Urban Garden Growing Organic Produce in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport


If you have to travel in or out of Chicago’s busy O’Hare International Airport, take a few minutes to enjoy some fresh organic produce grown right in the airport! According to ABC News, as of Friday, O’Hare is home to the world’s first airport aeroponic garden, meaning that a solution of water and minerals is [.]. Eats Lifestyle Transport

Eating Organic may be Harmful—The Truth Behind Organic Produce. ~ Doug Smith

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I switched to only eating organic fruits and vegetables years ago and feel so much better doing so.” Organically produced fruits and vegetables are grown in an environment absent of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, unnecessary machinery, chemical growth promoters, poisoned earth/dirt and the like. What!? How can this be? “I How can it be harmful?


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Organic Produce is Better for your Child than Conventional produce

Eco Friendly Daily

What you could do as a parent towards making your child more resilient is feeding your baby organic food – food that is made without using harmful pesticides. For a farm’s produce to be pesticide free, it should not have used synthetic fertilizers or pesticides for 3 years. Ask if the produce was tested for nitrites which get converted to Nitrates. Crop rotation, usage of natural fertilizers and compost are indicators that the produce is healthy.

Michigan Hospital Grows its Own Organic Produce On The Roof


Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital in Michigan has launched an organic greenhouse and uses the resultant crops in patients’ meals. We’ve seen numerous examples of grocery stores building rooftop greenhouses and then selling the resulting produce, and we’ve even seen a company set up to help others do the same. Enter Michigan’s Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital , which launched an organic greenhouse of its own earlier this year.

Green New Year’s Resolution #2 – Eat Organic and Local

Green Home Blog

So this year, for your second New Year’s resolution, go green by choosing organic, locally grown fruits, vegetables, and meats. Meat production has also become heavily concentrated: in 2010, ten companies produced 90% of the poultry eaten in the U.S. Organic farms use sustainable farming methods designed to avoid causing damage to the environment, so buying organic is one of the best ways you can reduce your own environmental footprint.

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5 Ways To Green Your School

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of the trash produced in New York City is recycled, but the recycling rate in schools is only 9.5%). Schools throw away tons of organic material every year, including leftover food and soiled paper products, so why not make sure all that trash is being put to good use? Tagged: community , get involved , green school , organic produce. COMPOSTABLE BIODEGRADABLE Going Green Recycling REUSABLE SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS community get involved green school organic produce

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How Your Food Purchase Choices Impact the Environment

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The process that goes into producing top of the food chain choices such as meat, fish and dairy is enormous. Some estimates report that the amount of water used to produce one pound of ground beef is equal to the amount of water that could essentially float a tanker. Tagged: going green , organic fruits and vegetables , organic produce , shopping bag. How Your Food Purchase Choices Impact the Environment. Americans are a privileged lot.

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How Hunky Hemp can Help You vs Pot: A Conversation with Joel Stanley of CW Hemp. {Mindful Partner}

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Boulder Enlightened Society Food Green Health & Wellness Right Livelihood Walk the Talk Show Featured Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis Waylon Lewis cannabinoids cannabis Charlotte's Web hemp CW Hemp hemp hemp oil hemp oil for anxiety Joel Stanley marijuana organic organic herbs organic produce

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Corporate Organic Food Struggles to Compete in Israeli Markets

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In Israel the organic food market is still comparatively small and underdeveloped. According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz organic food only comprises one and half percent of Israel’s agricultural output. of the organic produce sold in Israeli stores was mislabeled. The produce may have contained pesticides or in other ways fallen short of the ministry’s organic regulations.

Sow Much Good farmer a CNN hero for spreading her seeds at the urban farm

Green Prophet

In the USA, the viability of urban farming to provide healthy organic vegetables to communities where such produce is not easy accessible received a big boost recently when a 40 something former financial services person, Robin Emmons, was nominated by CNN. She decided to change her career goals to one of growing healthy, organic fruit and vegetables and make them available for people who did not have easy access to such produce and often lived on diets of fast and processed foods.

Haylie Duff’s Vegan Banana Bread Pudding Dessert Recipe is Amazingly Easy and Tasty

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I appreciate that bananas are not too sweet and tart unlike its better-loved produce-aisle friend, the apple. The recipe requires: An organic banana. Some fair trade organic chocolate chips / walnuts/ toppings of your choice. I am not a big fan of marshmallows, so I would advise throwing in some organic almond butter instead for the same deliciously sweet, and gooey effect. Summer is the best season to enjoy my favorite fruit, the banana.

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Romantic Desert Lodge Offers Fresh Eggs And Sanity

Green Prophet

Seek refuge and organic food at the Desert Lodge in Egypt’s western desert. The buildings are made from locally-sourced mud-brick and straw, an organic farm (free of chemicals) produces delicious foul, cucumbers, tomatoes, and the best-tasting apples in all of Egypt. Travel & Nature desert eco-tourism organic produce sustainable tourismTired of pollution and noise?

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Miracle One Wine Practices Sustainability in its First Vintage

Green Life Smart Life

With a commitment to practice sustainable winemaking, we are working with wine production facilities that are members of the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). FSC Certification standards are supported by numerous global environmental organizations, including Greenpeace, Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation and The Nature Conservancy. “As we produce wine, we are honest with ourselves that we create waste and consume resources. Everyone knows I love wine.

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Organic vs. Local

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Standing in the produce aisle looking at lettuce – there sits the organic, next to it the conventional from across the country. Go local or go organic. Maybe you are among the few that can get local AND organic. First of all, a lot of the organic fruits and veggies you find in the store might actually be part of a larger problem. Local produce, on the other hand, might have chemicals in the growth. The cost comparison between local and organic can vary.

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Buying Organic - Is There any Bang for Your Buck?

Green Living Ideas

Buying Organic - Is There any Bang for Your Buck? What is Organic Produce? Is Organic Produce Healthier Than Conventionally Grown Produce? When it Comes to the Dirty Dozen, Buy Organic. Organic Produce: The Very Best of Seasonal, Sustainable Agriculture. Locavore Living Ideas: Host an Organic Local Foods Potluck.

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Buying Organic - Is it Really Worth the Bang for Your Buck?

Green Living Ideas

Buying Organic - Is it Really Worth the Bang for Your Buck? What is Organic Produce? Is Organic Produce Healthier Than Conventionally Grown Produce? When it Comes to the Dirty Dozen, Buy Organic. Organic Produce: The Very Best of Seasonal, Sustainable Agriculture. Locavore Living Ideas: Host an Organic Local Foods Potluck.

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When it Comes to the Dirty Dozen, Buy Organic

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Buying all organic food, all the time might not fit into everyone’s budget. When it Comes to the Dirty Dozen, Buy Organic. Tags: Food and Cuisine Fruits and Vegetables dirty dozen fruits herbicides organic food organic produce pesticides vegetables Do you know about the dirty dozen?

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Orthorexia: Healing From Disordered Eating.

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I eliminated all non-organic produce, meat, unfermented soy, sugar and agave, all breads. The list of foods I refused to consider consuming seemed endless, but at the time also necessary. Food Health & Wellness anxiety body disordered eating healthy eating mental health orthorexia

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Uproot front yard garden bans: 15 reasons to grow front yard vegetable gardens

Green (Living) Review

Organic front yard vegetable gardeners like Hermine Ricketts and Tom Carrol and Julie Bass give back to nature rather than take from it. Organic food is healthier, but it's also expensive. Farm markets like Detroit Eastern Market vend awesome organic produce, but it's costly. And don't even get started on the price of organic produce at Whole Foods!

The Best Reasons to Shop at a Farmers Market.

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Most of the food available at my local Farmers Market is organic and unlike in large stores the organic produce is not sold at an elevated. Food Z ADMIN Food Featured Today climate change eating farmer's market food health produce vegetables

Daily Demand and Supply: They just about nailed it*

Environmental Economics

Organic and cage free eggs are becoming popular to the point that that some major grocery chains are reporting shortages. A Colorado blogger also snapped a picture in a Safeway store referencing a nationwide shortage of specialty and organic eggs. And it seems supplies certain kinds of organic produce may also be temporarily limited. "So I think we notice it more as demand continues to grow for wholesome organic food," he said.

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Going Zero Waste

Green (Living) Review

A family in France produces just 11 pounds of trash per person every year The Poirier family, who lives near Nantes, consists of a mom, a dad, three kids, a cat and. We are lucky to live in the countryside, in a village that had a local farmers’ association that sells organic produce at a reasonable price. As the Poiriers switched to local and organic produce, their community imposed a new tax designed to reduce household waste.

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Amish Farmers Study Plant Immunology, Avoid Using Pesticides Completely

Green (Living) Review

Amish farmers are studying plant immunology in order to grow healthy organic produce free of harmful chemicals. This young upstart is the founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture , a consulting firm the farmer established in 2006 to promote science-intensive organic agriculture. Amish green living organic farming

USDA Organic Label Standards Being Weakened by Lobbyists

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When the USDA label was first implemented in 2002, concern was expressed that certification standards would not be as stringent as the private organic labeling programs it replaced, such as the Oregon Tilth. Prior to 2002, organic certifiers each had their own standards that they used when certifying organic produce and products. USDA Organic Label Standards Being Weakened by Lobbyists. What is Organic Produce? Safe, Certified, Organic Meats.

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Happy World Vegetarian Day

Hug a Tree with Me

Eating mostly organic nuts, grains, fruits and veg can strengthen the immunity, ward of disease, promote clearer skin and enhance energy levels. Promoting the benefits of adopting the vegetarian lifestyle can also help grow the demand for organic produce. Today, October 1, is World Vegetarian Day – a joyous day to consider the environmental and health benefits of vegetarianism. October 1st also marks the kickoff of Vegetarian Awareness Month, which ends on November 1st.

But does eating organic still make you feel superior to everyone else?

Environmental Economics

 concluded that fruits and vegetables labeled organic were, on average, no more nutritious than their conventional counterparts, which tend to be far less expensive. The researchers also found no obvious health advantages to organic meats. The conclusions will almost certainly fuel the debate over whether organic foods are a smart choice for healthier living or a marketing tool that gulls people into overpaying.

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I Love My Box.

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Locally grown, in-season, organic produce from nearby farms delivered directly to the comfort of your home. Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Food Health & Wellness WAYLON: Today Only beer Box bread cooking eat local family farm farm fresh fennel fresh fruit healthy leeks local organic Pandora produce soup squash vegetarian veggies zucchini Awesome, right?

Community garden concept grows in The Woodland

Green (Living) Review

Each week, Sarah Mundy can be found outside either planting or picking fresh produce - but it's not in her backyard. She helps coordinate Veggie Village, a program of Interfaith of The Woodlands where community volunteers grow organic produce to donate to the Interfaith Food Pantry. The Food Pantry then includes the fresh, seasonal produce in grocery bags that are prepared and given to families in need.

Organic Farming On the Rise In Emirates

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Since 2007, land dedicated to organic greenhouse farming across the United Arab Emirates has increased by 15 percent. Therefore, revelations that the modest organic farming movement in the United Arab Emirates is on the rise is definitely good news. According to statistics from the Ministry of Environment and Water, the total area of organic greenhouse farms reached 2,196 acres in 2010, up from just 110 acres in 2007.

Under new FDA rules, draft animals used to plow and work farms may become illegal

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Now, farmers are discovering that the FDA’s proposed rules would curtail many techniques that are common among organic growers, including spreading house-made fertilizers, tilling cropland with grazing animals, and irrigating from open creeks.” FDA “Visits” Celebrated Organic Produce Farmer By Alliance for Natural Health This is not good news. He succeeded and became increasingly well known both for his ideals and his produce.

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USDA Organic Label Standards are Weakened by Lobbyists

Green Living Ideas

When the USDA label was first implemented in 2002, concern was expressed that certification standards would not be as stringent as the private organic labeling programs it replaced, such as the Oregon Tilth. Prior to 2002, organic certifiers each had their own standards that they used when certifying organic produce and products. USDA Organic Label Standards are Weakened by Lobbyists. What is Organic Produce? Safe, Certified, Organic Meats.

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Why Local Currencies Could Be On The Rise In The U.S. -- And Why It Matters

Green (Living) Review

As of this summer, you can be broke in Santa Barbara, California, and still afford organic produce from the farmers’ market. You can be dollar-broke, that is—but if you have enough Santa Barbara Missions tokens jangling in your pocket, earned in exchange for helping out at a number of local nonprofits, you’ll be set. SB Missions, a new local currency in Santa Barbara, began circulating in July, soon after California Gov.

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Why Join a CSA?

Green Home Blog

I’ll be posting here regularly about community supported agriculture (CSA) and my own personal experiences with the tasty, organic produce from my local CSA. Since the 1960s, CSA organizations worldwide have been battling the rapid industrialization of agriculture by strengthening small farms and giving people access to organic, locally-grown farm products. Do you want anything besides produce? Why Join a CSA?

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70 Companies Pledge to Avoid GM Sugar Beets

Green Living Ideas

Is Organic Produce Healthier Than Conventionally Grown Produce? What is Organic Produce? Genetically modified (GM) sugar beets have been grown in the United States since 2008. These beets were developed to be resistant to Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup. Sugar beets are grown primarily for the production of sucrose, and by now, sugar from the GM beets has entered the market. The safety of GM crops, [.] Post from: Green Living Ideas.

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Green Goddess Smoothie. ~ Karla Rodas

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For the best quality and benefits, use organic produce. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Food Free Content to Partners Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Food Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today breakfast fruit green smoothie kale organic recipe spinach swiss chard veggiesThis is the recipe for my Go­ To Green Goddess smoothie. This will make about one huge or two smaller Green Goddess smoothies, guaranteed to get your day started off right.

The farmer who’s starting an organic revolution in Cuba

Green (Living) Review

Finca Marta, the eight-hectare farm he named in honour of his late mother, supplies organic produce to many of Havana’s top-rated “paladares”, the privately owned restaurants that are transforming the island’s reputation for uninspired dining. Fernando Funes Monzote’s theories of ‘agroecology’ bear fruit as he aims to inspire others to make the most of their land Like all homestead stories, Fernando Funes Monzote’s starts with an epic battle against harsh elements and long odds.

Cuba 133

Organic farming doesn’t pay off in Gaza

Green Prophet

Organic farming is widely thought to be the healthy choice - not only nutritionally but because organic farmers are required (in general) to keep their crops chemical- and pesticide-free. NPR recently visited The Good Earth organic produce stand in Gaza City, where the attending clerk Rami al-Waffer explains that people pay no attention to the signs and charts detailing the benefits of organic foods. Related : Organic farming boom in Gaza.

Buy local or don't buy at all?

Environmental Economics

Elisabeth Rosenthal at the NYTimes : But even as more Americans buy foods with the organic label, the products are increasingly removed from the traditional organic ideal: produce that is not only free of chemicals and pesticides but also grown locally on small farms in a way that protects the environment. The explosive growth in the commercial cultivation of organic tomatoes here, for example, is putting stress on the water table.

Super Creative Organic Urban Gardens Around the World: Who Needs Biotech?

Green (Living) Review

It grows heaping amounts of organic produce using permaculture. They even raise chickens and ducks, grow food utilizing aquaculture, raise honey bees, and have their own organic fruit orchard. Even in one of this country’s most economically depressed cities, where unemployment rates are currently swollen to 14-17 percent, people are flourishing growing their own organic food.

Think Green While Drinking Red

Environmental News Network

Unfortunately, a conventionally produced bottle of wine can contain up to 250 types of chemicals. Organic. Organic wines are made from 95% organic ingredients and processes, the remaining 5% of ingredients can’t be found organically. Organic wines come from vineyards that avoid the use of synthetic pesticides, synthetic herbicides, and synthetic fungicides. Organic wines from the United States are regulated by the USDA National Organic Program.

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California builds first farm-to-table new home community

Green Prophet

This is no straw bale hippy paradise, but fulfilling the dreams of mainstream urbanites who want the pleasures of big, single dwelling homes with access to fresh, local, organic produce. Urban farming is in the air and California is setting an example by creating the first American housing project of its kind with an urban farm built intentionally in the center of the community. The farm will be 7.4 acres and will include a teaching center for sustainable farming.

Milan is home to the first all-vegan kindergarten


They’re also proud to pass on the importance of eating locally, and are providing “zero kilometre” organic produce. Vegan education is expanding to younger minds. The Vegan Herald reports that Italy’s first all-vegan kindergarten program is open for business. Nature teaches environmental issues, uses recyclable materials, and won’t incorporate any animal products in to the dishes served up at lunch and snack times. It’s a pretty good reason for parents to consider moving. “We

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Incredible Edible free food project replicated worldwide

Green (Living) Review

In the small town of Todmorden in the north of England, fresh organic produce is growing everywhere. This is the Incredible Edible movement, a grassroots campaign to provide healthy fresh food to the whole community, while promoting local produce and educating people on the joys of cultivating veggies. Food is a basic human need, but fresh, healthy organic food is a basic human right.