What Is 'Liberation Permaculture'

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Is permaculture about re-creating Eden or about changing the world in every way, even politically? Graham Burnet and Nicole Vosper make the case for a politically engaged, 'liberation permaculture'. Does permaculture design have a place within the current 'political' narrative?


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Permaculture is a design system applicable to food production, land use, and community design. History Permaculture originated in the mid 1970s with Australians Dr. Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, whose goal was to create stable agricultural systems.

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How Permaculture Can Restore Ecosystems & Communities

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Permaculture farming has proven effective all over the planet. The Shona decided to do something about it and sought advice from permaculture pioneer, John Wilson. communities ecosystems permaculture

Message in a Bottle: Permaculture & Disruptive Innovation

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At this critical time in human civilisation, what are the next steps for permaculture? In 1974, two pioneers, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren , gave birth to permaculture during the heyday of industrial agriculture. Permaculture has been quietly developing at its own pace ever since, like a message in a bottle. If this is true, why has it taken so long for permaculture to become widely practiced? Permaculture was born out of crisis in Australia in the 1970s.

China Experiment in Permaculture Offers World Hope

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China is the most populous and possibly one of the most diverse nations on the planet, with a population of over 1.3 The results of their study led to an experiment in permaculture in China that offers hope to the world.

Permaculture Singing Interview with Toni at Panya Project Thailand. ~ Carrie Stiles

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Check out Panya Project’s lovely permaculture garden manager, Toni Robinson, as she sings her way through this interview with her signature ukulele symphonies. Join her at Panya Project for super sweet and fun permaculture training!

Bill Mollison Permaculture Lecture Series, On-Line

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Bill Mollison Permaculture Lecture Series, On-Line Note: NetWorks Productions Inc. In addition, "Permaculture" is a copyrighted word. What is Permaculture? Teachers of permaculture have found these tapes to be a valuable coaching tool - edited to one hour. Permaculture

Earth Day, Celebrating our Planet

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Monday, April 22, the people behind the movement known as Earth Day will celebrate a global commitment to keeping earth as clean, green and habitable as humanly possible.

Extinct in 20 Years: How Radical Cooperation could Save the Elephants, the Planet & Us.

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Permaculture -- The Path to a Sustainable Future

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We dimly perceive that we are dangerously close to exhausting the earthly resources that sustain life on this planet. warns Peter Bane, publisher of The Permaculture Activist. Five billion people cannot live on this planet as hunter-gathers in a stable eco-system. Permaculture, signifying permane nt agriculture-permanent culture, may well be the first-born child of that new mind-set. DESIGN is the key concept in the Permaculture approach.

Monster locust swarm attacks Middle East and Africa

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Planting more food forests , forests in general and permaculture can stop the swarms from starting in the first place. . A warming planet puts ecosystem balance in peril. . Act Food food forest food garden food orchard permaculture gardenThe locust outbreak in Yemen.

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Living Eco-Logically: 9 Powerful Visual Reminders.

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Let's clean up our home, planet Earth, both individually and collectively. Writer's Contest 2** *Homepages (Gold Tabs)* Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green WAYLON: Today Only Bicycling eco ecological green inspiration lifestyle permaculture sustainable

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Food Forests Could Bring Healthy Organic Food To Everyone – For Free

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If forests are where most of the life on the planet is, then anything less than a forest is most likely less suited to supporting life. food forests green living permaculture

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Food Forests Could Bring Free Healthy Organic Food To Everyone For The Same Cost As Roadside Grass

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If forests are where most of the life on the planet is, then anything less than a forest is most likely less suited to supporting life. food forests permaculture

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Food Forests Could Bring Healthy Organic Food To Everyone – For Free (VIDEO)

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If forests are where most of the life on the planet is, then anything less than a forest is most likely less suited to supporting life. green living green living tips permaculture

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7 Ways to Think Differently – Book Review

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The thoughts and actions of people past and present have determined the current state of our Planet. Looby Macnamara is author of People and Permaculture, the first book to explore the application of permaculture principles and design to all aspects of our lives.

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Edible Cities – Book Review

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Edible Cities shows you why the urban landscape can be a great place for permaculture. To that end, they offer a broad overview of permaculture followed by numerous examples of how it is implemented in ways both beautiful and delicious.

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Digging Deeper into Healthy Soils

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Healthy soils are the key to a healthier planet! Climate Change/Global Warming agriculture degraded soils dirt farming healthy soils permaculture soilHealthy soils are a huge carbon sink, and are an exciting new field of climate research. The post Digging Deeper into Healthy Soils appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

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Hassan Fathy-Inspired Regenerative Home Planned for Buddhist Center

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Howard and his team are striving to build the ultimate ecological, affordable and appropriate home to suit the needs of our stressed planet. Architecture & Urban architecture cleantech Earth Construction green building Hassan Fathy permaculture Regenerative Home

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It’s Earth Day! How are you saving the planet today?

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Transportation Zone, Eco Fashion Shows , A Permaculture Village , Holistic Wellness Village , Amazing Eco Art, Sustainable/solar powered Beer and Wine Gardens, over 80 earth friendly vendors, Eco Youth Zone , Two kiddie playground and lots more!!! GlassDharma has offered over 1000 free glass straws to those who have taken the Planet Care Pledge. The first Earth Day was held April 22, 1970, in a much different place and time.

A Garden in an Abandoned Desert Swimming Pool: An Oasis of Food

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As Kate Radosevic of the Valley Permaculture Alliance , a social network dedicated to inspiring sustainable living in the desert, encapsulated it perfectly: When you talk about sustainability, you’re not just talking about the planet anymore.

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A Garden in an Abandoned Desert Swimming Pool: An Oasis of Food

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As Kate Radosevic of the Valley Permaculture Alliance , a social network dedicated to inspiring sustainable living in the desert, encapsulated it perfectly: When you talk about sustainability, you’re not just talking about the planet anymore.

'Formidable Vegetable Sound System' to tour UK this Summer

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For more information on the principles of permaculture please visit [link].

Gardening Tips from Martha Stewart

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With budgets tight and food prices on the rise, a great way to save money and improve the health of the planet is to grow your own food. ” Green Lifestyle garden Martha Stewart organic seeds permaculture seeds

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Free documentary Films Archive

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Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series - 11 Documentary Films Online - With an unprecedented production budget of $25 million, and from the makers of Blue Planet: Seas of Life, comes the epic story of life on Earth. Five years in production, over 2,000 days in the field, using 40 cameramen filming across 200 locations, shot entirely in high definition, this is the ultimate portrait of our planet. It invites viewers into a permaculture community that spans the globe.

Solving Global Warming the ‘Organic’ Way

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Not even Obama comes close, when I listen to him speak and propose his timid plan for cooling the planet. Tags: Green Organic_farming Permaculture

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Peak Oil solutions

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PERMACULTURE & PEAK OIL: Beyond 'Sustainability' David Holmgren is co-originator (with Bill Mollison) of the permaculture concept and author of the recent book, PERMACULTURE: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability.

Welcome to the world of Solarpunk

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Significant reductions in carbon emissions, nitrogen oxide levels, and harmful air particulate matter have given all of humanity a glimpse into what our planet could be like if we lived more harmoniously with our natural surroundings—the very lesson the Solarpunk movement imparts.

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Pros and Cons of Organic Farming


In case of permaculture and biodynamic agriculture systems good design significantly reduces the energy that is needed in the first place. This is in contrast to many conventional farming techniques which reduce the natural capital values of our planet.

How to Add Zest to Your Sustainability Education Program

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By Melanie Rios Published in the Summer 2010 issue of Communities magazine - Issue #147 I attacked my driveway with a sledgehammer the day after returning home from graduating from a permaculture design course. The permaculture principle “Design from Patterns to Detail” comes to the rescue.

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Bio-Pyramid turns Egyptian pyramid into a desert-reversing skyscraper!

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Oceans cover 71% of earth’s surface leaving less than a third of the planet above salty water. Australian permaculture expert Geoff Lawton once claimed, “You can solve all the world’s problems in a garden.”

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Remake the 'village' within the city

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With remaking the village in the city we can make our urban and suburban areas sustainable and also move towards Zero Waste, as discussed in Paul Connett''s book “The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet one Community at a Time” published October 2013 by Chelsea Green.

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Israeli Reuse Conference Claims that Big Opportunities Come in.

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ReMakes Figures Out What to Do with Billboard Waste Food & Health » Marda Permaculture Farm Plants Sustainable Seeds in Palestine Marda Permaculture Farm shows that traditional and modern sustainable farming practices can go hand in hand.

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Sustainable Agroforestry Systems and Practices in Agriculture


This includes permaculture, biodynamic farming, regenerative agriculture and many other practices. . #1 The practice of cultivating trees on farms alongside other agricultural production has a long history throughout the world.

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London’s biggest free green event is launched!

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The organisers believe the arrival of this large scale event is a reflection that London is becoming greener and this can only be good for London, for the country, for all of us and for the Planet. By Michael Smith (Veshengro) The first ever London Green Fair has been announced, which is an exciting evolution of the Camden Green Fair and tens of thousands of visitors are expected to attend what will be the UK’s biggest free green festival.

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Eating Real Food Can Save The Environment | Green Prophet

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Saving the planet is no longer sexy. Yes, especially for activists expecting political force to rescue the environment and the peoples of the planet. With less long-distance transportation, the planet’s carbon emission overload would ease.

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The London Green Fair to host Indian Greenathon - “Lighting a Billion Lives”

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The Speakers Forum, programmed by TalkAction, will present a series of workshops and debates around “Transforming London, Transforming our planet” while on Sunday will feature Ken Livingston, Jenny Jones, and Tony Juniper in a headline panel discussion. The London Green Fair on the 4th and 5th June 2011, London’s leading free green event, has teamed up with the NDTV Toyota Greenathon to help raise money to buy solar lights for the poorest villages in India.

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The Top 100 Documentaries We Can Use To Change The World

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Occupy Love (2013) 85 min · Join acclaimed director Velcrow Ripper on a journey deep inside the global revolution of the heart that is erupting around the planet. Origins (2014) 101 min · This is a movie about how we have left the natural connection to the planet.

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Can CO2 Mobilise Cairo?

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The Green Arms’ Ahmed El-Dorghamy applied this, and showed off his storytelling skills to promote sustainable transportation to indicated the consequences our materialistic life-style and society have on the planet.

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Gaia versus Medea: A Case for Altruism

The Alien Next Door

I appreciate the comment about 'Anima' meaning "soul" In my Father's language, Romanian, this word sounds a lot like another word we could use more in our dealings with all life on this precious planet: the Romanian word for heart, INIMA.

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A Better Way of Making a Living

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Permaculture, by allowing succession and by using natural structures such as a forest or old field, is the best examples I know of that both builds top soil and allows for species biodiversity growth. At Restoration Farm we are trying to build a tribal permaculture farm.

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Celebrating World Environment Day with a Focus on Food

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Tell us about one thing you would do to make our planet a better place. To learn more about global food issues, check out the Permaculture Supporter and Sustainable Farmers and Gardeners groups on Wiser.org ! by Jane Lee June 5th is World Environment Day!

A Curriculum for Generation Z

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I am a creative strategist working with organisations who want to be part of a regenerative future for people and planet, and a trusted advisor for their CEOs and leadership teams.

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