A Deeper Look Into Overfishing


Well, if you haven’t and want to see it or want to see the sight again, then please help to make a change and put an end to overfishing. This problem is called overfishing. I am an eleven year old boy in 6th grade at the Pegasus School, and for the past 3 months I have been researching the topic of overfishing. Due to bycatch, illegal fishing, and overexploited fisheries, fish are dying at an alarming rate, so we need to create and enforce more laws to stop overfishing.

Dubai Finally Gets Serious About Overfishing

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Overfishing has led to a massive depletion of Gulf fish stock, so Dubai has announced plans to crack down on illegal sales of immature fish. Locals frequently sited tradition and jobs as justification for eating hamour, for example, one of the most overfished species in the world, and law enforcement was virtually non-existent. Travel & Nature Gulf overfishing sustainable fishing practices


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Celebrities Go Naked with Dead Fish to Fight Overfishing


Read More The post Celebrities Go Naked with Dead Fish to Fight Overfishing appeared first on Ecorazzi. An organization in the UK called Fish Love is attempting to "make a bold stand to stop over-fishing" by having celebrities pose naked with dead fish. Animals Causes News Top News

Overfishing Threatens Critical Link in the Food Chain

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Especially during El Niño events, warm Pacific Ocean waters—sometimes with overfishing as an accomplice—have over the decades led to numerous anchovy population crashes and devastated harvests. The vast majority of the world’s forage fish stocks are either considered fully exploited, with no room for safely increasing the catch, or they are already overfished and in need of rebuilding. Food & Health carp fish fish oil fishmeal overfishing salmon

International Fisheries Management Commission Agrees to Strategy to Amend Measures to End Pacific Bigeye Tuna Overfishing

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The Commission made headway, but no consensus on the key issues related to overfishing of Pacific bigeye tuna and capping purse-seine fishing capacity in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean. Decisions on these and other major items are as follows: Bigeye Tuna Overfishing. While the Pacific bigeye tuna stock is not overfished, its spawning biomass has been reduced by 75 percent since the 1950s.

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Overfishing Threatens The Survival of Seabirds


From gannets to seagulls, puffins to penguins, all seabirds suffer the same drop in birth rates when the supply of fish drops to less than a third of maximum capacity. That's the result from an international study on the relationships between predators and prey in seven ecosystems around the world, published in the magazine Science and coordinated by Philippe Cury, an IRD researcher.

Deforestation and overfishing the prime reasons for disappearing coral reefs


While global warming and growing atmospheric carbon that eventually finds its way into the oceans are still partially responsible for the coral decline, the main culprits in case of the Caribbean are deforestation and overfishing. Also overfishing has led to drastic decline in reef fish that feed on algae. This also puts the local denizens in spotlight as both overfishing ad deforestation are a direct result of human action.

Overfishing causing reef shark numbers in the Pacific to decline


Sonia Renthlei: The connection between the declining population of many species and humans cannot be denied. We’ve significantly contributed to the near extinction of land and marine creatures owing to deforestation, food, poaching and global warming. Now, international marine scientists have revealed that the number of reef sharks inhabiting the waters around populated islands is plummeting.

Freeing the Fish isn’t as Fun as it Sounds.

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Enlightened Society Green Inspiring (Wow) fish green overfishing save the oceans sustainable fish veganAs a vegan, I'm often asked if I eat fish, and if not, why.

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Sea Harvest: Earning Our Bread at Lughnasadh.

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Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) WAYLON: Today Only aquaculture autumn fall harvest High Day irish James Fitzpatrick Jean-Michel Cousteau Lammas marine nature ocean overfishing pagan Sabbat Secret of Roan Inish the giving tree Wicca wiccan Sometimes we have to reach a certain level of maturity before we can hear the next level.

Google “spies” find weir trap fishing used illegally in Iran, Qatar and Bahrain

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Overfishing in many parts of the world has often been blamed as one of the prime factors in the decline of fish and other forms of marine life in the worlds seas and oceans. This problem is especially prevalent in the Arab Gulf region, where Gulf states like Dubai have finally gotten serious about overfishing. Read more on overfishing issues in the Arabian Gulf and elsewhere in the Middle East: Dubai Finally Gets Serious About Overfishing.

This Will Help to Stop Eating Fish (For a While at Least). ~ Yaisa Nio

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Homepages (Gold Tabs)* Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Food Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) China conscience fish fishing flexitarian illegal meat ocean overfishing salmon shark fins slaughter sushi vegetarian whale shark Fish are friends, not food. most of the time.

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Doubling Down on Coral Reefs

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These include overfishing and coastal pollution – big problems, yes, but also ones that we can address today. At the same time, we are looking to address local threats including overfishing and coastal pollution. Marine Climate Change Coastal Pollution coral bleaching Coral Reefs oceans overfishing © A coral reef off Restoff Island in Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea.

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Gentle Kuwaiti Marine Activism (VIDEO)

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Chief of these is overfishing. According to Al-Abdulrazzak, overfishing is one of the few environmental catastrophes that is 100% deliberate and that can be reversed if appropriate regulations are put in place and then enforced. More on Overfishing and the Gulf Marine Environment: Kuwaiti Sharks, Ecosystems, and Exxon. Gulf marine conservation overfishing

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From Theory to Practice: Managing Coral Reefs for Resilience

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They highlight the need to address key stressors facing coral reefs: pollution, sedimentation, overfishing, ocean warming and acidification. Science acidification coral reef coral reef management oceans overfishing resilience Marine researcher recording data on coral reefs on the east side of Palau. © Ian Shive. By Cara Byington, Science Communications Specialist. Scientists and reef managers agree: the key to successful reef management is resilience.

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A Breakthrough for Data-Poor Fisheries Starts in Palau

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And without the stock data to inform management decisions, these data-poor fisheries — like Palau’s — can easily become overfished, threatening to upend the livelihoods and food security of the people who depend on them. But a $300 “rental” fee negotiated with the local women sellers gave them access to 600 pounds of fish for data collection — a fantastic resource that also provided an opportunity to discuss Palau’s overfishing problem with a broad community of fish sellers and buyers.

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7 Gulf Fish That Are Totally OK To Eat

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There’s a lot of buzz about overfishing , but navigating what is sustainable to eat is not so easy in the Middle East, where we don’t have such well-established research institutes as the Monterey Bay Institute in California. Travel & Nature arabian gulf overfishing Persian Gulf sustainable fishingimage via Steve Wozniak.

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Live Blog: School Children Pledge To Save UAE Fish

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“Hamour is one of the most overfished species of fish in the world,&# she says. He never received an answer, but demonstrates an understanding of just how multi-faceted the challenge of overfishing has become. EWS-WWF has launched their “ Choose Wisely &# consumer guide in which they document exactly which fish in the UAE are overfished and should therefore be avoided. Travel & Nature Bluefin tuna EWS-WWF overfishing The End of the Line wildlife conservation

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Developer’s Artificial Reefs Unlikely to Restore Gulf Damage

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The World Wildlife Fund has listed the Gulf’s ecosystem as critically endangered as a result of overfishing and warmer, more acidic waters that are melting coral reefs around the world. Travel & Nature arabian gulf artificial islands artificial reefs coral reefs marine destruction overfishing Persian Gulf Unsustainable development

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The Green Buzz: Thursday, August 15

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How do you save populations of “feed” fish from overfishing? We’re buzzing over water wars, vegetarian fish and the greenest colleges in today’s green news. Turn the carnivorous farmed fish who eat them into vegetarians, of course. Washington Post ). When you think of the military , do you think “environmentally friendly?” ” If not, you may want to think again. ( MNN ). Florida is suing Georgia over water. Let the water wars begin. Bloomberg ).

Hope Amidst Dubai’s Marine Destruction

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More than twenty concerned attendees at Global Ocean’s screening of The End of the Line , a documentary about overfishing, held at the Pavilion Dive Center a day after the dugong was discovered, suggests there may be a changing tide of environmental awareness in the Emirate. Travel & Nature endangered species marine conservation marine environment marine protection overfishing

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How Healthy is the Ocean? Technology and Big Data Have the Answer

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But climate change, marine habitat destruction, pollution and overfishing are threatening ocean health and the critical benefits it… The post How Healthy is the Ocean? Oceans sustain life on this planet. Ocean ecosystems provide seafood that one in seven people in the world rely on for survival. Technology and Big Data Have the Answer appeared first on Cool Green Science. Ideas Biodiversity + The Ocean

Fishing, Conservation and Marine Protected Areas: Let’s Work Together

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Coral Reefs Marine Science coral reef fisheries fisheries management fishers fishing regulations Marine Protected Areas marine protected areas effective Mark Spalding Mark Spalding Nature Conservancy ocean conservation overfishingKirino Olpet, a local speargun fisherman and a Conservation Society of Pohnpei boat driver, fishing in the lagoon waters of Ant Atoll, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia.

Wicked pissah

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If you like reality TV and are looking for a show that illustrates overfishing, predator-prey, quality differentiated market pricing, gear restrictions, commercial vs recreational conflicts, dockside fights and awesome giant bluefin, watch Wicked Tuna.

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Contest Spotlights Best Ideas for Climate Adaptation

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While overfishing is a key problem with consequences for millions of people, climate change affects everyone on the planet. Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive By Investing in Nature. You can follow Mark on Twitter @MarkTercek and find more of his writing on The Huffington Post. Sometimes global conservation challenges seem so overwhelming that we don’t even know where to begin.

Blue Growth by Design

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Manage Ocean Resources Sustainably : Coastal livelihoods and our seafood supplies are threatened by overfishing and poor fisheries management, which costs the fishing sector $50 billion a year in lost revenue. Before she joined The Nature Conservancy as our global managing director for oceans, Maria Damanaki served as the European Union’s Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. Today 27 European stocks are fished sustainably—up from just 4 when Maria started in 2010.

Baltic Cod Provides A Lesson?

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Environment Science & Technology Atlantic cod Baltic cod juvenescence overfishing Sometimes it can be useful to take a step back to get a little perspective. In the case of Atlantic cod, that step is giant – going back 4,500 years. A new study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society compares the size of fish in the past to those caught today.

Quote of the Day: On the inequity of the tragedy of the commons (and King Kong Bundy)

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Overfishing, destruction of marine habitats and climate change have dire consequences for the entire human population, with the poorest communities that rely on the sea getting hit fastest and hardest. Marco Lambertini, director general of WWF International said: ‘In the space of a single generation, human activity has severely damaged the ocean by catching fish faster than they can reproduce while also destroying their nurseries.

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Helpful Tip

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High consumer demand means that tuna are being endangered by commercial overfishing. These stocks are not threatened by overfishing, and the fishing method avoids killing the huge numbers of other small fish that are caught in commercial nets. If you're keen to benefit from the fish's health-giving properties, instead of cutting it out entirely, try only buying rod- and line-caught skipjack tuna.

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Daily Demand and Supply: A Commons Success

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And environmentalists have praised the harvest as a rare example of sustainability in a sea of overfishing. Lobster populations in Maine are booming like never before. Tourists readily dole out $15 or more for lobster rolls, those delectable morsels of seafood on a bun. Enter market forces. Last year's record haul of 126 million pounds, double that of just a decade ago, led some to wonder whether lobster might go the way of cheap, everyday foods like the chicken nugget or TV dinner.

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It's fisheries management week at env-econ.net!

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Not surprisingly, this race leads to overfishing and economic hardship. LAPPs address the cause of overfishing and not just the symptoms by solving the exclusion problem, thus aligning the incentives of individual fishermen with the objectives of fisheries management. It took decades for fisheries management to evolve from treating symptoms to addressing the root cause of overfishing. To kick it off, we welcome a guest post from Marty Smith.

As Vice President Biden would say, "This is a BFD"

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NOAA Fisheries determined the proposed limited harvest beginning in 2018 is neither expected to result in overfishing, nor prevent continued rebuilding of the population. FB18-032 FISHERY BULLETIN ISSUE D ATE:  May 17, 2018 CONTACT:  Frank.Helies@noaa.gov , Sustainable Fisheries, 727-824-5305.   Request for Comments: Limited Opening of Recreational and Commercial Red Snapper Fishery in South Atlantic Federal Waters.

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"Shell Assures Nation Most Arctic Wildlife To Go Extinct Well Before Next Spill"

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The Onion: Stating that any damage would be limited to just a handful of species that somehow managed to survive that long, officials from the Shell Oil Company assured the public Wednesday that most of the Arctic wildlife living near their proposed drilling site will be extinct well before their next oil spill.

Biodiversity – Definition, Importance and Major Threats


We are overfishing our seas and overhunting our wildlife. Overfishing is when vessels catch more fish than stocks can replenish. Here are just a few suggestions how we can protect biodiversity: Protecting oceans and stopping overfishing.

Elinor Ostrom

Environmental Economics

Traditionally, economics taught that common ownership of resources results in excessive exploitation, as when fishermen overfish a common pond. Catherine Rampell: Elinor Ostrom, the only woman to win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science — an achievement all the more remarkable because she was not actually an economist — died on Tuesday in Bloomington, Ind. She was 78.

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Can Big Data Save the World’s Fisheries?

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Like much of the hype about Big Data applications today, it isn’t nearly enough by itself to solve the IUU problem or tackle overfishing. That part of the formula requires social and political change at the national and international level to take IUU and overfishing activity more seriously and allocate resources to tackle these issues. Big Data is not enough to save fish and solve IUU and overfishing problems. Photo: © Nick Hall. By Lotus Vermeer.

Using the Tragedy of the Commons to the benefit of society

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  The principle is simple:  Given the proper incentives and open access, anglers/hunters/gatherers will overfish/overhunt/strip a common property resource into non-existence.  In a different context ( Asian Carp ), I have advocated for taking advantage of the Tragedy of the Commons to eliminate invasive species. 

Getting Crabs: A Tragedy of the Commons

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  Part of that trend is due to overfishing, but part is due to regulation of the fishery.    Absent regulation, the sustainable Blue Crab harvest is low (and possibly zero), because open-access overfishing will lead to smaller populations and smaller growth rates.  above a threshold which suggests it's no longer overfished," said Donald Boesch, president of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.

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Report: EU Should Suspend Fishing To Replenish Fish Stocks

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Marine ecosystems have been suffering from diminished fish due to overfishing in recent decades, an issue which has global consequences. A 2007 study indicated that the world’s seafood stocks would collapse by the year 2048 due to overfishing. The European Union is one location of the globe which has suffered considerably due to overfishing their fish stocks. An estimated seventy-five percent of EU fish stocks are overfished.

New legislation (HR 2772) threatens to roll back progress in solving fisheries problems

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Not surprisingly, this race leads to overfishing and economic hardship [1, 2].   At its core is a mandate to end overfishing by setting catch limits in federally managed fisheries. Historically, this mandate has focused on the symptom of the problem, namely overfishing, without addressing the cause of the problem [2]. It took decades for fisheries management to evolve from treating symptoms to addressing the root cause of overfishing.

OMG, I blinked and almost missed red snapper season

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The reason for this snapper season is to gauge the population and health of the species, which marine biologists warned was overfished and led to a U.S. As soon as I buy a boat I'll be on my way to ef el a (i.e., FLA): Red snapper, which have been off limits to fishermen since Jan. 4, 2010, will be in season once again, starting Friday in the waters off the East Coast from Florida to North Carolina.

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From My Inbox- GreenPeace Australia Pacific

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It’s time they cease trading with companies that use overfished tuna species and destructive fishing methods. While overfishing has been a serious issue for some time, it has often not been widely understood. Dear Reader, When you tuck into your tuna salad, you may not realise that the canned tuna sold to you is destroying our oceans. Canned tuna is Australia’s biggest selling seafood item. Yet none of our canned tuna brands use tuna that’s caught sustainably.

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Study: Jellyfish Numbers Increasing As They Move To Warming Waters

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Such transitions cause massive ecosystem changes but so too can overfishing and general destruction of the ocean habitats. According to a new study published in the journal Science, jellyfish are increasing in numbers thanks to the combination of overfishing and global warming. Scientists predicted that with warming waters, jellyfish ranges would increase, however, overfishing is allowing their numbers to jump as well.