Chicago’s urban farming produces fresh veggies all year, 24/7

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People are catching onto the taste and business opportunities of urban agriculture: find it growing in Middle Eastern cities such as Cairo, Egypt too! The project produces a number of green vegetables and herbs ; including basil, baby greens, broccoli, and kale.

Desert plants fed with saltwater produce amazing new biofuel for Boeing and Etihad

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In 2012, the world’s airlines transported three billion people, emitting 689 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. SBRC produced the above infographic, which demonstrates how seawater will be pumped into a fish or shrimp farm.

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Why Conservation Should Embrace a Diversity of People & Values

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In a Comment published in the journal Nature today, I am joined by 239 co-authors in a call for a more inclusive conservation ethic — one that recognizes the many different values people hold for nature, and the many voices of our global community.

Can We Grow Safe Produce and Conserve Nature at the Same Time?

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coli O157:H7 outbreak in bagged spinach sickened hundreds and killed at least three people across the United States. In the 1970s, <1% of the foodborne disease outbreaks could be attributed to produce. Another farmer paid US$100,000 to fence off his produce farm from wildlife.

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Gaza produce on the menu at swanky American event in Jerusalem

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Due to lack of available agricultural space, various methods used to produce food supplies have included planting roof top gardens of herbs and vegetables and small aquacultural projects to grow their own fish. This has resulted in exports of agricultural produce dropping to around $1.2

Landmark study: other people’s drugs enter our bodies through veggies and fruits

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It is also a country where its people might be most at risk from over-exposure of other peoples’ pharmaceuticals. The first group was given reclaimed wastewater-irrigated produce for the first week, and freshwater-irrigated vegetables in the following week.

UN: Innovation needed to feed people of the future

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The market outcome will depend on the profitability of sugar versus ethanol in Brazil, the globe’s leading producer, and could remain volatile as a result of the sugar production cycle in some key Asian sugar-producing countries.

Erotic produce may seduce you into thinking “ugly”

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The ban lift put most irregularly shaped produce on discount offers, frequently up to 40% cheaper then their prettier cousins. They can be sold as irregular, but must be labeled for “cooking,” not as “fresh produce.”

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Community Gardens May Produce More than Vegetables

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Study suggests health benefits beyond nutrition People who participate in community gardening have a significantly lower body mass index—as well as lower odds of being overweight or obese—than do their non-gardening neighbors. That finding was not surprising, as researchers had expected that spouses would benefit from eating food produced in the garden, and perhaps from helping out with the gardening activities.

Feed people, not landfills

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Through its new campaign "Feed People, Not Landfills," the EPA is looking to connect people and businesses who have excess food with hungry families in need – helping communities, saving money and reducing food waste.

Dairy producers kill cows earlier to charge more for milk


Between 2003 and 2010, farmers could get higher prices for their cows if they killed them off before the were “finished” producing milk (by the industries standard). Hundreds of thousands of dairy cows are sent to slaughter to help dig some people out of debt, and line the wallets of others.

Excrement to energy: Human waste to produce clean power!


Excrement to energy: Human waste to produce clean power! Why Now It is never too late to explore more green energy options and while there will be still people around asking this question of ‘why now?’ Producing energy from human waste Modern lifestyle and growing population, along with ever growing food needs mean that human waste is becoming a major biohazard across the planet. Well, Jeff Feddersen has created a circuit board that produces enoug. Please login.

New Water Fund in Mexico for People and Nature

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At The Nature Conservancy (TNC) we are always on the lookout for the triple win—projects that protect nature, meet people’s needs, and provide good returns on investment for businesses and governments.

Study determines “beef animals” produce more profit if killed faster


The study ends with hypocrisy, highlighting how 12 month lifespans would produce less greenhouse gas emissions, ignoring that the number of lives would increase to surpass the lengthier predecessors. As long as people are driving the demand for beef, farmers will find a way to sell more.

Markets for Homegrown Produce

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How to earn a financial harvest from your garden More customers than you might imagine are eager to buy that wonderful organic produce growing in your back yard. To find out if a particular market is a cost-effective venue for selling your produce, talk to the market’s manager.

People Lying in 7 Days of Their Own Trash. {Photos}

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According to the EPA, the average American produces more than four pounds of garbage a day. Have you ever wondered what it would actually look like to lie in seven days of your own trash? Yeah, me neither. However, looking at these startling photos made me wonder that.

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Beware: Peppers, Pears and Grapes From Turkey Are Most Toxic Produce In Europe, Study Finds

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Fresh produce stands like this one are popular all over Turkey. Turkish peppers topped the list of “most contaminated” produce in the guide, with an average of 24 chemical substances found in the specimens analyzed.

Heroines for the Planet: Executive Producer of Betsy West

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Betsy West is the executive producer of the recently-launched , an AOL/PBS-backed digital platform showcasing hundreds of inspiring video interviews from women of all generations. Lindsay: Why do you feel the word “feminism” gets many people so riled up?

Sustainable forest management benefits people and the Planet

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A fair amount of people in the green movement believe that cutting trees is bad for the environment and that woodlands and forests do not need management.

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Buy local and not at the People's Republic of China

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Every time that you go to Walmart, or other such outlets, you are supporting only the retail economy and the economy of the People's Republic of China. When, however, you buy from local producers you support local people and the local economy.

If Gaza Goes Dry, Where Will All the People Go?

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Desalination and public taps are an option for a small portion of the population, but the great majority of people have to pay for bottled water to satisfy their barest requirements. million people will be without water in a few years,” he said.

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A Voice for Sustainability: The People Behind Your T-Shirt

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More than 1,000 workers died in Bangladesh earlier this year when a factory that produced 15 brands of clothes collapsed. And, it gives a voice to all the people behind your t-shirt (or shoes in this case). Harvesting cotton in India.

Zabaleen Film Portrays Cairo’s Garbage City People

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Directed by Lauren McCarthy and produced by Carrie Vermillion, Zabaleen follows Mourad Waleed, his wife Um, and their 11 children as they cope with life as Cairo’s informal trash workers.

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The Fight Over the Right to Produce Your Own Food

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In recent years, however, FTCLDF has spent an increasing amount of time and resources fighting for the right of people to produce their own food.

Action urged after weedkiller traces found in peoples' urine

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UK, June 2013 : The Government is being urged to take urgent action on pesticides after laboratory tests, published on Thursday June 13, 2013 by Friends of the Earth and GM Freeze found traces of the weed killer glyphosate in the bodies of people across numerous European countries, including Britain.

Sow Much Good farmer a CNN hero for spreading her seeds at the urban farm

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In the USA, the viability of urban farming to provide healthy organic vegetables to communities where such produce is not easy accessible received a big boost recently when a 40 something former financial services person, Robin Emmons, was nominated by CNN.

Blaming economists for our current economic situtation is like blaming a psychologist because people are crazy

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  For instance, rent-control laws try to make housing affordable for everyone, and minimum-wage laws try to help people escape poverty.   A market economy rewards people according to their ability to produce things that other people are willing to pay for.    The world's best basketball player earns more than the world's best chess player simply because people are willing to pay more to watch basketball than chess [ed.

Video Guide to Small Reusable Shopping Bags For Produce & Bulk Items

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By now, most people at least know that they should bring their own reusable shopping bag to the grocery store. Good thing there's a fantastic option: reusable produce bags made from cotton, canvas, or related plastic!

The Relevance Imperative in Conservation

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But answering that question for a long list of people may be the most important task of today’s conservationist. What complicates doing that is that many people don’t actually care about such things. It’s well established that conservation can provide important benefits to people.

Actually, We Can Feed 10 Billion People. Here’s How

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Even though it seems like the earth couldn’t possibly handle 10 billion people, an article published in Nature shows that it is possible to feed them all. Although rich in biodiversity, the tropics aren’t great for growing nutritious food for a lot of people.

A&W tricks people in to thinking “vegan” chickens make better eggs


Apparently the Canadian conglomerate has successfully tricked people in to thinking that healthier eggs come from chickens who are given vegetables, grains, vitamins, and enough supplements to offset the insects a chicken in a free-range setting might get ahold of. Basically, they’re having any measure of success with this campaign because people view this as being somehow “cleaner.”

Design and Planning for People in Place

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For Geddes the role of the designer was two-fold: i) to contribute to the material adaptation of people and their livelihood to the specific opportunities and challenges of the places they inhabit, and ii), to affect in the transformation of culture through education.

Quinoa and how our use impacts of the people whose food it is

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) It makes absolutely no difference whether it is Fairtrade or ordinary trade, the fact that in the developed world this food is seen as a super food, especially amongst vegetarians and vegans, is leading to possible starvation of the people whose staple food this is.

How much water is poisoned to produce a barrel of tar sands? Just ask Pepsi.

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Sadly, though, despite tens of thousands of people speaking up and taking action, despite the commitments that 19 other big companies have made around tar sands , PepsiCo hasn't made enough progress towards making the commitment to say no to this dirty fuel source.

Missouri Food Pantries Help Clients Grow Their Own Produce

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1 in 6 people struggles with hunger. Food pantries across the country pass out food to help these people put meals on the table. In the U.S., But what if they could help teach the pantry visitors how to grow their own food, too?


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National laws offer very few rights for Central Africa's forest people, and even lands that have been occupied by them for many generations can be taken away at will, and handed over to companies to exploit for their timber. WATCH HERE. ‘

Nebraska egg producer inspired to do even more for disabled

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Far too many people focus on the first three letters of “disability,” rather than the last seven. 14 event that celebrated people who have gone the extra mile to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Beacon Food Forest offers foraging, free garden produce during harvest

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And through October 8th, people looking for tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, acorn squash, Swiss chard and other produce, can stop by a free roadside stand staffed by garden volunteers along 15th Avenue South. The Beacon Food Forest is a labor of love.

Bringing Behavioral Insights into Conservation Programs and Policies

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One solution we’ve tried is giving people ways to earn money that doesn’t hurt the environment. Many more people than ever before were trying to feed their families from fishing on the coral reefs. Intuitive decision-making is how people make the vast majority of decisions.

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Jerusalem Sage and Nettles – January’s Seasonal Produce

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Rainy, muddy winter brings out the best of January produce in the Middle East. People sicken and die of mushroom poisoning every year. Our hot summers seem far away right now, but Middle Eastern winters are all too short. With ever-present water problems , we treasure every drop of rain and rejoice in the sight of succulent greenery springing up everywhere. Wild edibles are at their best now.