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Scientists say the ozone layer is recovering

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Earth''s protective ozone layer is beginning to recover, largely because of the phase-out since the 1980s of certain chemicals used in refrigerants and aerosol cans, a U.N. Sherwood Rowland wrote a scientific study forecasting the ozone depletion problem.

Arctic Ozone Layer Destruction Reaches Unprecedented Level


In December 2010 NIWA announced the Antarctic ozone hole was the smallest it had been in the past five years. Now comes news from the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) that the depletion of the ozone layer has reached what the WMO describes as an “unprecedented level” between December 2010 to March 2011, thanks to the ongoing presence of ozone-depleting substances in the atmosphere.

Four New Man-Made Gases Found That Harm Ozone Layer, Scientists Say

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OSLO, March 9 (Reuters) - Scientists have detected four new man-made gases that damage the Earth''s protective ozone layer, despite bans on almost all production of similar gases under a 1987 treaty, a study showed on Sunday.

Jordan Finally Phases out Ozone-depleting Chemicals

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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has wrapped up a national phase-out of all central cooling systems using chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), reports the Jordan Times : ”Jordan’s program for phasing out the use of CFCs, aimed at disposing 1500 tons of the harmful substance, was achieved one year ahead of schedule”, said Ghazi Odat, Director of the Ministry of Environment’s ozone project. Not a panacea: HCFCs also damage the ozone.

Hole in ozone layer protects Antarctic from over-effect of warming

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I have been saying for years (and I am no scientist), ever since the “discovery” of this hole in the ozone layer that it may have always been there and that it may be a kind of safety valve for Planet Earth. But the scientific community not even considered that possibility and immediately claimed that CFCs were responsible for this hole and that this might be the beginning of the ozone layer being destroyed entirely by those gases.

What’s The State of The Ozone Layer Today?

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Discovery of the depletion of the ozone layer was a watershed moment in the ecological timeline of our world. Its less than desirable effect on the Earth’s protective sheath, the ozone layer was well highlighted.

The How to Guide to Save our Ozone Layer


Recent reports indicate that the whole in the Ozone Layer is starting to close because of the stance against CFC’s.

Inequality between rich and poor nations helps fuel a climate of mistrust and sabotages efforts to secure a climate deal

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For developed nations the more global environmental issues such as climate change, ozone depletion and habitat loss are higher up on their priority list. The ozone layer crisis during the 1980’s is a good example of how the world can come together to combat global environmental issues.

Don’t Panic, Do Act: A Climate Resource With Real Solutions

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These HFCs were originally adopted in the 1990s to replace the CFCs that were depleting the stratospheric ozone layer. While they are safe for ozone layer, HFCs are very potent greenhouse gases—some, 9000 times more powerful, molecule-for-molecule, than carbon dioxide.

The Green Buzz: Wednesday, May 22

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Arctic Ozone Hole Biggest on Record


A huge hole that appeared in the Earth's protective ozone layer above the Arctic in 2011 was the largest recorded in the Northern Hemisphere, scientists have reported. The ozone layer acts a kind of shield against UV radiation and helps in protection against skin cancer. Since the 1980s, everyone in the Southern Hemisphere has been aware of the hole in the ozone every summer above Antarctica.

New Year’s Resolution #7 – Reduce Your Chlorine Use

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In fact, some of the most well-known environmentally damaging chemicals are chlorinated compounds, including CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), which deplete the ozone layer, and DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane), which is toxic to plant and animal life. Chlorine is everywhere – it’s one of the basic elements necessary for life and is the main component of common salt. So what makes it such a damaging pollutant? Chlorine as it is found in nature isn’t dangerous at all.

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Arctic Ozone Hole’s Effect on Food Supplies this Winter

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One of the biggest indicators of climate change are ozone holes, zones where the ozone that forms the protective layer of Earth’s atmosphere are too thin to be protective anymore. The reactions that convert less reactive chemicals into ozone-destroying ones take place in the polar vortex. The journal nature has confirmed that conditions this year have created the ozone hole in the North Pole. This creates reactions that are the cause of ozone breakdown.

The Toxies: Award Show With Nominees That Will Kill You


They might just leave you sterile, give you cancer, deplete the ozone layer or change your genetic material. Okay, that headline was a bit of an overstatement. They might not kill you.

Addressing Environmental Challenges Today – Core Principles for a Time of Change

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The United States has been a leader in forging international agreements, as President Reagan led the Montreal Protocol to protect the ozone layer and President Obama led the Paris Agreement on climate change.

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Unintended consequences of carbon offsets

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That incentive has driven plants in the developing world not only to increase production of the coolant gas but also to keep it high — a huge problem because the coolant itself contributes to global warming and depletes the ozone layer. It has long been known that pollution abatement subsidies are strongly preferred by polluting business firms. They can even lead to increases in pollution as profits encourage entry into the market.

Study Links Ozone Hole to Climate Change

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While previous work has shown that the ozone hole is changing the atmospheric flow in the high latitudes, the Columbia Engineering paper, “Impact of Polar Ozone Depletion on Subtropical Precipitation,” demonstrates that the ozone hole is able to influence the tropical circulation and increase rainfall at low latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere. The ozone hole is a big player in the climate system!"

Albertsons in Carpinteria, California -First Store in US to Use Low Global Warming Refrigerants


The refrigerants used by supermarkets, if not managed properly, contribute to climate change and harm the ozone layer which protects people from cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation. The U.S.

I Love Rock and Roll (And Earth)

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Environmental Lyric : Looks like we screwed up the ozone layer/I wonder if the politicians care. Joan Jett is a rock icon. Best known for karaoke classics like ‘I love Rock and Roll’ and ‘Bad Reputation’, Joan Jett is the epitome of a rock icon.

‘Super’ Greenhouse Gases Targeted by India and US Task Force

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HFCs are chemicals are potential substitutes for ozone-depleting and climate-warming CFCs and HCFCs currently being phased out under the Montreal Protocol treaty to protect the ozone layer. Although they don’t harm the ozone layer, HFCs are powerful climate warming gases and their emissions are expected to rise sharply over the next few decades without aggressive action, significantly contributing to climate change.

Ozone Hole Plus Global Warming Equals Antarctica Paradox

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Remember the ozone layer? As well, with many international laws in place on aerosols, the ozone layer is actually starting to get better and become a problem that is healing itself. A few years ago it was the biggest threat to humanity in terms of the environment.

700 free e-books to up your Middle East IQ

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The hole in the ozone layer , the greenhouse effect, acid rain, and air pollution are explained in accessible prose. Looking for some good reads about the environment and the Middle East?

Switching Car Coolants Provides Fast Climate Benefits for US, World

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The last coolant switch was done by US car makers in three years (1990-1994), and protected both the stratospheric ozone layer and the climate system,” said Zaelke.

I wonder if someone will say the same thing 100 years from now?

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From Science: Since it was discovered in 1985, the Antarctic ozone hole has been a potent symbol of humankind’s ability to cause unintended environmental harm. But now comes a glimmer of good news: The void in the ozone layer is shrinking. “It’s It’s a big surprise,” says Susan Solomon, an atmospheric chemist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. “I I didn’t think it would be this early.”.

Researchers develop new CU-NOAA monitoring system to answer the murky atmospheric questions


Along with the predominant study on CO2 analysis, the team also studied 22 other atmospheric gases and how they impact climate change, recovery of ozone layer, etc. Pratima Kalra: To make an in depth analysis of emissions in the atmosphere, it is imperative that we separate and compare emissions from manmade fossil fuels and other trace gases.

Israeli Researchers Create World’s First Brain to Computer Interaction

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Humans depend on air flow, water cycles, sunshine, nitrogen-fixation, decomposition bacteria, fungi, the ozone layer, food chains, insect pollination, soils, earthworms, climates, oceans, and genetic materials.

What does the Encyclical Mean for Climate Change?

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In 1990, Pope John Paul II recognized in his World Day of Peace Message , “The gradual depletion of the ozone layer and the related ‘greenhouse effect’ has now reached crisis proportions.” The coming of the Pope’s encyclical on the environment is making headlines around the world, fueling hope, speculation, and even doubt.

Fundamentals of Eco-Sexuality: Is Conscious Sex the Way Towards Global Peace?

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In Peace , Dr. Chopra makes a strong statement when he says it’s disturbing that so much thought is centered on “catastrophic earth changes such as earthquakes and the depleted ozone layer.

Big, Fast, Cheap Climate Opportunity Within Reach

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IGSD Testifies Before European Parliament on Climate Mitigation Potential of Ozone Treaty, Benefits of Reducing Black Carbon and Tropospheric Ozone Brussels, Belgium, March 2011 – The world has a significant climate opportunity within its grasp that can bring fast results at low-cost, according to IGSD President, Durwood Zaelke, who yesterday addressed the European Parliament’s Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI).

Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer

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Carbon monoxide affects the atmosphere’s ability to cleanse itself of other polluting gases and can consequently cause damage to the Ozone layer. By: Guest Contributor, Penny Atkinson. Carbon monoxide is not only harmful to humans but it is one of the six major air pollutants.

Iran Plans To Launch Monkey Into Space

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Both the United States and Russia have launched live mammals into space in order to test their ability to withstand conditions beyond earth’s protective ozone layer. Monkeys and other mammals have long been sacrificed to enable humans to explore space.

New Carbon Market Rules for Destroying Ozone-Depleting Chemicals Open the Door for Major Climate Benefits

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Washington, DC, February 2010 – Billions of tons of ozone-destroying and climate-warming chemicals currently contained in unwanted stockpiles and discarded equipment will leak into the atmosphere if not recovered and destroyed. But new rules on ozone-depleting substance destruction adopted by a carbon market offset registry, the Climate Action Reserve, could jumpstart new projects in both the U.S.

JEL (52,2) p. 424 - Addressing Global Environmental Externalities: Transaction Costs Considerations

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These factors are used to examine the role of transaction costs in the establishment and allocation of property rights to provide globally valued national parks, implement the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, execute the Montreal Protocol to manage emissions that damage the stratospheric ozone layer, set limits on harvest of highly-migratory ocean fish stocks, and control greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Wars by Gwynne Dyer

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A process is being initiated in which hydrogen sulfide is being released to deteriorate the quality of air for all breathing forms of life while also breaking down the ozone layer.

War 17

Landfills Shouldn’t be Laundry Piles: We Are Tossing WAY Too Much Clothing

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I’d come home with facts about recycling, nature, and how with effort and hard work we were going to patch the ozone layer. During the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the blindingly sunny and windy South Floridian city which I lived caught the nationwide recycling bug.

Are Japanese whalers the only “criminals”?

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They face a number of threats, including climate change, ozone depletion, habitat loss and degradation, chemical, nutrient, and hard waste pollution, fisheries, collisions with ships, capture for aquariums, and harassment by whale watching boats.

What the Kony 2012 Video Can Teach Saudi Arabia’s Greens

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They focus on the water scarcity, the ozone layer, the littered beaches, and the eroding coastlines which are all rather impersonal issues. Let’s admit it: the Kony Video is big.

Podder: A futuristic form of public transport set in Singapore 2020


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World's Most Successful Environmental Treaty Turns 25


The treaty is the Montreal Protocol and its success has avoided one of the most severe global environmental threats the world has ever faced—the destruction of the stratospheric ozone by chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).