Researchers help track the growth of ginseng forest farming in Pennsylvania

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There is good and bad news about ginseng collection and production in Pennsylvania, and likely much of Appalachia, according to a new study conducted by Penn State researchers. Researchers help track the growth of ginseng forest farming in Pennsylvania

Camera Trap Chronicles: The Pennsylvania Wilds

Nature Conservancy - Science

Trail cameras set in north-central Pennsylvania capture images of wood rats, fishers, bears and more. Latest Science Camera Traps Deer TNC Science Wildlife


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Pennsylvania scientists develop 100% leather waste fiber made from scraps


After five years and $3 million worth of research and development, two Pennsylvania scientists have developed a proprietary process to create a brand new, 100% leather waste fiber. Pennsylvania scientists develop 100% leather waste fiber made from scraps.

FirstEnergy Fails Working Families in Southwest Pennsylvania

Sierra Club Compass

FirstEnergy''s mishandling of its recent and sudden announcement to retire the Mitchell and Hatfield’s Ferry coal-fired power plants in Southwestern Pennsylvania was a worst-case scenario for how to handle a coal plant transition. So far, FirstEnergy and Pennsylvania leaders have failed in their responsibility to working families.

Charles Library boasts one of Pennsylvania’s largest green roofs


The new library also boasts a 47,300-square-foot green roof — one of the largest in Pennsylvania — that covers over 70% of the building’s roof surface and is part of a stormwater management system designed to manage all rainwater runoff on the approximately three-acre site, plus an additional acre of off-site impervious ground. See the rest here: Charles Library boasts one of Pennsylvania’s largest green roofs.

A Big Win for Clean Air in Pennsylvania - and Nationwide!

Sierra Club Compass

This new agreement comes after a year of litigation from the Sierra Club and Earthjustice and sets a national precedent in the fight to secure the health and safety of families in coal-dependent Pennsylvania and beyond: These new conditions of the Homer City permit makes it among the first in the nation to set hourly limits on sulfur dioxide emissions. Coal pollution contains all sorts of nasty, dangerous things, but one of the worst pollutants is sulfur dioxide.

Early Exit for Coal Plant in Pennsylvania

Sierra Club Compass

Earlier this month, NRG Energy settled a lawsuit that will end coal use six months early at the Portland Generating Station in Portland, Pennsylvania. "Our fight is not over yet," said Tom Schuster, the Sierra Club's Pennsylvania campaign representative. "We It's never too early to shut down coal. The company also announced plans to shutter its Titus Station coal-fired plant outside Philadelphia one-and-a-half years early.

Hurricane Ida brings floods to Northeast U.S.


New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut residents have faced flooding due to Hurricane Ida. Eco Green a-first-landed cnn confirmed-dead floods from-the-floods governor new york city pennsylvania president united states

Flash Floods from Ida Swamp the Northeast

Environmental News Network

Many of the worst-hit areas in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York saw 6 to 10 inches of rain fall in just a few hours. Flash Floods from Ida Swamp the Northeast

Pittsburgh wins ‘environmental hotel of the year’

Green Traveler Guides

Hotels News Pennsylvania Pittsburgh United States Fairmont Pittsburgh Green Travel News Reuters Fairmont Pittsburgh, that city''s only LEED Gold-certified hotel, is named by the Fairmont chain as worldwide winner of its top environmental award. Pittsburgh wins ‘environmental hotel of the year’ is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

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People living near fracking wells have higher heart attack risk


New study findings published in the journal Environmental Research compared the rates of heart attack hospitalizations and deaths in Pennsylvania counties, where fracking wells abound, to those in New York, where fracking is banned. The researchers used data from mortality records in 47 counties across New York and Pennsylvania. They found that from 2005 to 2014, hospitalization and death rates in Pennsylvania were 1.4%

Climate change has led to more temperature inversions and the rise of ‘super pollution events’


This is why the air was unsafe to breathe and reeked of “hospital waste” in a Pennsylvania community in late December. Read the original: Climate change has led to more temperature inversions and the rise of ‘super pollution events’ Business Green advanced materials channel-it-into chlorpyrifos demand-for Eco epa market pennsylvania policy & politics recycling why-the

2020 28

The Great American Rail-Trail to offer bike access from coast to coast


It will travel through the top of Illinois, then cross Indiana, Ohio and small sections of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland before ending in Washington, D.C. People have turned toward outdoor exercise as a way to keep fit, lift spirits and fight the monotony of a pandemic.

Antler Tips: Finding “Sheds” in a Forest Near You

Nature Conservancy - Science

For advice, I turned to Mike Eckley , conservation forester for The Nature Conservancy in Pennsylvania. Deer Management deer management mammals natural history Pennsylvania A moose shed would be a top find for many shed enthusiasts. Photo: © Bruce Kidman/TNC. By Matt Miller, senior science writer. Yesterday’s blog explored the enthusiasm some of us have for finding shed antlers – and how that enthusiasm can turn into an obsession that threatens wintering mule deer and elk.

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Hurricane Ida brings floods to Northeast U.S.


New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut residents have faced flooding due to Hurricane Ida. Although miles away from Louisiana, where the hurricane first landed, the Northeast received heavy storms as the hurricane moved inland

Fading Forests: The High Cost of Invasive Pests

Nature Conservancy - Science

Sarah Johnson, a conservation GIS analyst for The Nature Conservancy in Pennsylvania , tells a story familiar to anyone who deals with non-native forest pests. Staff at the Woodbourne Forest Preserve in northeastern Pennsylvania knew it was coming: emerald ash borer , an incredibly destructive and invasive beetle. Forests Invasive Species don''t move firewood Eastern US forest conservation forest pests Invasive species Pennsylvania

What 8 indoor farming companies plan for 2021


Photo courtesy of Bowery Farming Bowery Farming, based in New York City, plans to invest its 600 percent increase in sales last year into a new vertical farm in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in 2021.

Too Many Deer: A Bigger Threat to Eastern Forests than Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

Valley Forge National Historical Park, Pennsylvania. A similar push back may be occurring in Pennsylvania. Effect of white-tailed deer on songbirds within managed forests in Pennsylvania. Deer facilitate invasive plant success in Pennsylvania forest understory. A beautiful animal that also happens to arguably be the greatest threat to forests in the eastern United States. Photo: Matt Miller/TNC.

The Green Buzz: Wednesday, September 11

Cool Green Science

Exxon has been charged with illegally dumping 50,000 gallons of wastewater in Pennsylvania. Animals Climate Change Climate Science & Research Conservation Issues Environmental News Environmental Science Global Warming Green Living International Science The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy Uncategorized arsenic in rice BBC News Bloomberg exxon FDA fracking Grist Guardian illegal deforestation illegal dumping Indonesia MNN ocean acidification Pennsylvania woolly mammoth

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First All-African American Team Climbs Denali

Cool Green Science

Ryan Mitchell : As a kid, I grew up in the country – Westown, Pennsylvania – next to a big farm and spent a lot of time outside. I then started bike racing at Penn State University and loved riding in the hills around central Pennsylvania. In June 2013, for the first time ever, an all-African American team of mountaineers set off to climb Denali (also known as Mount McKinley) in Alaska , the highest peak in North America.

2013 67

Lose the Memory, Lose the Fish

Nature Conservancy - Science

It’s my home water, quite literally – my family still owns land in central Pennsylvania bordering it. Conservation Essay Fish Alaska conservation essay ecological history fisheries fishing Pennsylvania restoration salmon shad North America’s waters once contained mind-boggling numbers of migratory fish. And then… Photo: Ami Vitale. By Matt Miller, senior science writer. Learning a river is a lifetime task , as anyone who has ever held a fly rod understands all too well.

2013 78

Don't Frack Our "Promised Land" - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

Starring Matt Damon and John Krasinski, this must-see is set in a rural Pennsylvania farming community and shows what happens when the natural gas industry and activists clash over fracking leases. Compass. « What the Passage of the Wind Production Tax Credit Means for 2013 and Beyond | Main. Back on the Rails: Transit Benefits and the Fiscal Cliff » Dont Frack Our "Promised Land".

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New Report: Look Before the LNG Leap - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

The natural gas fracking boom is causing major environmental challenges across the country – including poisoned water in Pennsylvania, polluted air in Wyoming, earthquakes in Ohio, and profound changes to forests and farming landscapes all across the country.  Compass. « COP18: We Must Reform Fracking to Limit Environmental Impact | Main. | New Poll Finds Ratepayers Strongly Oppose Duke Energy Coal Boondoggle » New Report: Look Before the LNG Leap.

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2014 NatureNet Fellowships: A Call for Conservation Scientists

Nature Conservancy - Science

The program is run in partnership with the following universities: Columbia, Cornell, Princeton, Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale. Science Columbia Conservation Biology conservation scientist ecology nature science NatureNet new conservation science postdoctoral science fellowship Princeton science fellows science fellowship science research Stanford University of Pennsylvania Yale University Conservation scientist Judy Haner taking GPS data in Mobile Bay, Alabama.

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Striking LEED Silver-targeted tower to rise in the heart of Philadelphia


The glass-enveloped buildings will combine modern design elements with historical references, from color palettes inspired by the traditional materials common in the area to the window typology of the old Pennsylvania Railroad rail cars. Green architecture complementary east leed silver modern architecture pennsylvania philadelphia realty-trust schuylkill yards stand-at-around street towerThe heart of Philadelphia will soon be transformed with Schuylkill Yards, a $3.5

My Penn’s Woods, Ever Changing

Nature Conservancy - Science

When the author steps into a Pennsylvania forest, it’s like he never left. But the forest is changing, fast. From the Field Forests

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"RFF on the issues: Fracking contamination concerns"

Environmental Economics

RFF Staff: An RFF survey of public opinion in Pennsylvania and Texas about shale gas development risks revealed that 41 and 31 percent of respondents, respectively, are “extremely concerned or very concerned” about risks to groundwater and surface water sources.

2015 162

Governor Corbett's Memorial Day gift to the fracking industry

Sierra Club Compass

Yet Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has just issued an executive order that paves the way to expanding fracking in those same state forests and parks. Pennsylvania's forested landscapes provide critical habitat for wildlife and offer important recreational opportunities for millions of people yearly. They are an economic driver for the state of Pennsylvania.

2014 87

A simple proof that anyone doing math is a terrorist

Environmental Economics

A new extreme in our growing aversion to math : Guido Menzio , an economist at the University of Pennsylvania, was pulled off of an American Airlines regional jet from Philadelphia to Syracuse because he was doing math. I'm guessing the logic goes something like this:  Numbers are Arabic. Many Arabs are Muslim. A few Muslims are terrorists.    Therefore anyone doing math on a plane is writing in secret code and looking to blow the plane out the sky.

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Hurricane Ida supercharges climate change in the US

A Greener Life

Hurricane Ida shortly after it made landfall. Photo credit: NASA via Wikimedia. By Anders Lorenzen. Last week a major hurricane hit the southern US, bashing the coast of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans and surrounding states.

Env-Econ 101: Then keep raising the prices

Environmental Economics

Millions of barrels of salty, toxic wastewater from natural-gas wells in Pennsylvania are coming into Ohio despite efforts to keep it at bay. Ohio officials thought that raising the fees from 5 cents to 20 cents per barrel would help keep the brine in Pennsylvania, where drilling has exploded since the discovery of huge gas deposits deep in Marcellus shale.

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Is the fracking industry shaking in their boots?

Environmental Economics

ordered a drilling company to shut down a well in Mahoning County while officials examine seismic and geological data, but the agency said it can’t say whether fracking set off the five temblors felt near the Pennsylvania border on Monday and Tuesday. The oil and gas industry, governments, environmental advocacy groups and others are watching to see whether a series of earthquakes in northeastern Ohio was caused by a nearby fracking operation. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

2014 149

Recycled Playground Challenge from TerraCycle

Green Living Ideas

Starting March 11, schools located throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and Maryland are eligible to compete for two new playgrounds made completely of recycled material by joining TerraCycle’s Colgate® Oral Care Recycling Program, a free, national program hosted by Colgate and TerraCycle.

2018 40

Additional industry slots have opened up on the EPA's science board

Environmental Economics

Systems Group, a Pennsylvania-based environmental analysis firm, said in a letter to EPA staff on Friday that it was “with certain regret and concern — and in protest” that they step down from a Board of Scientific Counselors subcommittee on  sustainable and healthy communities. Martín Making American Great Again: Two scientists have resigned from an Environmental Protection Agency advisory board to protest agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s removal  of their colleagues.

2017 130

Seventh Annual Conference and Meeting | Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis

Environmental Economics

Ready, Pennsylvania State University / Montana State University; T. Thursday, March 19, 3:45 – 5:15 Session 4. Non-Market Recreational Welfare Effects of Changes in the Diversity and Abundance of Species. Chair: Trudy Ann Cameron, University of Oregon. Presentations: A Combined Revealed/Stated Preference Model for Projecting the Impact of Aquatic Nuisance Species on Recreational Angling in the Great Lakes, Upper Mississippi, and Ohio River Basins, Gregory L.

2015 167

Local Gas (and no I'm not talking about what happens when I eat local cucumbers)

Environmental Economics

This is the most recent of several cracker plants proposed by various companies in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Proximity matters: An energy company from Thailand said today that it is considering building an ethane cracker in Belmont County, a project that could lead to billions of dollars worth of investment. “We

2015 153

Sometimes trust isn't enough to overcome perceptions

Environmental Economics

Testifying on May 31 before a subcommittee of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in Washington, Michael Krancer, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection , cited the report to make his case that regulation of fracking was working. As University budgets have tightened over the past decade, researchers have increasingly turned to 'nontraditional' sources for funding. 

2012 130

Environmental economics in the December 2015 American Economic Review: The Housing Market Impacts of Shale Gas Development

Environmental Economics

Using data from Pennsylvania and an array of empirical techniques to control for confounding factors, we recover hedonic estimates of property value impacts from nearby shale gas development that vary with water source, well productivity, and visibility. I was able to download the article from home so the "complimentary" link below might be a holiday gift from the American Economic Association (or, are all of the AER articles free these days?):

2015 126

Former state health employees say they were silenced on drilling

Green (Living) Review

Two retirees from the Pennsylvania Department of Health say its employees were silenced on the issue of Marcellus Shale drilling. Companies have drilled more than 6,000 wells into Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale over the last six years, making it the fastest-growing state for natural gas production in America. One veteran employee says she was instructed not to return phone calls from residents who expressed health concerns about natural gas development. “We

2014 100

A Fracking Mess

Environmental Economics

Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) for natural gas has stirred contentious debates among (and between) economists, geologists, environmentalists, industrialists, and local and state politicians in Pennsylvania, New York and more recently Ohio.  1 disposal well stopped injecting brine and fracking fluids from natural-gas wells in Pennsylvania on Friday, about a day before a 4.0-magnitude quake shook Youngstown.

2012 133

Boom, but will there be a bust?

Environmental Economics

The land is located in Trumbull County, near the Pennsylvania border, which is on the northern edge of the area that energy companies have said may hold the greatest promise for energy resources. “We BP said this morning it is taking steps to lease 84,000 acres in northeastern Ohio for oil and natural gas production, the latest big energy company to invest in the Utica shale.

2012 126

The growing movement to help farmers reduce pollution and make a profit


In Pennsylvania, an innovative program is showing farmers how to plant cash crops in buffer zones to help stabilize stream banks and clean up waterways. See more here: The growing movement to help farmers reduce pollution and make a profit. Business Green africa agriculture and-clean buffer-zones conservation farmers food-systems for-forests innovative-program not-enough plant-cash the-fuel well-beyond with-devastating

I'm a registered Republican but I happen to agree with his findings, so what does that make me?

Environmental Economics

We show this through (1) an assessment of impact analysis, (2) comparison of drilling counties with similarly matched non-drilling counties in Pennsylvania, (3) statistical regressions on the entire state of Pennsylvania, (4) employment comparisons with North Dakota‘s Bakkan shale region, and (5) an examination of the employment life cycle effects of natural gas and coal per kilowatt of electricity.

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