3 eco-friendly norms in Poland

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I’ve been living in Poland for about 6½ years. First of all, let’s be honest: Poland is not the greenest country in the world. The coal industry has so deeply influenced energy awareness in Poland that even very intelligent people I know have warped ideas about coal power, wind power, solar power, and global warming. Poland has been the key country blocking stronger renewable energy and climate targets in Europe. eco-friendly green living Poland

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Etgar Keret’s Über Skinny House in Poland (PHOTOS)

Green Prophet

We’ve all been trying to imagine: just how skinny is Etgar Keret’s Ermitage house in Warsaw, Poland ? Architecture & Urban etgar keret Israeli writer Jakub Szczensy Poland skinny houseLiterally wedged between two buildings, the studio is one of the most talked about tiny homes on the web. Designed by Jakub Szczensy of Centrala as a tribute to Keret’s family who died during the WWII Holocaust, the project also has a humorous side.


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Poland Bans GE Corn, Monsanto Buys Bee Research Firm


Monsanto's genetically engineered corn has been officially banned from use in Poland after beekeepers showcased a link leading from Monsanto's seeds to the deaths of honeybees. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News

Poland Rejects UN’s Zero Carbon Emission Proposal


Poland is leading the bandwagon for a number of eastern European countries to shut down a United Nations target to cut carbon emissions to zero by 2100. On Sunday, the Read More The post Poland Rejects UN’s Zero Carbon Emission Proposal appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Science Top News

Beyond “Coaland”: Poland hosts COP 19

Sierra Club Compass

During the proceedings of the UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP 19), Poland has earned the nickname “Coaland” from activists. Civil society in Poland and from around the world is demonstrating outrage at the hypocrisy of this move with protests and actions designed to show global support for Poland's moving beyond coal. The “Coaland” moniker is also earned because Poland currently produces almost 90 percent of its electricity from coal.

Fracking Stirs Passions in Poland


Energy-poor Poland is about to embark upon using hydraulic fracturing to develop the country’s natural gas reserves. The practice is controversial in many countries, including the U.S., because of its potential impact on the environment, particularly groundwater. Many municipalities and counties in the U.S. have adopted stringent regulations as a result. Poland’s Petrolinvest has formed a joint venture, Silurian-Hallwood, with the U.S.-based

Adult: “The best Christmas commercial you’ll see this year. Thanks Poland!”

Elephant Journal

This is heartfelt, and may leave a tear in your eye. Be a good dog: “Are you a fan of weeping? Just press play, wait 3 minutes, enjoy your tears.” ” “Love how he had the mouse labeled as cat first.” ” ~ observant redditor. But that’s not all! “They do these ads every Christmas, check the one from last year, it’s even better!” ” 23 Shares. 120 views. hot on elephant.

Ad for a photo manipulation company in Poland (imgur.com)

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Of course, it’s Charlie. Blog (always click 4 all blogs

Nina Munteanu Reads The Last Summoner at Alternative Grounds

The Alien Next Door

The Last Summoner Poland Alternative Grounds Toronto Roncesvalles Avenue historical fantasy book event nina munteanu prussia book reading

Poland Gives Green Light to Massive Fracking Efforts


There is perhaps no more controversial energy source after nuclear than "hydraulic fracturing," or "fracking," of subterranean shale deposits containing pockets of natural gas. While the process can liberate previously unusable sources of natural gas, political, environmental and scientific concerns have risen along with production, as evidence mounts that fracking is responsible for everything from polluting subterranean aquifers to causing regional earthquakes.

Nina Munteanu Discusses The Last Summoner at Alternative Grounds

The Alien Next Door

The historical fantasy takes us back to Poland in 1410 on the eve of the Battle of Grunwald between the warrior monks of the Teutonic Order and their oppressed Prussian slaves. The Last Summoner Alternative Grounds Toronto Roncy historical fantasy medieval time traveller medieval Poland book event nina munteanu prussia book reading Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE.

Breathtaking New Museum Commemorates Polish Jews on Warsaw Ghetto Site

Green Prophet

After more than a decade of planning, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews has finally risen where the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland once stood. Design Holocaust Lahdelma & Mahlamaki Museum of the History of Polish Jews Poland Warsaw Ghetto Designed by Finland’s Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects, this beautiful new building aims to educate, commemorate, and display Polish Jewish history from the Middle Ages to the present.

Famous Israeli Writer Commissions 4-foot Wide Parasitic House

Green Prophet

sny from Centrala to build a tiny house between the crack of two buildings in Poland. Architecture & Urban architecture design green building Jakub Szczsny Keret House minimalist Parasitic Architecture PolandSpace comes at a premium these days, but could you live in a house that is only four feet wide? Israeli writer Etgar Keret commissioned Jakub Szcz?sny

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Keret House: The World’s Thinnest, Most Insane House is Now Open

Green Prophet

Architecture & Urban centrala etgar keret jakub szczesny Keret House Poland warsaw world's thinnest houseOnline and print news sources around the world are calling the Keret House the thinnest in the world and it is finally open. Renowned Israeli writer Etgar Keret commissioned Jakub Szczensy of Centrala to design the tiny ‘crack-house’ as a tribute to his Polish family who were killed during the World War II holocaust.

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Blessed Beltane! Invitation to the Greenfire Dance.

Elephant Journal

Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Green Inspiring (Wow) Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Sexy WAYLON: Today Only Aldo Leopold Beltane Briar Rose cross-quarter days fire festival greenfire greenflame high holiday Hildegard von Bingen Holy Spirit Jane Yolen Kabbalah May Day maypole pagan Paraclete Pentecost Poland Sabbat Shekinah viriditas Wheel of the Year Wicca Zielone

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Inaction on climate change is not an option, says Angela Merkel

Green Blog

After being invited by the governments of Poland and Germany, environment and climate ministers from 35 countries – who together are responsible for around 80% of world carbon emissions – gathered earlier this week at the Petersberg Climate Dialogue conference in Berlin for a round of dialogue and informal negotiations ahead of the UN climate summit (COP19) in Warzaw, Poland, later this year.

Bottom Line on Bottled Water

Living Green & Saving Energy

The names are very natural and pure-sounding, like Poland [.]. Bottled water drinkers: I hope you are sitting down. Most consumers of bottled water think that their favorite aqueous refresher comes from a special place like a mountain spring or other natural source. After all, the bottles have nice pictures of mountains and fast flowing streams. easy green living tip how to go green saving water bottled water purified water

Reshtki Reclaimed Furniture

Green Furniture Home Design

Based in Poland and started by Sara Podwysocka and Maria Ostrowska, Reshtki is a design studio that prides itself on creating beautifully designed, eco-friendly furniture from discarded materials. In 2013 we have built first in Poland recycled playground „O-O Pony” – all made of tyres and euro-pallets.”.

Grand River Brewery: 313 Polish Lager

10,000 Birds

My good college friend Luke was originally from Poland and our friendship was fueled greatly by a shared interest in whatever esoteric music we fancied ourselves connoisseurs of at the time: Krautrock, obscure psychedelia, dub reggae, free jazz, etcetera. And more importantly for us, unlike Zywiec, 313 Polish Lager features a bird: the orzel bialy , the white eagle that adorns the national coat of arms of Poland.

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Polish EU budget chief questions global warming and climate targets

Green Blog

He also expressed doubts about EU’s future climate goal saying the CO2 reduction targets “are too ambitious for the Polish economy&# and that “a quick jump away from coal&# would for Poland “be a disaster&#. A spokesman for Lewandowski even confirmed the accuracy of the statements later to the EU observer : “His overall line is that it would be impossible for Poland to shift away from coal overnight.

Bible Smugglers

Green (Living) Review

Not only did they con those believers into cooperating with them and sending pages to addresses in countries such as the GDR, the USSR, Poland, etc., Not only the evangelical Bible Smugglers and their aides, gullible Christians in western countries who posted those “Bible parts” to be put together into Bibles in Russia, the GDR, Poland, etc., Or should we call them what they were? Spies in clerical disguise?

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Polish law change unleashes 'massacre' of trees

Green (Living) Review

The new amendment, commonly known as “Szyszko’s law”, after Jan Szyszko, Poland’s environment minister, removes the obligation for private landowners to apply for permission to cut down trees, pay compensation or plant new trees, or even to inform local authorities that trees have been or will be removed.

2017 119

This is one Doctor’s Note that makes me want to say F**k Yeah.

Elephant Journal

Canadian Dr.’s reply to companies requiring medical note after sick day (i.imgur.com) “Meanwile in Poland such a note is neccessary for every single missed sick day for every person. Milions of people in the waiting rooms each flu season wasting so much time health and money.” ” The Walmart solution: “We don’t care if you have a […]. Homepages (Gold Tabs)* Health & Wellness WAYLON: Classic Queue

Greencells heats up green bonds with EU 15 Million

Green Prophet

A successful partnership with Nordic Solar in Poland will also contribute to further growth of Greencells. MWp photovoltaic portfolio located at various sites throughout Poland has now been signed. The Greencells office at Masdar, the net-zero city in the Emirates.

2020 59

Female Alpinist Becomes First Woman to Summit 14 Highest Peaks Without Supplemental Oxygen

Wend Magazine

Other team members to summit were Maxut Zhumayev and Vassiliy Pivtsov of Kazakhstan and Darius Zaluski of Poland. Austrian climber Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, 40, became the first woman to summit the world’s 14 highest peaks without the use of any extra oxygen after reaching the summit of K2 on August 23rd. From National Geographic: “Kaltenbrunner, supported by grants from the National Geographic Society, was one of four climbers to reach the summit of K2.

2011 193

Fascists on the ascent

Green (Living) Review

In Poland in early November 2017 an estimated 60,000 “nationalists” (can we say Nazis) alone in Warsaw, during nationwide wave of demonstrations and marches, called for all Jews to leave the country and for a white Poland for only those with Polish blood. When the word “Jew”, however, falls then they finally wake up, and make mention of it, as in the case of Poland in early November 2017.

2017 127

International Opposition to Fracking

Sierra Club Compass

Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and Poland have tried to jump on the fracking bandwagon; whereas others, like France, have outright banned this practice. Poland Poland was estimated to have more untapped natural gas reserves than any other country in the European Union. Poland, which has largely supported fracking, was supposed to be the country to move forward with shale gas extraction despite some opposition.

Freedom Climbers

Wend Magazine

And back in 2003 she came up with an idea for this latest project at an adventure film festival in Poland. For thousands of young people at that time the mountains were their only escape and many of them ventured far away from Poland into the high of places of Central Asia where they distinguished themselves among the best alpinists in the world.

2011 113

Working with wood; a Gypsy tradition

Green (Living) Review

2020 158

How the Production of Foie Gras Impacts the Health of Ducks and Geese


However, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, most provinces of Austria and Israel have all unilaterally banned the production of foie gras, plus its sale in restaurants.

2020 56

Author's Night at Chapters-Indigo with Nina Munteanu

The Alien Next Door

The Last Summoner (a Canadian Bestseller on Amazon) follows the tale of young 14 year old Vivianne Schoen, a baroness in medieval Poland who is chased as a witch through time into present day Paris, now ruled by Nazis. Nina Munteanu Signing at Chapters Richmond. Yesterday, Chapters-Indigo (Richport in Richmond) hosted an author''s night, where I signed copies of The Last Summoner , my latest novel and first in the genre of fantasy (I''d published five science fiction books up to then).

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40,000 runners marathon around Tel Aviv’s architecture and white sand

Green Prophet

International guests included participants from China, Germany, Poland, Russia, US, UK, Italy, France and more, including a large delegation of elite international runners attempting to break the marathon record and potentially win a prize of $40,000. The Middle East can get very hot, but winters are mild, like Spring in New York City –– the perfect weather for long distance running. Some 40,000 runners, with 2,500 from abroad, participated in Israel’s biggest sporting event of the year.

2019 54

Meet the six brave women who scaled Europe’s tallest building to save the Arctic

Green Blog

The six climbers were Ali Garrigan from the UK, Sabine Huyghe from Holland, Sandra Lamborn from Sweden, Lisbeth Deddens from Belgium, Victoria Henry from Canada and Wiola Smul from Poland. Today, six brave activists from Greenpeace climbed to the top of the tallest building in Western Europe, the Shard in London, UK. The daring stunt was made in an effort to protest Shell’s plans to drill for oil in the Arctic.

"Is withholding your data simply bad science, or should it fall under scientific misconduct?"

Environmental Economics

" The e-mails were sent either by a researcher affiliated at Columbia University, New York or the University of Warsaw, Poland; furthermore, the authors' position (assistant professor) was specified in half the e-mails only. I say bad science and if you don't share data you should be outed as a jerk.

2015 155

Official ground-breaking ceremony: vortex energy builds 22MW "Gadegast" wind farm

Green (Living) Review

The company specialises in the planning, construction and operation of wind turbines and solar power installations in Germany and Poland. To date vortex energy has constructed 16 wind farms with a joint capacity of 340 megawatt in Germany and Poland. Since February 2015 vortex energy has had a concession in Poland as a supplier of electricity trading and balancing.

Greenpeace response to the Obama climate plan

Green (Living) Review

If this speech is to mean anything, if Obama is serious about challenging the dominance of the oil, gas and coal lobby, then the US diplomats who go to Poland will be the first to push for real action instead of holding the world back.”

Local Students Take Initiative To Help Red Sox Be Green

Green Life Smart Life

The Green Team is a group of volunteers from local universities, sponsored by groups like Poland Spring and Waste Management, who show up at every Red Sox home game to collect every plastic cup in the park to be recycled. “Poland Spring is proud to work alongside the Boston Red Sox to help create a cleaner Fenway Park through the implementation of the Poland Spring Green Team,&# said Andrew Schopps, Senior Presence Marketing Manager for Poland Spring.

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How to make a Tvare, Quirl, or Whisk

Green (Living) Review

In almost all rural parts of Northern Europe, including Germany and Poland, for instance, aside from Scandinavia, this was the common way the “little” people made their whisks. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) This is somewhat of a “how to” instruction as to how to make a Tvare, Quirl, or Whisk – or whatever you may call it in your language – the old-fashioned, Northern European, way.

2016 128

Top 14 YouTube Channels that Thrive in an Unpopular Niche

Green Prophet

14 Books: Poland Bananas Books. From all the channels on books, Poland Bananas Books is the most successful one with 409 thousand subscribers. Youtube is a natural selection for streaming earth-centered films.

2020 52

Meet Vladimir Putin, a new convert to the locavore movement

Green (Living) Review

This includes the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Norway, Poland, Latvia, and the European Union. Who needs Italian wine, English cheddar, and German sausages? Obviously not Russia. Vladimir Putin is forcing Russians to become locavores, whether they like it or not. Last Thursday, his government issued a list of imported foods that will be banned for one year.

Earth's future suspended in a complex web of science and politics: A report from COP 19

Sierra Club Compass

We all started arriving here in Warsaw, Poland just after the typhoon Haiyan hit in the Philippines. Far-removed from the destruction on the ground in Philippines, world leaders from government and nongovernmental organizations are meeting from November 11 to 22 in Warsaw, Poland to decide. The destruction and loss of life from this gigantic storm made it the obvious story on the “why” we are here.

On the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour

Green (Living) Review

Now, at this very moment, almost one hundred years after the end of the Great War, we are, as far as NATO is concerned, preparing a new war by going on a confrontation course with Russia with somewhere in the region of 300,000 troops, including British ones, being stationed just about three to five miles away from the Russian borders in the Baltic States and in Poland. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Armistice Day, as it is called in Britain, in once again upon us.

War 119

Nina Munteanu Reads at Chapters Richport July 26th

The Alien Next Door

It''s a medieval time travel tale that spans 600 years from Medieval Poland to present-day Paris. Join me at Chapters Richport (in Richmond, BC) for a reading and discussion of my historical fantasy The Last Summoner. I''ll be joined by two other BC authors on July 26th from 5 to 8:30 pm in the Chapters store on Ackroyd Rd. I tried to find out who the other two authors were but Chapters staff remained mysterious.OMG! Maybe one of them is William Gibson! Or Robert J.

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