Black Sea Female Artists’ Association Brings Organic Paint To The Masses

Green Prophet

The link between organic living and better human health is obvious to residents of Trabzon, along the Black Sea coast of Turkey, an area seriously blighted by the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown of 1986. Now, with funding from the Turkey-European Union Civil Society Dialogue, a female artists’ association from the city of Trabzon will strive to replace standard chemical paints with ones from healthier, organic sources. The FEM?N-ART

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Focus Organic

Green Life Smart Life

I stumbled on Focus Organic a few months back and have been reading ever since. Founder Stefanie is main editor and blogger over at the site and founded the blog with the intent to write about healthy and organic living. And so Focus Organic was born. I look forward to sharing my insights on living green and eating organic - be sure to visit us every now & then to check for updates. .


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8 Ethical Boutiques to Hit Up for Holiday Shopping

Eco Chic

Mother-daughter team Nea and Mary Savoca founded Ash & Rose out of the desire to change their approach to shopping to better fit in with their personal ethos of living socially and environmentally conscious lives. Based in both the US and the EU, owner Casey Larkin Blond considers it a “ personal responsibility ” to make environmentally sensitive apparel and uses a wide array of organic and renewable textiles and dyes to craft her chic, understated designs.

Healthy Furniture is the Future in a Green Home

Green Life Smart Life

People are finding the importance to using local woods and organic material, they are making a change to their carbon footprint, and making changes in order to “green” their lives. Switching to organic foods, cleaners and even the way they care for their pets and lawn. The same goes for mattresses, we even bought new organic mattresses for the new beds. The new rage in interior design is eco friendly and healthy fabrics, surfaces, textures and finishes.

Letter from the Editor… and a Call to Writers

Green Living Ideas

Hi everyone- I’m Andrea, the new managing editor of Green Living Ideas! Green Living Ideas aims to be the best source of information about how to live a cleaner, greener life, and as the managing editor of this awesome site, I will do my best to continue this green tradition! In addition to managing GLI, I am the editor and creator of Vibrant Wellness Journal , another site on the IM network devoted to holistic health, green living, and clean eats.

Get Gardening for Good Health!

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Supporters of organic living are the influencers, oftentimes responsible for making mainstream consumers aware of things like additives, over processing and genetically modified foods and ingredients. Conventional, genetically modified and wonderful organically gown produce. Not only will it give you a great excuse to unplug and get some fresh air, but it’ll directly impact your health and quality of live because fresh veggies are delicious!

How a vegan subscription box helped manage my vegan shopping obsession


This mix-up was forgiven when I discovered the 1 oz serving of Organic Living Superfoods Raw dark chocolate coconut chunks, an easy favourite for my sweet tooth. Grocery shopping is a hobby for me. I spend my spare time going to speciality shops in and out of my area code, in search of unique new vegan products. Look, even border guards are surprised when I tell them I WILL travel for snacks.

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Carbon sinks fail to keep up

Eco Friendly Daily

A slower absorption of carbon dioxide by the oceans isn’t all bad though the more it absorbs the more acidic the water becomes and the more damage is done to any marine organisms living there, such as fish and coral. This is particularly bad as any extra carbon dioxide produced by humans stays at the surface where the life forms live.

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