Managing Earthquakes Triggered by Oil Production

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Managing Earthquakes Triggered by Oil ProductionA team of scientists has developed an approach to disposing wastewater that reduces the danger of triggering an earthquake.

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Analysis: Is hydrogen the new oil?

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But coal and oil were always cheaper. Saehoon Kim, the head of Hyundai’s fuel cell division told a British trade association webinar last year: “In the past, our technology and industry was all about collecting oil, delivering oil and using oil.


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Oil majors are eying up renewable energy projects

A Greener Life

The French oil and gas major Total. In order to make their portfolio more sustainable and respond to lower fossil fuel demand, oil majors are increasingly snapping up renewable energy projects as the pressure grows to take action on climate change. Photo credit: Reuters.

Mediterranean oil spill cleaned by EU ambassadors

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A suspicious and deadly bitumen oil spill appeared washing up on the Israeli and Lebanese coast a few weeks ago. Iran is suspected of eco-terrorism and purposefully dumping the oil , meanwhile the public has rallied to pull globs of tar from the seashore.

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How Does CBD Oil Affect the Environment?

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In addition, as more and more people begin to investigate the carbon footprints of companies and manufacturers, brands have no… Read More How Does CBD Oil Affect the Environment? The post How Does CBD Oil Affect the Environment?

Recycling Cooking Oil – The Benefits

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One of the ways people harm the environment is through the disposal of used cooking oil. Many restaurants, hotels, and homes dispose of used cooking oil through the drain. If proper measures are not taken while disposing of used oil, it becomes a risk to the environment.

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Secret oil pipeline revealed between Israel and the UAE

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The FSO Safer is a sinking oil tanker off the coast of Yemen. Rebels won’t let international bodies in to contain the oil which is slowly leaking into the Red Sea. It was so bad in the 70s with an oil embargo that Israel had only a handful of allies to help them buy energy.

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Is CBD Oil Eco-friendly?

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Cannabidiol (CBD oil) has gained attention worldwide for being a natural remedy capable of treating various illnesses and ailments. The post Is CBD Oil Eco-friendly?

Unveiling the health benefits of CBD oil

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If you are looking for natural remedies to varying ailments, … Read More Unveiling the health benefits of CBD oil. The post Unveiling the health benefits of CBD oil appeared first on Green Living Guy.

Relaxation, yoga and CBD oil 

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CBD oil and yoga have a natural connection , as both the cannabidiol and the relaxation techniques strengthen the mind and body. Also, we can now buy online the best CBD oil thanks to some of the best CBD online stores. Relaxation and CBD oil. Slip into nirvana with CBD oil.

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With Growth of Arctic Shipping, Canada Must Prepare for Major Oil Spills, Study Says

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Melting sea ice is spurring a shipping boom in the Northwest Passage, raising the specter of oil spills in the Arctic. With Growth of Arctic Shipping, Canada Must Prepare for Major Oil Spills, Study Says

Palm oil map to aid in sustainable planning

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Daily News Social Responsibility Sustainability climate change deforestation mapping palm oil sattelite social responsibility Southeast Asia successful GREEN sustainability

Uses for olive oil

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Olive oil has been in use by humanity for many thousands of years. It's a remarkable product with many applications beyond cooking and can be used as a green alternative to harsh chemical compounds we commonly use around the home. Pick up a bunch of handy tips and add your own

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Does CBD Oil Actually Help?

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CBD oil is the liquid form of CBD, which is extracted from the cannabis plant and diluted with a carrier oil like hemp seed oil. But, does CBD oil actually help? Can CBD Oil Help You With Arthritis, Pain, and Inflammation? Can CBD Oil Help You With Cancer?

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Ending The Oil Age

Green (Living) Review

Big Oil’s days are numbered – but the industry could still take us all down with it. From divestment to disruption, Jess Worth explores how the transition to an oil-free future is being hastened. Because the Rockefeller fortune owes its very existence to oil. The Rockefeller story is also the story of the rise and fall of the first ‘oil major’. climate change green living oil

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4 Reasons to get CBD oil for your horses

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The product that has been grabbing a lot of attention these days is called CBD oil. It’s probably because you still don’t know enough about the product itself and you aren’t really sure whether there are any reasons why you should get CBD oil for your horses.

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How microbes find an oil spill

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An oil spill in Israel, 2014. When containing a massive disaster like an oil spill, small microbes play a big role. This is important news for the western east oil producing nations, as many oil spills threaten the Red Sea, Indian ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

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Uses for eucalyptus oil

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It just doesn't get more Australian than eucalyptus oil - discover some uses for this amazing oil around the home - it's a more earth friendly alternative to many common cleaning products we buy

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Keystone XL oil pipeline is canceled


TC Energy announced Wednesday that it is officially terminating its Keystone XL oil pipeline

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We started eating olives 500 years after discovering olive oil

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Archeological findings and written testimony shows that olive oil was used extensively for consumption, lighting, worship, hygiene, and cosmetic purposes in ancient times. As soon as we found the olive pits , we could see that they were different to those used to produce olive oil.

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Video: Spokane Coal and Oil

Sightline Daily

Earlier this summer, Eric de Place, Sightline Institute policy director, spoke at an oil trains and coal exports forum in Spokane, Washington—a region facing an especially severe onslaught of rail traffic. This is a great place to start—your very own 101 course on oil trains. Then, at 17:30, he shows a photo timeline of oil train derailments—at least 10 in the last two years. Climate & Energy Oil Oil Trains Spokane Video

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New York Suburbs Still Run on Oil: How One Family Broke Its Oil Dependence Without Breaking the Bank

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The post New York Suburbs Still Run on Oil: How One Family Broke Its Oil Dependence Without Breaking the Bank appeared first on Green Living Guy. New York City is a modern cornucopia of lights, emblazoning a landscape rife with excitement and opportunity.

Forecasting global oil demand

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Exxon Mobil, for example, projects that global demand for oil will keep growing — by just over 13 percent from today, to 109 million barrels of oil a day by 2040. Exxon doesn't seem to be incorporating all available information: At the company’s planned annual meeting on Wednesday in Dallas, shareholders will vote on a resolution to prod Exxon Mobil to disclose the risks of climate change to its business. Such resolutions have been floated before, and they typically do not pass.

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Lebanese eco-activists tell Iraq to keep their stinky oil

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Burning high sulfur fuel oil will emit considerable amounts of sulfur dioxide, a colourless poisonous air pollutant that increases the risk of critical health conditions including stroke, heart disease, asthma, lung cancer and premature death. Health air pollution Iraq Lebanon oil

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Crude oil prices continue to fall drastically

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Crude Oil Prices continue to fall drastically and some investment banks predict the recent stockpile drops with continue after the summer season ends. Despite this, however, energy companies have and are increasing their prices claiming high the wholesale price of oil and gas being the reason for the price hike. Brexit crude oil economic forecasts economy exports food forecasts interest rates

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Gulf coast oil workers are building America’s offshore wind industry

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More than a decade after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Gulf Coast oil workers are transitioning into offshore wind. When the oil work started to dry up, he realized that offshore wind could help his family’s company, Montco Offshore Inc, stay afloat. “I

Palm Oil and Deforestation: A Real Threat for Orangutans


Sadly, the populations of these beautiful primates have been sharply declining over the last several decades largely due to logging and the widespread establishment of palm oil plantations and other forms of agriculture in their habitat. How does palm oil affect deforestation?

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Low Oil Prices = Less Oil Drilling

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A few years back, when most oil industry analysts thought that oil prices would remain in the $100-per-barrel range for the foreseeable future, domestic oil companies found that they could earn a healthy profit by fracking “ tight oil ” out of shale rock formations. But starting in the summer of 2014, global oil prices began to collapse. North Dakota oil drilling collapsed after oil prices fell.

How has Oil Performed During the COVID-19 Crisis?

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Khaled al Otaiby, an official of the Saudi oil company Aramco watches progress at a rig at the al-Howta oil field near Howta, Saudi Arabia, on Feb. The US is the world’s largest consumer of oil, ingesting approximately 20-million barrels a day. Energy oil

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25 sneaky names for palm oil

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Palm oil and its derivatives can appear under many names. Palm oil is the most popularly used vegetable oil in the world. It comes from the fruit of the oil palm tree ( Elaeis guineensis ) which is native to West Africa. It was once used for basic things like food and fiber, but with a yield greater than other vegetable oil crops, and with low labor costs, it has become the go-to oil. lies palm oil

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Setting the Record Straight on Oil Trains

Sightline Daily

Oil trains in the railyards, Everett, WA (10). Anderson (Used with permission) Editor’s note: The Seattle Times recently published a guest opinion regarding oil trains. On September 13, the Seattle Times published an opinion piece by Richard Berkowitz attacking, among other things, advocacy groups, communities worried about oil trains, and research published by Sightline Institute. Far from boosting commerce, oil trains threaten to derail it.

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Recycling used engine oil

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Millions of gallons of used engine oil are dumped annually instead of recycled. Aside from the direct environmental issues, it also means millions more of gallons of crude oil needs be extracted. Learn more about the importance of recycling used engine oil and where you can find collection points

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US oil giant Chevron buys into Israeli natural gas

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Noble Energy had a controlling share in the Israeli gas fields but its assets officially transferred to the oil company Chevron this past Friday. . Last summer Chevron dumped 800,000 gallons of oil and water into a California canyon.

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Daily Demand and Supply: Oil Glut

Environmental Economics

AKA Peak oil on opposite day: Global oil markets are flooded with cheap crude, and concerns about climate change are growing louder. The last thing the world seems to be craving is the discovery of new large oil and natural gas fields. But such fields have been found in the last month. And two of them are in the United States — one in Texas and the other off Alaska.

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Oil prices are falling

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) October 2014: Oil prices are at an almost all time low for the last decades but does that mean that peak oil is not real and that more oil is being gotten out of the ground? Some oil producing states have reduced the prices, actually, and the US has increased, so it is said, its production of oil and especially of shale oil. economy green living oil prices

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Why Northwest Doctors Oppose Oil-by-Rail Development

Sightline Daily

That’s how more than 300 medical professionals are describing plans to build out crude oil-by-rail facilities in the Northwest. Responding to concerns about unprecedented oil industry expansion plans in the region— the same schemes that Sightline has been documenting —the Oregon and Washington chapters of Physicians for Social Responsibility analyzed 125 peer-reviewed medical journal articles and other reliable medical sources. Oil Storage Tank Fires and Explosions.

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Can I Make CBD Oil Products From Autoflowers at Home?

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CBD saved the life of Charlotte, for whom the high CBD-oil Charlotte’s Web was named. Then why not try and grow your own cannabis and make CBD oil products at home? What Type of CBD Oil Products Can be Made from Autoflowers at Home? How to Make CBD Oil at Home.

Ancient olive oil soap factory unearthed in Bedouin city

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The production of olive oil soap is mentioned in writings since the 10th century and it has been a significant industry in the region from the Middle Ages and until the early 20th century. Olive oil soap is still made like the ancients did in the West Bank.

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Topic: Oil prices. Discuss

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From the WSJ 360 (the interdisciplinary newsletter) email: FOCUS ARTICLE>>  Economics/Supply-Demand-Price Surging Oil Prices Bite Demand by: By Benoit Faucon and James Herron Date: Apr 13, 2011  SUMMARY: The highest oil prices in 2½ years have begun to trigger some deterioration in demand, oil producers and consumers said, a surprising fallout from the disruption in oil production that has resulted from unrest in the Middle East.

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Some pre-Christmas oil price snark

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It's the end of the semester and oil prices are low.    What better time to give my thoughts on the inevitable catastrophic low oil price story. The epic oil crash could end next year. It's been a catastrophic 18 months for crude oil, which has suffered a dramatic 68% plunge due to a massive supply glut. Oil fell to a fresh seven-year low below $34.50 Many Wall Street oil experts believe that prices will rebound in late 2016.

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10 Essential Oils Your Medicine Cabinet Needs

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Those cute little bottles of essential oils that you see in health food stores contain powerful medicine. Here are 11 essential oils (eos) that you should always have in your medicine cabinet. 2 eos for eliminating odors: Keep your refrigerator smelling clean: deodorize it with lemon essential oil. Mix 15 drops of lemon essential oil into a box of baking soda. Mix 5 drops of tea tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia) into each full sock.

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Event: Washington’s Fight Against Coal & Oil

Sightline Daily

Oil trains near a waterfront development site in Bellingham, WA. Join us for a free community forum on the coal and oil industry’s plans to build new dirty energy transport facilities in Washington. This forum will cover Washington’s and Thurston County’s role in holding the Thin Green Line against international fossil fuel trade; explain the costs and consequences of coal and oil transport; and provide opportunities for citizen action.

Galveston: After the Oil Spill

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A bird oiled by the Galveston spill. Four years after the disastrous Deepwater Horizon oil spill , a tanker collided with a ship to send roughly 168,000 gallons of fuel oil pouring into Galveston Bay. They will undoubtedly ingest the oil, leading to varying levels of toxicity in the larger animals that feed on them. Only a small number of dead birds were found, but those smudged with oil aren’t necessarily safe. Photo: © Chase A.

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