Plants going extinct faster than we thought

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Plants: They seem more resilient than we are. But a new study reveals that along with large mammals, amphibian and creatures of the sea, plants are going extinct faster than we thought possible. Every plant is a medicinal plant. Get out in the weeds and know your plants.

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Birders Love Wastewater Treatment Plants

10,000 Birds

Wastewater Treatment Plants are known to birders all over the country as great birding spots. But this post isn’t about Arcata Marsh, it’s about the leaders of our local Audubon Society chapter convincing the local wastewater treatment plant to reopen to the birding community. Although not unusual to see these species in this location, considering the Sacramento River borders the East side of the plant, it seemed rather early to see the Snow Goose.


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Fighting Fire with Native Plants

Nature Conservancy - Science

From the Field Fire Invasive Species Native Plants Nature-based Solutions Ranching Research RestorationWhen bunchgrass ecosystems are intact, they limit both the spread of fire and the invasion of exotic grasses.

Indoor plants as air filters

Green Living Tips

Indoor plants not only look great, they can also help clear your house of common environmental pollutants

Britain's most poisonous plants

Green (Living) Review

What other plants should you look out for? According to Elizabeth Dauncey''s book titled Poisonous Plants, there are usually up to two fatalities a year from plants (mainly caused by yew and hemlock ), but these are mostly suicides. According to Elizabeth, a leading plant toxicologist, this is feasible if you had a large amount and left them to allow cyanide levels build up, and drove for some time. gardening green living poisonous plants

Plants That Grow Better Side-By-Side

Green (Living) Review

Companion planting uses one species' advantages to help another. Organic gardeners know that a diverse mix of plants makes for a healthy and beautiful garden. Many believe that certain plant combinations have extraordinary (even mysterious) powers to help each other grow. Scientific study of the process, called companion planting, has confirmed that some combinations have real benefits unique to those combinations. companion planting gardening gardening tips

Saving Birds From Invasive … Plants?

10,000 Birds

But plants? When birds do manage to establish a nest, the quick-growing plant (which can shoot to 8 feet high) can cluster around the nest and prevent parents from reaching their chicks. Thanks to an extensive eradication project, FWS reports that it is beginning to get the upper hand on this pest plant. Yes, that’s what’s happening at Midway Atoll, a chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS).

The Medicinal Plant Extinction Crisis Explained by Dr. Bomi Joseph

Green Prophet

Also a medicinal plant. Outside of developed Western countries, many people’s health and survival depends on access wildcrafted plant medicines. Botanical drugs tend to be naturally in sync with our bodies because humans evolved from plants, and we share much of the same basic DNA.

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Winter Warmer: Make Tea from Local, Wild Plants

Nature Conservancy - Science

From the Field Outdoor Rec PlantsYou can find the ingredients for a tasty wild tea on your next hike or ski trip.

2018 82

Incentivizing Tree Planting in Myanmar

Nature Conservancy - Science

How can nature-based solutions stand the test of time in Myanmar? From the Field Asia Pacific Forests

A Quest to Document the World’s Flowering Plants

Nature Conservancy - Science

They’re on a mission to document and photograph every flowering plant family on earth. From the Field Native Plants Natural History

2018 70

Sachsen plant Fahrradschnellstraßen

Green (Living) Review

Sachsen plant vier Fahrradschnellstraßen ohne Ampeln und Kreuzungen. Freie Fahrt mit dem Rad Nonstop von Leipzig nach Halle – für Radfahrer könnte das bald Wirklichkeit werden. 2021 könnte Baubeginn sein. Die Landesregierung hat beim Bundesverkehrsministerium vier Routen mit jeweils zwischen 30 und 50 Kilometern Länge für eine mögliche Förderung angemeldet. Das geht aus einer Kleinen Anfrage der Grünen hervor.

Japan builds desalination plants for Bahrain and the Emirates

Green Prophet

Toray, the Japanese builder of desalination plants sent us the official news that they will build two new reverse osmosis plants (RO Plants), the Al Dur 2 Desalination Plant in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Umm Al Quwain Desalination Plant in the United Arab Emirates.

2020 69

Coyote Scat and Native Plant Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Conservationists cultivating native plants must mimic nature. In addition to conserving vital wildlife habitat along the Rio Grande River, the preserve serves a native plant nursery, supplying a variety of species to other Conservancy projects and partners for reestablishing native habitats. Preserve manager Max Pons runs the nursery, which can produce as many as 80,000 plants a year for conservation purposes. Pons and his crew planted a bunch of the coyote-eaten seeds.

Greenpeace against Arab world’s first nuclear power plant

Green Prophet

The first nuclear energy plant in the United Arab Emirates goes online on the Gulf Coast east of Qatar. The plant in Abu Dhabi was set to open in 2017 but its start-up was delayed for what officials say were “safety requirements” according to the BBC.

2020 84

London College of Garden Design to sponsor planting design competition

Green (Living) Review

The London College of Garden Design has announced their sponsorship of a Planting Design Competition at the Belvoir Castle Flower and Garden Show 2020. This is the second year that the College has sponsored the Countryside Borders Competition which aims to help budding new garden designers and experts to show what they can achieve with plants.

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There is more to creating a woodland than just planting trees

Green (Living) Review

Just planting trees and leaving them for Mother Nature to do its work is a waste of trees, money, time and effort and will lead to nothing but disaster. Left to its own devices, and Mother Nature's care, brambles and other such will soon smother the newly planted trees and that will be it.

2020 219

The Mysterious Realm of Plant Music.

Elephant Journal

For centuries, plant lovers, amateurs, and scientists have gone out on a limb to answer the following questions: can plants hear? And do plants respond to music? Arts Green brian eno generative music nature music plant music plants and music

Pepsi’s 100% Plant-Based Bottle

Sustainability Ninja

PepsiCo Inc has revealed their new eco-friendly bottle, which is made entirely of plant material. The soda giant says it is the world’s first bottle of a common type of plastic called PET made entirely of plant-based materials. currently produces a bottle using 30% plant-based materials and recently estimated it would be several years before it has a 100% plant bottle that’s commercially viable. Alternative Materials News pepsi plant based bottles

What Happens When You Plant a Pile of Bear Scat?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Coyote Scat and Native Plant Conservation. The dried sample went directly into greenhouse soil at Rocky Mountain National Park where 30,000 to 50,000 plants grow annually. Those plants are distributed among restoration projects within the park: often disturbed sites like construction zones where roads are widened and waterlines are replaced. Woody plants, like chokecherry, are hard for people to germinate. Wildlife Mammals Native Plants Restoration

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10 Plant-Based Kitchen Hacks for even the most Cooking-Challenged Vegans.

Elephant Journal

These plant-based tips can help create a positive space in the kitchen by cutting cooking time in half and giving us delicious, healthy meals. Animal Rights Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Food Green Health & Wellness cooking elephant magazine plant-based plant-based foods plant-based kitchen tempeh tofu vegan vegan cuisine vegetarian

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Three bacterial strains discovered on space station may help grow plants on Mars

Green Prophet

Now, a recent discovery aboard the International Space Station (ISS) has researchers may help create the ‘fuel’ to help plants withstand such stressful situations. Artificial Intelligence is used by Karin Kloosterman in this biodome to grow bio-organic food with zero waste.

Waterfowl at the Local Water Treatment Plant

10,000 Birds

As it turned out the month of October brings some of the common migratory waterfowl to our local water treatment plant ponds in Indian River County, Florida. Visiting the local water treatment plant after a cold front has become a habit for some of the county birders. Coots, Blue and Green-winged Teals are staple at the ponds throughout the winter time.

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Join the UN’s annual party for the plants

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Keeping plant products and global trade in plants safe – Annual meeting: Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (International Plant Protection Convention) happening April 1 to 5 2019, Plenary Hall, FAO Rome. Globally, annual crop losses to plant pests are estimated to be between 20 to 40 percent of production. Plant diseases cost the global economy around $220 billion each year. Companies like flux are “listening” to the plants.

2019 57

Nottinghamshire farmer plants 'edible woodland'

Green (Living) Review

An array of locally-grown fruit will be added to the menu in Nottinghamshire following the planting of an "edible woodland" by a dedicated farmer in partnership with the Woodland Trust. David Rose is turning six-and a half hectares of arable land at Home Farm, Screveton , by planting more than 4,000 fruit and nut trees. The hard work was done last month when volunteers turned up at the progressive farm to plant the young trees and bushes.

2017 119

Tongue Orchids & Corpseflowers: 7 Insanely Weird Plant Species

Nature Conservancy - Science

Meet the plant that eats shrew poo, the orchid that has sex with itself, and the embarrassingly phallic titan arum. From the Field Native Plants Nature Pop Weird Nature

2017 65

Plantify plants and service – Review

Green (Living) Review

is the premier plant specialist shop in the UK and they pride themselves on selling substantial British-grown plants in their natural season that will thrive in your garden. They have probably the largest range of plants for sale in the UK, with over 3000 varieties in stock at any one time. All their plants are ''grown hard'' and are overwintered in the UK and while Plantify do sell plants all year they will never force a plant out of its natural season.

Planting Seeds from Brokenness.

Elephant Journal

Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) WAYLON: Editor''s Picks break up broken perspective planting seeds relationships succulent It''s been gradual, but I feel more grounded. More content. More solid. More at ease.

Foraging for wild food and medicinal plants - Chickweed Plant Profile

Green (Living) Review

More often than not, our hardy wild plants will offer us nutritionally-high greens for the salad bowl or cooking pot (often far higher than from plants generally grown or bought), and provide us with safe, effective medicine! Hardy winter greens When in the garden or plot at this time of year, the otherwise-ignored wild plants will grab our attention, and naturally so, because there is precious little other growth about.

5 Great House Plants That Don’t Need Much Care

Green Furniture Home Design

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, you’re not home much, or simply don’t really have the patience to take care of plants, feel comforted in the fact that you still can own house plants. There are numerous types of house plants that are extremely easy to care for. Let’s talk about five house plants that are very easy to care for. Spider Plants are also easy plants to care for as they do not require direct sunlight, but sufficient indirect sunlight.

Genetically engineered plants to replace airport security checkpoints?

Green Prophet

Scientist June Medford is working to harness the innate sensing abilities of plants, genetically engineering them into lean, green bomb-and-drug detecting machines. ” Engineered plants could be internet-connected to electronic webcams, detecting color changes before they’re perceptible to the human eye, and signaling an alarm. Consider that the natural sensors in plants can be over 100 times more receptive than a dog’s.

Which Plants Should I Prune in January?

Green (Living) Review

Check out which garden favourites will benefit from a trim this month January is a great time to prune plants, because you can see their framework, which makes the job a lot easier. If you have a plant that you want to train along a wall or fence, remove any stems growing away from the support, so you end up with a neat fan shape.

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Israeli solar power plant to generate electricity day and night

Green Prophet

Energy biomass Dimona Israel plant solar Solar Energy solar power plant solar thermal energy Solar energy is a pretty hot topic right now. It’s cheaper, cleaner and more sustainable than traditional energy sources. But the problem has remained of how to use solar energy without any sun – when it gets dark! An Israeli company thinks it might have found the answer.

Solar Plant Stopped Killing Birds: One Weird Trick!

10,000 Birds

The Brightsoruce Power Plant, in California, uses mirrors to concentrate solar energy to nearly a single point, where things get so hot you can melt metal. Some estimates suggested that something like 28,000 birds would be killed per year in this plant. Other estimates suggest that over 4,000 of this type of plant would supply the US with pretty much all of its energy needs.

2016 160

Plants versus Meat: 4 ways Plants will Rock your World.

Elephant Journal

In a new position paper from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, some of the nation's leading experts in nutrition outlined the benefits of a plant-based diet, stating that they’re “healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.”. Animal Rights Enlightened Society Family Food Green Health & Wellness cancer diet disease health health benefit meat plants vegan vegetarian

Getting Ready for Spring Planting

Living Green & Saving Energy

Springtime is almost here, which means that it’s time to head outside and get an early jump on your garden! A previous post discussed the benefits of composting and how worms can be among your most valued helpers in your garden. You can grow some fresh veggies to serve in your own home-grown salad, or [.]. gardening green living how to go green organic food garden vegetables Green living more productive garden organic gardening

How to Propagate Plants

Green (Living) Review

Here''s a beginner''s guide to plant propagation Learning to propagate plants—to make new plants from existing ones in your home and garden—is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of gardening. Propagation is cheaper than buying large numbers of plants, so with a little time and effort you can fill your garden quickly at minimal cost. You can reproduce most plants by several methods. The time to sow seeds depends on the type of plant.

Succession Planting: Keep It Coming

Green (Living) Review

Get Acquainted Succession planting—following one crop with another—is the most important tool for maximizing a garden''s yield. Creating a detailed succession plan now eliminates the guesswork of what and when to plant later on in the season. Catalog descriptions and seed packet instructions offer each vegetable''s vital statistics, including when to first plant in spring, how many days the variety takes to reach maturity, how much space it requires, and if it is frost-tolerant.

Best Drought Resistant Plants for Your Garden

Green Furniture Home Design

Of course not, but you will have to try and fill that garden with plants that are able to consume far less water. Here’s a list of some of the most drought resistant plants available in North America. Common Names: Red salvia, scarlet sage, and firecracker plant. Home and Garden best plants for droughts drought resistant plants plants that need less waterAs almost half of the U.S.

The Inspiring Truths & Lessons that Plants Teach Us.

Elephant Journal

Allow me the pleasure to share some of these inspiring truths and lessons we can all learn from our humble plants, if we only try to see and listen. Green Inspiring (Wow) Non New-Agey Spirituality Z ADMIN Green Featured Today garden wisdom gardening Inspiring Truths lessons plant wisdom Plants Teach Us plats

This Plant has the Potential to Heal Open Wounds.

Elephant Journal

Green Health & Wellness acne medicine calendula calendula cream natural acne solution plant medicine plant remedyI'm sad my dermatologist didn't tell me about this sooner.

Succession Planting: Keep It Coming

Green (Living) Review

Get Acquainted Succession planting—following one crop with another—is the most important tool for maximizing a garden''s yield. Creating a detailed succession plan now eliminates the guesswork of what and when to plant later on in the season. Catalog descriptions and seed packet instructions offer each vegetable''s vital statistics, including when to first plant in spring, how many days the variety takes to reach maturity, how much space it requires, and if it is frost-tolerant.

Companion Planting: 11 Herbs to Help Your Garden Grow

Green (Living) Review

Perhaps you’re frustrated with how things turned out this year or worried about future threats to your healthy plants. Whatever your state of mind or the state of your garden, you may want to consider the benefits of companion planting in the future. Companion planting can be an efficient and natural way to protect your garden from pests and promote healthy, glowing growth in all your herbs, vegetables and flowers. companion planting gardening green living green living tips