Regenerative agriculture the solution, says Woody Harrelson

Green Prophet

The big catchphrase in the ecosphere – which to many is a spiritual place for understanding what we want to build on this planet – is regenerative agriculture. He died in 2008, but before then crossed the planet many times missionizing his approach to farming for body, mind and soul.

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Going back to playing like we are carbon superheroes 

Green Prophet

Years ago when the beginnings of the “woke” generation started to feel an imperative towards saving something, like the planet, there was a huge trend for anything anywhere to offset their carbon. Other people bought or traded seeds and started a garden.

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How cannabis will feed the world

Green Prophet

Fewer people want to be traditional farmers, and global warming and our dependence on fossil fuel is killing our planet. Or greenhouse gas emissions putting our planet in peril. During the Second World War, Eleanor Roosevelt compelled Americans to plant Victory Gardens, and in so doing they produced 40 percent of their fresh foods and vegetables! Isn’t that about the same number economists say that we will need from urban farmers of the future to sustain our planet?

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Food Growing: The real Homeland Security

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The security of the homeland is not brought about by the military and by special police units but by people''s resilience and the like of growing food in gardens, on allotments, and in other places. It was for that very reason that victory gardening was run as a program and everyone was encouraged – nay compelled – to grow as much food as possible.

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Fight Climate Change: Live the Good Life

The Green Changemakers

Today, we recall how soldiers left their farms, jobs, and families to enlist, and how, at home, parents grew food in “victory gardens” and folks volunteered to run scrap drives for rubber and steel. People did not rally to the moan of sacrifice but to the call for victory. In other words, we can be part of this change by inspiring ourselves to look, on a wide scale, for ways of life that are better both for us and for our planet. Low-carbon living isn’t a sacrifice.

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Six Signs You’ve Become Disconnected from Nature & Reflections on Civilization

The Green Changemakers

And yet, no comet has collided with our planet. Whether that connection is a pet, a garden, a tree or a nearby park—it doesn’t matter. Victory Gardens that sprang up during WWII provided 40% of the American population’s vegetable and fruit needs. Empty lots became community gardens and rooftops became lush with edible plants. But it’s good to learn how, whether through renting a plot in a community garden or volunteering at a local CSA.

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