Why upcycling must become an economic sector

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Upcycling is, in general, the process where (at least) some of the shape and properties of the original waste product are retained – though not always, and we will come to that later – and where another useful product is produced from it.

Reuse and Upcycling of Plastic Packaging

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) As much as we may wish to avoid plastic (in our lives) the fact remains – at least for the foreseeable future – that it is with us, especially as far as packaging containers are concerned, and thus reuse and upcycling of those is better than any other solution. But other plastic packaging too is a candidate for reuse and, especially, upcycling, such as shampoo, detergent and other such bottles, including plastic milk jugs and even PET bottles.

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Wow-alicious green gifts upcycled by Ex Libris Anonymous

Green Prophet

The city is one of the most environmentally conscious on the planet; Popular Science awarded Portland the title of the Greenest City in America in 2008 and Grist magazine listed it in 2007 as the second greenest city in the world. Design hand made journals recycled material upcycling

Heroines for the Planet: Upcycling Bag Designer Monica Ralli

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It’s no surprise that Monica Ralli, founder of Urthbags , is a Heroine for the Planet. Featured accessories bags eco fashion Fashion heroines for the planet upcycling

Upcycling in home & office

Green (Living) Review

What about reuse, or, more precisely and specifically so-called upcycling, however? What is Upcycling? Upcycling, simply put, is the process of taking “junk” , items of waste, especially packaging waste, found objects, or low-worth products and turning them into something of greater value. Upcycling turns it into something else, but without refinement. In other words, when you recycle, it changes the form of the object, but when you upcycle, the form stays the same.

Recycling so yesterday, today we upcycle!

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And more often here there arises the trend of “upcycling”. By upcycling what is considered waste by others is turned into individual treasures and upcyling should, nay must, be seen as a sustainable alternative to throwing something away, and that includes items of packaging waste. But, to get really down to it, we must stop consuming much less and make more things for ourselves, and that means, more often than not, by way of upcycling.

Reuse & Upcycling instead of Recycling.

Green (Living) Review

and not just in the home and on the homestead by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Reuse and upcycling can be found in the home and on the homestead* now more and more again as people finally realize again that throwing tin cans and glass jars and such into the recycling bin may mean throwing useful resources away. And the Planet and your budget will celebrate.

Some eco-friendly actions you can take to protect the Planet

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It is our Planet and our responsibility to do what we can to protect and preserve it. Get busy reusing, repurposing, upcycling and finally recycling : The more you you do that, the less will end up in dumps and landfills.

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Upcycling: Something that we must all do (again)

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It only wasn't called upcycling back then and it was the common thing; everyone did it. While upcycling firms like Terracycle, and others, smaller ones, do a great job on a large scale, or not so large but still commercial scale in the case of the smaller firms, with the various items of waste – and some of the products are what smaller upcycling crafters did before – each and everyone of us must do his or her part by upcycling waste at home, at school, at the workplace, etc.

5 Thanksgiving DIY Crafts to Give Thanks to the Planet

Green Living Ideas

Five awesome upcycled and recycled Thanksgiving DIY crafts from our friends at TerraCycle. The post 5 Thanksgiving DIY Crafts to Give Thanks to the Planet appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Green Lifestyle crafts diy holiday crafts Recycling Thanksgiving upcycling

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Neodandi House of Couture NYFW F/W 2013 Show: Upcycled Transformations

Eco Chic

We couldn’t agree more, for the sake of both individual style, and for a more sustainable planet, fast fashion is dead. The post Neodandi House of Couture NYFW F/W 2013 Show: Upcycled Transformations appeared first on Eco-Chick.

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12 Tips to Make the Planet Forever Grateful for our Existence.

Elephant Journal

Z ADMIN Green Featured Today bicycle change compost eco food green Health & Wellness health wellness recycle upcycleSeeing how little garbage we can produce was a true kickoff to take steps toward sustainability. Whether we produce six. Enlightened Society Food Green Right Livelihood Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only.

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The greatest threat to our Planet is apathy

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The greatest threat to our Planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Robert Swan It's not really about saving the Planet, it is about saving ourselves for without a healthy Planet we are dead long before the Planet is. The Planet can do very well without us but we cannot do without the Planet. In fact the Planet, our Earth, would do, probably, much better without us that with us.

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Interview with Andrew Sell, Founder of Hipcycle

Green Prophet

Hipcycle, a new online marketplace for upcycled products, shows mainstreamers that upcycling can be hip. Until a couple weeks ago, when Hipcycle launched its online upcycled store. Are you an avid upcycler yourself?

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The extreme focus on materialism and its impact on the Planet

Green (Living) Review

Perpetual growth does not compute with a Planet that cannot grow. With a planet, however, which is finite, we have a problem.

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Reducing CO2 to cool the Planet

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Renewable, sometimes called alternative, energy, wind, wave and sun, are touted as a way to reduce CO2 emissions and cool down our, unfortunately, overheating Planet. In addition to that it puts a strain on the environment and the Planet. Tin cans too can be reused in ways that meet the “refuse – reuse – upcycle” motto in that they can be turned in to so many things.

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Snapple?? Lemonade Bottle to Reusable Water Bottle

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Those bottles (and there are also others), a valuable resource, are routinely tossed away by people without as much as a second thought, are the ideal candidates for upcycling into reusable water bottles.

The Rs and the U

Green (Living) Review

And then there is also the U for upcycle. Rework : Taking an item of waste and making something new, which could include changing the shape of the original waste product but does not have to be and is akin to upcycling.

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Uses for empty plastic containers in your garden

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Those, together with lotion bottles, also can be upcycled and converted into holsters, whether belt-worn or just as pocket protectors, for carrying the likes of secateurs (pruning shears), trowels, as well as sharpening stone(s) for scythe. A win-win situation for you and the Planet.

A Traveler’s Guide to Upcycling & Recycling. {Infographic}

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Currently, it is playing a massive role in reshaping our impact on the planet. Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today Z ADMIN Green Featured Today infographic plastic recycling traveling upcycling water bottlesWith this newfound mobility, it has become more important than ever to.

WorldWatch Institute Aims for Small Consumer Carbon Footprints

Green Home Blog

From Danielle Nierenberg, formerly Co-Director of Nourishing the Planet (Worldwatch Institute) and now a part of Food Tank, comes another list of things you and I can do to make sure we are green, even if this coming Christmas holiday is more about white (as in snow).

Do good by selling the old cell phone

Green Prophet

A couple of them I’d already purchased refurbished, so these ones are already treading a little lighter on our planet. Technology recycling upcyclingYou can hand down your phone to a person or company that can use it or recycle it. Here’s how.

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Timo Handmade Finds Modern Uses for Vintage Fabrics

Green Prophet

Israeli designer Timor Cohen, the brain and creator behind Timo Handmade, is no exception, and uses her collection of fabric scraps and knick knacks to create one-of-a-kind dolls, fabric books, blankets and handbags and rid the planet of a little more waste.

Make Artjuna Cafe your first stop in Goa, India

Green Prophet

Home to yoga, ancient mystics, and the kindest people on the planet, India is one of those places that can change your soul and course of life. Travel Artjuna Goa Hatha India Israel mediterranean diet upcycled clothes yoga

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Studio Ubico’s Furniture Collection Reincarnates Wood Into Trees

Green Prophet

Studio Ubico has upcycled found wooden pieces back into their original form, a tree. Fashion & Design design furniture Israeli Design Recycled design Tel Aviv upcycled upcycling

From disposable lighter rack to soap dish in 60 seconds

Green (Living) Review

The rack can either be reused as is, if the space is there by the basin, or cut down, thus upcycled, as shown in the pictures. reuse upcycling reusingby Michael Smith (Veshengro) Disposable cigarette lighters come to the retailer in little plastic racks/stands holding 50 lighters.

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Reformation swimsuit makes you feel like a pin-up model and a saint

Green Prophet

Especially ones like us who want to move this planet forward with basic values that every product we buy should carry. Fashion regenerated sustainable clothing upcycledKarin Kloosterman, the author, in her first and hopefully last bathing suit (for a long time).

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Greening Your Holiday Family Traditions

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Throwing a wrench into holiday tradition just may be what the next generation needs to encourage a healthy, thriving planet. Defining Green Going Green RECYCLED-UPCYCLED REUSABLE SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS SUSTAINABLE USA MADE eco-friendly holiday traditions greening the holiday holiday tradition

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Why choose reclaimed furniture

Green (Living) Review

Upcycling is quite fashionable at the moment, and it''s easy to understand why. However, whether this is really upcycling or reuse and restoration is another question. green living green living tips reuse upcycling

Buy less, make more

Green (Living) Review

We are living in a constant perpetual growth economy which is not sustainable, neither financially, for us, nor ecologically for the Planet, and we, as “consumers” are the only ones that can make a difference here through our actions. Instead of buying more and more and then still more, of things that we do not need, let’s make things again by reuse and upcycling. DIY green living upcyclingby Michael Smith (Veshengro) DIY is not dead, just asleep for the moment with many.

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Be creative and reduce waste

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And I mean they did reuse, repurpose and upcycle out of necessity often and for us it may just be a way to save money and to reduce our impact on the Planet. reduce reducing waste reuse reusing upcycling waste waste reduction wasted resources

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Where do your recyclables (really) go?

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This is why waste reduction and especially reduction of packaging, and reuse and upcycling in DIY fashion is so very important. into the appropriate receptacles believing they do a good thing and the Planet a good turn. reuse waste management waste reduction upcycling recyclables


Green (Living) Review

Another craft that I like to engage in, and it always brings out good ideas, is repurposing and upcycling items of waste into something useful. While writing, of which I do a great deal, as a writer, obviously, is also seen by many as a craft and as a way of relaxing, I need to get away from that at times and, being a forester by original trade, working with wood, especially does that for me, but also making anything else, including, as said, upcycling.

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Tiny trash homes “buy” humanity with salvaged waste

Green Prophet

This is where upcycling is perfect to help those who don’t have money to shop or buy a home of their own. His housing recipe can be replicated most everywhere on the planet. Design homelessness small house tiny homes upcycled materials

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Finding the Use in ReUse

Green (Living) Review

Only recently, through work, I came a cross a discarded almost new metal TV stand (I don''t have a TV though) that I most successfully upcycled into a stand for my printer on top of the filing cabinet, with a shelf above for paperwork. It saves me money and it good for the Planet.

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Five Easy Earth Day Tips

The Go Green Blog

Show the world you care about the planet with these five easy tips for conserving energy, water and waste. Upcycle / reuse everything you can. Energy Environment Tips earth day Green Tips Recycle Reuse upcycle WaterThis weekend is Earth Day!

Five Easy Earth Day Tips

The Go Green Blog

Show the world you care about the planet with these five easy tips for conserving energy, water and waste. Upcycle / reuse everything you can. Energy Environment Tips earth day Green Tips Recycle Reuse upcycle WaterThis weekend is Earth Day!

Buy less and make do with what you've got

Green (Living) Review

But with the help of someone who knows how to do it without damaging case and product a repair can, quite often, be successfully achieved and the products saved from becoming another item in the waste stream and a burden to the Planet. green living green living tips make do and mend repair reuse upcycling

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Packaging Waste

Green (Living) Review

It is the Planet that is more important that the perpetual growth economy which is not sustainable and will destroy us all if we allow it to. packaging packaging materials packaging waste reuse second use upcycling waste waste reduction

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Think reuse and repurpose always first

Green (Living) Review

Use a paper trimmer, aka guillotine, and cut them 3”x5” (or whatever size you use) and you save money and do the Planet some good too. Green business and visiting cards too can be created using this method of upcycling packaging card stock and a rubber stamp. All my index cards and business/visitor cards are upcycled from waste packaging material and such like waste card stock. reuse repurpose recycling upcycling recycle

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Cleaning the Streets and Creating Art – Amazing Cigarette Butt Artwork

Hug a Tree with Me

Next to plastic bags, cigarette butts is the most littered entity on the planet. Nevertheless, cigarette butts can actually be recycled - Terracycle (international recycling/upcycling company) collects various components of trashed cigarettes and transforms them into new and useful products.

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Purple Buddha Jewelry: Turning Tools of Violence Into Objects of Beauty

Eco Chic

Purple Buddha upcycles historical artifacts (pieces of the Berlin Wall, coins from the British East India Company, pieces of meteorites in Texas) and uses pieces from decommissioned weapons from Cambodia to create incredible jewelry. When you are trying to save the world, how do you start?

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Companies we love: The Base Project (and a Giveaway!)

Green Living Ideas

The Base Project works with local artisans to create beautiful fair trade bracelets made from upcycled water pipes. The Base Project offers a great example of what inspired economists call the Triple Bottom Line: a business model that focuses on people, planet and profit.