Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization

The Green Changemakers

Selling Our Future (pdf) Introduction ( Listen to Audio ) Food: The Weak Link The Emerging Politics of Food Scarcity Our Global Ponzi Economy Mounting Stresses, Failing States Plan B—A Plan to Save Civilization Chapter 1 Data ( xls ) ( pdf ) PART I. Lester R. Brown Table of Contents Includes Podcasts of Preface and chapter introductions. Entire book (pdf) Data sets Preface (pdf) ( Listen to Audio ) 1.

Plan B 3.0 (2008) Mobilizing to Save Civilization

The Green Changemakers

Entering a New World (pdf) Introduction A Massive Market Failure Environment and Civilization China: Why the Existing Economic Model Will Fail Mounting Stresses, Failing States A Civilizational Tipping Point Plan B—A Plan of Hope Chapter 1 Data (xls) PART I. A CIVILIZATION IN TROUBLE 2. Entire book (pdf) Data sets Time for Plan B: Cutting Carbon Emissions 80% by 2020 (pdf) Preface (pdf) 1.

2008 40

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Reclaiming the Streets: Urban Transportation Innovations

The Green Changemakers

This also means planting trees and gardens and replacing parking lots with parks, playgrounds, and playing fields. Mobilizing to Save Civilization (New York: W.W. By Lester R. Brown Earth Policy Institute Cars promise mobility, and in a largely rural setting they provide it. But in an urbanizing world, where more than half of us live in cities, there is an inherent conflict between the automobile and the city.

2010 43

Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

The Green Changemakers

Many experts have been warning about the end of our civilization as we know it is today [4], the end of oil age with its catastrophic consequences [5]. Saving energy and improving energy efficiency The first and foremost available solution is energy conservation, through reducing energy waste and increasing energy efficiency. Saving energy can start just right at each individual’s lifestyle. link] Accessed November 2008 [26] Gartner J (2008) Algae: Power Plant of the Future?