Seeing the Trees – Without Losing Sight of the Forest

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In heavily used landscapes—such as the wet limestone forests in central Jamaica, where Kennedy researched bird communities; the Brazilian Amazon, where Boyle tracks primate movements, or the Interior Atlantic Forest in Paraguay, where de la Sancha studies small mammals—the presence of corridors, hedgerows and forest remnants linking larger tracts of forest can mean the difference between a genetically viable population of birds or mammals and one that slowly dwindles away.

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Alternative summit on environment and people held in Bolivia

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Some 18,000 people were on hand, including, scientists, intellectuals, lawyers and official representatives from 94 countries, among them the presidents of Ecuador, Venezuela, Paraguay and Nicaragua. Business & Politics Bolivia climate summit Cop15 Copenhagen Cuba Ecuador environment summit Evo Morales Hugo Chavez Nicaragua Paraguay people summit VenezuelaPresident of Bolivia, Evo Morales, at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen in December 2009. Photo by Simon Wedege.


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Shining a light on #EarthHour2016

Green Prophet

In Paraguay, WWF used the Earth Hour platform to build public support to gain an extension of the logging moratorium, helping to reduce deforestation. Earth Hour is upon us. It comes every year on Saturday 19 March, as the clock strikes 8:30 PM around the globe. It’s a worldwide movement that aims to unite the global community on a broad range of environmental issues, working on a grassroots level to enact mass behavioral change.

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How Green Is Your Valley? Reflections on Environment 2012

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In addition, the Republican platform of 2012 onward insists that conservation initiatives must be balanced by economic development and private property rights – a tack taken in several other nations (the Czech Republic, Paraguay, Slovakia, South Korea and Spain) to the detriment of the poor and landless. How Green Is Your Valley? Reflections on Environment 2012.

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Killing fields: the true cost of Europe's cheap meat

The Green Changemakers

An investigation in Paraguay has discovered that vast plantations of soy, principally grown for use in intensively-farmed animal feed, are responsible for a catalogue of social and ecological problems, including the forced eviction of rural communities, landlessness, poverty, excessive use of pesticides, deforestation and rising food insecurity. Paraguay is now the world's sixth largest producer of soy, with over 2.6

UN agency head highlights Brazil’s role in promoting family farming and transforming rural communities

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For example, FIDA-MERCOSUR, an IFAD-sponsored programme, encourages policymakers to share successful policies and practices in favour of family farming across the Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR) which includes Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. Rome, 18 July 2016 – Brazil has a lot to teach the world about the importance of family farmers, said the President of the United Nation’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Kanayo F.

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How Does It Work: Hydropower

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The world’s largest dam – the Itaipu, which straddles Brazil and Paraguay – generated over 90,000 GWh in 2001: that’s enough to power over 10 million homes! How Does It Work: Hydropower. Hydropower – power generated using water’s downhill flow – is one of the most common alternatives to fossil fuels. But while hydropower boasts significant advantages over energy sources like oil and coal, it also creates some serious problems of its own. What is hydropower?

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Astonishing Facts About Wetlands


The largest wetlands in the world is the Plantanal extending over somewhere between 54,000 and 75,000 square miles (140,000 to 195,000 square kilometers) in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. The Pantanal is a vast, gently-sloped basin that receives runoff form the highlands and slowly releases the water into the Paraguay River and its tributaries.

Best Buys and Healthy Alternatives to Conventional Halloween Candy

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Your purchase also supports small farm families in the Dominican Republic and Paraguay so you are giving in two ways. Home About Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Disclosure Contact Product Reviews Monthly Eco-Resolutions Quick Reference Guide Subscribe Best Buys and Healthy Alternatives to Conventional Halloween Candy October 22, 2010 One more week until Halloween! My kids can’t wait and I’m thinking about what kind of treat I will offer.

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Biodiversity Hotspots and Their Importance


Saving biodiversity hotpots, those places on Earth with an abundance of life, are at the forefront of conservation efforts today. We now understand that Earth’s ability to provide the clean air and water and moderate temperatures humans need to survive is dependent upon its entire web of life working in harmony which is the reason why the importance of biodiversity hotspots grows with every new claim of the natural environment. Each species plays an important role within the larger web of life.

Drinking Helps!

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Lemonaid and ChariTea produce sustainable soft drinks and iced tea - the ingredients are organic, vegan and are sourced from small-scale farming cooperatives in Sri Lanka, Paraguay, Mexico and South Africa.

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Water, Wars and an Uncertain Future

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Food riots will follow not only in Nepal and Nigeria but also in Peru and Paraguay. As the world awaits the release of the final draft agreement emerging from the COP21 climate talks – expected this morning – longtime expert in water policy, Dr. Sundeep Waslekar explores one specific aspect of climate change in the following article, providing clear insight into the future of water, not only as a critical resource for all life, but as a tool in achieving Middle East Peace.

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Monsanto and GMOs: a Model of Greed

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Countries impacted by Monsanto include India, Mexico, Liberia and Paraguay.” According to the David Suzuki Foundation, “ companies that develop and patent GMO seeds are the same companies that develop and patent the pesticides and herbicides to which the unique seeds are resistant. Monsanto is the largest seed company in the world and owns about 86% of GMO seeds sown globally. It is also the parent of Roundup.”

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Weekend Reading 12/14/12

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The second is on a community in Paraguay where people make a living picking trash in a landfill and improve life by making beautiful music on instruments built from reclaimed materials. Eric: I’m so glad Kevin Drum is around. One of his blog posts this week, “ The World’s Easiest Plan to Rescue Social Security ,” deserves some kind of award for clarity and good sense. And for those reasons, I suspect his plan will go nowhere fast.

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It’s a Mistake for NGOs Not to Engage with Hydropower Companies

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Image: Itaipu Dam, a binational hydroelectric dam on the Paraná River located on the border between Brazil and Paraguay. Giulio Boccaletti is Managing Director of Global Freshwater at The Nature Conservancy. This post originally appeared on The Guardian. We are entering a new hydro-dam era. As John Vidal has reported , construction of hydropower in the Himalayas will be one of the great forces for change in Asia and a hot spot of regional tension between China, India, and Pakistan.

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Fascism in Germany did not start with Hitler and the NSDAP

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Also returning to Germany are the old and young Nazis from the German colonies in South America, such as from Blumenau in Santa Caterina and others in Parana and Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, as well as Paraguay and Argentina, and they have been doing so for a considerable time now, ever since the conquest and occupation by West Germany of the German Democratic Republic.

Concentration, Confrontation, Collaboration: The Future of Sustainable Hydropower

Nature Conservancy - Science

Itaipu Dam, a binational hydroelectric dam on the Paraná River located on the border between Brazil and Paraguay. Concentration. That’s what makes rivers so valuable — both for fish and for energy.

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Fighting Corruption Toolkit

The Green Changemakers

Procurement Making Public Procurement More Transparent, Ecuador Workshop on Public Procurement, Paraguay Building Transparency in Budgeting and Public Procurement at the Local Level, Serbia 3. Corruption Fighters’ Tool Kit Special Edition 2004 Teaching Integrity to Youth: Examples from 11 countries Click on the links below to download individual chapters of the Tool Kit. CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Macau SAR Mr Pig and Superman William: Ethics Education for Primary Pupils 3.

Protecting rainforests shown to reduce poverty Ecologist

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Study findings go against conventional wisdom that says biodiversity conservation is not compatible with development goals THEECOLOGIST.ORG Introduction of measures to protect rainforests and ecosystems in Costa Rica and Thailand over the past 40 years have improved the livelihoods of the local population Conserving rainforests may help to reduce poverty as well as protect biodversity, according to analyses undertaken in Costa Rica and Thailand.

Shocking analysis by country of years left to zero emissions

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“Australia is committed to a greedy and inhumane course of climate exceptionalism, climate racism and climate injustice.&#. We all know that we have to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution and eventually reach zero emissions.

Fighting deforestation should be a top priority for 2021, and here’s how it can be


Fighting deforestation should be a top priority for 2021, and here’s how it can be Heather Clancy Mon, 01/11/2021 – 02:00 One of the biggest stories of 2020 was the rise of the corporate tree-planting movement, with dozens of multinational businesses from virtually every industry pledging millions of dollars to one of nature’s most effective carbon sequestration solutions.

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Hugo Chavez on climate change and capitalism

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I do not know whether Leonardo might come, I met him recently in Paraguay, we’ve always read him. President Hugo Chavez has lost his two year long battle against cancer. But “those who die for life, can’t be called dead,” Vice-president Nicolas Maduro said when he made his heartfelt announcement of the death of Chavez on Venezuelan public television.

Israeli scientists win international research grant for their development of meat alternatives

Green Prophet

kg per person, ranking the country at number six in the world (Argentina is the country with the highest amount of meat consumed per person, followed by Paraguay, Brazil, the United States, and Australia). For a while now, Israeli startups and researchers have been among the forerunners in the development of lab-grown meat and meat alternatives.

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Island Nations can fight Climate Genocide with Carbon Debt & Carbon Credit Analysis

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At the 2011 Durban Climate Conference the US, with the help of its climate criminal lackeys Australia and Canada, again succeeded in preventing requisite international climate change action. It was reported that Island States had again pleaded with other representatives to avert “ climate genocide ” but their pleas fell on deaf ears at Durban, as at Cancun, as at Copenhagen.

Analysis by country of fossil fuel burning-based Carbon Debt and Carbon Credit

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Fossil fuel burning yielding the greenhouse gas (GHG) carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major component of man-made global warming. In relation to carbon pollution from the burning of fossil fuels, Net Carbon Debt is equal to the Historical Carbon Debt (from fossil fuel burning since the start of the Industrial Revolution in circa 1750) minus the Carbon Credit (the residual carbon pollution from fossil fuel burning permitted between now and zero emissions in 2050).

Education for Rural People

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Andrews, Rome and Paris 2004 Full text available in PDF You can request the book by e-mail at "Educación para la población rural en Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, México, Paraguay y Perú". [link] This ERP Tool kit provides education and training materials for rural teachers, technicians, instructors, trainers, parents, researchers, extensionists and others involved in formal and non formal education for rural people.

Urban Upgrading

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View the topics in the index below by clicking on the red button. View photographs of 'Success Stores' from projects around the world. What is a slum ? What is urban upgrading ? What is needed to make it work ? What is the demand for upgrading? What are the benefits of upgrading? Why have Government programs failed to reach the poor? What about the urban – rural linkages ? Will it cost a lot? Are the costs sustainable ? Why is community involvement important?

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The concept of “Living Well” - a Bolivian viewpoint

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Put less academically, we have to talk to, learn from and support the indigenous movements which have inserted ecosocialist and degrowth like concepts into the formal constitutions of the Bolivian and Ecuadorian states, who convened the “Peoples World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth’s Rights” held in Cochabamba, Bolivia from April 19-22, 2010 and who presented numerous workshops and proposals at the Fourth Americas Social Forum in Asuncion, Paraguay from August 11-15, 2010.

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