Dear Lover, let’s Make a Plan for Love.

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Let’s plan for sunrises in Kenya and the northern lights in Iceland. Let’s plan for quiet nights where the tree frogs serenade us with their own private songs, and where we forget there is a world outside of the space between your heart and mine.

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Flexible plans due to flooding

10,000 Birds

First came Tropical Cyclone Hilda and then came Tropical Cyclone Joyce and our plans were being adjusted daily as more and more rain fell and the main highway (the only highway out!)

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Vertical Pallet Garden Plan

Green (Living) Review

Groundbreaking Food Gardens (Storey Publishing, 2014) by Niki Jabbour is a stellar collection of unique food garden plans from some of the best gardeners and designers in North America. Choose from 73 plans, each with its own theme and detailed illustration.

Planned obsolescence

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Planned obsolescence fuels hyperconsumption which impacts heavily on wallets - and our environment It's one thing for a product to generally wear out, quite another for a manufacturer to ensure a part of it does within a desired timeframe.

Planning Appeal Success for Sustainable Community

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Community group, Rhiw Las, have won their planning appeal to build four low-impact smallholdings, where they will grow their own food, create their own energy, and develop their own ecological businesses.

Politico's Morning Energy on the infrastructure plan

Environmental Economics

 While water, roads and airports all get special attention in the White House's new infrastructure plan, the electric grid was largely ignored in the  55-page document  the White House rolled out  Monday  - despite the system's age and the challenges to building it. "This plan ignores American energy and transportation needs of today - as well as  tomorrow. Via email: By Kelsey Tamborrino | 02/13/2018 10:00 AM EDT.

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Fall Garden Planning

Green (Living) Review

Now is the time to plan for a productive fall garden. But those who seize the opportunity for a second season will find the planning worthwhile as they munch on garden-fresh produce as Halloween approaches.

Creating Community ~ Lesson Plans

The Green Changemakers

Click on these links for Lesson Plans on Bullying Awareness, Teaching Tolerance, and Making a Difference.) They brainstorm their personal strengths and needs of the community and make a plan to take action for the common good. Valuing Community lesson plan Link: [link].

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Planning and traveling to an eco wedding abroad

Green Traveler Guides

| Say ‘I Do’ to Green | Destination weddings are still trending—big-time. For Americans, the San Francisco Bay Area, Hawaii and South Florida are among the most popular options, but untold thousands of couples are also opting to have their wedding where passports are required.

2018 130

Birding Argentina – Planning Stage

10,000 Birds

At the early stages of our planning we were aiming to spend a few days in Santiago de Chile and then move to the North-west Argentina where we planned to spend most of our time and then to finish near Buenos Aires. And so we began to carefully plan a very busy schedule so we could cover all the birding hot spots that we could find. Planning for such a whirlwind tour became a monstrous research task. Plush-crested Jay.

A Step-by-Step Guide to planning a Sugar Detox.

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Enlightened Society Food Health & Wellness awareness change detox diabetes diet family guide healing health help life meal plan self love sugar sugar addiction sugar tooth sweetsWhen we first got together, my husband and I were very active. We went on daily bike rides. Our vacations consisted of taking biking tours in Europe or hiking in the mountains. One summer, we even took several weeks to through hike the Oregon Coast Trail. Then, we became a family of three.

2018 67

Meal Planning for Dummies, Foodies & Busy People.

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Food Green Health & Wellness busy people cooking foodie foodies meal planning more time quick mealsTurns out it is important for me to be efficient with my time, so I have made myself a new rule: I only cook.

The state of Yugoslavia stood in the way of the strategic plan of the USA

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It stood in the way of the strategic plan of the USA the way it was. The state Yugoslavia, as it was, stood in the way of this strategic plan of the USA for it was a country had some weight and some prestige and also had one of the largest and strongest armies of Europe.

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3 Ways Worrying can be an Effective Part of our Birth Plan.

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Family Health & Wellness WAYLON: Today Only anxiety becoming a mother birth plan get informed giving birth letting go motherhood pregnancy releasing fear worryWhen facing the unknown of giving birth, we’re all drawn to different ways of dealing with our worries. Some of us bury our heads in the sand, hoping if we just ignore them they might go away. Others choose to.

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Why we Need a Life Plan.

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Does having a plan inherently detach us from the present moment? Enlightened Society Non New-Agey Spirituality Right Livelihood clarity goals gratitude joy law of attraction life life plan living in the moment love mindfulness present

To save bees, city plans 1,000 acres of prairie

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Midwest, one city in Iowa is launching an ambitious plan to rebuild their prairie habitat. But as one city in Iowa plans to demonstrate, big changes like these can start with smaller, simpler actions. As vital pollinators decline across the U.S.

Greenpeace response to the Obama climate plan

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Commenting on President Obama’s new climate plan, which was announced the other day in a speech in Washington, Greenpeace UK executive director John Sauven said: “The President is embracing policies that will excite people around the world, and if the full potential of this plan is realised then we could look back at this speech as a landmark moment. Obama plan can be read here: [link] Source: Greenpeace UK. US Government USA climate plan Obama Greenpeace

Global Citizenship Lesson Plan

The Green Changemakers

This class is planned for 60 or 75 minutes.

The Problem with Making Plans.

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My grandmother always says, "we make plans and God laughs.".

Industry response to The Food Waste Recycling Action Plan

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“Positive progress but more must still be done” Earlier this month (7 July), WRAP launched England’s first action plan to increase the quantity and quality of both domestic and commercial food waste recycling.

"New Group, With Conservative Credentials, Plans Push for a Carbon Tax"

Environmental Economics

Let the demogoguery begin:  Proponents of a market-oriented plan to fight climate change by taxing greenhouse gas emissions and giving the revenue to American taxpayers are starting a campaign to run advertisements as early as this fall and introduce legislation in Congress as early as next year. The plan’s supporters have formed a group called  Americans for Carbon Dividends  that will lobby for the proposal.

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"Details Of Obama’s Climate Change Plan"

Environmental Economics

The Onion: President Obama unveiled Monday a plan to increase the country’s clean power usage that many are calling the strongest action ever taken by a U.S. Here are some key details of Obama’s climate change plan: Immediate removal of smokestacks atop White House. president to combat the effects of climate change. Designates team of workers to cool down planet’s hottest surfaces with damp towels and washcloths. Increases wind by 80 million gusts.

Writing Exercise: The “10-Year Plan” for a Remarkable Life.

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Enlightened Society Non New-Agey Spirituality Right Livelihood aspirations awareness debbiemillman Dream goal Health & Wellness health wellness ideal life longterm love mindfulness Naval Ravikant plan poetry purpose spirituality Timferriss YogaI did this exercise almost a year ago, and it breathed new life into the way I looked at goal-setting. I fully grasped the power of long-term thinking, as the exercise removed the superficial pull of the quick benefits that often tug at us.

"A Curious Plan to Fight Climate Change"

Environmental Economics

As improbable as it may seem, Mr. Clarke said the Patriot deal had played to his advantage — helping start his grand plan to remake coal mining into a greener industry. The plan involves creating pollution credits by planting or preserving trees around the world to offset the carbon emitted from burning coal.

Benefits and costs of the Clean Power Plan

Environmental Economics

Federal Clean Power Plan.

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Caffé Nero reports coffee-waste-to-biofuel success, plans expansion

Green (Living) Review

Italian-style coffee shop chain Caffé Nero is looking to extend an innovative coffee-to-biofuel recycling scheme beyond greater London after a successful partnership with recycling company First Mile and technology firm Bio-Bean.

Plan B 4.0 – Book Review

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Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Plan B 4.0: Brown in his new book, Plan B 4.0: The Saudis are unique in being so wholly dependent on irrigation,” says Brown in Plan B 4.0. That is what Plan B 4.0 And we must be armed with a plan outlining the changes needed. “It

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Energy Centre planning application submitted

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Origin Renewable Energy has submitted its planning application for an Energy Centre at Magnetic Park, Desborough, which will provide renewable heat and power to homes and businesses within the local area.

"House conservatives' sweeping plan for Trump's first 100 days, explained"

Environmental Economics

All regulations have zero benefits: Thursday morning, the House Freedom Caucus, the main group representing the far right of House Republicans, released an ambitious regulatory — or, really, deregulatory — agenda for the Trump administration to pursue.

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Homeschooling Lesson Plans for 2012/2013

Hug a Tree with Me

Coming confidently out of year one, I am very excited about Jordan’s lesson plans for this year. This school term will mark year two on our homeschooling journey. She is 4 ½ now and is still as excited about learning as ever which makes my job a whole lot easier.

Instead of Defunding Planned Parenthood, Can We Defund War?

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War 83

Gunman Enters Planned Parenthood in Colorado.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Today Only Colorado mass shooting planned parenthood SpringsAt least 11 people were injured, including 5 police officers. The suspect is in custody after a standoff that lasted more than 5 hours.

Getting to Know Your National Wildlife Refuge: Comprehensive Conservation Plans

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But one way less obvious way to learn a great deal about a specific refuge is to locate and read its Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP). Each refuge (or group of refuges managed as a single unit) must develop a CCP that in turn guides refuge planning. Jason A.

How Planned Parenthood helped me Decide not to have an Abortion.

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Enlightened Society Equal Rights Health & Wellness WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today abortion birth control helped me Decide not to have an Abortion planned parenthood right to choose women women's heath

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Marks and Spencer calls for plan to save bees

Green (Living) Review

Marks and Spencer has on Thursday, June 27, 2013 called on the Government to create a Bee Action Plan. The call comes ahead of a summit meeting of key stakeholders on Friday, June 28, at which Environment Minister Lord de Mauley is expected to outline the Government''s plans to protect bees from decline. Friends of the Earth has seen an early draft of the Government''s plans, and fears tomorrow''s announced proposals will be too weak.

Friday Beer Post: My Retirement Plans are Now Official

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Although I've never been there, I've found my happy place.Austria. I really don't have anything to add.  

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Garden Planning & Design

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For February is garden planning time and it is time to get creative. Just in time for our garden planning time plantify ( [link] ) is also bringing out it online garden design tool. This way of designing your garden – or even with a computer program, whether a dedicated garden planning tool or simple vector graphics – works equally well for flower gardening as well as vegetables. In fact you should really plan your vegetable garden well and consider the aspects of the garden.

Meat-Free Monday: a Meatless Meal Plan for Tomorrow.{Recipes}

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Of course, making dietary changes requires some planning and preparation in the early stages.

Seattle’s Vision Zero Plan

Sightline Daily

”—Seattle’s Vision Zero Plan Vision Zero holds that people driving, people walking, people biking, people driving trucks, people using wheelchairs on our streets will all, from time to time, make mistakes.