‘Halal & Organic’ – The Skincare Range That Cares About The Planet

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Faiza Hussain, who has started a small online business selling halal and organic skincare products, tells us why she ditched the chemical-laden products she used to love. So she began to make her own all halal and organic products for her young family.

Who Owns Organic? Surprise!

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Do you purchase packaged or processed organic foods? I avoid organic versions of things from mega-corporations like Del Monte and Kellogg's because I really don't support the monolithic philosophy. But, who owns my organic packaged food? These products say "made with organic soy" but do not say 100% organic, so it is likely that they use GMO soy also. White Wave and Horizon Organic are owned by Dean Foods.

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Pros and Cons of Organic Farming


Even though organic farming has been around since the Neolithic period, when our ancestors turned from hunters and gatherers to farmers, there is no doubt that it is experiencing a bit of a comeback in recent years. Quick Navigation for Pros and Cons of Organic Agriculture.

The Solution Is the Soil: How Organic Farming Can Feed the World and Save the Planet

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climate change green living organic farming One man, backed by many, marches on Washington to tell lawmakers and the world that ''there is hope right beneath our feet.''

Regenerative Agriculture is our only hope for saving the planet

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A Flawed Solution to Feeding the Planet . Farmers used to ensure that everything they took out of the ground was put back in, in the form of biomass (organic material). They learn to make compost to enrich soil, mulches to conserve water, and cover crops to add organic matter.

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Your organic milk might contain algae and fish oil

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Millions and millions of gallons of organic milk contain industrial-brewed ingredients to beef up nutritional values. When you buy a carton of organic milk, chances are you think you’re getting a carton of pure organic milk. And if you’re splurging on organic milk with DHA Omega-3 fatty acids to support brain health – and who doesn't want their brain health supported? lies organic organic food organic milk

Yes, Organic Farming Can Feed the World

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These farmers may not have money on their side, but I saw the power of strength in numbers at the Organic World Congress. green living organic farming A recent gathering of researchers and smallholder farmers in Istanbul yields insights.

Experts Agree: Organic Farming Is Revolutionary

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It''s time to get back to the roots of farming to save the planet. " Organic " is just another word for "expensive." But the benefits go way beyond these comparably "small" issues because organic farming is also the solution to our carbon problem.

10 Things A Planet Needs to Make it Habitable

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artist rendition of Kepler 186f Using the latest Kepler telescope, scientists have recently discovered close to 140 Earth-like planets among thousands of exotic exoplanets in the galaxy. The one common ingredient that makes a planet habitable, Batalha tells us, is the need for liquid water.

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Is Organic Food Really Healthier?

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A study from Stamford University, California, concludes that organic food is no more nutritious than conventional. The research was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine this month and concludes that organic produce has little nutritional value over the conventionally raised.

The Best Yoga Clothes on the Planet, for the Planet. {Review}

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Ecofashion Featured Events Green WAYLON: Today Only Yoga eco fashion inner waves organics organic cotton yoga clothes yoga pantsTurns out, it is actually possible to become a better person just by putting yoga pants on in the morning.

Purchase Organic Juice

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Buy organic, especially for juice where toxic residues will be concentrated. Tip from - 1001 Little Ways to Save the Planet by Esme Floyd Have you tried organic fruit yet? I remember my first organic grape, oh my it was soooo delicious.

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Natural & Organic Products Europe to showcase record number of organic products for 2016

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Visitors to this month’s Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show will be able to source more certified organic food, drink, health, nutrition, and beauty products than ever before. The organic market continued to grow in 2015 by 4.9%

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In a New Census, Trees Rule the Planet

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Ron Milo of the Weizmann Institute’s Plant and Environmental Sciences Department began this study with a different research project for which he wanted to compare certain proteins in various organisms and their overall influence on the biosphere. What are the most abundant animals on Earth?

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Captain Planet Stressed Me Out

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As a child I was discouraged from watching a television program called “Captain Planet.” Captain Planet in the Flesh! It’s been over a decade and a half since my first encounter with Captain Planet, but it wasn’t until recently I was able to meet my childhood hero in the flesh.

Organic Farming On the Rise In Emirates

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Since 2007, land dedicated to organic greenhouse farming across the United Arab Emirates has increased by 15 percent. Therefore, revelations that the modest organic farming movement in the United Arab Emirates is on the rise is definitely good news.

Why You Should Invest in Organic Bedding

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That can mean eating more organic fruits and veggies. But there are other ways to think about being organically healthy. One less obvious way to treat your body and the earth better is to start using bedding made from organic materials. Organic Cotton Bedding. Go Organic.

Review and Giveaway of Naturepedic Organic Kapok/Cotton Pillow ends 8/28

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Sleep on Organic: We never really pay attention to the materials we choose to lay our heads on until someone points it out. All natural, Organic alternatives like Naturepedic''s organic bedding works with us to keeps our core balanced and harmonious.

Can Robots and Artificial Intelligence Save the Planet?

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But how is the new era of technology really helping the world we live in and, moreover, how much of a role can it play in restoring the planet’s health? Environmental organizations and governments can use technology to identify air pollution sources and implement precaution measures.

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Like Us on Facebook and Win an Organic Cotton Dress

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It’s summertime, which means the ladies can finally break out their planet-friendly dresses and strut the streets in style, so we are giving you a chance to win the dress of your dreams from Greece’s very first organic clothing line.

Product Review - Parent's Choice Organic Wipes

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I adore these wipes not only because they are gentle on my baby's skin but they are 100% biodegradable and made from organic cotton and naturally derived fibers! Parent’s Choice Organic Cotton Baby Wipes are a natural choice for both you and your baby! Photos belong to me.

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How to Feed the World Without Killing the Planet?

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Reducing meat consumption by half could feed 2 billion people, reducing the burden of hunger on the planet without increasing the area under cultivation at all. Such actions are not traditionally part of conservation organizations core activities, however.

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Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2016: winners announced

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The winners of the coveted Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2016 were announced yesterday (Monday 18 April) at the Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show; which took place at ExCeL London. The Natural & Organic Awards are now in their 21st year, and it’s been fantastic to see them grow in stature – to the point, where now, they are the recognized benchmark for excellence in natural and organic,” said Jim Manson, editor of Natural Products News.

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Organic Mattresses That Save Lives

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Now there is finally an organic alternative versus the use of flame retardant. Truly, organic mattresses that save lives. The Futon Shop’s custom made, premium organic and green futon mattresses can easily empower you to choose whether or not you want fire retardant in your mattress.

Pure Rootz Puts the Preppy in Organic Clothing

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The Pure Rootz fashion line brings organic cotton to the Lacoste customer. Whereas organic food has been a relatively easy sell to high-end customers, organic clothing has been a little tougher to get going. Cotton’s Organic Clothes Are Soft on the Environment.

All-Terrain Wine–Easy on the Palate and the Planet

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One percent of all Climber pouch sales goes directly to the non-profit organization 1 % for the Planet. Click here to view the embedded video. ClifFamily winery has just introduced The Climber pouch , a wine package that’s light and virtually unbreakable; keeps wine fresh for up to a month after opening; and has an 80 percent lower carbon footprint and 90 percent less waste than two glass bottles.

Heroines for the Planet: Tea Expert and Climate Change Scientist Selena Ahmed

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I am fascinated by trying to understand the socio-economic and political factors that variably influence these links to the natural world and, what we can learn as a society towards a sustainable planet.

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Turkey Bans 26 Genetically Modified Organisms

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While the United States is completely in bed with companies that manufacture genetically modified organisms (GMOs), countries in other parts of the world are resisting their relentless push to populate the planet with their patented seeds.

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Time to eat trees? Change the planet with Agroforestry

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The event is organized by CIRAD and INRA, in partnership with World Agroforestry (ICRAF), Agropolis International and Montpellier University of Excellence. “We wanted, through this public day ahead of the Congress, to raise awareness of agroforestry with civil society”, said Emmanuel Torquebiau, Agroforestry Correspondent at CIRAD and Chair of the Organizing Committee of the Congress.

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Our Love Affair with Organic Cotton

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Organic. Organic. Organic. Organic Cotton? I started my research with the USDA, which administers the whole idea of “organic&#. The National Organic Program (NOP) develops, implements, and administers national production, handling, and labeling standards.&#. But what I really wanted to know was why does organic cotton cost more, and why is it so popular aka good for you? In fact why does organic cotton cost more?

Make Your Own Organic Butter At Home

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liters (4 pints – 10 cups) organic double cream, room temperature. If you can get fresh cream of goat’s or sheep’s milk, you can make the most luxurious butter on the planet. It’s easy to make your own butter. All it takes is double cream and some salt.

Why Taking Care of the Planet is Good for the Soul.

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Bicycle Conscious Consumerism Ecofashion Green Health & Wellness eco-conscious eco-friendly environment environmental crisis green natural world organic reusable bags sustainable well-beingYou might have already jumped on the rapidly growing (and urgently needed) eco-friendly bandwagon.

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Announcing the Winner of an Organic Cotton Dress from MuMu Organic

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The time has finally come to announce the winner of the Facebook competition launched in cooperation with MuMu Organic – the first organic clothing line in Greece. Readers will recall that we asked participants to say why it’s important to choose organic and fair trade clothing. Our skin is the largest permeable organ on our body. I have mostly natural fibers, but few organic pieces. Organic cotton and fair-trade – Fantastic.

Faith and science leaders unite to save our planet – on Indiegogo!

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We report on news, and on the ground organizations like the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development , based in Jerusalem, physically unites people of faith to spark change in local communities. Lifestyle Christianity Islam Jerusalem Judaism The United Planet Faith and Science Initiativ

Organic Bedding

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When you sleep in organic cotton bedding, it’s not only beneficial for the environment, but it’s also beneficial for your health. The typical bed sheets are usually made from a 50/50 blend, which means that half of it is made from non-organic cotton and the other half is made from polyester.

An Eco-Thanksgiving Needs an Organic Turkey

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It’s not, however, the best choice for planet Earth, and if we are to be thankful this Thanksgiving, let’s start by being grateful for this spinning rock we call home. Many farmers use organic methods to raise their turkeys. The definition of “organic” is often misused by larger farms and companies, so make sure you do your research. Eco-Friendly Holidays free range turkey organic thanksgiving turkey organic turkey

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The Path to Organic Fashion Wear is Long One « Green Home Blog

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Minawear promotes hemp and organic cotton , as well as using recycled shipping materials whenever possible. Minawear started in 1998 and I was doing a lot of educating just about what hemp was and why organic cotton is so important. Theme: Structure by Organic Themes

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Quick Take: The High Seas Belong to the Planet and Us All

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This week could herald the beginning of a new era in Ocean conservation, as negotiations begin at the United Nations in New York for a new legally binding treaty which could cover over half the planet – or in other words, the high seas.

Animal Planet Filming New ‘Whale Wars’ Series?


Did Captain Paul Watson just spill the beans about a new “Whale Wars&# series in the works over at Animal Planet? According to the Planet Ocean Alliance forums , Watson said: “We will be filming a new series for Whale Wars on the pilot whale hunt in the Faeroe Islands.

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Failure of Trans Pacific Partnership good news for American People and the Planet

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The TPP favored the interests of big business over people and the planet. Green America is the nation's leading green economy organization. Trade deals of this nature threaten jobs, communities, and climate equally.

Our Love Affair with Organic Cotton

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Organic. Organic. Organic. Organic Cotton? The National Organic Program (NOP) develops, implements, and administers national production, handling, and labeling standards.” The Organic Trade Association’s FAQs are a little simpler to read : Big takeways from them: organic cotton is cotton grown with no nasty pesticides, no synthetic fertilizer, and no GMO seeds. In fact why does organic cotton cost more?

Capture your loved ones in custom glass planets?

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”) is making tiny glass beads meant to look like planets or solar systems encapsulated within delicate glass beads. She applies human ashes (about half a teaspoonful) in organic patterns that seem to suggest motion and encloses the composition within a protective glass shell.

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Cowspiracy Reveals the Secret Causing the Destruction of Our Planet.

Elephant Journal

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is a shocking and groundbreaking feature length documentary following filmmaker Kip Andersen as he uncovers the single most destructive industry on the planet.

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