What Are the Health and Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy?


accessible, making it a perfect source for generating energy—particularly when compared to fossil fuels, which need to be mined, extracted, and transported, leaving behind a trail of pollution and environmental degradation. Why is solar energy good for the environment?

Solar Energy Pros and Cons – The Ultimate Guide


source of renewable energy on our planet, and it’s no secret that recent technological innovations have made solar power affordable to more and more people [1]. Solar power has even become the fastest growing energy generation source. PROS OF SOLAR ENERGY.

10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Solar Energy


Without the heat and energy of the Sun, life on Earth would not be possible. Without its gravity, our solar system would not hold together. No wonder some of the greatest minds of our history expressed their beliefs of the tremendous potential of harvesting solar energy.

SolView’s targeting solar energy rooftop potential on a massive scale

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Solar energy panels are an important investment for planet earth, but also for residential homeowners that want to cash in on attractive feed-in tariffs. And not all homes are suited for solar panels.

How Does It Work: Solar Energy

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How Does It Work: Solar Energy. Finding a way to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels is one of the most important environmental challenge we face today, and what better way to green our electricity than with nature’s own energy source: the sun. How does solar energy work?

Solar Energy: A Guiding Light To A Brighter Future

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However, the most promising change may just be in how we gather and generate energy. Meet AGL Solar. AGL has been providing and meeting their customers energy needs for the last 175 years and that has required a great deal of flexibility and, you guessed it, change.

Solar Trees: Shining a spotlight on solar energy with style


Solar Power. Renewable Energy. Tidal and Wave Energy. Geothermal Energy. Solar Trees: Shining a spotlight on solar energy with style. Gone are the days when alternate sources of energy were clumsy and a burden not just on the pocket but also on the eyes. Modern technology has ensured that solar energy is harnessed in ways that appeal to a generation which likes gadgets, sleek, smart and ergonomically crafted. solar power.

U.S. Challenges India’s Solar Energy Incentives at WTO: What’s at Stake

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The transition to a clean energy economy is imperative not only to tackle the climate crisis, but also to spur development through new economic opportunities, new investment, and the creation of new green jobs. And fourth, because our planet is at stake.

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Save the Planet in 3 Simple Steps: A Common-Sense Mom’s Guide to Sustainability.

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This stuff isn’t just for hippies anymore. It’s becoming mainstream, and it needs to be.

Solar Hot Water Heaters

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Solar Hot Water Heaters. We’re all looking for ways to reduce the waste and pollution that come from fossil fuel use, and what better alternative than the sun, nature’s own energy source. The sun is a nearly inexhaustible source of power: in fact, there’s more energy in the amount of sunlight that hits the Earth in an hour than the whole planet uses in a year! One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make this change is with a solar water heater.

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How Solar Panels Increase Agriculture Productivity


Using solar energy in the agricultural industry. However, as the population continues to grow and environmental impacts affect the planet, the sustainability and economics of the agricultural industry come into question. The benefits of solar energy for agriculture.

Sustainable technology trends in sun, wind and air

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Everything we build, adapt and refine, generally has the express purpose of making our lives on this planet easier. Wind turbines have been a staple of renewable energy for a while. Solar roofing. Green Tech and Gadgets air Solar Energy wind energy

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Gazan farmer is a role model for urban agriculture

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The electricity for the water pumps comes from solar collectors on the roof. Cities Gaza strip hydroponics organic vegetables Solar Energy urban farmingPalestinian Said Salim Abu Nasser is on a mission to make urban farming more sustainable.

Solar Panel Maintenance and Cleaning: What You Need to Know


Investing in solar panels is a. Once your system is in place, it’s easy to feel that you’ve done your bit and simply sit back and let the sun – and your solar panels – do all the work. Why do solar panels need cleaning and maintenance? Solar Energy

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Solar Impulse flying longest leg of round-the-world-journey

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As of posting time for this story, pilot André Borschberg has been flying for over 24 hours on Leg 7 (of 12) of the Solar Impulse 2 trip around the planet. The Solar Impulse 2 website is remarkably interactive. Energy for the airplane and good rest for me.’.

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Enormous Planet Solar Ship Pops into Morocco for a Fast Four Days

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The world’s largest solar-powered ship has been out of commission for a while, but she’s back in business for her first 2013 Port of Call in Morocco. After leaving La Ciotat in France on 8 April, 2013, Planet Solar bobbed on the high seas for nine days.

Ketura Sun solar park deployed an army of robots to clean their panels in Israel

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Solar parks in the desert face two major challenges: a lot of dust on the photovoltaic panels and not enough water to clean them. But if they didn’t clean the panels, their ability to absorb the sun’s energy was reduced by about 35 percent.

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Off-Grid Solar Powered Ovens: Cooking Food With Sunshine


If you’ve ever seen a solar oven your first. impression would be that it is powered by some solar panels, right? A popular solar cooker is the CooKit, which utilizes a piece of cardboard that is lined in foil and works as a reflector to generate enough heat to cook the food.

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Egypt and MENA Set to Exploit Solar Power?

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Ask any tourist, or come to that, any solar panel maker pulling in the profits. Plenty of solar energy to exploit then. And, given the rising cost of oil and gas these days, the race for cheap solar energy is well and truly on. Egypt and sunshine.

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Solar Water Heaters Give Free Hot Water From Cyprus Rooftops

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Although China leads the world in the number of solar water heaters in use, and Israel was the pioneer and chief country-wide user of solar water heaters for 25 years, today the Republic of Cyprus has the distinction of being the world leader of solar water heater users per capita.

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What Questions to Ask When Buying Solar Panels


Why ask questions when buying solar panels? The good news is solar power technology is advancing rapidly. Quick Navigation for Questions to Ask When Buying Solar Panels. FINDING A SOLAR INSTALLATION COMPANY. Using a solar broker. COSTS OF INSTALLING A SOLAR SYSTEM.

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Masdar and Siemens Team Up to Develop Sand-Resistant Solar Panels

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Solar panels at the Kuraymat CSP planet in Egypt require precious water resources to stay clean but Masdar & Siemens aim to change that. When coated with layers of dust, solar panels lose their energy-absorbing efficiency and require a regular cleaning schedule.

How to Make Earth Day Significant

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Hopefully, each of them would be beneficial to the planet and to yourself. Tags: Alt Fuels and Transportation Food and Cuisine Solar Energy/PV action bicycle bicycling bike biking car cars climate change Cycling Earth Day environment global warming habit habits solar solar energy solar power transit transportation vegetarianism weekday vegetarian You probably have a handful of options in your community for what you can do on Earth Day.

Ground-Breaking Solar Agreement Between LA and Nevada Tribe.

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» Ground-Breaking Solar Agreement Between LA and Nevada Tribe. Today Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signed an agreement to purchase enough solar energy from Nevada's Moapa Band of Paiutes to power 105,000 Los Angeles homes. Energy Solutions. Compass.

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Clean Air, Green Earth: This Energy Infographic Will Blow Your Mind

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Technological advances are creating smart solutions to help change how we consume energy. This, of course, is instrumental in protecting our beautiful planet, preserving biodiversity and addressing climate change head on. energy mix?

Aprés COP 18: Will Qatar Rebound with Solar?

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With free water and electricity, and the world’s largest carbon footprint, is Qatar’s new stance on solar a bona fide shift towards fossil fuel alternatives or are they simply catching the latest fashion? Energy usage is sky-high in tiny Qatar.

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Arab Israeli Yafa Energy Plans to Solar Power Traditional Industry

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Yafa Energy could be a bridge over which Arab-Israeli technology finds its way to industries in the Arab world seeking renewable energy solutions. Countries producing cement, glass, beverages and textiles need energy the most, yet have the least access to it.

Breakfast With Venus?

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Venus crossed the sun this morning in the Middle East, giving heaven-gazers a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the red planet. Travel & Nature Cairo Egypt Solar Energy sun Venus

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Don’t Just Complain, Blame, or Worry. Do Something: How You Can Take Action for a Sustainable Planet

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Can we have a future where people get the food, energy, and economic growth they need without sacrificing nature? And we’re doing everything we can to sustain Ohio’s renewable energy standards, which are key for climate progress.

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Wake Up To These 7 Eco-Clocks

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Simply unscrew the base and fill with H2O, the clock converts ions in the water into clean energy. Timex’s T065S Solar Powered Atomic Alarm Clock ($19.99). A built-in solar cell powers the clock from sunlight or ambient room light. Time doesn’t have to run out for the planet.

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A warmer world may bring more local, less global, temperature variability

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To isolate unforced variability, we looked at the model’s output without changing any of its environment parameters, such as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, solar radiation or volcanic activity, over a theoretical 900-year timespan,” Brown explained.

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Can Gray Infrastructure Be Green?

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He passionately presented the case, as laid out in his new book, Half-Earth, that we have to protect fully half the planet if we are to avoid a mass extinction of biodiversity—not to mention our own premature demise. Renowned biologist, philosopher and naturalist Edward O.

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Alon Tal Paints a Picture of Israel’s Environment Wrongs and Rights (INTERVIEW)

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Israel’s present government considered climate policy and basically decided not to take responsibility and to let our short-term concerns about economics trump any long-term consideration for the planet and future generations. In other words, Israel looked at its rising annual emissions of greenhouse gases and decided that renewable energy and energy conservation were simply not a real priority.

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Arava Power Founders Ask: Time for a Six-Day Solar War?

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Today is Naksa Day, World Environment Day, and the day when Arava Power is launching its solar field in the desert. Saudi Arabia recently announced a 5500-megawatt solar program , dwarfing Israel’s modest one. Furthermore, Abu Dhabi has a $15-billion solar program under way.

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Tiny Swiss town builds the first solar powered ski lift


Solar Power. Renewable Energy. Tidal and Wave Energy. Geothermal Energy. Tiny Swiss town builds the first solar powered ski lift. A small agri town in Switzerland, Teena, is home to the world’s only ski lift that is powered by solar energy. The petite hamlet, in fact, uses only renewable sources to meet all of its energy requirements. When the sun is at its best, the ski lift generates more energy than it consumes. solar power.

Geneva International Airport gets CERN developed solar panels


Solar Power. Renewable Energy. Tidal and Wave Energy. Geothermal Energy. Geneva International Airport gets CERN developed solar panels. Geneva International Airport can lay claim to being one of the few to use solar energy. solar power.

Solar Growing In Unlikely Places Despite Clouds And Cold

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Solar energy is one of the most prolific forms of renewable energy currently used on the planet. In fact, solar energy is arguably the most consistent form of renewable energy around the world. according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Environmental documentary: Planet Earth (online watching)

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Planet Earth - BBC TV series Wikipedia: Planet Earth is an Emmy Award and Peabody Award -winning BBC nature documentary series narrated by David Attenborough and produced by Alastair Fothergill. The series was co-produced with Discovery Channel and the NHK in association with the CBC , and was described by its makers as "the definitive look at the diversity of our planet". The Earth, Our Home Planet Can We Save Our Planet?

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'School in a Box': Africa to educate children using solar power


Solar Power. Renewable Energy. Tidal and Wave Energy. Geothermal Energy. School in a Box: Africa to educate children using solar power. We all are aware of the fact that solar energy can be used for powering our homes, vehicles, appliances, even ski lifts , and many other arrangements that affect our day to day living. The School in a Box looks like a wheelie case comprising of a solar panel, battery, speakers and projector. solar power.

Halotechnics develops technology for cheap solar thermal power.


Solar Power. Renewable Energy. Tidal and Wave Energy. Geothermal Energy. Halotechnics develops technology for cheap solar thermal power production. Solar energy, while having the capacity to be hugely beneficial, isn’t without its drawbacks. But, a company called Halotechnics, which develops advanced materials for thermal energy storage , could possibly be solar energy’s saving grace. solar power. Please login. Sign In.

Solar Basics - A Book Review

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So you've decided you want to add solar power to your home. After reading Solar Basics- The Easy Guide to Solar Energy by Neil Kaminar , I would highly suggest you start with this book. Don Street, VP of USPL Modules Group raves, “I learned a lot from Solar Bascis.

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Everyday Solar Cooking

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We’ll show you how to build a solar oven, so you can create savory meals while cooking without fuel. If you’re like me and don’t have air conditioning — or if you’re energy conscious and keep the AC low — cooking indoors can be unbearable. off-grid solar cooking solar oven

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Recommended Reading: 'Pico-solar Electric Systems' by John Keane

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An exciting new book, Pico-solar Electric Systems: The Earthscan Expert Guide to the Technology and Emerging Market , was recently released  by John Keane, the managing director and founding member of SunnyMoney , the social enterprise of SolarAid. Energy Solutions International