Sustainable Alternatives to Petroleum Based Products

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While we may never know who to blame for the discovery of petroleum, history states that the stuff has been running our lives for over 5000 years now. Pressure, heat and decomposing chemicals transformed the remnants into petroleum. Petroleum Based Products.

Living Petroleum Free

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Petroleum is a type of fossil fuel that is made from the plants and animals that died on the ocean floors millions of years ago. Petroleum is the most used product in the world. It acts like a positive but petroleum is a true negative.

Petroleum From Sunlight

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Protected: Petroleum & Greenhouse Effect

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A Made in America Story: Petroleum-Powered Surfboards, Scandals.

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BP: Truth in Advertising?


Petroleum rep Randy Prescott is reportedly quoted as saying: “Louisiana and Mississippi aren’t the only places that have shrimp.” Cranky Rants demotivational despair oil spill petroleum Prescott shrimp” Here’s Randy’s office phone number: (713) 323-4093 and his e-mail: Let him hear from you. One of my friends suggested that we tell him, “And BP isn’t the only place that has fuel for [.].

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Creating a Business Place of Passion.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) British Petroleum business career creative passion play workThis is the potential of business and organizations of all kinds. It’s the fourth P.

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Saudi economy trashed by cheap oil

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Energy crude oil Gas petroleum Saudi ArabiaDespite the forecast of dire effects of global warming in the Middle East , oil producing countries like Saudi Arabia have continued to keep oil production at high levels.

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I Sold My Car for the Planet: Loving-Kindness.

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BP Managers May Face Manslaughter Charges

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” British Petroleum has said they will pay $20 billion to settle claims by businesses and individuals who were affected by the massive oil spill. Eco News BP manslaughter british petroleum

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Bioplastic from biomass set to reduce our dependency on oil


Petroleum is an ingredient used in many modern products ranging from pharmaceuticals to plastics. Once the sources of petroleum have been exhausted, how are we going to produce the petroleum based products to meet our demands? Petroleum contains many carcinogenic and other harmful components that make it unsafe to work with unless it is properly cleansed. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email. Password. Forgot Password. Dont have an account? Join Now. Login.

Greenpeace: Obama must shelve Arctic drilling plans, call for offshore moratorium

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Maybe this time BP really should go “ beyond petroleum “? In light of the ongoing offshore oil drilling disaster in the Gulf of Mexico Greenpeace is demanding that President Barack Obama cancels Arctic drilling plans and calls for an offshore moratorium.

Sharjah air pollution as bad as Beijing

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Cities air pollution Beijing Cairo Mexico City petroleum sharjah In Beijing the air pollution is so bad that you sometimes can’t see your hand in front of your face. Above the charts bad, cities of the world are now coming to terms with their own local air pollution.

One-Sided Keystone XL Poll Tells the Story Big Oil Wants You To Hear

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Compass. « Enormous Grassroots Response to Coal Export Plan in Washington | Main. Trans-Pacific Partnership: Wrong Trade Deal for the U.S. » One-Sided Keystone XL Poll Tells the Story Big Oil Wants You To Hear.

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Where Can You Find the World’s Most Expensive Gasoline? Probably Turkey.

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Turkey’s tax rate for petroleum hasn’t changed since 2002 , when a special consumption tax was introduced on imported products. But the country’s increasing demand for petroleum, combined with the fact that it imports 90 percent of the fuel, has steadily driven prices up within Turkey over the past decade. Read more about Turkey’s efforts to use less foreign petroleum: Renewable-Energy Cars Heat Up in Turkey.

Single-Use Bagel Disturbs Man’s Calm.

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Egypt Declares a State of Emergency Following Oil Spill

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General Petroleum Corporation reported that one of their wells is leaking in three Gamsha spots north of Hurghada – a spot that is popular among tourists and the scene a very serious oil spill covered up by authorities last year. Who needs terrorism when we’ve got oil spills?

Following Oman Success, GlassPoint Wants to be the IKEA of Solar

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Petroleum Development Oman has since hailed the four acre complex of glass houses a scorching success, and the supplier GlassPoint is preparing to become the “Ikea of solar,” Forbes reports.

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Subsides Jeopardize Renewable Energy Projects In The Middle East

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Energy carbon emissions carbon footprint Energy costs energy subsidies oil industry oil prices petroleumEnergy subsidies keeping petrol and electricity prices low in the Middle East are jeopardizing the chances of renewable energy projects.

Drinking water in Nigeria polluted with benzene at levels 900 times above the limit

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Families in Nisisioken Ogale, near a Nigerian National Petroleum Company pipeline, are drinking water from wells contaminated with benzene, a known carcinogen, at levels over 900 times above UN World Health Organization guidelines. UNEP has emphasised that the study, which began in late 2009, is independent and its funding by the Shell Petroleum Development Company is in keeping with the polluter-pays principle.

BP Chief Executive Pushes the U.S. Beyond Coal

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Piezoelectric energy can potentially replace batteries in future


Till now we have successfully produced energy from fossil fuels, petroleum, coal, etc. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email. Password. Forgot Password. Dont have an account? Join Now. Login. slideshows. Greenlists //. gallery //. Transportation. Architecture. Technology. Green Products. Solar Power. More >>. Renewable Energy. Green Homes. Concepts. Gadgets. Recycling. Green Living. Innovations. Wind Power. Green Tips. Home Appliances. Eco Friendly. Biofuels. Tidal and Wave Energy.

BP Oil Spill Effecting Minnesota Birds

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The spill that keeps on giving – now petroleum compounds and the chemicals used to clean up the oil from BP’s massive spill two years ago in the Gulf of Mexico are showing up in eggs of breeding birds in Minnesota. Asides

Daily Demand and Supply: Classic Example of Competition--Oil?

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For 27 years in my graduate energy seminar, I’ve struggled to convince bright master’s and PhD students that oil prices might actually result from competition rather than a price-fixing conspiracy of oil companies and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries cartel.

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Your organic fruits and veggies might have been irrigated with fracking wastewater

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Department of Agriculture’s organics standards, written 15 years ago, strictly ban petroleum-derived fertilizers commonly used in conventional agriculture. This story was originally published by Mother Jones and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. The U.S.

I'm opposed to the oil exploration bill

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Now we know why Senator Mason is so eager to drill for oil in Lost Forest: his daughter’s boyfriend desperately needs petroleum byproducts to maintain his magnificent pompadour. You can't drill for oil in a wilderness area! Comics Curmudgeon ): Mark Trail, 9/14/13. Our nation’s current strategic reserves simply aren’t adequate for the task

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It's Final -- Corn Ethanol Is Of No Use

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However, since for some biofuels indirect emissions—including from land use change—can lead to greater total emissions than when using petroleum products, policy support needs to be considered on a case by case basis” ( IPCC 2014 Chapter 8 ).

Plastic Bag Degradation – What You Should Know


Most of these bags are made from petroleum. Most of the one trillion plastic bags disposed of annually worldwide are not made of organic matter, but are made from a petroleum byproduct which microorganisms do not recognize as food. One trillion plastic bags are used and.

Oil price quote(s) of the day

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"There is no rational reason for high oil prices," writes Ali Naimi, Saudi Arabian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, in today's Financial Times. Well, I can think of one-- if oil prices were lower, the world would want to consume more than is currently being produced. via

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"As Oil Nations Consider a Freeze, Looking for Tensions to Thaw"

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For your cartels and game theory lecture: When officials from OPEC , Russia and some other oil-producing countries meet this weekend in Doha, Qatar, to discuss freezing petroleum production at current levels , the session’s significance might have more to do with style than substance.

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From Trash To Treads: Turning Tomato Peels and Eggshells Into Tires

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Scientists at Ohio State University are replacing the petroleum-based filler in tires with food waste Back when she lived in California, Katrina Cornish found herself wondering about those open trucks she saw carrying big loads of ripe tomatoes. Recently, she and her research team discovered that not only those tough tomato peels, but also crushed eggshells, can be effective replacements for the petroleum-based filler used in car tires. Carbon black is produced with petroleum.

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How Are Plastic Bags Made? Step-By-Step Plastic Bag Production Process


The raw gas or oil is sent through pipes to a refinery, petroleum is separated at these sites into different densities so the right oil needed for plastics can be extracted. . Flexible, lightweight, and affordable.

First transatlantic biofuel flight is powered by camelina

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The Honeywell -operated aircraft touched down safely in Paris on a 50/50 blend of Honeywell Green Jet Fuel and petroleum-based jet fuel powering one of the aircraft’s engines. metric tons of net carbon dioxide emissions compared to the same flight powered by petroleum-based fuel.

Fossil Fuel Fast Facts

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HTML clipboardHow much of the world's petroleum products wind up in marine environments? How much coal is used for each person in the USA annually? What's the connection. between natural gas and our food? Find out the answers to these questions and.

Impact of Plastic Bags on the Environment


In the simplest form, plastic is made out of petroleum (oil). During the production of plastic bags the petroleum must be extracted, refined, and shaped. Plastic bags cause many negative effects for. us and the environment.

Biodegradable vs Compostable Plastic Bags: What’s the difference?


What is often referred to as “biodegradable plastic” is actually still made from petroleum , like normal plastic bags. . Just like with petroleum based biodegradable bags make sure to read the labeling and if you are unsure send the bag to a composting facility.

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An Awesome Urban Food Garden Where Food Miles Are Zero…

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Then we went through this period where convenience was the name of the game and cheap petroleum.

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Daily demand and supply: gas prices

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If you throw away your pennies think about this: According to the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) latest Weekly Petroleum Status Report, nationwide gasoline stocks have grown in each of the past five weeks – a new trend for 2017. Over this time period, gasoline stocks increased by roughly 17 million bbl in total. For the latest reporting period, stocks across the country grew by an eye-popping 5.7 million bbl, which ranks as one of the highest one-week stock builds of the year.

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Film Review: Fractured Land


When Jannet Annesley, a rep for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, gently, generically argues in support of fracking while saying ‘we’re all fractured within ourselves,’ it’s a moment of Read More The post Film Review: Fractured Land appeared first on Ecorazzi.

How Is Plastic Recycled: Step by Step


All of this plastic use is quite significant for the environment, since the majority of plastics available today are derived from petroleum, a non-renewable resource. Plastic production has been rapidly. increasing since the 1950s.

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