states to be replaced by the EU one, and also the flag by the EU flag. The latter which is a British lady politician, while, as President, we are graced with that Belgian and may the g-ds help us.

Congressional Voices Say Keystone XL Fails President’s Climate Test

Sierra Club Compass

The letter also says that that Keystone XL will fail to meet President Obama's climate test: in his climate speech last month, the President declared he would base the Keystone XL decision on whether the project will "significantly exacerbate the climate problem." " Of course, to make such a decision, the president needs to act on good information, which the State Department thus far has failed to provide. Photo courtesy of

President Obama’s UC Irvine Speech Paints Hopeful Future for our Climate

Sierra Club Compass

President Barack Obama delivered a commencement speech Saturday to graduates at UC Irvine highlighting the need for climate action.  Calling climate disruption “one of the most significant long-term challenges that our country and our planet faces,” the President retained hope for tackling this crisis even in the face of some climate claims that are totally out of line with reality. President Obama did not let climate deniers go unshamed.

Muslim President Calls for Rain Prayers on Sunny Friday

Green Prophet

UAE President Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan is urging residents to pray for rain this Friday. . In this tradition, President Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has called for residents of the United Arab Emirates to pray for rain this Friday at 8am in mosques throughout the country, reports Gulf News. Followers of Islam perform the Al Istisqaa prayer on occasions of drought. There is a popular story listed on WikiIslam as “Allah, rain there , not here !”

EPA's Proposed Standards for Natural Gas Plants Fail President's Climate Goals

Sierra Club Compass

" Those were President Obama's words during his landmark climate speech this past summer at Georgetown University. The president laid out an ambitious vision for a clean-energy future that would generate jobs, promote healthy communities, and set an example for the world. Failure to use this once-in-a-generation opportunity to require the natural gas industry to use existing pollution control technology will undermine the president’s environmental legacy.

President Morsi Takes on Nile River Issues in Ethiopia

Green Prophet

On his first visit to Ethiopia as President of Egypt , Mohamed Morsi stressed his country’s desire to peacefully negotiate with other Nile Basin countries regarding a longstanding dispute over Nile River water rights. At an African Union meeting in Ethiopia’s capital, President Morsi sought support from other Nile Basin countries to rebuild Egypt and a stronger “African Market,” reports The National.

President Obama Is Honored With The Noble Peace Prize

Green Earth Journey

President Suggests Elimination Of Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Eco Friendly Daily

President Obama indicated a goal of the summit when he stated recently: “Later this week, I will work with my colleagues at the G-20 to phase out fossil fuel subsidies so that we can better address our climate challenge.” The President has suggested a gradual reduction and elimination of government subsidies to fossil fuel companies. The G-20 economic summit begins today in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

One more reason I'm more likely than John to be the next President

Environmental Economics

The findings suggest that humans' preference for tall leaders is likely an evolved psychological trait that is independent of any cultural conditioning, the researchers said. They also stated that individuals with a greater physical stature are more likely to view themselves as qualified to be a leader, and as a result of this increased sense of efficacy, are more likely to pursue a leadership position.

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Climate Leaders Call on President Obama to Reject Keystone XL

Sierra Club Compass

Investor, philanthropist and environmental activist Tom Steyer spoke to the room of press and activists as well, expressing his trust in President Obama to make the right decision on Keystone XL. You know how important it is -- and that a majority of Americans want to see positive action on climate policy,” he said, referring to the president. That’s why we need plumbers,” stated Van Jones, former green jobs advisor to President Obama. Photo by Heather Moyer, Sierra Club.

Sierra Club to President Obama on Keystone XL and Canada: Let's Not Make a Deal

Sierra Club Compass

Here's the text of the letter: September 24, 2013 President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear Mr. President, I applaud your commitment to fighting climate change. Mr. President, a national interest determination decision on the Keystone XL pipeline must not be premised on the government of Canada's mitigation promises. 

LWCF Funding: A Hidden Gem in the President’s Budget

Cool Green Science

Almost unnoticed in President Obama’s budget for 2014 is a strong commitment to the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) and, with that investment, the hope that this remarkably successful federal program will be renewed beyond its current expiration date in 2015.

A Tale of Two Policies: House GOP Launches 500th Attack on Environment As President Celebrates Climate Action Anniversary

Sierra Club Compass

President Obama (Photo: Wikimedia Commons ). This week marks the one year anniversary of President Barack Obama’s historic speech at Georgetown University, where he outlined his ambitious plan to tackle the climate crisis. The President and businesses across the nation are moving forward to confront the challenges of climate change, while House Republicans are trying to drive in reverse,” said Rep.

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Hope for Youth: President Obama Tackles Climate Head-On

Sierra Club Compass

Today, President Barack Obama announced his administration's next steps for building a legacy of action to fight the climate crisis. Student and youth climate leaders have been waiting for the president to take decisive action like this. It's no surprise that youth have both the most to lose and the most to gain in addressing climate disruption, and as President Obama confirms, his administration has a moral obligation to act on climate on behalf of future generations.

Can Keystone XL pass the President’s climate test?

Sierra Club Compass

This is the question that climate policy analysts, scientists, and activists have been toiling over, in great detail, since President Obama unexpectedly mentioned Keystone XL in his Climate Action Plan speech this past summer -- and even before. President Obama said , “Our national interest will be served only if this [Keystone XL] project doesn’t significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution.”. Spoiler alert: the answer is no.

South Korean President Receives Zayed Prize For Global Environmental Leadership

Green Prophet

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, VP for UAE & ruler of Dubai, presented South Korean President Lee Myung-bak with the Zayed Environmental Prize. Named after the late UAE President Sheikh Zayed , the $1 million Zayed Environmental prize is awarded biannually to political leaders, scientists, and activists who are leading the way in sustainable initiatives. The top prize went to South Korea’s President for his country’s “Green Growth&# initiative.