Failure of Trans Pacific Partnership good news for American People and the Planet

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Green America has said that it welcomes the news that Congress and the White House are unable to forge a path forward for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Trade deals of this nature threaten jobs, communities, and climate equally.

The Nature Conservancy’s U.S. Climate Strategy

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Climate Strategy is helping all 50 states to take their “best next step forward on climate,” recognizing that each state offers a unique opportunity for action on this urgent issue. Climate Strategy.

South African Archbishop unites U.S. and African corporations to announce the Economic Empowerment Partnership

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Thabo Makgoba, Anglican archbishop of Cape Town and metropolitan of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, will come to the United States to officially announce the Winds of Change Economic Empowerment Partnership.

A Global Partnership to Protect a Crucial Natural Asset

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Emily Landis is The Nature Conservancy’s Wetlands Strategy Manager. With 67% of mangroves lost or degraded to date, and an additional 1% being lost each year, mangroves are at a significant risk of disappearing altogether.

Masdar’s Renewables Strategy Shifts To Wind

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As Masdar’s partnership program gains traction in the London Thames estuary, the company is mooting wind power back home – in Abu Dhabi. In partnership with the Danish firm Dong Energy and E.

Brazil and China Promote Partnerships in Renewable Energy


The China-Brazil Center is the result of a partnership between Coppe and Tsinghua University, China's foremost engineering university, and is intended to formulate strategies

Senate Climate Bill: “Achieving Fast Mitigation” Through Non-CO2 Strategies

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Kerry and Lieberman are breaking the mold of CO2-only climate policy with their section to achieve fast mitigation by reducing non-CO2 climate forcers as well as using carbon-negative strategies such as biochar. The Senate bill would expand the efforts of the US-led Methane to Markets Partnership to help reduce global methane emissions as well as scale up research on new methods for reducing emissions and capturing methane for energy use.

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Private Sector Biodiversity Commitments Leveraged by CBD COP13

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For example, during the launch of the Mexican Partnership for Business and Biodiversity (AMEBIN) in October 2016, Mexican companies committed to preserving biodiversity as part of their business operations, in collaboration with civil society and international cooperation organizations.

Urban outreach strategies for protected area agencies

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The Urban Imperative: Urban outreach strategies for protected area agencies How those responsible for protected areas can better serve people in large cities and build stronger urban constituencies for nature conservation Proceedings of a workshop at the Vth World Parks Congress, Durban, South Africa, 8-17 September 2003 EDITED BY TED TRZYNA Following are links to articles posted on this Web site in HTML form.

Smart Strategies for a Sustainable Future

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to establish partnerships with other organizations and agencies to help build community capacity and knowledge in order to create more livable communities. Welcome to the Green Communities Program! Green Communities is a web-based toolkit and planning guide designed to help communities access the tools and information to help them become more sustainable, Green Communities. The Green Communities toolkit is closely linked, for many communities, to the concept of smart growth.

Beyond the Power Struggle: The Science and Values of Sustainable Hydropower

Nature Conservancy - Science

Building on that concept, we’ve developed a strategy called “hydropower by design” that seeks basin-scale solutions across rivers’ social, environmental and economic values. Using science, we can test our theories, refine our strategies, and quantitatively describe the outcomes we seek.

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World Indigenous Day: Harnessing the Power of the Five Percent

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Our work with Indigenous peoples is a key global strategy for The Nature Conservancy since the conservation movement would not be successful without their significant knowledge, experience and stewardship.

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Sustainable Hydropower: Are Small Dams Really Better for the Environment?

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Assessing strategies to increase connected channel network for salmon in Oregon’s Willamette River basin, they compared removal options from among 150 dams in the basin. Small hydropower dams (often defined as below 30 MW) are frequently presumed to be low impact.

City Cluster Development: Toward an Urban-Led Development Strategy for Asia

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Prospects for Partnerships in Urban Revitalization [ PDF: 168kb | 6 pages ] Appendix 1 - HaNoi Case Study [ PDF: 1,294kb | 54 pages ] Appendix 2 - Jakarta Case Study [ PDF: 3,606kb | 58 pages ] Appendix 3 - Manila Case Study [ PDF: 939kb | 40 pages ] Appendix 4 - Developing Inner-City Revitalization Projects [ PDF: 496kb | 8 pages ].

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Clean Energy, Safer Rivers, More Fish

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This is just one of the strategies we are exploring on the Yangtze, and success is not guaranteed. Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive By Investing in Nature. You can follow Mark on Twitter @MarkTercek.

Q&A with Steve McCormick: Dialogues on the Environment

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First, align everything around mission and strategy, meaning be willing to make tough trade-offs. Since he became President, Steve has led the creation of new strategies for the Science and Environmental Conservation Programs, and the formation of the Patient Care Program.

Caffé Nero reports coffee-waste-to-biofuel success, plans expansion

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Italian-style coffee shop chain Caffé Nero is looking to extend an innovative coffee-to-biofuel recycling scheme beyond greater London after a successful partnership with recycling company First Mile and technology firm Bio-Bean. The group has also been expanding on its broader CSR strategy.

International airports source local farm food in 30 countries

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“This is a new type of public-private partnership for FAO which could become a model for collaborations with other retailers in future” she said. “The public-private partnership belongs to the tradition of Autogrill.

How Masdar joined forces in Solar CSP to energize the Middle East

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Green Prophet offers an exclusive interview with Yago Mancebo, Investment Manager, Masdar, on how to put together partnerships to make solar CSP projects viable in the Middle East. Lessons and challenges with partnerships.

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Conservation Solutions Can Improve Water Quality For Millions of Britons

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The “Urban Water Blueprint” not only identifies the water risks facing large cities around the world, but analyzes the potential for five conservation strategies that have proven performance and wide applicability across natural and working (agricultural) landscapes.

Good news for the Wood Stork

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It took partnerships with state and local governments, non-government organizations, and the entire community to turn the population around from a steady decrease. The conservation partnerships forged over the years will continue to work toward to fully recovery of this iconic bird. I was happy to read that the wood stork ( Mycteria Americana ), a bird near and dear to me, was down-sited from the status of endangered to threatened species.

2014 195

Shell Ends Algae Biofuel Research

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In fact last year the DOE gave $24 million to a partnership between Shell Oil and HR Biopetroleum for reseach in algae biofuels. Now it seems that Shell has dropped that direction of research stating that “In keeping with Shell’s portfolio approach to the research, development and commercialization of advanced biofuels, this decision will allow Shell to focus on other options that have shown a better fit with Shell’s biofuel portfolio and strategy.”.

Quick Take: USA-Canada, Arctic for Good

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and Canada have announced a new partnership dedicated to the protection of one of the world’s most threatened marine areas under climate change: the Arctic. The U.S.

Israeli Business Boosts Agriculture in Kenya

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These kits include help with a drip irrigation system, greenhouses, group training and creating a business strategy. This project is being implemented in partnership with the Youth Enterprise Development Fund. “So

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Mauka to Makai: Community Conservation from Mountains to Oceans

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Photo © Bethany Goodrich / The Sustainable Southeast Partnership. “Do Yet this strategy—with the way that management, funding opportunities, and expertise are often segregated between the terrestrial and marine sectors—is still a challenge in our region.

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Biofuels: Top 10 Predictions for 2011

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The prediction is for several partnerships between US corn ethanol or Brazilian cane ethanol plants and advanced biofuels technologies to gain access to fermentation plants for cellulosic ethanol and biobutanol production. I think this is highly likely since the “bolt-on” strategy allows companies to get manufacturing capacity without having to build it from scratch.

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How Can We Prevent or Reverse Desertification and Save Lands from Desert Encroachment?


And even better news is that the same strategy that could help prevent desertification is also effective in addressing problems caused by drought and other forms of land degradation. Even more importantly, this strategy promotes our ability to mitigate.

2019 67

Five Competencies Needed for Tri-Sector Athletes in Education

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Tri-sector Athletes in Education are leaders who are able to leverage multiple sector partnerships to make significant change in educational institutions, communities and the lives of young people. Vision and Strategy: Developing a vision and strategy for tri-sector work is essential.

2017 52

Advantages and Disadvantages of Agroforestry Systems and Practices


The presence of trees reduces soil disturbance which is beneficial for a variety of soil microorganisms as well as allows for a symbiotic formation of mycorrhizal partnerships between plant roots and fungi. Trees have always been important part of the countryside.

2019 76

Europe Maintains Commitment to Ambition and Action at Recent Marrakesh Climate Talks

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A host of European countries (including Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands) were also central to the newly launched NDC[7] Partnership , which will enable cooperation between countries of the North and the South towards implementing the Paris Agreement.

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Building a UK Youth Movement for Conservation

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This global challenge requires a global response, and we at TNC Europe were delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with the charity Action for Conservation (AFC) to help inspire the next generation of conservationists across the UK.

Kent plays a key role in helping local authorities, residents and businesses save money

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UK examples include a case study on how Kent partners are working together to deliver energy improvements in people’s homes (through the Kent & Medway Green Deal Partnership, now known as the Kent & Medway Sustainable Energy Partnership); and An online guidebook to help regional and local public authorities set-up their own collaborative approaches to energy planning.

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Powering Buildings With Bioreactor Algae Skin Facades

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So why is partnership between designers, investors and government largely absent in this region? The most successful strategies involve collectives of stakeholders each with a unique interest in a common project.

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Northwest Oil Spills: the Raw Data and the Growing Risk

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That’s not speculation; it’s the conclusion of detailed analysis found in the 2010 Vessel Traffic Risk Assessment (VTRA), a report commissioned by the Puget Sound Partnership to gauge potential oil spill risks associated with proposed terminal projects in northern Puget Sound.

2015 111

UN agency head highlights Brazil’s role in promoting family farming and transforming rural communities

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It's an exemplary partnership because we share common goals," said Nwanze. Last April, IFAD approved a new country strategy for Brazil. The SEMEAR knowledge management programme, an IFAD partnership with the Inter-America Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), has worked since 2011 to share innovations beyond IFAD-funded projects, so that they benefit other family farmers and inform public policies.

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From Davos: Water Is a Valuable Asset – Let’s Treat It like One

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Through the trust, scientists help farmers execute water-saving strategies, and farmers who conserve water can sell their remaining rights back to the trust. This impact investment-driven solution to water shortages uses market-based strategies to encourage and reward smart water use.

2016 83

Electric Vehicles Kick into High Gear

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The eight states announcing this bold initiative will speed the adoption of electric vehicles through a range of strategies. This exciting partnership will build on the success of recently adopted fuel efficiency and emissions standards.

A Symbiotic Relationship of Community Resiliency: Red Cross and TNC

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The methodology and technology applications we’re developing in Semarang fit into our Climate Risk and Resilience strategy which is increasingly working to better integrate the environment within humanitarian programs.

The 20th Anniversary of the Environmental Justice Executive Order

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The order mandates each agency to develop a strategy for implementing environmental justice (EJ). The EJ Program was later combined with the Community Partnerships Program to become the present Environmental Justice and Community Partnerships (EJCP) Program.

Dow commits to putting nature on the balance sheet

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Dow commits ten million dollars in partnership to put business value on ecosystems by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In 2010, the concept of ecosystem services appeared on the radar of a number of companies all around the world, and with some companies and in some countries it was before that time alredy.

What Drought Looks Like in the Ocean

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This will require robust partnerships and co-management strategies with fishermen as well as ecosystem-based management approaches. Action like this requires multi-agency coordination, new science, novel partnerships and dedication.

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How to Get Decision-Makers to Invest in Nature

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To them, levees were a tried-and-true strategy. This success led to even more momentum for our partnership, and just last year, Dow made a commitment to carefully evaluate the value of natural solutions in all of its business decisions. Show us the data.

DESERTEC Leaves its Industrial Partner Dii

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DESERTEC has canceled its commercial partnership to build a solar super-grid with Dii GmbH, according to a press release issued by DESERTEC. DESERTEC Foundation pulled out of the consortium due to “irresolvable disputes” over future strategies and obligations.