Planet of the Humans: there is also earth-friendly, local mining

Green Prophet

Planet of the Humans, Michael Moore, director. Michael Moore’s explosive documentary, Planet of the Humans, full documentary can be seen below, shows how the renewable energy business can never be sustainable.

2020 71

Investing in bifacial and tracking solar systems safe bet for future

Green Prophet

Using data from NASA, double sided, tilting solar panels create 35% more energy, on average, than immobile single-panel photovoltaic systems, while reducing the cost of electricity by an average of 16%. So how do solar energy companies prepare for tomorrow, or at least the next 10 years?

2020 89

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Everyday Solar Cooking

Green (Living) Review

We’ll show you how to build a solar oven, so you can create savory meals while cooking without fuel. Solar radiation is the most prolific source of energy on our planet. The functioning principles of a solar oven are simple: concentrate, convert, contain.

Solar 154

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Green Home Blog

Solar Hot Water Heaters. The sun is a nearly inexhaustible source of power: in fact, there’s more energy in the amount of sunlight that hits the Earth in an hour than the whole planet uses in a year! Over the last decade solar energy has leapt to the front of the alternative energy race, and advances in technology have made it possible for all of us to start replacing fossil fuels with green solar power. Why get a solar water heater? How does solar power work?

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Las Vegas Going Green in a Quest to Become Saudi Arabia of Solar Power

Green Prophet

This ambitious target is turned into reality thanks to solar technology and the nearby Hoover Dam. They’ve even opted to create their solar arrays and install solar panels on their roofs to go green as soon as possible. A green oasis in the desert?

2020 81

Enormous Planet Solar Ship Pops into Morocco for a Fast Four Days

Green Prophet

The world’s largest solar-powered ship has been out of commission for a while, but she’s back in business for her first 2013 Port of Call in Morocco. After leaving La Ciotat in France on 8 April, 2013, Planet Solar bobbed on the high seas for nine days.

The 'One Planet' Life – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The ''One Planet'' Life A Blueprint for Low Impact Development by David Thorpe published by Routledge (part of Taylor and Francis) November 13, 2014. " The One Planet Council , of which David is a patron along with Jane Davidson, is behind this title.

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Earth Day, Celebrating our Planet

Green Home Blog

Monday, April 22, the people behind the movement known as Earth Day will celebrate a global commitment to keeping earth as clean, green and habitable as humanly possible.

Lease or Buy Solar Panels, That is the Question!

Solar Power Ninja

Well, summer is nearly upon us and there’s no better time to save money with solar panels. There are a lot of incentives to ‘go solar’ in the form of state and government rebates and selling your excess power to the power company. appeared first on Solar Power Ninja.

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10 Things A Planet Needs to Make it Habitable

The Alien Next Door

artist rendition of Kepler 186f Using the latest Kepler telescope, scientists have recently discovered close to 140 Earth-like planets among thousands of exotic exoplanets in the galaxy. The one common ingredient that makes a planet habitable, Batalha tells us, is the need for liquid water.

Planet 130

Abu Dhabi To Build Largest Solar Plant On Planet

Solar Power Ninja

Masdar, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala investment company, will join two European companies, Total and Abengoa Solar, in spending $600 million on a new solar plant in the desert 75 miles from the city. The brand new solar plant will sell power to the national grid, with the government subsidising the state electricity company the excess cost over the average price from the city’s oil-fired power plants.

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How Does It Work: Solar Energy

Green Home Blog

How Does It Work: Solar Energy. The sun is a nearly inexhaustible source of power; in fact, there is more energy in the amount of sunlight that hits the earth in a hour than the whole planet uses in a year! How does solar energy work? What can solar power be used for?

What Are the Health and Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy?


For homeowners and commercial business owners, switching to solar energy provides a clean, affordable, and sustainable way to cover electricity requirements. Quick Navigation for Health and Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy. Why is solar energy good for the environment?

Solar Energy Pros and Cons – The Ultimate Guide


source of renewable energy on our planet, and it’s no secret that recent technological innovations have made solar power affordable to more and more people [1]. Solar power has even become the fastest growing energy generation source. PROS OF SOLAR ENERGY. Solar Energy

New solar energy plant in the desert? Don’t disturb the soil

Green Prophet

Solar power plants in the desert make use of wasted land, right? This is especially important for renewable energy installations being built in the desert, like solar power plants or military installations. The post New solar energy plant in the desert?

2020 60

Lease or Buy Solar Panels, That is the Question!

Solar Power Ninja

Well, summer is nearly upon us and there’s no better time to save money with solar panels. With the ever growing popularity of ‘going green’ or ‘going solar’ as well as improved solar cell technology many find themselves asking if it’s time to finally dig in to this idea and see what the panel + install cost and grid savings factor looks like. Is solar worth it and will I save enough to justify the investment?

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Can Robots and Artificial Intelligence Save the Planet?

Green Prophet

But how is the new era of technology really helping the world we live in and, moreover, how much of a role can it play in restoring the planet’s health? AI can help make sustainable energy technology, such as solar panels and wind turbines, more efficient.

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Solar Panel Maintenance and Cleaning: What You Need to Know


Investing in solar panels is a. Once your system is in place, it’s easy to feel that you’ve done your bit and simply sit back and let the sun – and your solar panels – do all the work. Why do solar panels need cleaning and maintenance? Solar Energy

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4 Radical Ways to Heal Ourselves & our Planet.

Elephant Journal

Adult/NFS Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Green Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) Writer's Contest June 1-14 4 Radical Ways advice change compost consumption Earth eco eco bricks eco compost ecological ecology environment go green green heal our Planet Heal Ourselves healing life lifestyle management mindfulness off the grid recycle reduce reuse solar power toilet trash typical middle-class American life waste

How Solar Panels Increase Agriculture Productivity


Using solar energy in the agricultural industry. However, as the population continues to grow and environmental impacts affect the planet, the sustainability and economics of the agricultural industry come into question. The benefits of solar energy for agriculture.

Solar Impulse flying longest leg of round-the-world-journey

Green Prophet

As of posting time for this story, pilot André Borschberg has been flying for over 24 hours on Leg 7 (of 12) of the Solar Impulse 2 trip around the planet. The Solar Impulse 2 website is remarkably interactive.

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Can Environmental SF Help Save Our Planet?

The Alien Next Door

Journalist and climate activist Dan Bloom coined the term Cli-Fi in 2008 to describe literature whose premise is based on some element of climate change and its impact on the planet and on humanity.

SolView’s targeting solar energy rooftop potential on a massive scale

Green Prophet

Solar energy panels are an important investment for planet earth, but also for residential homeowners that want to cash in on attractive feed-in tariffs. And not all homes are suited for solar panels. He says there is a booming solar energy market in the US for residential use.

10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Solar Energy


Without its gravity, our solar system would not hold together. No wonder some of the greatest minds of our history expressed their beliefs of the tremendous potential of harvesting solar energy. I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. Community solar projects.

Solar Plant In Hebron To Be Demolished

Green Prophet

A solar plant, which is the sole source of electricity for a village in Hebron, has received demolition orders from the Israeli Civil Administration. On the 11 th of October, the Israeli authorities issued a demolition order for the solar plant stating that it doesn’t have a permit.

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Bangladesh Hits One Million Solar Home Systems - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

OPIC, Export Import Bank, and President Obama’s Climate Legacy » Bangladesh Hits One Million Solar Home Systems. A few months back Nancy Wimmer told us about Bangladesh's solar success. It turns out all that small solar has achieved something quite big. Compass.

Solar Impulse 2 mission control center to launch Abu Dhabi flight in March

Green Prophet

Mission Control for the Solar Impulse 2 is open for business, ready to guide the solar plane’s first flight around the world. Green Prophet previously reported that on-board cameras will enable the entire flight to be broadcast live on the Solar Impulse 2 website.

2015 104

Solar Flare and Geomagnetic Storm Spares Earthlings

Green Prophet

Yesterday a solar flare that slammed into earth did not create any of the disruptions forecasted by scientists. . Earthlings waited with bated breath yesterday as a solar flare hurled by a coronal mass ejection on the sun slammed into our planet. Future solar flares.

Solar 95

Solar Water Heaters Give Free Hot Water From Cyprus Rooftops

Green Prophet

Although China leads the world in the number of solar water heaters in use, and Israel was the pioneer and chief country-wide user of solar water heaters for 25 years, today the Republic of Cyprus has the distinction of being the world leader of solar water heater users per capita.

Cyprus 112

Off-Grid Solar Powered Ovens: Cooking Food With Sunshine


If you’ve ever seen a solar oven your first. impression would be that it is powered by some solar panels, right? A popular solar cooker is the CooKit, which utilizes a piece of cardboard that is lined in foil and works as a reflector to generate enough heat to cook the food.

2018 53

Heroines for the Planet: Tea Expert and Climate Change Scientist Selena Ahmed

Eco Chic

I am fascinated by trying to understand the socio-economic and political factors that variably influence these links to the natural world and, what we can learn as a society towards a sustainable planet.

2019 50

What Questions to Ask When Buying Solar Panels


Why ask questions when buying solar panels? The good news is solar power technology is advancing rapidly. Quick Navigation for Questions to Ask When Buying Solar Panels. FINDING A SOLAR INSTALLATION COMPANY. Using a solar broker. COSTS OF INSTALLING A SOLAR SYSTEM.

2018 57

Sol Chip’s Everlasting Solar Battery is a World First

Green Prophet

Israeli’s Sol-Chip has developed an everlasting solar battery that can power mobile and remote devices continuously using energy from the sun. The implications of an everlasting solar battery can’t be emphasized enough.

Solar 111

Turkey subsidizes solar donkeys so shepherds can use laptops

Green Prophet

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a story pops up about donkeys in Turkey that carry solar panels so that shepherds, who are often out in the field alone for days at a time, have enough energy to power their laptops. Solar power serves both purposes.” .

Turkey 109

Solar-Rich Saudis Running after Nukes

Green Prophet

It has no uranium, but lots of solar – yet Saudi Arabia plans to double down on nuclear capacity. But the proposed solar budget might shock you. But what will it invest in solar power? After all, the Saudis c ould be exporting solar for the next twenty centuries.

Solar 99

Masdar and Siemens Team Up to Develop Sand-Resistant Solar Panels

Green Prophet

Solar panels at the Kuraymat CSP planet in Egypt require precious water resources to stay clean but Masdar & Siemens aim to change that. When coated with layers of dust, solar panels lose their energy-absorbing efficiency and require a regular cleaning schedule.

Capture your loved ones in custom glass planets?

Green Prophet

”) is making tiny glass beads meant to look like planets or solar systems encapsulated within delicate glass beads. The colors are ethereal, like a clouded planet or infinite universe. An artist in northern California (need we add, “where else but?”)

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Solar Impulse 2 plane set to circle Earth on sun power

Green Prophet

The launch of the experimental flying lab better known as Solar Impulse 2 was launched today in Abu Dhabi. Solar Impulse 2 has over 17,000 solar cells embedded on its wings which power four 17.4hp electric motors.

2015 102

Social Bankability, Solar Crowdfunding & Emerging Markets.

Sierra Club Compass

New Campaign Calls for Climate, Clean Energy Leadership from President Obama » Social Bankability, Solar Crowdfunding & Emerging Markets. Solar and other renewable energy technologies can do that to energy markets. Including its beta testing Solar Mosaic has raised $1.1

Solar Basics - A Book Review

Green Earth Journey

So you've decided you want to add solar power to your home. After reading Solar Basics- The Easy Guide to Solar Energy by Neil Kaminar , I would highly suggest you start with this book. Everything you need to know to get you started using solar power is included in Solar Basics.

2010 130

NASA Launches Solar-Powered Telescope

Solar Power Ninja

Yesterday morning NASA launched the WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer), a solar-powered infrared telescope that will search the stars for planet-threatening asteroids and comets. New Technology NASA solar solar powered telescopeThe telescope will spend the next 9 months in orbit, and will cover the entire sky 1.5 times and take pictures every 11 seconds. All data will be downloaded 4 times daily via radio transmission to Earth-based computers.

Our Solar System: 2100 (cartoon)

Wend Magazine

Obviously my math projections above are in jest, but with studies linking RoundUp to cancer, cell-damage, birth defects, soil depletion, groundwater pollution and more, I’d say it’s time to start looking for a RoundUp-resistant-weed resistant planet.

2011 156

A Dustier Planet, Your Dustier Lungs

Green Prophet

Dust limits the amount of solar radiation that reaches the Earth, for example, a factor that could mask the warming effects of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide. Earth’s dust storms and sand storms are becoming more frequent. How does that affect your health?

Planet 106