7 great Philippines eco-travel destinations

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Case in point: The Philippines. All Banaue Batad Batanes Bohol Donsol Nueva Nueva Ecija Palawan Philippines Rizal Sorgoson best ecotourism philippines Eco friendly places in The Philippines eco friendly tours Philippines eco friendly whale shark tour philippines ecological tours Philippines green tours Philippines organic food philippines organic resort philippines

Manila, the Philippines: green takes root

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| My Brief Tour | Hailed as one of the world’s top eco-tourism destinations, the Philippines and her 7,107 islands offer stunning biodiversity, incomparable diving and pristine white sand beaches from Palawan to Boracay. Once known […] Manila, the Philippines: green takes root is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

The Philippines halts coal proposals to explore green energy


The Philippine government has halted the country’s coal exploration. Currently, coal is the dominant source of energy in the Philippines , accounting for over 41% of the country’s total energy. The Philippine government now intends to invest more in natural gas exploration.

ShelterBox: You Can Help Philippine Survivors NOW

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The number of people left homeless by the devastating Philippines typhoon Haiyan has topped 800,000 according to the latest United Nations estimate. SRT members are already on the ground in the Philippines carrying out assessments in Cebu, Bohol and Tacloban. Haiyan was the biggest storm ever recorded to reach landfall, wiping out entire villages and killing over 4,000 people (numbers continue to rise). Feeling the inevitable urge to assist?

COP 18: We Stand With the Philippines - Compass

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BP Should Pay Maximum Civil Damages for Deepwater Horizon Disaster » COP 18: We Stand With the Philippines. In the Long-Term Cooperative Agreement Plenary session yesterday, a delegate from the Philippines said “instead of getting ready for Christmas, we may be counting our dead” referring to the impending landfall of Super Typhoon Bopha. Right now, we stand with the Philippines. Compass. « Packing List for the Second Week of COP18 | Main. |

DIY boats made from recycled materials to race in The Philippines


Surbhi Sharma: With eco-friendly merchandises picking up the momentum and more and more people focusing on nature friendly products, countries like Philippines is not behind. Garbage boat race has made Philippines go green on the world map. If in Philippines, this can be a great way to contribute towards a greener living and giving life to products which were discarded as waste and pushed out.

Zero Waste: From Dream to Reality in the Philippines

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The city of Alaminos is pioneering zero waste in the Philippines with an energetic fusion of bottom-up planning and community participation. In 2000, the Philippines passed a waste management law, known as Republic Act 9003. [link] by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg By Anne Larracas and the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives “Environmental Possibilities: Zero Waste” features new ways of thinking, acting, and shaping government policy that are circling the globe.

World’s 10 best ethical destinations for 2014

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Africa Bahamas Barbados Cape Verde Caribbean Cuba Dominica Egypt Europe Iran Latvia Lithuania Middle East Namibia Oceania Palau South America Uruguay Chile ethical travel Ethical Traveler Green Travel News Mauritius Philippines Reuters

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Engineering student turns food waste into renewable energy


Maigue, a 27-year-old engineering student at Mapúa University in the Philippines, just won the James Dyson Award sustainability prize for his invention.

Burger King announces temporary meatless location in Germany


The brand has partnered with Australian v2Food to provide faux meats in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. Green a-great-test a-long-sesame a-unique-look- breathtaking cheese-or-other england japan philippines restaurant south-korea trees vegetarianVegan options have moved into the mainstream, as evidenced by more and more fast-food chains offering plant-based dishes. In a radical move, Burger King has announced a meatless outlet in Cologne, Germany.

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Only 1% of global rivers contribute 80% of riverine plastic pollution to oceans


The study found the Philippines, India, Malaysia, China, and Indonesia to be the largest contributors of riverine plastic. Green a-jet-overhead- a-journey-like a-will-stuff animals indonesia insects malaysia mating ocean philippines plastic plastic pollution researchersA new study published in Science Advances has found that 1,000 rivers, or 1% of rivers globally, contribute approximately 80% of all riverine plastic that flows into the oceans.

The Green Buzz: Thursday, May 30

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— discovered in the Philippines. Africa Animals Birds Environmental News Insects The Green Buzz bird fossil conservation daily news dwarf fox environmental news fossil galapagos islands Google Street View green news Guardian Kenya Mongabay National Geographic nature Nature.com Philippines pirate ant poaching Treehugger In today’s green news, we meet a swashbuckling new species. New pirate ant — eyepatch included! National Geographic ).

The Green Buzz: Tuesday, November 12

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Watch: Philippines climate negotiator makes emotional plea at COP19. Climate Change Global Warming The Green Buzz United States COP COP19 daily news Discovery News ethanol global warming green news ivory Mongabay Philippines Planet Change rainforest warsaw The internet is buzzing with climate change news today. Here are today’s top 5 green news stories. Aerial photos reveal secret roads in the heart of the world’s richest rainforest. Mongabay ).

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IUCN’s latest Red List update comes with good and bad news


Seventeen kinds of freshwater fish endemic to the Philippines also made the list. Eco Green bruno-oberle critically-endangered extensively extinct species lake nature philippines red list right-whales smart southernThe latest IUCN Red List has declared 31 more species extinct, and about 30% of plant and animal species on the Red List are at risk of extinction.

How open data can help countries address climate emergency impacts


In Malabon City in the Philippines, for example, known for its frequent flooding, a coalition of international NGOs and civil society organizations from the Global South were able to use information from the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) to adapt existing flood warning systems for the local context. Business Eco Green article climate costa rica data development government investment pagasa philippines united kingdom

Apple creates $200 million fund for nature-based climate solutions


The company intends to invest $100 million in projects including protecting mangroves in the Philippines, restoring the Atlantic Forest in Brazil and planting trees destroyed by wildfires in Northern California. Business Eco Green conservation goals intelligence investing money nature philippines

Apple creates $200 million fund for nature-based climate solutions


The company intends to invest $100 million in projects including protecting mangroves in the Philippines, restoring the Atlantic Forest in Brazil and planting trees destroyed by wildfires in Northern California. Business Eco Green amazon atmosphere black climate conservation goals investing philippines

Educational center in Russia has a wind turbine and rooftop solar panels


Related: Locally crafted children’s learning center doubles as an emergency shelter in the Philippines One of the most compelling aspects of Luminary is its architecture, which is unlike anything else in the immediate region. Eco Green a-working-wind children combination contemporary architecture education garden internet philippines schools wind-turbines

The Wild West of plastic credits and offsets


However, there is no formal or standardized definition for plastics crediting, and such claims are inconsistently defined and applied differently … Topics Circular Economy Plastic Plastic Waste Featured in featured block (1 article with image touted on the front page or elsewhere) On Duration 0 Sponsored Article Off Plastic collectors in the Philippines.

Could a private car ban make NYC more livable?


Green a-more-livable a-new-tab a-wooden-spoon architecture coconut covid-19 indonesia meijaard new york city painted pedestrian friendly pedestrian promenades philippines public urban planningWhen COVID-19 brought New York City’s traffic to a shadow of itself, Vishaan Chakrabarti, former New York City urban-planning official and founder of Manhattan-based design firm Practice for Architecture and Urbanism (PAU) , drafted an ambitious plan for a car-free future. Dubbed N.Y.C. (“Not

Coconut oil production is a danger to vulnerable species


Other species currently threatened by coconut production are the endangered Sangihe tarsier, a small primate native to the Sangihe island of Indonesia, and the Balabac mouse-deer, which is only found on three islands in the Philippines. Eco Green a-wooden-spoon bernardo-reyes- coconut illegal wildlife trade indonesia international agriculture meijaard painted philippines public understanding

Beauty in Strength, Power in Vulnerability: Suzanne Rae Spring/Summer 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection

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” The collection premiered during New York Fashion Week at the Philippine Center on 5th Avenue. Fair Fashion eco fashion ecofashion fashion week New York New York Fashion Week NYFW philippine center Spring/summer 2013 suzanne raeBrooklyn-based designer Suzanne Rae found inspiration in the photography of Francesca Woodman for her Spring/Summer 2013 collection which “explores a woman’s curious ability to be both delicate and strong.”

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Secrets for circular supply chain partnerships from Interface and Aquafil


They’ve co-launched pilot projects that have reshaped their supply chains, including the Net Works program, which pays fishers in the Philippines and Cameroon for turning in castoff nets used to create new nylon. Business Eco Green Recycle costs interface meezan philippines supply timeSecrets for circular supply chain partnerships from Interface and Aquafil Elsa Wenzel Mon, 06/29/2020 – 02:00 It’s an enviable alliance that has outlasted most marriages.

The Green Buzz: Friday, June 14

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Near extinct Philippine Eagle found to be thriving elsewhere in the Philippines – queue the R. ” National bird of the Philippines found nesting in previously unknown region, leads to conservation effort ( ABS-CBN ). Kelly track, “I believe I can fly.” The joys of teaching conservation to kids while fishing. Gannet). Conservation leads to job opportunities in Zambia ( Times of Zambia).

This collapsible cooler is insulated with upcycled coconut fiber


Fortuna Cools recently announced the launch of the Nutshell Cooler, a collapsible cooler made using upcycled coconut fiber sourced from the Philippines and designed to outperform plastic. The pair started working on coolers in the Philippines back in 2018 as university graduate students. Through the 1% for the Planet program, the company donates at least 1% of sales to its conservation NGO partners in the Philippines.

Endangered Animal - Scops Owl

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It is endemic to the Philippines. Photo not linked From Wikipedia : "The Giant Scops-owl , Lesser Eagle-owl , or Mindanao Eagle-owl , Mimizuku gurneyi , is a species of owl in the Strigidae family. It is the only species in genus Mimizuku. In size and structure, it is considered intermediate between a scops owl and an eagle owl. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. It is threatened by habitat loss

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Hundreds of New Species Discovered

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To discover these new species they planned a five-year research program to explore the waters around the Philippines. The waters around the Philippines are known as the coral triangle is home to the highest number of marine species recorded to-date. A Filipino-French research team discovered between 150-250 new species of crustaceans and 1,500 – 2,500 new species of mollusks. They estimate that there are more than 1,200 crustaceans and 6,000 mollusks still undiscovered.

Bamboo Leaf Room Divider

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These bamboo screens are imported directly from Southeast Asia, and the strong frame is made of Philippine Mahogany finished in an antique rosewood. This delicately woven room divider screen will look amazing in your home. It features a careful balance of two different types of hand woven panels that will enhance any space with a tropical or Asian feel.

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Wiltshire fruit farmers grow new sub-tropical fruit with help from Haxnicks Bell cloches

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It all started in the Philippines’ says Lali, ‘We went there on holiday in 2009 and were immediately impressed with the new hybrid fruit that was being grown on a small privately owned farm near Piffal, where we were staying’. The Pineorange, as the name suggests is a cross between a pineapple and an orange and grows relatively easily in the rich and fertile soils of the Philippines.

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Over 75 Nationalities Can Now Apply for an Egypt Visa Online

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This is dependent on the traveler having a confirmed ticket for onward travel and does not apply to passport holders from Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, or the Philippines. .

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Once again extreme weather events draw headlines during international climate talks

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Last year, as COP began in Poland, the tragic and devastating super typhoon Haiyan wrecked havoc in the Philippines. In what became one of the highlights of a dull and ineffectual round of climate talks, Philippines climate negotiator Yeb Sano’s pleaded emotionally to the western world to take the climate threat seriously. The Philippine government was however less amused and banned him for taking part in this years climate summit as a negotiator.

1 Liter of Light Project uses recycled bottles to create solar lamps


Asmita Prasad: In The Philippines, like many parts of the developing world, kerosene lamps are the primary source of light for people living in the underprivileged areas. The project is a part of the My Shelter Foundation group who has invited homeowners, students and volunteers to create their own zero-cost makeshift solar lamps and their goal is to have 1 million bottle lamps fitted in homes throughout the Philippines.

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The Most Colorful Trees in The World

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It is the dominant species used for pulpwood plantations in Philippines. From Wikipedia: Eucalyptus deglupta is a tall tree, commonly known as the Rainbow Eucalyptus, the Mindanao Gum, or the Rainbow Gum. It is the only Eucalyptus species found naturally in the Northern Hemisphere. Its natural distribution spans New Britain, New Guinea, Ceram, Sulawesi and Mindanao. Now, this tree is cultivated widely around the world, mainly for pulpwood used in making paper.

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Mangroves: A Star Player in the Coastal Protection Game

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TNC recently partnered with World Bank, the Philippines Government and the University of Cantabria to determine the value of mangroves in the Philippines for risk reduction. Based on the Philippines’s current population, the mangroves lost between 1950 and 2010 have resulted in increases in flooding to more than 267,000 people every year. It’s the lazy days of summer, and many of the folks we know are headed to the coast to spend time with family and relax.

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Earth's future suspended in a complex web of science and politics: A report from COP 19

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We all started arriving here in Warsaw, Poland just after the typhoon Haiyan hit in the Philippines. Far-removed from the destruction on the ground in Philippines, world leaders from government and nongovernmental organizations are meeting from November 11 to 22 in Warsaw, Poland to decide. The lead of the Philippine delegation, Yeb Sano, made an impassioned plea on the floor of the plenary when the COP opened to have concrete action.

Green Iftar Event Hosted By Abu Dhabi’s Eco-Chicks

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They are asking guests to being along aluminium can tabs and plastic bags to donate to Recycle for a Cause , which send the items to the Philippines where they are transformed into recycled goods. These then help provide shelter, food and education for children rescued from living on dump sites across the Philippines.

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Celebrating Thanksgiving as an OFW in America

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The Philippines is a uniquely Christian nation with 86% of its population identifying as Roman Catholic. Needless to say, OFWs will send money to Philippines generously to support their families in advance of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day in the US will fall on November 26 this year.

Local Action to Protect the Environment across the Kyocera Group

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On June 29, Kyocera Crystal Device Philippines, Inc. will join the “Run 2 Plant 4 GREENIN Philippines” in Naga City, Cebu Island. This event is part of a reforestation program by the city in support of the Philippine Environment Month celebrated in June.

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There were 227 environmental defenders killed in 2020


Colombia (65 murders), Mexico (30 murders) and the Philippines (29 murders) were the most dangerous countries for those defending land. As if it’s not bad enough that the world is suffering from weather extremes and other climate-related disasters, last year a record 227 environmental defenders died for protecting the planet, according to an annual report by Global Witness.

Developing Nations Need Help With Climate Disruption Readiness

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"Given the recent typhoon in the Philippines, some people may be wondering where that island nation falls in terms of readiness," said Nitesh Chawla, associate professor and director of the Notre Dame Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science and Applications. "According "According to the data, the Philippines are more than 40 years behind the most developed countries in climate readiness.

Sustainable solar spirituality: Bacolod City gets an Earth Chapel that is all green


Here is another case in the point with the new ‘Earth Chapel’ that has taken shape in Bacolod City, Philippines. The Chapel is also the first solar-powered religious structure in the entire country of Philippines and with technology like LED lighting incorporated; the Earth Chapel truly lives up to its name. B.Sameer Kumar: It is one of the unfortunate consequences of human history that both religion and science have never seen eye to eye on various issues.

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The Skeleton Revealed: Vertebrates As You’ve Never Seen Them Before

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Philippine eagle owl (Bubo philippensis) preying on a Philippine cobra (Naja philippensis). “By simply examining the skeleton of today’s vertebrates, one can gather a remarkable amount of information about the species with which we share our planet,” writes Steve Huskey in his incredible new book, The Skeleton Revealed: An Illustrated Tour of the Vertebrates. Skeletons have long fascinated naturalists, including Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace.

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The Dala Collection Makes Its Mark on Eco-Friendly Furniture

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This webbing becomes the framework through which Dedon’s master weavers in Cebu in the Philippines thread strands of an ecologically-friendly fiber, a new material constructed from recycled food and drink packaging and polyethylene that is itself recyclable.