Poll: Voters More Likely to Support Candidates Who Support Climate Action

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Climate disruption has been a polarizing issue in the political sphere, with many Republicans in Congress staunchly opposing any efforts by President Obama or Congressional Democrats to combat the global crisis. This research has implications for political candidates vying for voter support in the coming months. Conservative Republicans are the only political group studied that would be less likely to vote for such a candidate.

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Only People Can Vote?Only People Should Finance Campaigns.

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Topics: Election 2012 , Corporations , Democracy , Politics. Supreme Court has told us this is all OK; independent political expenditures wont corrupt our democracy. Why has politics in America become a commodity in an economic marketplace, where the richest individuals, corporations, business associations, and unions can buy enormous leverage on our elections? Financing political campaigns. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy.

Who Parked in my Spot?!

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And that fact—our intense, animalistic territoriality about curb parking—is among the fundamental realities of urban politics. Mostly, though, cities tried to solve the problem of crowded curb parking—and neighbors’ political pressure to keep newcomers out of the “their” spots—by building wider streets and boosting the supply of off-street parking. The Politics of Parking.

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Pros and Cons of GMOs


We must reasonably evaluate the political interests at play in the United States presently, with a president in office who has openly expressed support for GMOs and the biotechnology industry and is unlikely to support studies of health risks of agribusiness products [17]. #3 There is widespread skepticism when it. comes to the public’s perception of GMOs, meaning genetically modified organisms [1].

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Oil Prices: Three Stages of Denial

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Share | | Email Post Energy Permalink Comments Posted by civiletti 01/13/2011 11:34 AM Having followed the Peak Oil discussion for several years, I believe the EIA forecasts have been politically motivated to make inaccurate predictions. The most influential political interests, business and labor, are both boosters of growth mythology, so there is little political support for reality. Skip to content.

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The World without Landfills

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The popularity of these projects, along with the success of Annie Leonard’s The Story of Stuff , show a growing interest in reducing what we throw into dumpsters. The conjunction of economic and political interests behind incineration left citizens alone, not only to fight against incineration but also to develop sustainable alternatives. Interested? [link] Goldman Prize recipient Nohra Padilla at a recycling facility. Photo by the Goldman Prize.


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While tuna RFMOs are designed to make sound management decisions based on good science, their procedures too often allow short-term economic and political interests of some member nations to trump the science that supports greater long-term economic returns,” said Dr. Fox.

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