One Square Meter of Prairie

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What can be found in a square meter of prairie? You’ll be surprised. From the Field Natural History Plants Traveling Naturalist

Seeds of Change: Ensuring the Future for Healthy Prairies

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For a healthy and resilient prairie, diverse seed sources are key. From the Field Climate Insects & Pollinators Plants TNC Science

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Forgotten Prairies

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Outside of hardcore twitchers looking for specialty birds and after speaking to thousands and thousands of birders, I have concluded that most people really do not put much emphasis on our prairies. Our North American Prairies hold 2/3 of their biomass beneath the soil.

Who Wants To See a Greater Prairie Chicken?

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Have you ever seen a Greater Prairie Chicken? Destroy the native prairies and lose Henslow’s Sparrows , Bobolinks , Upland Sandpipers , and Greater Prairie Chickens. In Abraham Lincoln’s day, Prairie Chickens were an incredibly abundant part of the Illinois prairie landscape. Couple that with the fact that Greater Prairie Chickens are either holding on or in decline in all states except Nebraska and the national picture becomes clear. Dawn on the prairie.

Recovery: Prairie Reprise

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America has plowed, developed and otherwise destroyed or degraded vast expanses of native prairie. For generations prairies were seen as deficient in their lack of trees and dangerous in their flammability. At least we’re no longer anti-prairie. Bison on Ordway Prairie.

Recovery: Prairies Under the Sea

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Seagrass restoration efforts around the globe are paying off for people and nature. From the Field Research Restoration

What’s in a Name: Attwater’s Prairie Chicken

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And then there’s Attwater’s Prairie Chicken. Competition with invasive fire ants for insect food is a major source of mortality for young Attwater’s Prairie Chickens. Birds endangered birds Greater Prairie Chicken names

Schaefer Prairie Preserve Citizen Science

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Morning dew on asters (Aster) at Schaefer Prairie. What is Schaefer Prairie Preserve Citizen Science Project? . Would you like to explore one of the remaining patches of eastern tallgrass prairie and contribute to science? Regular fires keep prairies healthy.

Could Prairie Chickens Come Booming Back?

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Prairie chickens were once so abundant in the Great Plains that they were hunted for the market and shipped by the trainload to New York City. Could prairie restoration bring them booming back?

Why Did the Prairie Chicken Cross the State?

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112 got, this radio transmitter nevertheless tells scientists at the Missouri Department of Conservation where this Greater Prairie Chicken is. . And actually, this particular Greater Prairie Chicken crossed two states.) Researchers don’t know if this type of journey is the exception or the rule for Greater Prairie Chickens. The lowest green dot is Dunn Ranch in Harrison County, Missouri, where prairie chickens were also released and are being tracked.

Bison Good, Cattle Bad? A Prairie Ecologist’s Perspective

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By Chris Helzer , prairie ecologist. Among some prairie enthusiasts, there seems to be a perception that plains bison are magical creatures that live in complete harmony with the prairie. The other beef prairie enthusiasts have with cattle (sorry) has to do with their diet.

Tracking Little Turtles on the Prairie

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What do you do if you only have 8 known Blanding’s turtles in the population you’re studying at Illinois’s Nachusa Grasslands Preserve? Get out the hoop traps and the sardines. From the Field NatureTech Wildlife Field Notes Herps Protected Areas Research Technology

Hope on the Prairie: The Black-Footed Ferret Returns to Colorado

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Take, for instance, my recent experience helping reintroduce black-footed ferrets to their historic home on eastern Colorado’s prairie. Training programs put young ferrets through prairie dog hunting “boot camps;” if they learn to hunt, they’ll be eligible for release.

Why Grassland Birds are Poor Indicators of Prairie Quality

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Henslow’s sparrows are a bird of conservation concern and their presence in a prairie can be seen as a conservation success. I really enjoyed working on my graduate research, which focused on grassland birds and their vulnerability to prairie fragmentation.

Tracking a Secretive Snake on the Prairie

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Researchers at the Chippewa Prairie in Minnesota are using radio telemetry to provide a better picture of the lives of one of the most secretive and little-known creatures of grasslands: the plains hog-nosed snake (also known as the western hog-nosed snake). Big Snake on the Prairie.

Bison Bellows and Bones: Student-Scientists on the Prairie

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Michelle Hulke (left) and Mary Joy Sun, student bison researchers from Gustavus Adolphus College, collect bones on the prairie to reassemble a bison skeleton. Ordway Prairie Preserve, students from Gustavus Adolphus College will soon be arriving to follow bison herds for the summer.

Zumwalt Prairie: Mountain Lions, Mountain Quail & More

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A black bear stands amongst the expansive grasslands and canyons of Zumwalt Prairie Preserve. The Zumwalt Prairie of northeastern Oregon is one of those spectacular places where the large herds still roam, where big predators still stalk, where you never know what you might see on a hike.

A Treasure Hunt for Prairie Wildflowers

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The Tallgrass Aspen Parklands is on the northern edge of the tallgrass prairie. Only a small portion of prairie plants make it so far north. Further complicating matters is that human activities, such as farming, have destroyed most of the prairie, and have altered most of the rest.

To save bees, city plans 1,000 acres of prairie

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Midwest, one city in Iowa is launching an ambitious plan to rebuild their prairie habitat. As vital pollinators decline across the U.S. It's generally a bad time to be a bee in the United States.

Bison, Pioneers of the Prairie, Return to Kankakee Sands

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Over the past 20 years The Nature Conservancy in Indiana has been converting 6,700 acres of row-crop agriculture at Kankakee Sands into a diverse prairie. The goal – to restore key prairie habitat and connectivity for wildlife.

Space Cowboys: A New Generation of Prairie Keepers

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How many cows can you graze and maintain a healthy prairie? These are important questions for ranchers and scientists interested in sustainably supporting cattle and protecting prairie habitat for wildlife. Elk Antlers on the Prairie: A Shed Hunt to Benefit the Local Community.

Prairie Falcon Attack on a Northern Shoveler

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On 11 November 2012 I was leaving Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake after a fruitless morning of trying to photograph birds in a snowstorm and poor light when a female Prairie Falcon ambushed this Northern Shoveler on the water not far from the causeway on which I was driving.

Allow me to tell you a little story about Prairie Dogs not getting Poisoned to Death, hopefully.

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Prairie dogs are cute and don’t get people sick and don’t hurt cows or horses (that’s a rural myth). Main Categories* Enlightened Society Green WAYLON: Today Only Activism Martin Luther King non-violence prairie dogs protestAggressive Activism floods Instagram, Facebook, comments in social media, Twitter. It doesn’t work. Allow me to tell you a little story.

The Benefits of a Native Prairie Garden

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If your thoughts are turning to spring, you may want to consider planting a native prairie garden rather than one filled with exotic plants. Once a prairie garden is established, you should not water it.

Product Review: Prairie Organic Spirits

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Green Living Ideas was recently sent some organic gin and cucumber vodka from Prairie Organics. Prairie is a truly sustainable company, working with land, farmers and community to create high-quality artisanal spirits. File under: I love my job.

Elk Antlers on the Prairie: A Shed Hunt to Benefit the Local Community

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Rolling prairie dotted with beautiful wildflowers, with towering snow-capped peaks in the background. I’m at The Nature Conservancy’s Zumwalt Prairie Preserve in northeast Oregon for what has become an annual event: a search for antlers shed by bull elk each spring.

The benefits of hurricanes in Southeast Arizona

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What I consider to be the best bird of the week came in the arrival at Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, a Prairie Warbler. Here is last weeks Prairie Warbler! Birding Buenos Aires NWR prairie warbler Southeast Arizona Birding

Wood-Warbler Haiku 7

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Funky face pattern, Bobbing tail, ascending song: A Prairie Warbler. Inspiration haiku poetry prairie warbler wood-warblers

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The Yucca and its Moth

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Read more of Chris Helzer’s writings at The Prairie Ecologist blog, where this post originally appeared. . Soapweed yucca (Yucca glauca) is a common plant in the Great Plains but also occurs in dry sandy and loess soils in Iowa, Missouri, and Arkansas.

Caught in the Act: Girl, Interrupted. ~ Prairie Pritchett

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I was on a walk with a girlfriend. We were in what I thought was a break of silence between conversations that is, until she asked me,“Where are you right now?”.

Back Battle on the Booming Grounds

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The Greater Prairie Chicken , once common throughout North America, has undergone rapid population decline, mostly due to habitat loss. The tallgrass prairie that once blanketed the Midwest has been almost completely converted to cropland, leaving Tympanuchus cupido painfully vulnerable.

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Climate Change and the Future of Bison

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The climate of Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Oklahoma is 17°F hotter than at Cross Ranch in North Dakota. For example, a 7-year old male bison at Ordway Prairie in South Dakota weighs, on average, 1,900 lbs.

Introducing the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge

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Russell National Wildlife Refuge , more than a million acres of prairie, badlands, coulees, and the massive Fort Peck Reservoir on the Missouri River. Here I would see how spring comes to the American prairie. Destinations Charles M Russell NWR prairies

Cecil the lion’s final photograph, thanks to “Walter J. Palmer, an Eden Prairie man with a Bloomington dental practice” & Theo Bronkhorst.

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For the full photo, click here. Here’s the actual last photo, thanks to Walter J. Palmer: This gentleman defines selfishness. “Cecil was a famous 13 year old lion, being tracked via GPS collar and was involved in a wildlife study out of Oxford University. It is, I believe, illegal to kill a GPS collared lion. […]. WAYLON: Today Only

Spring’s Top 10 Wildlife Spectacles

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Six species of prairie grouse – greater and lesser prairie chickens , greater and Gunnison sage grouse , and sharp-tailed grouse – display in flat, open areas, offering excellent viewing. The Conservancy has bison on a dozen preserves across many prairie states.

Winter Mission

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And not far from that scene was my personal highlight of the day, when my life Prairie Falcon swooped across the road, circled back, and came over the car only a few feet above my head, then perched with prey and let us all observe her clearly for several minutes. A second Prairie Falcon just up the road – this one a young male – gave even better, closer looks. Birding Mission valley Prairie falcon raptors

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Birding and Butterflying North Carolina Gamelands

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Prairie Warbler. Sure enough, the bird popped up a few minutes later on a young tree with no leaves, allowing me to see in perfect detail my very first Prairie Warbler ! Trips butterflies migration North Carolina prairie warbler I don’t know if you have ever tried to bird with a cold, but it’s not easy. All your senses are dulled, which makes finding one of those fast-flitting warblers or other songbirds especially difficult.

My Mother’s greatest Gift to Me.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) courage death grief memories mother resilience strength The Little House on the PrairieI sit and look back on my time with my mother. 15 plus years since that night with the blue and red lights.

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Rare Butterflies Return Home

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This summer 200 federally threatened Dakota skippers emerged as butterflies and were reintroduced to a Minnesota prairie. From the Field Wildlife Endangered Species Grasslands Insects Pollinators Restoration

Sustainable Spring Coats for Times of Transition

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The Moth Raincoat from Prairie Underground serves to keep you both warm and dry. Fair Fashion antiform coats eco fashion jackets Nau prairie underground spring sustainableSpring!

Get Inspired with Sweatshop-Free, Sustainable Spring 2014 Eco Fashion

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This one in organic cotton Body Armor vest from Prairie Underground will wear for years; I’m still wearing the first hoodie I bought from the company almost 5 years ago. I know we are all SO ready for spring this year!

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A Commitment to Nature: Legacy Club Celebrates 20 Years

Conservancy Talk

We were enjoying a hike in the Arizona mountains, soaking up the rugged beauty of Arizona’s Hart Prairie Preserve , when she turned to me and said: “This is why I’m a Legacy Club member. Image: Legacy Club members at Arizona''s Hart Prairie Preserve.

How Wildflowers Benefit the Ecosystem

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The United States has lost 97 per cent of lowland semi-natural grassland alone, to say nothing of other types of grasslands and prairies. The ideal is the well manicured lawn rather than the plant-rich prairie. Environment biodiversity grasslands prairies