Plastic, plastic use, and plastic pollution

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Plastic is pervasive nowadays and there is almost no place where you can look and plastic will not be staring you in the face in some for or the other. The computer keyboard, the case of the laptop, of the cellphone; all plastic, and that just for starters.

Uses for plastic containers

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Plastic packaging and plastic containers are everywhere, they are ubiquitous, and most end up in the landfill for recycling does not always happen in the way that we are being told.

Europe drowning in plastic waste

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Instead of actually reducing waste, especially, though not restricted to, plastic waste, and secondly building our own facilities for recycling the countries are, yet again, looking for places with lower environmental standards to where to dump the waste rather than doing the other.

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Zero waste myths: should we really be avoiding plastic?

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Images of ocean plastic pollution are causing so much revulsion that many people are switching to some supposedly more “environmentally friendly” materials to try to reduce their impact. Also, there is plastic and then there is plastic. It all depends on the plastic.

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Aldi unveils measures to slash plastics waste

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Aldi has signed up to a new cross-sector initiative from WRAP aimed at transforming the UK's plastics system. In place of carrier bags, the UK's fastest growing supermarket will offer customers bags for life as reusable 9p bags made from back-of-store plastic waste.

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From plastic lotion bottle to tool holster (Reuse Recipe)

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Those plastic bottles that held hand lotion, or sun lotion, or the larger ones that held cleaning product of one kind or other, lend themselves very nicely to be upcycled into belt pouches/holsters for small tools like secateurs, etc.

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Plastic bag 'tax'

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The problem with biodegradable shopping bags is that they are still plastic and the biodegradable part to this is rather a questionable one as well. Very much in the same way that we keep hearing abut bio-plastic, that is to say, yes, plastic made from bio-matter.

Reusing plastic utensils in the garden

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Reusing plastic utensils (flatware) in the garden (and elsewhere) by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Don't toss those plastic knives, forks and spoons. These days people are looking to be more environmentally conscious, which means using reusable utensils instead of plastic ones.

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10 tips for living with less plastic

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It's impossible to avoid plastic entirely, but there are effective ways to limit your exposure. Plastic is so commonplace in our world today that it’s nearly impossible to imagine I a life without it. Here are some tips on how to get rid of plastic at home. plastic Plastic Wast

Delhi bans disposable plastics

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India's capital city has taken a strong stand against plastic pollution, but now it needs to convince its residents. India’s capital city, Delhi, has taken a courageous step toward fighting plastic pollution. India and four other Asian nations are the top plastic polluters in the world.

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Say No to Plastic with the S.T.O.P. Technique.

Elephant Journal

The recent cover of National Geographic reads, “Planet or Plastic?” We have a planetary plastic waste crisis, and marine animals, especially, are paying the consequences. It is everywhere in the media.

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Plastic Free July and Declare Your Independence!

The Green Samaritan

So as you are walking along the beach this 4th of July week, think about going a step further by joining the Plastic Free July challenge and pledging to give up a little bit or all of single use. See the full post and more at Green Living

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Hawaii’s Plastic Beach

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Hawaii’s Plastic Beach. The majority of the trash that washes up on Kamilo Beach – as high as 90% – is plastic. Some of this is regular household waste: plastic bags, food containers , and toothbrushes can all be found piled high on the shore. Kamilo Beach.

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Report: Plastic pollution in the ocean is reaching crisis levels

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Plastic has infiltrated the ocean’s ecosystem, from plankton to whales. trillion pieces of plastic trash in the world’s oceans, and each year, 8 million tons of plastic are added to the count. oceans plastic Plastic Waste pollution

What Is Biodegradable Plastic?


Biodegradable plastics do not compost, that is, absorb back into the earth with no trace of toxic residue like your kitchen scraps in the compost pile. Why do we need biodegradable plastic? Before biodegradables were discovered, plastics were made primarily from petroleum byproducts.

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Plastic detox mindmap

The Green Changemakers

Green Plastics

Co-op unveils 50% recycled plastic bottles for own-brand water

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Cop-op has announced that all of its own-brand water bottles will be switched to contain 50% recycled plastic, as part of a plan to "test the water" on how shoppers will react to a change in design.

2018 158

Stop Being Plastic


This year the world aims to “End Plastic Pollution” and also create a global support to stop the use of single-use plastic. Plastic is now deeply integrated into our lives. Sadly, most of the plastic ends in the world’s oceans. World Earth Day was on 22 April.

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Surprise: Biodegradable plastic bags usually aren’t

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Even with the confusion, most people agree plastic bags suck. biodegradable plastic green living greenwash plastic bags Reducing waste is hard.

Which cutting board is best, wood or plastic?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) When it comes to cutting boards which is the more sustainable and healthy choice; plastic or wood? In fact, this question of bacteria helps answer your question about plastic vs. wood. But it seems this was just another PR coup by the plastics industry.

'Biodegradable' plastics are not at all great for the environment

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The UN has stated that 'biodegradable' plastics are not so great for the oceans but the truth be told they are not so great anywhere actually, just a feel-good sop to our consciences. The same also goes for “compostable” plastics.

A 30-Day Plan to Waste Less & Detox from Plastic like a Boss. {Partner}

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Conscious Consumerism Featured Events Green Health & Wellness eco eco switches green pela case planet over plastic plastic free plastic free july zero wasteChange starts with one small, totally do-able switch a day.

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Instead of Plastic, This!

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A post shared by Khala Cloths (@khalacloths) on Oct 7, 2016 at 9:04am PDT Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis: Plastic is bad! It lasts forever, even when it breaks down, it turns into tiny, little bits of plastic which get ingested by fish, birds, wildlife, and then we ingest that.

10 Ways to Upcycle your Plastic Waste

Hug a Tree with Me

Plastic is one of the most used materials in the world, and it is also one of the most polluting. Plastic products are among the top landfill inhabitants because conventional plastic do not biodegrade – however, most plastics are recyclable.

Fighting fire with fire or, in this case, plastic with plastic

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Forget bio-based bottles, one Dutch designer believes we should fight plastic with plastic. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Have you ever wondered what it takes to produce just one plastic bottle? Fight plastic with plastic.

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How to Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles

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It may seem unbelievable but you can build houses out of plastic bottles filled with sand. The plastic bottles were gathered from trash cans and then filled with sand. This way, volunteers managed to make 6,000 `bricks` from sand-filled plastic bottles.

Not everything that is plastic is 'disposables'

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Not all plastic things are meant to be “disposables” though it would appear that many people see more or less cheap items of plastic, which is not even plastic packaging (waste), as “disposable”, however.

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Alternatives to Plastic

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Alternatives to Plastic. Although plastic as we know it was introduced less than 100 years ago it has quickly become a staple in our everyday lives – from light switches to cars to computers, plastics are unavoidable. Recycled Aluminum Water Bottle: Topo Trail Map.

How dog-walking turned into plastic waste activism

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A woman from California was so distressed by the amount of plastic waste she encounters daily while walking her dogs that she started posting her pictures online to show people where plastic ends up. Plastic Waste waste

Plastic 'nurdles' found littering UK beaches

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This happens during the manufacture, transport or use of plastic products.

Plastic packaging – the bane of the modern world

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Almost everything that we buy today is packaged in plastic and sometimes double and treble. The plastic often enough is not a bad strength at all and food grade and thus those items could serve in the kitchen and/or elsewhere.

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New Plastics Economy: Businesses support action plan to recycle 70% of global plastic packaging

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A cross-sector coalition of multinational businesses have today (16 January) thrown their weight behind the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's new global action plan to recycle and re-use 70% of the world's plastic packaging.

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Reuse and Upcycling of Plastic Packaging

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) As much as we may wish to avoid plastic (in our lives) the fact remains – at least for the foreseeable future – that it is with us, especially as far as packaging containers are concerned, and thus reuse and upcycling of those is better than any other solution. The recycling of plastics – as much as that of everything else – still requires a great amount of energy, even though maybe not as much as creating plastic from virgin polymer.

Biodegradable plastics – the truth

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The truth about biodegradable plastics is that most of them are not by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Most of us are aware of how long-lived petroleum-based plastic bags and packaging are, I am sure. Many cities compost yard waste, but only a few sites – about 100 in the entire USA – will also accept these “degradable” plastics and, as far as can be ascertained there are basically none that do in the entire UK. biodegradable plastic

Can Plastic Bags Be Recycled?


Plastic bags are made from oil, natural gas or, as in the case, of bioplastics, plant material. The material is heated to a melting point so that it can be poured into a die the shape of a plastic bag. . How do we recycle plastic bags? Why you should recycle plastic bags.

Plastic Bag Ban: A Tale of Two Cities

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Plastic Bag Ban: A Tale of Two Cities. The photo above depicts 60,000 plastic bags, the number used in the U.S. There are exemptions, of course, like plastic bags for damp vegetables and fruits, or for takeout food, and no charge for those using food stamps or vouchers.

The Music Industry's Battle Against Plastic Junk

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Touring artists are using their unique influence to help festival organizers move away from single-use plastic Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard the stats: Plastic is flooding our world.

Pledge 4 Plastics

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Brits are being asked to recycle one more plastic bottles a week as part of a national drive to boost plastics recycling. This recycled plastic can then be turned into new items including toys, phone covers and even football shirts. You could, obviously, also get more than the additional bottle to the recycling bin and why not also think of ways to reuse those plastic bottles.

10 plastic items you can give up right now

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So much of the plastic we use is completely unnecessary; give up these items and you won't even miss them. Plastic is so pervasive in our lives that it can hard to understand just what a problem it presents. Eight million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every year.

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Plastic Bottles: Bottled Water and the Environment


Around the world over 1 million plastic. water bottles are purchased per minute and close to 400 billion plastic water bottles are produced per year. Plastic bottles are seen as a disposable means of buying drinks and are discarded without thought after use.