Birdwatching in Peru and You

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For two blog posts now, we’ve been telling you about how you could win an amazing, 7-day bird watching trip for two to Peru. Assuming you’re the Grand Prize winner, your trip to Peru wraps up with two days in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Walk the hillside Huasi Challa (house of the viewer) Trail, and be rewarded with an amazing view of Huayoccari, and perhaps even a sighting of the C**k of The Rock , Peru’s national bird. … Birding contest Peru South America

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Win a Birdwatching Adventure in Peru!

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The people at the Peru national tourist office are giving you the chance to win a 7-day birdwatching adventure for two in Peru. Your trip will take you from the Amazon rainforest into the peaks of the Andes—with plenty of opportunities to take in Peru’s over 1,700 species of bird (the second most of any country) along the way. Watch the treetops for your first glimpses of the birds of Peru. … Birding contest Peru South America

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Peru is Calling – Win a Birdwatching Adventure!

10,000 Birds

If you read our earlier post , you know that the national tourism office of Peru is giving away a 7-day bird watching adventure for two in Peru, home to over 1,700 species of bird. … Birding contest Peru South AmericaAfter two days in the Amazon rainforest, you (assuming you’re the Grand Prize winner) will fly to Cusco, and make your way to your home for the next two nights, the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel.

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The Birding Rally Challenge Peru 2012

10,000 Birds

Enter the inaugural Peru Birding Rally Challenge , the first international birding event of it’s kind in the world. The Peru Birding Rally Challenge is a joint initiative between PromPeru and the Inkaterra Family of hotels. The idea is to hold the event bi-annually, once a year in the south of Peru and once in the North. In early December of 2012 we had the opportunity to cover this hard-core rally in the south of Peru.

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The Birds of Peru’s Coastal Desert

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Alfredo Begazo grew up with Peruvian Meadowlarks and Marvelous Spatuletails, and was used to waking up to the morning choruses of Pacific Doves in Lima, Peru. Alfredo, an experienced birder in Peru and well-rounded naturalist, founded a birding and nature eco-travel company , known as Surbound Expeditions (Sur=Spanish for south). Like the color of the soil on which they live: The birds of Peru’s coastal Desert. Birds desert Peru South America

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LSU Sets Big Day Record in Peru with 354 Species!

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Well, a team from Louisiana State University managed to pull that off on 14 October, seeing an astounding 354 species in one day in Peru. Birding big day Peru How would you like to see a lot of bird species in a day? Like, more species than anyone else anywhere has ever seen in a day? Jealous?

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Back from the Second Birding Rally Challenge in Northern Peru

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I am back home and recovered from the Birding Rally Challenge in Northern Peru (Rally). Photo: Peru Birding Rally. The idea behind the Rally was to highlight Peru as a birding and nature travel destination. Photo: Peru Birding Rally. Photo: Peru Birding Rally. Photo: Peru Birding Rally. Photo: Peru Birding Rally. Photo: Peru Birding Rally. It was a fantastic experience everyone of us would love to repeat in another region of Peru.

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Hot reason to visit Cusco & Machu Picchu, Peru: sustainability

Green Traveler Guides

Hot reason to visit Cusco & Machu Picchu, Peru: sustainability is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Chile Cusco Lake Llanquihue Machu Picchu Peru South America The Americas Chile green travel Chile sustainable tourism eco friendly Cusco eco friendly Lake Llanquihue eco friendly Machu Picchu Green Travel News Peru green travel Peru sustainable tourism Reuters

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Antpitta-Whispering in Peru

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The newest location to habituate rare antpittas to hand feeding is the Owlet Lodge in Peru’s Abra Patricia-Alto Nieva Private Conservation Area. The proprietors of Ecuador’s fabled Refugio Paz de las Aves may have pioneered the art of attracting secretive antpittas from the underbrush with fresh worm salad. The results are so spectacular that it should come as no surprise that this practice has spread.

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Birds, culture, and Scenic Beauty along the Northern Peru Birding Route

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I thought I would talk about our team’s performance in the World Birding Rally Challenge in Northern Peru and the side attractions along the route. Hugh made things easier on me, as now I will only talk about other nature and cultural sites along the route covered in the Northern Peru World Birding Rally Challenge. This is the third time I participate in a Birding Rally Challenge in Peru and still can’t decide which of the Rallies was the most enjoyable.

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Lima, Peru: organic (plus vegan and artisan) in the hip Barranco

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| Awesome Eco Scene | In the past few years, Lima’s renowned food scene has grown to include an ever-increasing array of organic, vegetarian and artisan restaurants, cafés and craftsmen. There’s even a new Lima Bio Mapa (Green Map) that calls out venues for organic fairs and farmers markets, “conscious shopping,” and wellness offerings. But for the […].

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Licking Clay: the Macaws of Tambopata, Peru

10,000 Birds

home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Licking Clay: the Macaws of Tambopata, Peru Licking Clay: the Macaws of Tambopata, Peru By a Guest • March 18, 2011 • 2 comments Tweet Share Some of the most popular birds in the world are parrots, particularly the large, multi-coloured Ara Macaws. Want to Go Bird Banding in Amazonian Peru? in south-eastern Peru.

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Peru Takes the Global Big Day by the Horns

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with millions of bird enthusiasts, tally more birds than, say the Country of Peru with only a handful of bird enthusiasts? Map of Peru showing the distribution of teams participating in the Global Big Day. The first Global Big Day will take place this coming May 9, 2015. The event is spearheaded by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and has as goal to raise money for bird conservation and to tally 4000 of the world’s birds in a single day.

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My Non-Shamanic Healing in Peru.

Elephant Journal

Many people go to Peru to be healed by shamans or to dance with ayahuasca and other sacred plants. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Health & Wellness Travel ayahuasca cupping healing moxibustion Peru shamanIn the middle of the Andes, I found myself in need of something different.

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Blinded by the Light: Hornby’s Storm-Petrels in Lima-Peru

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The Hornby’s storm-petrel ( Oceanodroma Hornbyi ) is a fairly common bird along the coast of Peru and Chile. There is no doubt they nest somewhere along the cost of Peru and Chile. The months of May, June, and July are when most Hornby’s storm-petrels show up in the coastal cities of Peru. Featured photo: Alfredo Fernandez. Most, if not all pelagic birding trips in the region record this species, often by the hundreds.

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What Kicking a Ball on the Beach in Peru Taught me about Letting Life Unfold.

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Last week, I arrived in Peru. Adventure Family Health & Wellness Travel beach in peru freedom how to kick a ball letting life unfold life-lessons Peru seize the moment south america travel story traveling writer woman travelingAfter I got some work done, I set off to the beach.

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Want to Go Bird Banding in Amazonian Peru?

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Conservation / Want to Go Bird Banding in Amazonian Peru? Want to Go Bird Banding in Amazonian Peru? To gather new data on the population status of birds in Tambopata, Peru, and to add this to existing databases managed by Fauna Forever and CORBIDI. Guano Still Collected in Peru Counting Birds: Will Microphones Replace Nets?

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Visit the Manu Road with InkaNatura Travel

10,000 Birds

InkaNatura Travel is the only leading tour operator in Peru owned by Peru Verde, a non-profit conservation group. All our products are related to natural conservation areas and part of the profit goes to the funds that Peru Verde uses to preserve these ecosystems.

Peru 214

Peru to Provide Free Solar Power to its 2 Million Poorest Citizens

Green (Living) Review

The country of Peru is looking to provide free electricity to over 2 million of its poorest citizens by harvesting energy from the sun. The energy minister has said that when the project is finished, the scheme will allow 95% of Peru to have access to electricity by the end of 2016. Eva Morales green living Peru solar power

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Peru Slaughtering Dolphins for Shark Bait


An undercover investigation in Peru has shown the brutal slaughter of dolphins to be used as shark bait. Read More The post Peru Slaughtering Dolphins for Shark Bait appeared first on Ecorazzi. Recent news of a lesser known dolphin slaughter is now making the headlines. Animals Causes News Top News

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EXCLUSIVE: Jan Creamer on ADI’s Peru Circus Rescue Mission


Read More The post EXCLUSIVE: Jan Creamer on ADI’s Peru Circus Rescue Mission appeared first on Ecorazzi. Jan Creamer, founder and president of Animal Defenders International, talks about the current Peruvian mission rescuing wild animals from circuses. Animals Causes Featured News Jan Creamer

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Winging It through Peru: 2 Mindful Aussies & Ayahuasca.

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Homepages (Gold Tabs)* Adventure Arts & Culture Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) art awareness ayahuasca ceremony food happiness healing Machu Picchu medicine mindfulness Peru shaman spirituality travel Machu Picchu, around a three hour train trip away, is usually the main tourist agenda item, but there’s a lot else going for it. Cusco’s thriving city energy grips you. At around 3500 meters high, its mountainous backdrop is humbling.

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Israel Corporation Subsidiary to Build 510 MW Hydro Project in Peru

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Israel Corporation subsidiary Inkia Energy has signed an engineering procurement contract for the construction of a huge 510 MW hydro-electric project in Peru. Peru is a country that already gets 48% of its electricity from hydropower, which depends on water at elevation for its operation. About half of the power produced by all three proposed hydro projects will go to the mining industry in Peru, which accounts for 59% of all its exports.

Peru 69

Geoengineering: Peru Paints Mountain White to Save Glacier

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Alice might ask a similar question if Wonderland was in Peru, and she [.] [ Geoengineering: Peru Paints Mountain White to Save Glacier from Green Living Ideas ]. Tags: Climate Change/Global Warming andes climate change geoengineering glacier Peru World Bank

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Local activists are paying with their life to protect their forests in Peru

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Peru is a prime example. Sadly, this phenomenon is not confined to Peru. Edwin Chota was killed in the forest he had fought to protect. The Peruvian environmental activist had appealed to his government for help after receiving death threats from the illegal loggers that plagued the area around his village, deep in the Amazon rainforest.

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World birding from a Schrödinger’s house

10,000 Birds

Peru 1838 4. Peru (Manu Biosphere Reserve with 1000 species – the richest region for birds in the world), Brazil (Pantanal, the world’s largest wetland with 650 bird species, and the Atlantic forests), and Ecuador are already well established bird tour destinations.

2020 219

Hundreds of Dolphins Dead on Peru Coast


A catastrophe has hit the dolphins of Peru. Hardy Jones, executive director of and Dr. Carlos Yaipen Llanos of ORCA Peru covered 135 kilometers of beach running north from the fishing village of San Jose. Hundreds of them have washed ashore dead between San Jose and Piura on the country’s north coast.

Where America dreams of/goes birding?

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17%: Ecuador, Peru. While Peru was seen as the best country for “birds and ancient sites”, Ecuador was seen as “much safer” and best for its size and easiness of getting around. Trips Africa Australia Brazil Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador New Guinea Panama Peru world birdwatchI had no intention of making a questionnaire or analysing the results.

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Cepas de Loro: Pisco Puro Muscatel

10,000 Birds

So, it just might be that pisco – the beloved South American grape brandy contentiously claimed by both Peru and Chile – is the only spirit named after birds. The name of the liquor is likely borrowed from the city of Pisco on Peru’s central coast, an important port for the pisco trade in the early days of the Spanish viceroyalty. Even though pisco has been made in Peru for several centuries, in this land famed for its ancient civilizations, it’s a relative newcomer.

2019 141

Save the Junin Grebe for the Price of Your Morning Coffee

10,000 Birds

I’ll be tipping my cash to a worthwhile project in Peru, and I hope you will too. And the Junin Grebe of Peru? And Gunnar Engblom, a bird guide in Peru, wants it to remain on this Earth, and is running an Indigogo campaign to begin some basic monitoring to provide data to scientists and government officials tasked with saving it. That strikes me as a bargain if you are thinking of going to Peru). Conservation Bird Conservation conservation science grebes Peru

2016 159

Say Hello to the Sira Barbet

10,000 Birds

A new species of barbet was discovered in 2008 in Peru by a team of ornithologists that were recent graduates of Cornell University. Asides PeruThe Sira Barbet has as its scientific name Capito fitzpatricki , in honor of the director of the Lab of Ornithogy, Dr. John W. Fitzpatrick. The new species is described in the July 2012 issue of The Auk.

2012 140

Rogue Ales & Spirits: Outta Line West Coast India Pale Ale

10,000 Birds

I was on vacation in Peru for nine days and meant to schedule a few reviews for my absence. I’m not sure how these things work, but as far as appeasing higher powers, merely drinking the wine – without writing the review – was insufficient as a propitiatory gesture, apparently: I dipped on the condor despite spending a few days in appropriate habitat in Peru’s gorgeous and dramatic Sacred Valley. Birding Food Reviews Birds and Booze penguins Peru

2019 109

Shorebirds and Gulls of Florida’s Treasure Coast: Where the Tropics Begin

10,000 Birds

Alfredo Begazo grew up with Peruvian Meadowlarks and Marvelous Spatuletails, and was used to waking up to the morning choruses of Pacific Doves in Lima, Peru. Alfredo, an experienced birder in Peru and well-rounded naturalist, founded a birding and nature eco-travel company , known as Surbound Expeditions (Sur=Spanish for south). He recently introduced 10,000 Birds readers to the birds of Peru’s coastal desert and the challenges of photographing Great Grebes.

Be Careful What You Wish For: A Punter’s Guide to the World Birding Rally

10,000 Birds

Hugh, who years ago helped me find my first Pauraque in the Rio Grande Valley , visited Peru as part of the 2014 World Birding Rally, where he stopped thinking of himself as an experienced birder. Come to Peru, they said. There’s this World Birding Rally that’s going to blast across 1,500 kilometers of northern Peru. Oh, they tried—Peru’s birds are lined, barred, fasciated, streaked, striated, striped, collared, undulated, lunulated, scaled, and speckled.

2014 203

Watch for Shorebirds with Colored Flags!

10,000 Birds

I am familiar with the shorebird banding program in Peru, as the programs is run by CORBIDI, a small non-government organization (NGO) dedicated to the study and conservation of birds, other wildlife, and their habitats. Eveling Tavera, a research associate with CORBIDI is Peru’s national coordinator for the banding program. If you see a shorebird with a yellow flag you will know it was banded in Peru. Birds banding CORBIDI Peru shorebird banding shorebirds

2013 204

Peru makes a big statement about reusing rather than recycling of electronics

Green (Living) Review

One nation, it would appear, may just be a leader for this green practice, and that nation is Peru in South America. Importation and End-of-Life Processing of Computers in Peru," and reported at Greener Computing, found that that in Peru imported electronics do not go straight to e-waste dumps to be broken up for recycling but rather 85% of discarded computers sent to the country are reused instead of recycled.

2009 100

Where am I Birding the Second Week of May?

10,000 Birds

I was incredibly lucky to be invited –again- to participate on the second edition of the World Birding Rally Challenge in Northern Peru. Four teams with renowned birders from United States, South Africa and United Kingdom will travel through the diverse and endemic bird rich region of Northern Peru, from May 12 thought May 20, 2014. Where these birds come from and where they go after their short breeding season in the Tumbesian region of Northern Peru is still poorly understood.

2014 140

Thousands Of Dolphin Deaths Since January Likely Tied To Oil Exploration In Peru

Eco Friendly Daily

Recent deaths of dolphins along Peru are suspected to be victims of another form of water noise pollution, acoustic blasts. Beginning in January, large numbers of deceased dolphins began covering a ninety-mile stretch of Peru shores. The cause of the deaths is not yet conclusive, although experts have pointed to the likely cause being acoustic tests being performed by oil companies off the shore of Peru.

Peru 50

There is more in a long-tailed hummingbird than what meets the eye

10,000 Birds

I for instance, asked which birds would be on the wish list of someone visiting Peru, and what criteria birders use to generate such wish list. I assume a first-timer would grab a book [Birds of Peru] and go through the list of possibilities to then, put together such list largely based on looks. Birds hummingbirds Peru What makes this or that bird one we want to see on our next birding trip?

2014 191

Transform Your Life on a Spiritual Retreat: Experience a Shamanic Journey to Peru. {Partner}

Elephant Journal

I later explained to our expedition members that if we were in a room of 100 people, statistics show that 31 of us would eventually die of heart disease, 24 of us would die of cancer, and only one of us would go the way we would prefer—perhaps in the arms of our beloved at the age of 110. However, the strands that bind us to the outcomes of our ancestors can be severed and we can transform those statistics.

Peru 67

Not So Thrilled About Pelagic Birding

10,000 Birds

A couple of months ago I took a true pelagic trip off the coast of Peru. Birding pelagic birding Peru Surbound Some birders like to see just birds, while others like birds, but don’t mind stopping or even taking detours to see other creatures along the trail. I lean towards the second group. I like to see birds for a long time and hear their vocalization; even if these are common species.

2014 194

Spectacled Bears at Machu Picchu

10,000 Birds

In early December we had the privilege of filming the inaugural Peru Birding Rally Challenge , a six day, five night event where teams from around the world compete to see the most species of birds. Birding Mammals bears Peru Worldwide Birding AdventuresHappy New Year everyone! A detailed post on this incredible rally is already overdue but in the meantime I felt the need to share a once-in-a-lifetime sighting of one of the scarcest mammals in South America.

2013 181

New Year’s resolutions for green travelers

Green Traveler Guides

Africa Alaska Australia Chile Costa Rica Croatia Europe Kenya Masai Mara North America Osa Peninsula Peru South America Sweden United States Croatia truffles Great Ocean Road Green Travel News Kenai Fjords Masai Kuku Group Ranch Reuters River Klaralven Tambopata Torres del Paine PatagoniaTis the season for looking ahead to 2013. Here are eight New Year's resolutions to enrich and broaden the horizons of any green traveler.