Citizens Re-United?

Sightline Daily

To most people, the whole system has long seemed rigged by the rich and powerful, and hope for reform is close to nil. People of all political stripes loathe Citizens United. Reformers in Washington are gathering signatures on a citizens’ initiative to do the same.

2014 113

The Gulf Co-op Council is a European Union Arab-style

Green Prophet

GCC is a political and economic alliance between Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Saudi Arabia (KSA). They seek to reduce dependence on US forces, but members have not agreed a strategy that satisfies all states.

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Adewale Adeyanju's assignment

The Green Changemakers

Presently, Nigeria my country cannot achieved sustainable development without the entire institutional framework and system of the nation undergoing reforms. On these institutional reforms hang the problem of environmental sustainblility reform too, which is supposed to take the centre stage. Which area of sustainability is the most urgent in your country?

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