Why Are Pangolins Endangered?


In fact, every part of a pangolin is marketed today as a consumer good. Pangolin scales are sold in plain view in the street markets. But all of these claims are mostly market-driven false advertising. Accordingly, pangolin scales are available on the open market in China.

2018 75

When Your Parking Grows Up

Sightline Daily

A rack for 10 bicycles had grown where an on-street car parking space had been. In Copenhagen, where 50 percent of residents commute by bike , on-street bicycle parking was a sensible idea—fit 10 bikes where one car could go, thus freeing up the sidewalk from a cluster of parked cycles.

Dumpster diving; 2009's fastest growing industry

Green (Living) Review

The mission, so to speak, of the Freegan and Dumpster Diving movement is that if you have a problem with the consumer culture in the our society then do all you can to stop participating in it. If one would go and look for instance on the daily and weekly street markets in Britain one would find the same thing.

Why This Crisis May Be Our Best Chance to Build a New Economy

The Green Changemakers

By David Korten Wall Street is bankrupt. Not long ago, the news was filled with stories of how Wall Street’s money masters had discovered the secrets of creating limitless wealth through exotic financial maneuvers that eliminated both risk and the burden of producing anything of real value. They envisioned a world in which the United States would dominate the global economy by specializing in the creation of money and the marketing and consumption of goods produced by others.

2009 40

Curitiba – Designing a sustainable city

The Green Changemakers

Upton Park in the East End of London, home to West Ham's football ground, where the mayor wishes to destroy the century-old Queen's Market, an undercover street market. Wide public debate and discussion, widespread participation, to reach a broad consensus.

2010 60

Path to a Peace Economy

The Green Changemakers

Systemic Failure Our economic institutions have been designed by Wall Street interests to secure personal economic and political power in the hands of members of a small ruling elite. Follow the money, and it leads ultimately to Wall Street. In our country, that would be Wall Street.

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