Shine Bright with Recycled Metal Jewelry: 5 Sustainable Picks

Eco Chic

Bario Neal is a newer brand, founded in Philadelphia by two friends 2007, Anna Bario and Page Neal. She uses 100% recycled stones as well as reclaimed metals to produce her sophisticated but raw pieces. Fair Fashion bracelet cuff earrings Handmade Jewelry necklace reclaimed recycled gold recycled metal rings Last week, I took a quick time-traveling trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which re-opened my eyes to the creative ways that we have loved to adorn ourselves.

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The Park. the newest superhero

Green (Living) Review

A new study in the American Journal of Epidemiology analyzing parks in Philadelphia has proven that not only does turning abandoned parks into beautiful grassy spots make the place look pretty it also reduces crime. Gun crimes, vandalism and criminal mischief all dropped significantly in a study over 10 years in over 4,000 reclaimed spaces. Introducing the – drum roll please – the Park, the newest superhero. He tackles crime and increases happiness. And he is? The Park!

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Bario Neal’s Shark Triad Necklace: How I Wear EcoFashion, Ethical Jewelry Edition

Eco Chic

Our jewelry is handcrafted in Philadelphia with reclaimed precious metals, Fairmined gold, and ethically sourced stones, using environmentally conscious practices. Bario Neal ‘s jewelry hits the great-design trifecta for me: It’s ethical, it’s edgy and it’s enjoyable to wear.

Garden Media Group Unveils First in Series of 2012 Garden Trends: Cultivate the New Good Life with the Power of Plants

Green (Living) Review

Trendspotters at the Garden Media Group forecast rise of Urban Knights; Eco-scaping and Occupy Local Philadelphia, PA, February 2012 : Garden Media Group, the leading public relations agency and green living trend spotters, is unveiling its first in a series of top trends that empowers gardeners to cultivate the new good life, with the power of plants. Gardens with wind turbines and reclaimed materials, water saving plants and vertical walls are springing up in small and large cities.

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7 Takes on Ethical Summer Statement Jewelry: Capture the Beauty of the Season

Eco Chic

Our jewelry is handcrafted in Philadelphia with reclaimed precious metals, Fairmined gold, and ethically sourced stones, using environmentally conscious practices. I made these earrings from reclaimed wood – fallen tree branch, which I cut into slices and sanded. Temperatures are rising and outdoor parties are beckoning.

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Green Community Models: the Ecovillage

The Green Changemakers

Green Village Philadelphia ). A community like Dancing Rabbit focuses on a set of covenants that bind the community as they build it: use of natural or reclaimed building materials, organic farming methods, and low-carbon transportation sources are all included in the covenants. Green Village Philadelphia’s approach involves urban reclamation, mixed-use planning, and integration into the fabric of the city.

Livable Communities

The Green Changemakers

There are 90,000 vacant properties in Detroit, 60,000 in Philadelphia. In recent years, though, cities like Richmond, Flint, and Philadelphia have launched ambitious initiatives to reclaim vacant properties. When I was growing up in the 1940s in Philadelphia, much of our food came from nearby farms. By Carl Anthony Imagine cities as places where working people can afford to live and raise their families, where there is concern for clean air, water, and land.

What If We Built Our Cities Around Places?

The Green Changemakers

The vitality of any city depends on citizen action such as neighborhood groups reclaiming their local parks and small businesses recharging commercial streets. More Great Pedestrian Streets: Wall Street, Asheville Asheville, NC, USA Strøget District Copenhagen, Denmark Cat Street Tokyo, Japan Lincoln Road Miami Beach, FL, USA Locust Walk Philadelphia, PA, USA Click here for more Pedestrian streets.

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Curitiba – Designing a sustainable city

The Green Changemakers

Curitiba, a provincial city in southeastern Brazil, has a population similar to Philadelphia or Houston. A common theme in the stories of Copenhagen, Portland, and Curitiba is that of people reclaiming streets and making them safer for children to walk and cycle to school.

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