Poland Bans GE Corn, Monsanto Buys Bee Research Firm


Monsanto's genetically engineered corn has been officially banned from use in Poland after beekeepers showcased a link leading from Monsanto's seeds to the deaths of honeybees. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News

Poland Rejects UN’s Zero Carbon Emission Proposal


Poland is leading the bandwagon for a number of eastern European countries to shut down a United Nations target to cut carbon emissions to zero by 2100. On Sunday, the Read More The post Poland Rejects UN’s Zero Carbon Emission Proposal appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Science Top News

3 eco-friendly norms in Poland

Green (Living) Review

I’ve been living in Poland for about 6½ years. First of all, let’s be honest: Poland is not the greenest country in the world. Poland has been the key country blocking stronger renewable energy and climate targets in Europe. eco-friendly green living Poland

Join Nina Munteanu at Indigo in Yorkdale Mall (Toronto area) for Book Signing of The Last Summoner

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The Last Summoner lady knight historical fantasy time travel The Battle of Grunwald medieval Poland nina munteanu prussia

2013 21

Adult: “The best Christmas commercial you’ll see this year. Thanks Poland!”

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This is heartfelt, and may leave a tear in your eye. Be a good dog: “Are you a fan of weeping? Just press play, wait 3 minutes, enjoy your tears.” ” “Love how he had the mouse labeled as cat first.” ” ~ observant redditor. But that’s not all!

Breathtaking New Museum Commemorates Polish Jews on Warsaw Ghetto Site

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After more than a decade of planning, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews has finally risen where the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland once stood. Design Holocaust Lahdelma & Mahlamaki Museum of the History of Polish Jews Poland Warsaw Ghetto

Beyond “Coaland”: Poland hosts COP 19

Sierra Club Compass

During the proceedings of the UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP 19), Poland has earned the nickname “Coaland” from activists. Sierra Student Coalition is supporting a Polish NGO's “StopEP” campaign against the building of a new coal plant in Pomerania in northern Poland.

Etgar Keret’s Über Skinny House in Poland (PHOTOS)

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We’ve all been trying to imagine: just how skinny is Etgar Keret’s Ermitage house in Warsaw, Poland ? Architecture & Urban etgar keret Israeli writer Jakub Szczensy Poland skinny house

Fracking Stirs Passions in Poland


Energy-poor Poland is about to embark upon using hydraulic fracturing to develop the country’s natural gas reserves. The practice is controversial in many countries, including the U.S., because of its potential impact on the environment, particularly groundwater.

Ad for a photo manipulation company in Poland (imgur.com)

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Of course, it’s Charlie. Blog (always click 4 all blogs

Inaction on climate change is not an option, says Angela Merkel

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Business & Politics Angela Merkel climate change COP19 Europe Germany Global Warming Poland

Polish EU budget chief questions global warming and climate targets

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He also expressed doubts about EU’s future climate goal saying the CO2 reduction targets “are too ambitious for the Polish economy&# and that “a quick jump away from coal&# would for Poland “be a disaster&#. A spokesman for Lewandowski even confirmed the accuracy of the statements later to the EU observer : “His overall line is that it would be impossible for Poland to shift away from coal overnight.

Air pollution in Europe has high economic and human cost

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Eight of the top 30 facilities are located in Germany and six are in Poland – two countries that rely heavily on coal. Air pollution in Europe cost society up to €189 billion (about US $235 billion) in 2012 alone, the European Environment Agency (EEA) said in a new assessment report.

EEA 31

Poland Gives Green Light to Massive Fracking Efforts


There is perhaps no more controversial energy source after nuclear than "hydraulic fracturing," or "fracking," of subterranean shale deposits containing pockets of natural gas. While the process can liberate previously unusable sources of natural gas, political, environmental and scientific concerns have risen along with production, as evidence mounts that fracking is responsible for everything from polluting subterranean aquifers to causing regional earthquakes.

Bible Smugglers

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Not only did they con those believers into cooperating with them and sending pages to addresses in countries such as the GDR, the USSR, Poland, etc., Or should we call them what they were? Spies in clerical disguise?

Once again extreme weather events draw headlines during international climate talks

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Last year, as COP began in Poland, the tragic and devastating super typhoon Haiyan wrecked havoc in the Philippines. It’s becoming increasingly common for extreme weather events to occur during the annual COP negotiations for global deal to combat climate change.

Blessed Beltane! Invitation to the Greenfire Dance.

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I’ve understood Beltane in regards to fairies. I’ve understood Beltane in regards to sex. What I never understood was its nature of fire. The pagan Wheel of the Year has eight holidays: four that correspond to the stations of the Sun: the Solstices and the Equinoxes.

Reshtki Reclaimed Furniture

Green Furniture Home Design

Based in Poland and started by Sara Podwysocka and Maria Ostrowska, Reshtki is a design studio that prides itself on creating beautifully designed, eco-friendly furniture from discarded materials.

Borderline of Countable

10,000 Birds

Valentine’s Day , one of them visiting Poland and Germany in the meantime). As usual at this time of year, I visited the city landfill to look for gulls. To be honest, mostly to look for one gull, the European Herring Gull Larus argentatus.

Keret House: The World’s Thinnest, Most Insane House is Now Open

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Architecture & Urban centrala etgar keret jakub szczesny Keret House Poland warsaw world's thinnest houseOnline and print news sources around the world are calling the Keret House the thinnest in the world and it is finally open.

Official ground-breaking ceremony: vortex energy builds 22MW "Gadegast" wind farm

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The company specialises in the planning, construction and operation of wind turbines and solar power installations in Germany and Poland. To date vortex energy has constructed 16 wind farms with a joint capacity of 340 megawatt in Germany and Poland.

Europe will face deadly costs for climate inaction

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Unfortunately there are EU member states, such as Poland and other eastern states , which are willing to oppose new and tougher climate goals for Europe.

This is one Doctor’s Note that makes me want to say F**k Yeah.

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Canadian Dr.’s reply to companies requiring medical note after sick day (i.imgur.com) “Meanwile in Poland such a note is neccessary for every single missed sick day for every person. Milions of people in the waiting rooms each flu season wasting so much time health and money.” ” The Walmart solution: “We don’t care if you have a […]. Homepages (Gold Tabs)* Health & Wellness WAYLON: Classic Queue

The Ruddy Shelduck Twitch

10,000 Birds

Further north, in Poland, they used to write off all Ruddy Shelducks recorded, assuming they were escapees, until they found one ringed in Kazakhstan! One of those mornings that somehow let the light in, but without a trace of sun. I leave tarmac behind, entering a dirt track with my low clearance hatchback, carefully avoiding the trenches deeply rooted by combine harvesters. Going over the side corrugations, I wonder if they have used the snow groomer to flatten this section of the track?

On the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Armistice Day, as it is called in Britain, in once again upon us. The day where we are called upon to remember the “glorious” dead of the Great War, the war that was supposed to end all war.

War 11

The Way of Water (La natura dell’acqua)

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Virtually Yours” was first published in Issue #4 of Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine (Canada); it was reprinted in several languages in other countries including USA, Poland, Romania, Greece, and now Italy. She imagines its coolness gliding down her throat.

Fracking Concerns Cause Ban In Bulgaria

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In addition to France and Bulgaria, Poland is also exploring the use of fracking. Poland recently gave ExxonMobil permission for exploratory shall drilling in the country. It is not yet known if Poland or the UK will also follow France and Bulgaria’s path.

Global Agriculture Trends: Are We Actually Using Less Land?

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So while agricultural area is down for the United States and Poland, it’s up for Argentina, Indonesia and Vietnam (see the map below for more). New Zealand, Mongolia, and Poland) hides significant agricultural expansion elsewhere (like Vietnam, Indonesia, and Argentina), as shown below.

UN report: 2013's extreme weather is consistent with climate change

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Extreme precipitation led to severe floods in Europe’s Alpine region and in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and Switzerland. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) released their annual State of the Climate report this past Sunday, to coincide with the World Meteorological Day. The report confirms that recent extreme weather events, such as droughts, floods, heat waves and tropical cyclones around the world, are linked to human-caused climate change.

The Enemy

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Workers, your enemy is not the worker from Poland, from Lithuania or Romania; your enemy is global and national capitalism.

Who Will Pay For Nature? How To Catalyze Private Investment In Sustainability

Conservancy Talk

Mainstream companies like Apple and Toyota, municipalities like New York City, and countries like France and Poland have all issued them—but the biggest market is emerging in China.

2017 23

Greenpeace response to the Obama climate plan

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If this speech is to mean anything, if Obama is serious about challenging the dominance of the oil, gas and coal lobby, then the US diplomats who go to Poland will be the first to push for real action instead of holding the world back.”

Freedom Climbers

Wend Magazine

And back in 2003 she came up with an idea for this latest project at an adventure film festival in Poland. For thousands of young people at that time the mountains were their only escape and many of them ventured far away from Poland into the high of places of Central Asia where they distinguished themselves among the best alpinists in the world.

Polish law change unleashes 'massacre' of trees

Green (Living) Review

The change came into force on 1 January and has led to a surge in tree-felling, with activists reporting newly cleared spaces in cities, towns and parts of the countryside all over Poland.

Negative space

Environmental Economics

To win over companies and skeptical countries like Poland, which burn a lot of coal, far too many credits have been handed out.

Embracing Your Future: Flying Algal Ships

The Alien Next Door

Chlamydomonas reinhardtii was first discovered as a clean source of hydrogen back in 1939 by German scientist Hans Gaffron at the University of Chicago (ironically the same year Germany invaded Poland). Hydrogenase by Vincent Callebaut It’s July 2030.

Fascists on the ascent

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In Poland in early November 2017 an estimated 60,000 “nationalists” (can we say Nazis) alone in Warsaw, during nationwide wave of demonstrations and marches, called for all Jews to leave the country and for a white Poland for only those with Polish blood.

Fiskars Quik DrillTM – Product Review

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Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Improved drilling power through design The Fiskars Quik Drill abandons the large helical screw thread found in more traditional designs in favor of two optimally angled boron steel blades secured around a sharp drill spike.

Reflections on the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation from Fascism

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Great Britain would have the same suffered the same fate as France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Today, on May 8, 2015, is the 70th anniversary of the victory over Hitler fascism.

Quinoa and how our use impacts of the people whose food it is

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It is a little like bringing in firewood into Britain for sustainable heating from as far away as Poland, the Ukraine and Western Russia.