Rio+20 Fails People and the Planet

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Asad Rehman, Head of International Climate, Friends of the Earth EWNI said: "Just like in climate negotiations, the EU dresses up its own economic interests as ambitious new ideas when in reality they came without the political will to make the changes needed to save the people and planet.

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When Will the Coal, Oil, Gas, and Nuclear Industries Stand On Their.

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The American Wind Energy Association released an analysis on Wednesday , detailing how the wind industry could phase out reliance on federal tax credits over a six-year time period. 7) NGVs can empower consumers to break the Oil Oligopoly. Compass.

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A Clear Climate Choice in Massachusetts

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He fought for fuel efficiency standards, championed clean energy jobs, stood up to big polluters and their tax breaks, voted against the dirty and dangerous Keystone XL pipeline, and worked tirelessly to curb climate-disrupting carbon pollution.

Back on the Rails: Transit Benefits and the Fiscal Cliff - Compass

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  While the centerpiece of the bill included extending tax breaks for most Americans and delaying broad spending cuts, there were many other tax provisions included in the final package. Compass. « Dont Frack Our "Promised Land" | Main.

Beyond flying – Book Review

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Travel on a hot planet: exploring the global tourist industry overland Anirvan Chatterjee and Barnali Ghosh How to fly less Index So why fly less?

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Britain headed for triple-dip recession

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We cannot have a continuously growing economy, not even so-called sustainable growth, as the Planet is finite and the non-renewable resources are too. The poor are being squeezed while the rich are getting tax breaks and exemptions on all fronts. In fact, the Con-Dem coalition under Cameron and Glegg have reduced the top rate of tax, which affects the rich and super rich, while cutting benefits to the poor and the wages of the public employees.

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The Bright Future Ahead for Electric Vehicles, in 4 Charts

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Whether it's good news for the planet remains to be seen (more on that below). But in order for that to be a win for the planet, the rest of the clean-energy industry—and international standards for mining—will need to pick up the pace as well.

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One-Sided Keystone XL Poll Tells the Story Big Oil Wants You To Hear

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Billion in tax breaks. B) Port Arthur is a PORT and a (TAX FREE) Foreign Trade Zone(FTZ). Usually, refineries importing oil tax-free will still pay taxes when selling the refined products into the U.S. Compass.

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Moscow Arctic Forum promises peaceful exploitation, silent on risks

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billion US dollars on exploration and promise extra tax breaks for oil corporations wanting to do business in the Arctic. The Arctic is thought to contain 25% of the planet’s undiscovered oil and gas, about 200 billion barrels of oil.

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Britons catch cycling bug from Tour de France, says Halfords

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Trips made by bikes in the capital shot up by 15% last year, according to Transport for London, a 150% increase since 2000, and this is indeed good news, for the cycle trades as well as the Planet.

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10 Ways to Solve the Jobs Problem

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We can’t keep tearing up the planet to keep ourselves employed. What if we stopped subsidizing advertising with tax breaks and focused on educating people to lead satisfying lives? They both cost money, but one is good for our health and good for the planet.

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Obama’s Climate Message

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It’s the single person on the planet who has the greatest capacity to mobilize for solutions at scale. My grandfather''s and my daughter''s hands. Photo: Anna Fahey.

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All of us at the Small Planet Institute are delighted by your interest in piloting our newest EcoMind project, and in sharing EcoMind’s powerful messages with those within your sphere of influence. So I asked whether we could break through to more of an ecological way of seeing and feeling.

Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil

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Curitiba builders get a tax break if their projects include green areas. Builders get tax breaks if their projects include green space. People & the Planet: ["Brazil's urban laboratory takes the strain," Christina Cavalcanti, 1996.]

Ride a bike and save the world

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Wells Science has had a tremendous impact on the planet in an incredibly short time. He did this by restricting car use, increasing gas taxes, and building hundreds of kilometres of bike and pedestrian paths, as well as investing in buses. Tax breaks for cyclists also help. Last year in Ontario, Premier Dalton McGuinty removed the provincial sales tax on bike helmets and bikes costing less than $1,000. by David Suzuki with Faisal Moola.

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A week in Donald Trump Headlines.

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If there was ever any doubt that Trump is happy to be a vile influence on our country and planet, instead of an independent force, look at his five recent appointments. Jobs Bill : to “give tax breaks for companies that “insource’ jobs to the U.S. It has begun!

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Building a Green Economy

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The United Nations Environment Programme has recently called for a transformation of the global economy so that it works for the broad majority of humankind, within boundaries set by the planet's rate of resource renewal and waste-absorption capacity. Translating these goals into reality will require smart regulations, tax shifts, subsidy reforms, mandates, incentives, and an ecologically-inspired industrial policy. Carbon taxes and similar measures accomplish this goal.

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To The Next U.S. President: 100 Words for 100 Days

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president will face a nation in economic chaos, a people suffering from deepening political divisions, and a planet in desperate need of leadership on a whole host of extremely critical issues. We recently called upon the smartest, most interesting people we know to answer the following question: In 100 words or less, what should the next president do in his first 100 days to address the planet's most pressing problems? Eliminate all subsidies and tax breaks for carbon based fuels.

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