Israeli solar power plant to generate electricity day and night

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This one-way process, means that the energy center can act as a “buffer” between the solar field and the power block, and dispatch the power of the sun’s heat when it is needed. Energy biomass Dimona Israel plant solar Solar Energy solar power plant solar thermal energy

World’s largest solar power plant goes live in Morocco

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Morocco has activated the Noor I concentrated solar power (CSP) plant, the first part of a three-phase development in the Sahara Desert intended to supply more than a million homes with electricity by 2018.

Vermont shuts down Fukushima-type nuclear power plant

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A nuclear power plant near the town of Brattleboro, Vermont is being shut down thanks to local environmental activism. The Vermont Yankee plant ceased splitting atoms on Dec. The structural dismantling of the plant, meanwhile, will not be completed until 2040.

Radioactive Material Was Stolen From an Egyptian Nuclear Power Plant

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A search is underway to find whoever stole a safe containing radioactive material from Egypt’s first nuclear power station. . The protestors, who exchanged gunfire with soldiers, claim that the plant development project has usurped their land.

Will burning birds shut down Brightsource, world’s largest solar thermal power plant?

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The switch was flipped this week as California’s Ivanpah solar thermal power plant went live. The 392 megawatt concentrating solar plant (CSP) is now delivering renewables to power the equivalent of 140,000 homes in California.

Negev Energy Wins Bid for Israel’s Largest Concentrating Solar Power Plant

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Spain’s super solar giant Abengoa has teamed up with Israel’s Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy (SKBN) to build a concentrating solar power plant in the Negev desert. More on Solar in the Negev: Arava Power Signs Solar Deals with Negev Bedouins.

Turkish Natural Wonder Threatened By Erosion And Power Plant, Geologist Says

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A hydroelectric power plant built on a nearby river could also pose a threat to the rock formations, says Kasapo?lu,

LA to turn Rooftops into a solar power plant capable of producing 5.5GW of power


B.Sameer Kumar: We have harped endlessly about how one of the easiest ways of producing solar energy was to turn rooftops across the world into solar panel laced units that can tap into the power of the sun.

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Explosives found at nuclear power plant in Sweden – security levels increased

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Yesterday explosives were found at the Ringhals nuclear power plant in Sweden. In response to this, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority increased security levels to “yellow”, which is the second level of a three-point scale, at all Swedish nuclear power plants. The explosives were found on a large truck that was about to enter the inner area of the nuclear power plant where the reactors are located.

Jordan Quietly Opens First Combined Gas and Oil Shale Power Plant

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While Israeli activists fight oil shale exploration, Jordan quietly opens a combined gas and oil shale power plant next door. . While activists continue to fight against oil shale testing in Israel because of its potentially harmful environmental and social impacts, on the other side of the Dead Sea, Jordan has just opened its first combined gas and oil-shale power plant. The 373 MW Qatraneh Power Plant is expected to increase electricity generation by 12 per cent.

Protecting Americans from Power Plant Pollution

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  Since 2002, an unprecedented national network of more than 100 organizations and tens of thousands of volunteers has stopped the construction of 179 proposed coal-fired power plants across the U.S. "   This standard covers all fossil fuel plants.

World’s First Integrated Renewables Combined Cycle Power Plant To Be Built in Turkey

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General Electric’s design integrates a traditional combined cycle plant with wind and solar energy, allowing it to generate electricity with unprecedented efficiency. The plant’s construction will be overseen by MetCap Investments, a Turkish investor and power project developer.

Ormat adds another geothermal power plant to America

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Ormat Technologies, one of the world’s leading geothermal green energy power plant companies, has already tapped the earth’s geothermal energy sources in Europe, the USA, Russia, Indonesia, Central and South America, and a 100 Megawatt plant in New Zealand.

Obama Kickstarts Action on Climate Change

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First, it lays the path limiting greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants. electric power plants emit 2.2 Limiting power plant emissions is also a cost-efficient move.

Earthquake Damage to Japanese Nuclear Power Plants Should be Warning to Mideast Planners

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Friday’s devastating earthquake and tsunami waves in Japan have left that entire country in a state of shock, and power outages – even in the country’s capital, Tokyo. Energy Japan Middle East nuclear power plantsAnother Chernobyl in the making?

Jellyfish Attack on Israel Power Plant A Clear Sign of Global Warming?

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New Mediterranean jellyfish invasions are causing big problems for coastal power plants. Although not a threat to humans, the jellyfish are being sucked into the filters for the plant’s sea water intakes.

10,000 Turks Gather To Protest Coal-Fired Power Plant

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“We don’t want a thermal power plant to come to our Gerze…” On Saturday, the Turkish Black Sea town of Gerze — population 11,260 — was host to a 10,000-strong protest against a coal-fired power plant.

Plans to close coal-fired power plants in a coal state

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They say the new power mix is what will be needed to keep their rates as low as possible amid tightening environmental regulations, even as electricity demand grows.

Landmark Wind Power Plant To Be Built In Pakistan

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A landmark wind power project is set to be built in south Pakistan, which will form part of the 6% target renewable energy in the total power mix by 2030. million in Zorlu Enerji Pakistan Limited to support the construction of the only wind power project in the Sindh Province.

Plans For Turkey’s First Nuclear Power Plant Revealed

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Located in the southern province of Mersin, on the Mediterranean Sea, the Akkuyu nuclear plant has been controversial since it was first proposed in the 1970s. The $20 billion plant will be built and majority owned and operated by Russian atomic energy agency ROSATOM.

Jordan Pushes On With Its Nuclear Plans

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The nuclear plant will be located at Majdal, near Mafraq, which is some 40 kilometres northeast of Amman which is the capital of Jordan. Jordan’s nuclear power programme entails the construction of up to four plants to produce over half the country’s electricity needs.

Limited Power Supply Shackles Armenia to Precarious Nuclear Plant

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In bucolic but earthquake-prone Armenia, people both fear and rely on a nuclear power plant that has operated for three decades with no primary containment structure. We had a situation where you had one hour of power a day, and sometimes no power at all for a week.

SunEdison Builds Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant in Italy

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SunEdison have announced the project to build a photovoltaic solar power plant in Northeastern Italy, near the town of Rovigo. The proposed solar power plant will have a capacity of 72 MW, making it the largest solar power plant in Europe. SunEdison finances, installs and operates distributed power plants using photovoltaic technologies. Government / Industry Solar Power Plant

New Cooling Lagoons Could Save the Gulf’s Marine Enviornment

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Crystal Lagoons has developed an alternative cooling and energy harvesting system for power plants that doesn’t require the use of seawater. According to the company’s online literature, the clear water lagoon provides water tot he thermal power plant.

Aussie Govt Offers Uranium Sales to UAE

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Australia provides 20 percent of the world’s uranium supplies for nuclear power, including the plants now in meltdown in Japan – which will now no longer need supplies of uranium. Energy Abu Dhabi Middle East nuclear meltdown nuclear power plants

Newest Alternative Energy – Portugal’s Wave Power Plant

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This is quite an amazing breakthrough in power generation. A Scottish company will deploy sausage-shaped tubes off Portugal to create the world’s first commercial wave power plant, providing electricity to 1,500 homes from 2006, a partner in the Scottish firm said on Friday.

Basel Burgan: A Force Behind Jordan’s Anti-Nuke Movement

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He’s working to change the direction of Jordan’s power generation. Over the past 3 years, government announcements about nuclear power plant (NPP) projects made us very angry, especially when they announced in 2009 their intention to build 5 NPPs. Elitists” take a view that it’s the right of Jordan to acquire nuclear power to counter Israel’s, as if Jordan will produce atomic bombs to counter Israel’s. BB: The West has been moving away from nuclear power.

"How Stringent Are the US EPA’s Proposed Carbon Pollution Standards for New Power Plants?"

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In March 2012, the EPA announced a proposed carbon pollution standard for new power plants. Matthew J. Kotchen and Erin T. Mansur: In the absence of legislation for a US national climate policy, regulatory responsibility has fallen to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Then in September 2013, the EPA withdrew the proposal upon issuing a revision as part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan.

Masdar and Siemens Team Up to Develop Sand-Resistant Solar Panels

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More on Masdar City and Solar Power: Abu Dhabi Prince Shames White House by Crowning Roof With Solar Panels. Solar panels at the Kuraymat CSP planet in Egypt require precious water resources to stay clean but Masdar & Siemens aim to change that.

EPA greenhouse gas emission limits on new power plants may not be cost minimizing

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s proposal remain confidential, experts predict that it will include separate standards for carbon dioxide emissions from plants fired by natural gas and by coal. Coal-fired plants, meanwhile, may be allowed to emit as many as 1,400 pounds per megawatt-hour. Shame on you!

What the New Power Plant Carbon Standard Means for Coal

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On Friday, September 20, the Environmental Protection Agency released draft carbon pollution standards for new power plants. If finalized as written, the draft will make it impossible to build a new, conventional, climate-destroying coal plant in the U.S.

No New Dirty Power Plants, Yes to Renewable Energy!

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Why All Parents Should Take Action Against Dirty Fossil Fuel Power Plants. One example is the Pio Pico Power Plant that San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) is proposing to build in San Diego. Every time we build a new dirty power plant, we take a step backwards.

Floating Power Plants from Turkey to Ease Energy Cuts in Lebanon

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In some parts of the country, outside of Beirut, people are often without power for twelve hours a day. Business & Politics Energy energy shortages floating power plant

US EPA claims that waste incinerating power plant emit more carbon dioxide

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) According to a recent Tweet by TerraCycle the United States Environmental Protection Agency claims that power plants based on waste incinerators emit more carbon dioxide per megawatt-hour than coal, natural gas or oil-fired power plants. Scandinavian countries have been using closed loop combined heat and power generating plants based on waste incinerators for decades and, apparently, they work well and have very low emissions.

As Japan Nuclear Plants Meltdown, Israel To Build “Safe” One in the Desert

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Energy Must-Read Middle East Cleantech & Environment News Israel Japan Nuclear energy nuclear power plantsFukushima Daiichi reactors in Japan before and after the tsunami. Is this worthwhile for Israel or other Middle East countries?

Solar Flare Super Storm Could Put Middle East in Darkness

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The sun, our most important source of natural energy, light, and even nutrition could one day also become our worst enemy if intense solar magnetic ‘super storms’ cause massive power blackouts. Energy Lifestyle & Culture Burj electricity grid power plants solar storm

Green vs. Green

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Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant Announces End of Operations

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Yesterday, the Entergy Corporation announced its plans to close and decommission its Vermont Nuclear Power Station located in Vernon, Vermont. The station is expected to cease power production after its current fuel cycle and move to shut down in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Morocco to Tender Two More Solar Power Plants

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Morocco recently announced that it has pre-selected several solar power producers to build two additional concentrated solar power plants (CSP) in Ourzazate. Acwa’s 160MW plant will generate energy at a cost of just $0.19

Egypt To Build 1000 MW Wind Power Plant

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Egypt plans to invite bids for the construction of a 1,000-megawatt wind energy plant in the Gulf of Suez at an international tender in September, according to Aktham Abou El- Ella, a spokesman for the Electricity Ministry of Egypt. With solar power, plant costs are very high, and with hydraulic power reaching its maximum capacity, wind farms remain the best option for renewable energy in Egypt.”. Government / Industry egypt wind power