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var fbShare = {url: '[link] than a 20 million trees are cut each year to make new books. Imagine what that means for conservation and carbon capture through the planet!, an online textbook [.] [ Save Trees by Renting or Downloading Textbooks from Green Living Ideas ]. Tags: Reading conservation Deforestation e textbooks IPOD applications trees

Guest Post - Ideas for a Clean and Environmentally Friendly Home

Hug a Tree with Me

Using so-called 'green' products will make it easier on the environment, and you will make your contribution to the overall saving of our planet. It's better to use cloth rags over paper towels, for it saves trees. Plus, they are reusable and will save you money.

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Green (Living) Review, the first tree care site of its kind for DIY tree care enthusiasts, including homeowners, golf course superintendents, caretakers and groundskeepers, announces its official launch and online grand opening event will span both Earth Day and Arbor Day.

Green Bites – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

inches Published March 1, 2011 by New Leaf Distributing Co Inc ISBN: 978-0615431079 With a world more complicated than ever, and endless talk about the need to make lifestyle changes that are better for the planet, it can be hard knowing how to start along the path of greener living. Some of those that many fall victim to is the “using less paper saves trees” mantra.

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Green products – marketing or real change in values and attitude?

Green (Living) Review

According to German research consumers in that country in 2011 spent around 36 Billion Euros worth of “sustainable” products, around 14 Billion of that on products in the energy savings and energy efficient living sector.

Is the High Street making a comeback?

Green (Living) Review

And e-books, in my opinion, are not an answer for the great majority and neither will they do anything to save trees and the Planet. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We are being told by many that the High Street, or Main Street, as our American cousins call it, in its last throws.

Going Green, Making the Philosophical Choice Work at Work

Green Living Ideas

And, while the resulting esprit de corps is a good thing in and of itself, the business also wins economically, by saving significant money and gaining ‘good guy’ status as a corporate entity that cares about the planet. Opt for energy-saving LED lights , where possible.

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