Will Portland Finally Accelerate the Pace of Parking Reform?

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A Portland task force studying how to use pricing tools to make the transportation system more equitable, used the word five times in their final recommendations, which are expected to be adopted by city council on October 13th. “Urgent.”

The Eight Deaths of Portland’s Residential Infill Project

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In 2020, Portland became the largest modern U.S. city to end so-called “single-family zoning.” ” What follows here is a history of how the Residential Infill Project could have died but didn’t.


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Portland: every day is Earth Day at Hotel Vintage

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All North America Oregon Portland The Americas United States Earth Day 2017 Portland eco-friendly Pazzo Portland green hotel in Portland Hotel Vintage Portland Kimpton Portland Portland eco-friendly hotel Portland farm-to-table dining sustainable dining Portland

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We Ran the Rent Numbers on Portland’s 7 Newly Legal Home Options

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After a seven-year campaign, Portland on Sunday formally lifted a series of 97-year-old bans on seven different types of homes.

Portland: Why Risk Gerrymandering When You Could Go Proportional?

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We previously wrote about how expert redistricters were unable to draw a majority people of color (POC) district in Portland, despite the fact that the city’s population is 28 percent people of color. But in Portland, they are spread out.

In Some Cities, Most Voters Put Someone They Want on City Council—But Not Portland

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In our last article, we showed how, if Portland used districts, many Portlanders wouldn’t get a candidate of choice on the city council. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Want to Give Portlanders of Color a Voice on City Council? Districts Won’t Help

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That group recently analyzed several jurisdictions around the country, including Portland, Oregon, to show how different districting options and voting Anyone who has been following analyses of gerrymandering recently has heard the name Moon Duchin.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Portland Charter Review but Were Afraid to Ask

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As we speak, Portland’s Charter Commission is examining the city’s governing document for potential improvements and looking for feedback from Portlanders interested in bettering city government. It’s charter season!

Shell’s Rig is Headed to Portland

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Instead it’s headed to Portland’s shipyard for repairs to a 39 inch gash in its hull. At a rally last Saturday, protestors in Portland promised to “shut the gates of Shell”. ” Once in Portland, Shell’s icebreaker will be repaired by Vigor Industries, a firm that is itself no stranger to controversial energy projects. Climate & Energy Oil Oil spill Politics Portland ShellFennica by Tom Doyle used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

When Elections Are Decided in the May Primary, Many Portlanders Don’t Have a voice in City Hall

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The Portland Charter Commission is considering a lot of interrelated questions around city elections. One issue is the role of primaries. For most city elections, the primary is the election. If a candidate wins in May, then there isn’t a race in November.

Courting Families in Portland

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This analysis of courtyard housing in Portland offers more of that history.) And even in jurisdictions such as Portland and Seattle that have changed zoning codes to encourage courtyard housing, it’s confined to very small portions of those cities. In 2007, Portland saw that nearly all the new housing being built in the city were dense multifamily apartments or condos, and that single family detached homes were increasingly unaffordable.

Historic Portland hotel earns Green Seal Silver

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T he Heathman , a luxury hotel in Portland , has received one of the highest environmental honors in the industry. In addition to the Green Seal Silver Certification, The Heathman was the first hotel in downtown Portland to be recognized by the Energy Trust of Oregon for its commitment to the environment, as well as the first downtown hotel to partner with Pacific Power ’s renewable energy program. | Green Travel News |.

Green Festival Portland is Coming This Weekend!

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Join us this weekend in bringing the best green lifestyle event to Portland! The post Green Festival Portland is Coming This Weekend! Green Lifestyle events Green Festival non-profits PortlandThe Green Festival is at the Oregon Convention Center December 9-11 and we'll be there too! appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

Portland’s Vision Zero Plans

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Ginny Burdick with new 20 mph speed limit sign in Portland by Michael Andersen Last week, I outlined some of the key principles of Vision Zero —an approach to designing streets that prioritizes safety and human life above other considerations. Today, the city of Portland rolled out its Vision Zero commitments , including an ambitious goal of working towards zero traffic deaths and serious injuries within the next decade. OR state Sen.

Portland, Oregon: most bike friendly in the U.S.

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head for the Pacific Northwest’s Portland. Portland is “arguably the best big city in America for cycling,” agrees Andy Clarke, president of the League of [.] Portland, Oregon: most bike friendly in the U.S. Experiences/Events News North America Oregon Portland United States Pacific Northwest| Green Travel News | Who’s the most bicycle-friendly for visitors of them all? In the U.S.,

Reducing and reusing via green burials in a Portland cemetery


Inhabitat talked to him about his latest acquisition, Historic Columbian Cemetery in Portland. Acquiring a Portland cemetery Like many cemeteries, Historic Columbian started out as a family burial ground outside the city. But Portland long ago overtook it, and now 18-wheelers roll over it on the I-5 overpass. Original post: Reducing and reusing via green burials in a Portland cemetery.

Portland welcomes first Living Building Challenge project


Pacific Northwest architecture firm Mahlum has made history with the certification of its new architecture studio as Portland’s first Living Building Challenge ( LBC ) project. Located in a renovated 1930s structure that once served as a Custom Stamping facility, Mahlum’s newly minted 7,500-square-foot office in Portland meets the LBC guidelines for the Materials Petal, the Place, Equity and Beauty Petals, and the Health & Happiness Petal.

Kailash Ecovillage: Profile of an urban intentional community in Portland

Green Living Ideas

The post Kailash Ecovillage: Profile of an urban intentional community in Portland appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Green Lifestyle Simple Living Ecovillage Intentional community Kailash Portland sustainable livingWhen you think of an intentional community, do you envision a rural setting far away from it all with people living an abundant life in shared housing?

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5 Ways Open and Accountable Elections Portland Empowers Voters

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Portland aims to ensure more voices are heard in local politics. | On November 3, the Portland City Council will hold a hearing on Open and Accountable Elections Portland, a proposal to tighten campaign transparency laws and introduce a public match funding option for local elections. Portlanders may be wondering why Council is considering this proposal and what exactly it will do. Why does Portland need

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How Portland’s Neighborhood Greenways Evolved

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To get a sense of how that works, we only need look to the city that Seattle stole many of its ideas from: Portland. It took years for Portland to learn how to build great greenways. by tdamaske (license) That said, they are popular with bicyclists—they report traveling out of their way to travel on Portland’s greenways. Image by City of Portland But that building boomlet didn’t last long. Image by City of Portland.

Open and Accountable Elections Portland: Here’s How It Works

Sightline Daily

Answers to your questions about Portland’s proposed campaign finance program. | On November 3, the Portland City Council is holding a hearing on Open and Accountable Elections Portland, a proposal to tighten campaign reporting laws and introduce a public match option for local elections.

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Portland Brewery Delivering Beer on Bikes

Green (Living) Review

Craft Beer Brought to City Residents Like Fresh Milk by Old Town Brewing Company Portland, OR, April 26, 2012 : Today Old Town Brewing Company announced its craft beers will soon be delivered via pedal power. The City of Portland has been named by many publications as the beer and biking capital of America. The famous Portland Pizzeria has already been delivering pizza throughout the city by bike for nearly eight years.

Portland summary, part 1

Eco-Vegan Girl

I have only been in Portland for a day, but I have already done so much and I'm having a blast! I walked around in Mirador , a really cute eco shop, and was excited to find an artichoke steamer! : ) Believe it or not, I have a lot more to see in Portland. I'll be traveling with him to Seattle tonight, back to Portland after the weekend, and then we're driving back to Los Angeles with a stop in San Francisco. raw portland travel kombucha restaurants eco-vegan eco

Simply Home: A tiny cohousing community grows in Portland

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She's part of Simply Home , a tiny house community that recently got off the ground in Portland, Oregon. It appears that a tiny house boom is well underway, and along with it comes a smattering of emerging tiny house communities. Whether they are tiny or otherwise, it takes a lot of work to keep an intentional community together. Sometimes, despite the best of initial intentions, they can be waylaid by ideological differences, or poor governance.

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Portland, Seattle, San Francisco.

Eco-Vegan Girl

I'm about to head to Portland and San Francisco for the first time! Places that are healthy, organic, and eco-friendly get priority, but I do like the occasional vegan junk food - I hear Portland has some great corn dogs! I've got Robert Cheeke as my tour guide (who knows Portland like the back of his hand) but what do you recommend I do? portland travel SeattleAnd also to Seattle for the second time, but it will be my first experience at the VegFest.

Fun, eco-friendly things to do in Portland


Portland has boomed in the past 20 years, attracting musicians, writers, graphic designers and other creative people. If you’ve always wanted to visit a vegan strip club or watch an adult soapbox derby race, Portland is for you. Autumn enthusiasts will enjoy Portland’s fall colors. But don’t curse the rain if you get wet — it’s what makes Portland so beautiful and green. The Willamette River separates Portland’s east and west sides.

Modular, affordable housing project opens in Portland


Argyle Gardens, a newly-opened modular co-housing development, is providing affordable housing for individuals who formerly experienced homelessness and are greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Portland, Oregon. Argyle Gardens is located in the Kenton area of north Portland and features a modular design brought to the area by Transition Projects specifically to address the current times of hardship for those who need the most support.

A pair of industrial buildings are reborn as a creative office in Portland


In Northwest Portland, two former industrial structures have been given a new lease on life as Redfox Commons, a light-filled campus for creative, tech and retail workspaces. A pair of industrial buildings are reborn as a creative office in Portland.

Video: Vegan Tour of Portland, OR with Robert Cheeke

Eco-Vegan Girl

I really should have posted this last week before Portland was flooded with vegans from Vida Vegan Con.oh My trip to Portland marked the beginning of my gluten-free and soy-free diet, so you'll see me experimenting with the options in this video, and giving into the temptations of donuts and cake! video raw YouTube vegan portland travel soy-free robert cheeke review restaurants organic gluten-free

Living Green Technology recycles over 2 tons of electronics during Portland trip

Living Green Technology

We made a trip down to Portland last week in an effort to expand our recycling operations and are very excited to share that it was a total success! Moreover, we also organized a few pickups from local Portland businesses. Our team was able to collect almost 5,000 pounds of electronics to recycle! This included networking equipment, telecom, laptop docking stations, computer power supplies, motherboards, and AC adapters.

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Sightline in Portland, On Coal Exports

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I’ll be speaking Portland State University next week. Here are the details: Where : Simon Benson House, Portland State University, 1803 SW Park Avenue. (A If you’re hanging around the Rose City and you can’t stop obsessing about coal exports, you might want to check it out. A campus map is here.). When : Wed, Jan 23, 2013. 5:30-6:30pm Socializing with light snacks and wine. 6:30-7:00pm Eric de Place: presentation and discussion.

5 Tips for Portland and Vancouver BC on Uber

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Portland and Vancouver BC officials, welcome to Seattle’s pain. Stay tuned to see whether the injunction that Portland filed last week successfully stops Uber from operating until city regulations are in place—last month, that approach temporarily shut the company down in Las Vegas. Portland and Vancouver BC, this is your chance. Related Stories How Portland’s Neighborhood Greenways Evolved Weekend Reading 12/5/14 Weekend Reading 11/21/14.

Living Green Technology now offers data center liquidation in Seattle and Portland

Living Green Technology

We here at Living Green Technology are excited to announce that we're now offering data center liquidation in Seattle, Portland, and Tacoma! This is part of an ongoing effort on our part to expand our service offerings to better serve our clients and the local community. What do our data center liquidation services include? Flexible Scheduling: You pick the best day and time that works for you and we'll take care of the rest! Free Pickups: Doing the right thing shouldn't cost a thing.

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IKEA unveils solar energy system for its Portland store


Portland IKEA installs solar energy system on roof. Portland IKEA installs solar energy system on roof. Portland IKEA installs solar energy system on roof. IKEA has installed an array of rooftop solar panels on its Portland store that measures 280,000 square feet. The Portland store is the 16th of IKEA’s to be completed in the United States. Sonia Renthlei: The sun as a source of infinite energy is well documented.

Gluten & (mostly) Soy free: Eating Healthy in Portland, OR

Eco-Vegan Girl

I've wanted to go to Portland, OR for years because many say it's one of the best cities to be a vegan. After all that great food I didn't feel like I missed out on the Portland experience on a gluten-free and mostly soy-free diet. vegan portland kombucha soy-free restaurants organic gluten-freeI looked forward to trying fun things like vegan corn dogs at Hungry Tiger Too, but when I did I had quite the stomach ache from all the grease and processed soy.

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Portland, Oregon, USA - A model city

The Green Changemakers

Young Urban Leader - Urban Vision Metro Regional Government Office Portland: A Model for National Policy? Portland Ranked no 2 in the worlds Greenest Cities: Grist Where the car is not king: BBC Portland: Perfecting the art of citizen-based policy Portland : A Role Model for the Nation Portland : Profile on Smarter City Urban Planning & Design Highlights from Portland, Oregon Innovative Mayor Sam Adams Builds a Cleaner Portland :Fast Company.

10 questions on EVs for the CEO of Portland General Electric


Read the original here: 10 questions on EVs for the CEO of Portland General Electric. How electric vehicles can be a net benefit to the grid. Business Green a-net-benefit electric vehicles electricity grid electrification grid net-benefit the-grid

Hotels charge you (for free)

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Boston/Cambridge California Car rental Charlotte China District of Columbia Electric vehicles England Hotels London Massachusetts New York New York City News Oregon Portland San Francisco Shenzhen South Carolina United Kingdom United States Charles Hotel DoubleTree Portland Electric cars Element Green Seal Green Travel News Kimpton Lenox Hotel Reuters Ritz-Carlton CharlotteCurious about electric cars?

Comedy (and Carbon Taxes) in Portland: December 5

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Sightline Fellow Yoram Bauman—the inimitable standup economist —will be at Lewis & Clark College on Wednesday, December 5. The show starts at 7 pm in the Council Chambers (building 36 on this PDF ). It’s free and open to the public. Yoram includes a short bit on carbon taxes in his routine. He’ll also be part of an informal carbon tax conversation before the show, at 6:15.

Energy efficient window inserts by Indow Windows keep you warm

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Award winning Portland, Oregon window inserts create comfort and energy savings (Portland, OR) — People are always either preparing their homes for summer, fall and winter.

Portland to host the country's first EV quick charging station


Portland to host the countrys first EV quick charging station. Portland, Oregon, is an early adapter of the EV technology, and to boost this, it now hosts the country’s first ever EV charging station, assisted by battery based technology. Battery-Boosted Quick-Charger The Electric Avenue is part of the collaboration between the Portland City, Electric Avenue at Portland State University (PSU) and Portland General Electric (PGE). Portland got its.

PSUs LEED Platinum School of Business features regionally sourced timber


Downtown Portland’s reputation for sustainability has been elevated yet again with Portland State University’s latest addition

TripAdvisor survey: travelers going greener

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News Portland San Francisco Seattle Green Travel News green travel trends ReutersGreen travel is gaining momentum with TripAdvisor members. More than 70 percent said they plan to make more eco-friendly choices over the next 12 months. Sixty-five percent said they made green choices over the past year TripAdvisor survey: travelers going greener is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

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